True or False? 79 Conspiracy Theories

The Plejaren reveal the true and false conspiracies over the last 1,000 years


49. Which I can understand very well.

50. But now I want to mention the list you copied from “Wikipedia,” starting with the oldest – up to the latest – officially known conspiracy theory.

51. Those that effectively correspond only to illusory theories, I will simply label FALSE, while one thing must be labeled and explained as TRUE that corresponds to the facts.

52. So the following applies to the conspiracy theories listed below: [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: MUFON Posts Billy Meier UFO Case Information!

In a historic, precedent setting development, Jan Harzan, MUFON’s Executive Director, has posted an entire page of information on the Billy Meier UFO contact case, ongoing in Switzerland, since 1942, on MUFON’s official website.

Derived primarily from Wikipedia, the information is the first official public recognition of the Meier case from MUFON in over 30 years.

While the information from Wikipedia may vary in its accuracy and currency, MUFON will soon be putting up instructions on the page so that people who wish to pose questions and challenges to me about the Meier case  can do so. [...]  READ MORE