New England Journal Confirms Meier’s COVID-19 Aerosol Info

That Swiss UFO guy sure is a good guesser

Billy Meier was told by Ptaah, on March 16, the survival times for the virus on various surfaces.

The New England Journal of Medicine published information from a study the day…after Billy Meier verifiably published it.

And Did They Listen?

You can follow the progression of the evidence from Meier, beginning on February 25, when we first began publishing all of the critically important, impeccably accurate information from the Plejaren, through today. Certainly, had they been listening, the world’s authorities could’ve acted upon the correct information and possibly saved an untold number of lives. [...]  READ MORE


Powers that be show they KNOW Billy Meier’s COVID-19 info is REAL truth

NY Post, WHO Confirm Meier on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers

There’s not much more to be said. While the censors at FB will probably heed the impeccably accurate information on COVID-19 from Meier and the Plejaren – to protect themselves and their families- they don’t want you to…be troubled with such distractions.

No matter. There’s no “outsmarting” the prophecies and the law of cause and effect unfailingly delivers the consequences of our actions unto us…for better or worse. So, let’s focus on doing what we can for the…better. [...]  READ MORE

NY Post, WHO Confirm Meier on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers



There’s more corroboration of the information provided to Billy Meier by the Plejaren about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agonizing fact is that we’ve been warned about all this since February 25 and…EVERY single media, scientific, official source, ETC., has REFUSED to publish the ironclad information we’ve been sending them ever since.

So, as far as the Meier information regarding asymptomatic carriers:

86% of people with coronavirus are walking around undetected, study says [...]  READ MORE

HOW the CDC Spreads COVID-19

Total disregard for the health of medical personal, patients and public at large because of the…bottom line

We posted this information yesterday and now I have permission to post the letter below, from one of the whistleblowers at  Torrance Memorial Hospital.

Please understand that their desire to remain anonymous is quite understandable, in light of the risk they face. Of course, in this age of online anonymity – often used by hordes of people to attack others – I’m sure we’ll extend our understanding to them. [...]  READ MORE

CA Hospital Procedures Pose Risk to Personnel & Public

Now CA whistleblowers reveal dangerously inadequate COVID-19 protocols

Now, after breaking this story about dangerous conditions in a major NYC hospital, we have hidden camera video from a parking garage at Torrance Memorial Hospital, Torrance, CA,  showing where dangerously unsafe procedures for prospective COVID-19 patient evaluation, are putting medical personnel and the public at great risk.

What can’t be seen in this video is the process, whereby medical personnel are forced to perform examinations, using completely inadequate protective equipment, and inadequate protocols for dealing with airborne pathogen transmission. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: NYC ER Doctors in Intensive Care from COVID-19

Truth must be told to American people; medical personnel first line of defense, must be protected in order to protect patients and public

Medical personnel are the first line of defense and our only hope of preventing a completely uncontrollable pandemic. We MUST provide them with the proper equipment to protect them, their patients, and the public, as well.

The following message is from a doctor in NYC, who learned about our blog and subsequently provided this information. I’ve now been in direct communication with him: [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19: A Step Closer

More we told you so moments for an endangered species


Here are three recent articles that pertain to the impeccably accurate information from the Plejaren we’ve posted online since…February 25.

This one touches upon the gradually dawning realization that children are the main hidden spreaders of the disease:

Children less sick from COVID-19, but still spread the virus

We’re now seeing confirmation about the need for protective suits so that medical personnel don’t spread the disease to their patients: [...]  READ MORE