Stuart Squirms, Science Suffers

Astronomer threatens legal action in response to Billy Meier UFO info

I sent Stuart Robbins an email* today, which provided him with several links to Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information, recently and unknowingly, corroborated by scientists, who thought all of the items were…”new discoveries”.

It’s interesting that, less than three hours after I sent my email to him, Robbins had composed his evasive, defensive response.

While he says he’s “always behind in responding, if you send me a claim that you believe in”, Robbins failed to note that no “beliefs” were sent to him, just factual information that he could easily verify, or attempt to rebut, if he was able to. [...]  READ MORE

The Ceaseless Fulfillment of the Meier Prophecies

People are too weak to heed the warnings from 1946 to now

Michael Horn will be on “End of Days”, with host Michael Decon, Saturday night, July 15, at 8:00 pm PST/11:00 pm EST.

Certain to be discussed are the remarkable prophetic warnings given to UFO contactee Billy Meier, as far back as 1946, and which even then accurately foretold the various wars, upheavals and terrorism – past, present and now unfolding – that have their roots in US policies.

In addition to also discussing overpopulation, the environmental crisis, the refugee problems, the focus will be on the solution to these problems as presented in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching[...]  READ MORE

New NASA Discovery: The Earth Is Round!

Let’s see these developments as small victories and use them as inspiration to…get proactive.

As a follow up to our previous Earth Day article, here’s something else that actually may affect us all.

For many years NASA has remained steadfast in denying* that there was any danger to Earth from asteroid Apophis, which was “officially” discovered in 2004 but already warned about by Billy Meier in, in 1981, and called the Red Meteor**.

One former astronaut spoke out about the need to deflect incoming objects several years ago and the Russians, who are said to know about and study Meier’s information, apparently took his warnings seriously enough to call for an international effort to deflect Apophis, emphasis added since this was the specific method recommended by the Plejaren, as opposed to blowing it up, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier: More Constant than the Speed of Light

Pseudo-scientist, Stuart Robbins, proved wrong  – yet again – as scientists corroborate more of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information

Scientists announced that the speed of light isn’t always constant, confirming once again what UFO contactee Billy Meier said waaaaaay back in 1979:


27. Now, I am actually interested in your questions and calculations.

28. Present them to us.


Happy to do so, my son. Thus, my first question: Is the speed of light constant of presently 299,792.5 kilometers per second, which is calculated by our earthly scientists, correct? [...]  READ MORE

“I Don‘t Want to Find What I’m Looking For”

I recently wrote about someone in the UFOCI who found the mother lode, who knows the truth but who’s so angry at me for outing them for unashamedly promoting a pathological liar as a “UFO contactee”, that they would rather pursue profit and fame than openly inform others about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case.

The publication of my latest press release elicited another response that seems so bizarre to me that I have to share it.

My release was picked up at a popular website and caught the attention of one Terry Montgomery Groff, a MUFON Deputy Director. It appears that Terry has taken the rather unique approach of joining an organization that looks for evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs…but doesn’t want to actually find what he’s looking for. Beyond that, faced with the information that the organization in which he’s a Deputy Director has now posted information about the Billy Meier case for its members to investigate, challenge and question, Terry had a minor meltdown. Excerpting from two of his posts: [...]  READ MORE