With the obvious worldwide interest in the meteor that struck in Russia’s Ural mountains, comparison is being made to the Tunguska event that occurred in 1908. The difference of course, apart from the magnitude, is that Tunguska was a manmade event…precipitated by extremely unusual circumstances.

Perhaps the meteor strike will prompt Russia, China and the European Space Agency to greatly accelerate their plans to deflect the otherwise certain impact of the Apophis asteroid, in 2036. It is encouraging that some efforts to prevent Apophis from hitting were announced after Billy Meier’s information confirming that what he described as the Red Meteor was indeed Apophis.

It is to be hoped that more scientists and concerned leaders will follow the lead of Dr. Sanford Weinstein, who recently endorsed Meier’s prophetic accuracy on another matter regarding Russia…and indications of a possible planned attack against the U.S. Dr. Weinstein recently added that, “The announcement of Russian troop disposition is consistent with dire warnings given to Meier and should be viewed in that context by military leaders.”

Of course we all have the choice whether to become passive, overly entertained observers, or active participants in preventing some otherwise tragically deadly events…as the time fulfills.


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Information published September 12, 2012: Regarding meteors and comets originating in the Oort that did, and/or will, pass into Earth’s proximity.

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  • Agreed, Michael. We can and should, and I do here, encourage national leaders and scientists to do all necessary research and studies — pronto — so that Apophis can soon be deflected off course. Time is running short. It needs to be deflected while it is still way out there in order for the angle of approach to cause it to definitely miss the earth. At 6 1/2 times the size of the asteroid that slammed into Arizona long ago Apophis is far too large to take even a small chance with.

    Maybe we should start a petition to our scientists and governments of the world.

    • Please, to you and all concerned, petition away, write, email, call, notify, publish, etc. It’s up to us…meaning those who wish to take responsibility for both their individual and collective lives.

      • Hmm. Thanks for the ideas (I feel ashamed that I’ve not done more in this vein myself). Although I am making some efforts, they are likely small and insignificant with regards to these methods.

        I also wanted to take contention with your claim that this was a man-created event. By your own source:

        (Ptaah:) “Around 1000 years after this decree a great space ship of these people erred into the SOL system as a result of faulty co-ordinates and became stranded on the Earth by a still emerging grave breakdown from which it could no longer extricate itself.

        So lag das Raumschiff während mehreren Monaten mit schweren technischen Schäden im Tunguska-Gebiet verborgen, wobei sich eine grössere Anzahl der Raumfahrer weitab des Versteckes unerkannt unter die Erdenmenschen mischte und sich mit diesen sexuell einliess, was zur Folge hatte, dass viele von ihnen an Syphilis erkrankten und bei der Rückkehr in ihr Grossraumschiff auch viele andere damit infizierten.

        So, for several months, the space ship lay with grave technical damage hidden in the Tunguska region whereby a larger number of space travelers mixed, unrecognized, among the Earth humans, far from the hiding place, and sexually engaged with them which resulted in many of them becoming sick with syphilis and, with the return to their space ship, also infecting many others with it.”


        I did try searching the document for any mention of how it was man-made, however perhaps it would be good to explain (to me) how it was terrestially responsible, or redact the claim made in this post.

        Finally, with regards to my anonymity. I think we may simply have to agree to disagree with regards to this.

        But I ask that you consider a number of things. I have thought about my anonymity, and I continue to reach (perhaps eroneously) the conclusion that I am not at liberty to fully disclose my true identity. There is great prior precedent for this, medevial historians were often anonymous. Anonymous individuals always exist when there is some threat, from some character, of loss of life, liberty, or wealth. Perhaps, it is I who must acknowledge that the world is not as draconian as I think it is, but I suspect that if I were to be entirely honest about my involvement with this site, I would be widely ridiculed, widely put down by friends, family, and generally disrespected. This would directly represent a loss of at least liberty and wealth, if not life, for me. When I can, I will endeavor to be more transparent.

        For now I think it is better that I contribute to this community and work what change I can as a seperate individual.

  • Good article, Michael. There is just one little mistake in your text. The Tunguska event happened in 1908, not 1906.

    There was a press conference by NASA yesterday and I listened in on the internet. They had two experts who spoke about the meteor or small asteroid in Russia and also “2012DA14”, a roughly 50-65 meters (164-213 feet) big asteroid which passed by at a distance of only 27.000-28.000 kilometers (16,777-17,400 miles), also yesterday. One of these scientists claimed several times that they (meaning the NASA scientists) KNOW that the Tunguska event was caused by an asteroid. He didn’t say “we think it was an asteroid” or “we believe it was an asteroid”. They are stating these things as facts, without one piece of debris or other 100% evidence. To me this is very unscientific and arrogant. Another question was: What would have to be done to detect the small asteroids, like the one that came down in Russia yesterday, which is believed to have been 15 meters in diameter? They sailed around this question and couldn’t give an answer. All they said was that they are focusing on the big ones. NASA doesn’t know how to detect the small ones, that is my conclusion. So much for the press conference, which was otherwise pretty interesting.

    Another fact is, that NASA claims to know, that the chances of Apophis hitting Earth in 2036 are 1,000,000 to 1. This is absolutely laughable, because they were not even able to measure every relevant aspect of the asteroid precisely enough yet. No one on this planet, maybe with the exception of a guy in Switzerland, has enough data to be able to calculate the chances of a hit to 1,000,000 to 1. NASA totally pulled this out of their CENSORED.

    My personal conclusion is: Forget NASA and focus on other companies like SpaceX. The founder is Elon Musk, who also founded Tesla Motors. NASA is a dinosaur. It will have its glorious moments from time to time, of course, but there are some new kids on the block which are much more innovative and open-minded.

    • Indeed. NASA looks great on paper, they have certainly been helpful, but it is highly debatable that they were the best way forward before, or now.

      They only remain a government official community, which is only good from the perspective that they have in their position a stamp of officiality. It is regrettable that their organization is not more democratic, but is instead run as a top-down dictatorship. Firm resolution (dictatorship) can be good when the masses are entirely ignorant, but we have some individuals who are capable of wresting control.

      In general, I seem to tend to meet individuals who are over-confident in their ability, or simply wrong. That is not to say, however, that I am not often wrong. 😉

  • I would just like to point out contact report 544 the one that was just translated for us English speakers.

    “…That the Sol star has a dark twin 1 light year away hence we live in a binary star system…”
    “…The dark twin’s effects on the Oort Cloud…”

    “… the basis is that an enormous movement occurs in the innumerable – existing in billions – numbers of smallest, small, large and largest rock, ice and metal fragment formations, and sometimes great structures are hurled out as meteors from the Oort cloud, into orbits of the inner SOL system. A large chain of such meteors is, already for many decades, underway into the inner SOL system and has partly already passed the Earth or exploded high in its atmosphere. This is happening because of the Dark Star which has long since penetrated directly into the effective range of the Oort cloud, and since then evokes severe disturbances…”

    “… Also, there are still four objects, which were hurled from the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, which belong to the category of comets and are likewise on a path into the inner SOL system…”

    Does this mean that there are FOUR MORE that will be directed at earth?

    It seems so uncanny that this information would be made known just prior to this meteor event in Russia. I have come across this multiple times in the information provided by figu, this and other spirit teaching web sites, where explanatory information of specific causality is placed in a report, bulletin, and/or book form before any known Effects that would prompt such a question.

    As far as NASA goes, I agree with Marco’s comments, any entity that insists on brainwashing people(employees) by way of drugging, hypnosis, creating alter(s),etc, may not be the best choice as a recipient for Billy’s information. Never the less do what you think is right. We can try to wake certain parts of the prevalent power structures up by sending letters.

    Keep up the good work Michael,

    • This reply is from Dyson, who was unable to access the blog when he tried to post:

      Hi Nathanael, (et al)
      You bring up some interesting points.
      You wrote, “‘… Also, there are still four objects, which were hurled from the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, which belong to the category of comets and are likewise on a path into the inner SOL system…’
      Does this mean that there are FOUR MORE that will be directed at earth?”
      No. Our solar system’s comets are directed towards the Sun (which they normally sweep around in highly elliptical orbits), not the Earth, and if you examine the actual relative sizes of the various bodies and the vast space in which they move, you’ll instantly see that the chance of many comets, asteroids, meteors, etc. actually running into us is astronomically improbable. Most people are mislead about these things from seeing – in school books, etc. – very misleading illustrations, which, for their illustrative purposes, are not at all to scale, and show things as much bigger, and much closer together, than they really are. Space is just that – mostly just empty space devoid of all matter (but FILLED with free and inexhaustible zero-point energy).

      But there are currently TWO visible comets in the inky night sky above Tasmania, where I live, and a third under way, which might be a really spectacular one in November.

      The city of Chelyabinsk also has a very interesting history. A Russian joke making the rounds goes: “Residents of the meteor were terrified when they saw Chelyabinsk approaching”.

      But the “Chebarkul Meteorite” naturally represents an enormously fascinating event which has a LOT of VERY weird things associates with it, not the least of which is the astonishingly unlikely timing and the fact that the corporate press just keeps assuring us that no fragments have been found and the search has been abandoned, in spite of abundant scientific evidence to the contrary. I just saw a fist-sized fragment on the Japanese TV news this morning.

      (snip) MOSCOW, February 17 (RIA Novosti) – The fragments of a meteorite that hit Russia’s Urals on Friday, injuring more than 1,000 people in the area, have been found by scientists in Lake Chebarkul, in the Chelyabinsk Region.
      “We have just completed the study, we confirm that the particulate matters, found by our expedition in the area of Lake Chebarkul indeed have meteorite nature,” Viktor Grohovsky of the Urals Federal University said.
      “This meteorite is an ordinary chondrite, it is a stony meteorite which contains some 10 percent of iron. It is most likely to be named Chebarkul meteorite,” Grohovsky said.(snip)


      And the authorities are warning us away, presumably so they can pick up the pieces themselves and sell them on E-bay, where meteorites are often far more valuable than their weight in gold.

      “Local fishermen saw the falling meteor, which disintegrated into seven pieces. “One of them fell on the shore opposite of the (Chebarkul) town, whipping up a pillar of ice, water and steam,” the police said in a statement.”


      And given the proven ease (remember Mu) with which these rock can be thrown at people, and how advanced the REAL [Black] space program is, as revealed by Gary McKinnon hacking the Pentagon (how embarrassing!), not to mention the Disclosure Project, I really DO have to wonder about the possible relevance of this:

      (snip) Russia’s controversial Liberal leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has blamed Americans for today’s meteorite scare, local media report.
      “Those were not meteorites, it was Americans testing their new weapons,” Mr. Zhirinovsky confessed to journalists. “[US Secretary of State] John Kerry wanted to warn [Russia’s Foreign Minister] Lavrov on Monday, he was looking for Lavrov, and Lavrov was on a trip. He meant to warn Lavrov about a provocation against Russia,” he said.
      The US Department of State has recently said that John Kerry has been unable to get in touch with Russia’s Sergei Lavrov, who is away on his Africa tour, for three days to discuss urgent global issues, including the North Korean threat and the escalating Syrian crisis. (snip)

      And who’s to say that our generous little ET friends from Zeta Reticuli, who make the pretty “crop circles” (“Crabwood Code”, etc.) and all that un-planted polyembrionic super-wheat, have not organised the recent Chelyabinsk event as a bit of a not-so-gentle stimulus to further our progress in fulfilling the well-known (by us Meier fans anyway) Plejaren desire that we learn to protect ourselves from these flying rocks? Regardless of who or what’s behind this “1 in a million” (or 1 in one hundred million”, according to CCN) event in the Urals, it seems to be working, according to this morning’s news:

      United Nations reviewing asteroid impact threat
      Focus is on pushing forward on an international response to the impact threat of asteroids and other near-Earth objects (NEOs)


      And of course this situation represents a LITERAL “gift from heaven” / massive increase in defence spending (chance for more “Star Wars” weaponisation of space) for the whacko, sabre-rattling, military-industrial complex money-men who rule our planet, and were alluded to by Werner Von Braun, who saw the fake “Threat from Space” as a real money-spinner, as does Hollywood, and the suicidal religious Apocalypticans.


      So we live in a very interesting period of history.


  • I know there was a show on TLC or discover recently about meteors and meteor defense. They had an expert that tested a downsized cannon with a mock nuclear war head, and shot it at rocks that represented a meteors composition. One thing they kept doing was blasting the nuke at the meteor, only to find that the blast would create a rain storm of smaller meteors (imagine that). In the end, the show concluded that blasting a nuke was not the answer, and I believe Meier has been told this for a while now.

    Contact 475
    To my knowledge various models exist for this purpose, but the scientists cannot come to a mutual agreement on this.
    You are saying that the fellow shall be pushed from its orbit, and I gather from it that blowing it up is out of question.
    Therefore, only a reaction principle could be applied, like e.g. an extremely strong nuclear reaction unit, sun sail principles, or atomic explosions near the meteor.
    Whereby atomic explosions near the meteor should be considered, because they are very efficient and produce a strong drift(ing) effect.
    However, the explosions may not occur too close to the meteor in order to avoid breaking it up, from which an even greater danger would result.
    Such a project must be executed early and not at that time when the real danger is starting to threaten, because otherwise it would be too late for a success.
    Therefore working towards it must be started today.”

  • Hi gheezy.

    When Ptaah, with his brain the size of a planet, first started promoting the idea of a thermonuclear explosion to deflect an incoming asteroid in deep space, I also wondered how that was supposed to be any kind of a smart idea. Then I started wondering how such an explosion could even have any useful effect at all in the vacuum of space where there’s no air (or any other medium) which could allow the blast to create a shock wave which could impart the force of the explosion to the asteroid.

    So how does it work?

    Even though a nuclear explosion doesn’t produces a shock wave in a vacuum the way it does in air, it still produces its characteristic pulse of powerful radiant energy in the form of searing heat, blinding light and other powerful forms of radiation. That’s the trick.

    Here’s an account of the detonation, on July 16th, 1945, of the very first hydrogen bomb (in modern times) which was only a puny 20 kilotons = 20,000 tons of TNT. (Hiroshima was 16 kilotons. Modern devices are measured in megatons, being a thousand kilotons.)

    (snip) “The nuclear blast created a flash of light brighter than a dozen suns. The light was seen over the entire state of New Mexico and in parts of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. The resultant mushroom cloud rose to over 38,000 feet within minutes, and the heat of the explosion was 10,000 times hotter than the surface of the sun! At ten miles away, this heat was described as like standing directly in front of a roaring fireplace.” (snip)


    So if a thermonuclear device is detonated in the neighbourhood of an asteroid, the theory is that the radiant heat will vaporise a thin layer of the surface of the asteroid facing the explosion, and the resulting rapid expulsion of those resultant gasses into space will produce an equal and opposite repulsive force, which should provide the gentle nudge necessary to finesse the asteroid out of its apocalyptical trajectory to dear Mother Earth.

    Easy. NASA could do it now. And just recently, I actually saw some smirking scientist on TV describing just such a scenario.

    But long before anything like that happens, the doom-mongers who run the show will have to squeeze as much profit/terror as they can from Apophis. So don’t hold your breath.

    But I reckon there’s an even niftier way, and although nobody seems to know or care, Ptaah gave us huge a clue when he handed Billy a wonderful 70th birthday present during the 441st contact on February 3rd, 2007, and FIGU “rushed” it into publication on April 8th in a Special Bulletin, and I then rushed it into the English language very shortly thereafter.

    Ptaah’s talking about items of information which some of the 450 Disclosure Project witnesses publicly revealed in May, 2001, regarding the (now weaponised) back-engineered ET devices being illegally kept from us by the “Order of Darkness”, in order to preserve their suicidal status quo as long as they can. (Ptaah obviously didn’t recently discover these astonishing facts. He withholds information like that from us until we demonstrate the maturity to be further informed. IMO, we’re not doing very well.)

    „Selbst über nachgebaute Strahlschiffe verfügen sie, wobei sogar in gewissem Rahmen ANTIGRAVITATION Anwendung findet.“ (They even have back-engineered beamships at their disposal, whereby, in certain contexts, even ANTIGRAVITY finds application.)


    So a gentle tickle of the asteroid with a conventional tractor beam – a concept we Earthlings are already very familiar with thanks to those Plejaren thought-impulses to sci-fi writers – would do the trick, and a nice spin-off would mean that we could stop buying gasoline. Not to mention destroying our planet, bla bla bla. Because, as I understand it, you don’t normally get anti-gravity without its accompanying abundant free energy; which is the main reason it’s being kept from us in the first place. Hitler demonstrably had these antigravity aircraft, and it’s my understanding that the first heavier-than-air manned flying machine wasn’t the one the Wright brothers’ built in 1903. It was a much earlier (and much simpler and safer) anti-gravity saucer which was naturally instantly and viciously suppressed by the (still) ruling elite – because it didn’t consume their expensive and filthy fossil fuel.


    Further reading:




    (My apologies, as usual, for all the missing images, etc. Tell the friendly webmaster.)


    • There are a couple of minor problems at the moment in that they’re designed to point back at the Earth, not fire and guide a missile to a distant and small asteroid in the blackness of space. While it is possible to modify ground based missiles to launch probes, to point and fire while guiding the warhead near an asteroid is not exactly an automatic process and potentially prone to being disconnected in flight.

      Also, what exactly is the “Order of Darkness” that you are referring to? I recall Mr. Meier debunks the whole global elite conspiracy implying it is a means of some folks to get their bread buttered on both ends:

      “Today it has already even gone so far that the classic opponents of conspiracy theories are themselves presumed to be guilty, and naturally FIGU also belongs to that, because whoever fulminates against the conspiracy theorists and their conspiracy nonsense is automatically guilty and is involved in the alleged conspiracy.

      But the Freemasons and the Illuminati also belong to the alleged evil “conspiracy”, as however also the already mentioned alleged Jewish world conspiracy, and so forth, about which an enormous amount of nonsense is repeated by all the conspiracy theorists who, with their dimwittedness which they record in their books, earn a lot of money and shift their readers into angst and terror.”

      I recall Billy mentioning Earth humanity consistently elects “zeroes” into office so I would imagine this “dark order” implies a zero sum gain process in that people that have these positions are not really up to the job for the responsibilities demanded by them. You really cannot say an alleged group of Dunkelberries that would make the Henok prophecies come true to be anything close to representing intelligent decision making in reading the Meier material.

      • The following reply is actually from Dyson, who couldn’t access the blog for posting:

        Hi Duke.

        Your bring up some very interesting and provocative points. Zymurgy’s First Law of Evolving Systems Dynamics CERTAINLY applies here: “Once you open a can of worms, the only way to re-can them is to use a bigger can.” In this case, a 44 gallon drum. :-/

        For the sake of clarity, I’ll re-insert your contribution here, and then insert my replies.

        (Duke) There are a couple of minor problems at the moment in that they’re designed to point back at the Earth, not fire and guide a missile to a distant and small asteroid in the blackness of space. While it is possible to modify ground based missiles to launch probes, to point and fire while guiding the warhead near an asteroid is not exactly an automatic process and potentially prone to being disconnected in flight.

        (Dyson) OK. I understand that shooting a standard ICMB (Inter-continental Ballistic Missile) at an asteroid which is still way out beyond the inner solar system would be more than just a “minor” problem, but seven years ago NASA’s “Deep Impact” program first demonstrated how it can be done, and, given the size of thermonuclear devices which have been around for more than a half a century –


        – and all the progress made since then, I hardly think delivery would be an issue.


        And if we’re to enter into the hot topic of conspiracies, (simply meaning: “The act of two or more persons, called conspirators, working secretly to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations”) let’s let those breeding worms run free, and try to find the NASA’a Deep Impact Logo ANYWHERE on any of NASA’s websites.


        Take a good look and then look at this:


        Sometimes they overestimate the stupidity of us “slaves”, and decide to crank it back a bit. I could never find it, but it’s been a long time since I stopped looking.

        Please don’t underestimate the lingering influence of the Bafath or the power of the religions and secret societies they organised for us.


        And that above link also takes you to examples where the “hot” information from Billy & the Plejaren has – sometime many years later – been quietly amended (often to exact opposites) in a very instructive way for those who have eyes to see. In the same way that some of my info gets corrupted, they say their’s does too. They have no idea how or by whom, but suspect time-travellers.

        Here’s another:


        Scroll down to the paragraph which is located just right of the first photograph.

        I’ve found other intriguing examples of changes to the “hotter” items in the texts, but I’m not going to expose them, preferring to see how long it takes other people to find them.

        (Duke) Also, what exactly is the “Order of Darkness” that you are referring to? I recall Mr. Meier debunks the whole global elite conspiracy implying it is a means of some folks to get their bread buttered on both ends:
        “Today it has already even gone so far that the classic opponents of conspiracy theories are themselves presumed to be guilty, and naturally FIGU also belongs to that, because whoever fulminates against the conspiracy theorists and their conspiracy nonsense is automatically guilty and is involved in the alleged conspiracy. But the Freemasons and the Illuminati also belong to the alleged evil “conspiracy”, as however also the already mentioned alleged Jewish world conspiracy, and so forth, about which an enormous amount of nonsense is repeated by all the conspiracy theorists who, with their dimwittedness which they record in their books, earn a lot of money and shift their readers into angst and terror.”

        (Dyson) Oh yes. I well remember translating SB35 in July 2007, (and SB34 in April) and fully anticipated the welcome controversy that work would eventually lead to. Semjase said that one of the main reasons the “Pleiadians/Plejaren” came to Earth was to cause controversy. Billy expands on that idea here:

        “Actually, the majority of humans has fallen into a state in which disputes participated in with neighbours, as well as discussions, are just as rarely or no longer to be found, as neither are quarrels with global events, because these necessities have already been mostly lost.”


        But, for many years, both on public discussion boards and in private email exchanges, my old friend Michael and I have been sparring, sometimes very vigorously, about the absolutely-vital-to-understand information related by Billy thirteen years ago, but very hard to find and generally unknown, even by Meier fans:


        I can’t stress this enough.

        This is the Golden Key to “getting” the Meier contacts.

        But – to make (just simple translation) matters even worse, as I wrote a few years ago:

        The word “Lüge” is generally translated into “lie”, as in: a deliberate untruth calculated to deceive. But in the German language, the word “Lüge” not only means that, but it also simply means “untruth”, which can be, for instance, an innocently and unwittingly related confusion or delusion that does not correspond with the truth. Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why it is that Billy and the Plejaren are often taken to be accusing alleged contactees of “lies”, when in reality this may not be the case at all and is merely a poor translation. These contactees are engaged in a “Lüge”, which might be utterly innocent, not a “lie” at all.


        You might notice that there exists only one spirit symbol to represent both the word “lie” and “untruth” (Lüge/Unwahrheit)


        [The webpages, to which the first two broken links on the above page try to send you, can be found here: http://www.theyfly.com/articles/gaia/meierv7p22-23.htm

        and here:

        http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/gaiaguys/translations.htm ]

        Through our English/Terrestrial incorrect understanding of the meaning of the word “lie”. We might erroneously believe that Semjase started her very first contact as a bold-faced “liar”. I’m sure that nothing could be further from the truth.

        Billy: Thanks, but who are you?

        Semjase: I am called Semjase and I come from the Pleiades.

        Billy: From the Seven Stars (the Seven Sisters)?

        Semjase: Certainly.


        Sfath Explains it:


        And there have been innumerable examples of these untruths ever since. Even translated ones! For instance this very recent and very bizarre one (also very hard to find and generally unknown, even by Meier fans):

        Billy … Again and again, in the last few weeks, because of the terrorist attack, I am asked about the events of September 11th, 2001, in New York. But also television shows concerning conspiracy theories are broadcast in relation to the events on September 11th, 2001. In this regard, for example, the predominant conspiracy theory actually is that the U.S. government itself brought about this catastrophe and through the CIA, and so forth, allowed the two towers to be loaded up with explosives and then to be exploded, which is why they collapsed into themselves.

        Ptaah: Which actually corresponds to a nonsensical conspiracy theory. Truthly, everything arose just as the inquiries by professionals and by the secret services indicated.


        Any Earthling with a functional brain should know that gigantic concrete and steel building don’t normally turn to dust and blow away on a clear Autumn breeze in full view of hundreds of millions of horrified people glued to their TVs, as I’ve already alluded to in my comments here:


        with this link:


        That which Sfath also told Billy in 1945 is also one of those “need to know” facts:

        49. “However never give more, in respect of the teaching, its knowledge and its wisdom, than the humans are capable of understanding and coping with. 50. The rule proves that they always want to know more than their understanding can cope with, so, for that reason, be told that you should always teach and give away only as much knowledge and wisdom as is demanded by the immediate state of the humans’ understanding.”


        (Duke) I recall Billy mentioning Earth humanity consistently elects “zeroes” into office so I would imagine this “dark order” implies a zero sum gain process in that people that have these positions are not really up to the job for the responsibilities demanded by them. You really cannot say an alleged group of Dunkelberries that would make the Henok prophecies come true to be anything close to representing intelligent decision making in reading the Meier material.

        (Dyson) Actually, if you’re talking about reading the word “zeros” anywhere

        (here: http://theyflyblog.com/the-future-of-america-obama-and-asteroid-apophis/01/10/2013 )

        in the Meier material, you’re really just talking about one of my English translations, and not the original.

        We’ve all heard the expression, “lost in translation”. It happens all the time.

        Billy also uses a lot of very unusual German idioms, etc. and even invents a few of his own, and the task of converting Billy’s texts accurately into understandable English is “impossible” according to the Plejaren linguists. To make matters even more difficult (more difficult than “impossible”?! Yup.), FIGU has some very strict rules about how German words should be rendered into English. (See: https://figu.org/dict/ ) I originally translated “diese Narren und Nullen, die sich in dieser Weise bösartig und negativ äussern und sich Journalisten nennen” into “Unfortunately, these fools and nobodies, who express themselves in this malevolent and negative way and call themselves journalists” but the FIGU Australia Landesgruppe, Inc. (http://au.figu.org/) “correction team”, who has recently become responsible for making any authorised Australian translation “official”, decided “nobodies” should be replaced with the more literal “zeros”, even though that word is not used in English in that way. And since I’m not even a member of FIGU, I’m not really in a position to win arguments with them about German/English, so I rarely try any more.

        But “zeros” has nothing to do with “a zero sum gain process”.

        Billy finally puts a name to the Order of Darkness, from page LXIX in the introduction to the Goblet of Truth:

        “However, all the items named here only represent the start, because in secret there is a mighty organisation of the governing class and powerful people as well as many of their obedient lackeys emerging from amongst your humanity, who are creating a secret order of darkness with their own evil laws and ordinances, who are bent on hatred for the poor and weak and against the economically imprisoned and all normal citizens. And it is their desire to seize ever more power, more money and entire mastery over the whole Earth and your humanity for themselves, therefore it is spreading their evil supremacy over the world, supported by its obedient vassals of all kinds who are greedy
        for blood as well as profit. Even the powerful ones of the economy are feeling the might and obeying the evil laws of the dark order which is spreading its dangerous and fatal poison of hatred everywhere, into everything and against everyone who does not share the same opinion as the dark power. Therefore, you human beings of Earth are no longer active to any great extent, but take the path of idleness with an empty expression in your eyes, knowing not what you should do and where you should go, because you have nothing else to do that brings you joy and a good reward. And you human beings of Earth, both young and old, are the ones who can no longer set down any roots in your life, you wander, demoralized and hopeless, bereft of work and home, with the result that you fight yourselves in all things and you hate your present existence, to the extent of finally bringing it to an end yourself as has already been the case to an increasing extent since the twentieth century and will become ever more widespread in future. Therefore, with the third millennium, this time has already dawned in which these things have quickly found their beginning and will develop ever more rapidly the longer they persist.”

        Linked from here:


        And there are numerous other less direct references to the Order of Darkness, such as this one:

        “The entirety is thereby a well-thought-out psychological network on which the progress of the entire weapons industry and the power of the military, of the federal leadership, the finance sharks and the industry businesses as well as the secret services can be built up ever further.”

        And you would have already very recently read that above quote linked from the same contribution you questioned me about (and I’m replying to now), Duke, if you’d followed my link


        which takes you to Special Bulletin 34, published and translated in April 2007, BEFORE the July 2007 Special Bulletin 35 (which you linked to, which misleadingly asserts the opposite).

        SB34 is a humdinger, and not to be missed!

        Remember that Billy’s survived 22 assassination attempts. And Creation doesn’t demand that any of us give up our lives.

        Have you read this?


        After trying to explain this advanced alien methodology, and their loving/wise ethics, to non-German readers for the more than a decade now, I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that you either “get it” or you don’t. And, frankly, I don’t actually know anybody who has been able to demonstrate to me that they actually understand what’s going on, even if they’ve diligently studied all (about 5%!) of the Meier material in English. So don’t worry if you don’t either Duke. You’re in good company. The renewed teachings are delivered now, but we won’t collectively “get it” for around 800 years, we’re told. Learning German helps a lot.

        So these days, I try harder to take a leaf from Billy’s book when he says:
        “ … because if all knowledge was simply tossed out to them [the Earth humans] like feed and they fed on it thoughtlessly and without processing, then it would bring no proper success, but rather only a certain school-knowledge, while the undigested remainder would be secreted again as excrement. In other words: Everything undigested would be forgotten, and would therefore be completely useless.”


        I hope all that adequately deals with the comments and concerns you directed to me, Duke. I did my best.


        • The zero-sum-gain process was alluding to the fulfillment of the Henok prophecies rather than the zeroes comment directly. Thanks for clarifying any way as I was not aware there is another offical group for translations.

          As an observation, the Eye of Horus and Nasa patch do not look exactly the same (in the literal sense or direct English meaning of the words). You could imply some form of inspiration but in actuality they do not look all that much the same. Egyptian hieroglyphs on construction projects normally are intended to be precisely drawn one way if at all possible given by the expertise of the workers. They would do a pre-drawing of the hieroglyphs and an expert would come around and make corrections to the inscriptions, frequently perfecting the drawing of the hieroglyphs. Clearly the patch does not look close to perfectly looking like the Eye of Horus pictured in the other link.

          If we discuss observations and the Meier material suggests the possibility of the Henok Prophecies being fulfilled, then this supposed Order of Dunkel-berries should just be renamed as the Moron Collective, or MCs, as it would have to be stupid in the truest sense for that to happen. Isn’t that the penultimate understanding before the plunge described in the prophecies themselves? Isn’t the darkness in the truest sense having the future go belly up for the next thousand years?

          • Thanks, Duke.

            My point about the Deep Impact logo/patch and the Eye of Horus wasn’t, of course, that the one is supposed to look perfectly like the other, since that would certainly give the game away, but that the Eye inspired the stylised orbit trajectories pictured on the patch. And the fact that it’s now no longer to be found on the NASA sites supports that idea. Public communications employing occult symbols demand a fair bit of doubt, subtlety and deniability these days. I’ve taken the trouble to learn to read them like English or German. It really opens your eyes.

            “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius

            Sure, Duke, the true darkness we struggle with here on Planet Suicide is obviously ignorance, (Billy prefers “Unknowingness”), which Canon 32 of the OM describes variously as “voluntary misfortune” (verse 2491) and “impermanent, as a cloud driven before the wind.” (verse 507)


            The ignorant tendency is often to confuse evil with stupidity, and to dangerously underestimate the scheming, and sly calculating cunning, of the Dark Order, and their silent armies of minions within their secret societies, simply because their psychopathology is so stupidly self-destructive in the long term. But these vile people are not “stupid” (Billy prefers “of low intelligence”). They are like their poster-boy, Hitler, who (until drug abuse and syphilis completely rotted his brain) was an evil genius.

            I think we underestimate the dangerous intelligence of the Order of Darkness at our peril.


          • Hi Dyson,

            I took some time to read the “Goblet of Truth” and noticed this early on page LVIII:

            “Und nutzt ihr die euch gegebene Chance in allen Dingen, dann erlangt ihr im neuen
            Zeitalter der Wassermann-Ära und im Dritten Jahrtausend nach sehr langem Vermissen wieder die ganze Fülle des
            Lebens. Ihr strebt seit Jahrtausenden nach einer Entwicklung von Harmonie, nach Liebe, Frieden, Freiheit und nach
            einträchtigem Miteinander, und all das ist ideal dazu geeignet, in allen Dingen auf der Erde Ordnung zu schaffen.
            Und folgt ihr diesem durch die Schöpfungsgesetze vorgegebenen Drang, dann tretet ihr aus der Dunkelheit des Ausgearteten
            hinaus in eine ungleich lichtere Ära. Bedenkt jedoch, dass das nur sein wird, sofern ihr bereit seid, das
            grosse Geschenk anzunehmen, das euch eure Erde, das ganze Universum und die schöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote
            bieten. Ihr selbst zeugt euch eure helle Zukunft; doch ihr alle, ihr Menschen der Erde, ihr müsst das eurige dazu tun
            und mit euren eigenen Mitteln der Liebe, des Friedens, der Harmonie und der Freiheit für alles kämpfen, um den
            Ausbruch aus der Dunkelheit zu schaffen. Das vermögt ihr aber nur zu tun, wenn in euch das Wiedererkennen all
            dessen erwacht, was euch die schöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote bieten und wenn ihr diese erlernt und befolgt, so
            wie euch das gelehrt ist durch den ‹Kelch der Wahrheit› und die ‹Lehre der Wahrheit›, ‹Lehre des Geistes›, ‹Lehre
            des Lebens›, wie diese seit Urzeiten durch die wahren Propheten gegeben ist.”

            “Dunkelheit des Ausgearteten” as it is stated in German or ‘Darkness of Degeneracy’ I believe it translates to as opposed to “Erde Ordnung zu schaffen”. So, I believe even though such phrases in German are in capital letters, the usage of the phrase does not indicate an “Order” such as a group with a capital O as we would in the English language; rather, order with a little o indicating a process/coming about/fulfillment if certain things go in a certain direction due to the way it is phrased. Two words can mean different things with capital letters in the German language such as reich and Reich; the former being “rich” while the latter being “Empire”. But, it also includes the phrasing of the terms so it leaves me to suggest more like a catch all for a state such as “Driving while Intoxicated” rather than a “Rehab Consultation” group.

            That being said, moving onto the remainder of the quoted page LXIX:

            “Und ihr Menschen
            der Erde seid es, jung und alt, die ihr im Leben keine Wurzeln mehr schlagen könnt, gedemütigt und hoffnungslos
            umherirrt, ohne Arbeit und ohne Heim, was zur Folge hat, dass ihr in allen Dingen euch selbst bekämpft und ihr
            euer Dasein hasst, um es schliesslich selbst zu beenden, so, wie das schon seit dem Zwanzigsten Jahrhundert immer
            mehr der Fall ist und zukünftig noch umfassender sein wird. Schon ist also diese Zeit mit dem Dritten Jahrtausend
            angebrochen, in der diese Dinge in schneller Weise bereits den Anfang gefunden haben und sich je länger je mehr
            immer schneller weiterentwickeln. So steigen auch die Krankheiten und Seuchen in ihrer Zahl, wie auch die
            Krankheiten, die durch Gifte vielerlei Art das Trinkwasser und die Gewässer schwer beeinträchtigen, wie aber auch
            die Luft und den Erdboden sowie die Nahrungsmittel, die auf Bäumen und Sträuchern sowie auf Feldern, in
            Wäldern, in Gärten und in Treibhäusern wachsen. Und noch sind eure Bemühungen vergeblich, all den Übeln entgegenzuwirken
            und ihnen Einhalt zu gebieten, denn diese werden von Tag zu Tag, ja gar von Stunde zu Stunde und
            Minute zu Minute immer grösser und katastrophaler, und zwar in Relation zur rasant steigenden Überbevölkerung.
            So wollt ihr Menschen der Erde all das bisher durch eure Schuld und Unvernunft sowie Verantwortungslosigkeit
            Zerstörte wiedererstehen lassen, wie ihr auch das, was noch heil geblieben ist, bewahren wollt, wobei jedoch all eure
            diesbezüglichen Bemühungen umsonst sind, weil ihr nicht zum richtigen Schluss in Vernunft kommt. Und der richtige
            Entschluss ist einzig und allein der, dass durch eine weltweite Geburtenregelung radikal die Überbevölkerung
            gestoppt und in dieser Folge eure irdische Menschheit auf ein planeten- und naturgerechtes Mass reduziert wird,
            wobei dieses Mass gemäss der Natur und des Planeten in bezug auf die ganze Erde bei 529 Millionen Menschen festgesetzt

            This paragraph including what you have posted earlier, when read in English, sounds like two thoughts and probably could be two paragraphs but it is not. So, we have to treat the remaining half of the paragraph as the same thought stream. If we include that then we see that the state of the Over population would have a degeneracy effect going all the way to the top regardless of who has responsibility governing the planet.

          • …I will break out of my shroud a bit to say this:

            I believe I’ve had first hand experience with the, as you put it:

            “vile people are not “stupid” (Billy prefers “of low intelligence”). They are like their poster-boy, Hitler, who (until drug abuse and syphilis completely rotted his brain) was an evil genius.”

            I’ve come into contact with one of them during my recent stint at College in my (somewhat successful) studies to become an engineer, in the hopes of perhaps influencing some of this mess (whether that happens remains to be seen).

            He was not “evil”, and he was not “stupid”, in fact he had a deal of smarts, however it was his choosing to not *use* his smarts, but instead a choice to be a self-styled evil-genius which made him destructive. I’m sure he could have been much “smarter” and well intentioned if he tried, and I do not believe that he was part of some Dark Order, but he was living proof to me that whole organizations of such men could easily, and probably had, come about.

            Moreover, I feel that I failed to make a real positive influence upon his life, and my goal at this point is to endeavor to arm myself to better combat such inanity if (and more likely when) I next meet it.

          • When I mean “truely stupid” I literally mean stupid in the truest sense of the word being literally struck senseless from Latin. I do not mean to imply they do not have intelligence though generally that is the state or instance of understanding people generally have in mind, not the specific being or sense of mind. Take a look at the multiple meanings of stupid for a second here:

            If you give it some thought on what exactly stupid is, then some incredibly smart genious level people that have their intellect succumb to stupidity is also at the very end of it “stupid is as stupid does” as we’d word it colloquially here in the US. In essence, a very smart person that chose to be “Evil” will be senseless to everything else. We would be stupified to see this happen to someone else I might add. Thus, for example, a truely evil genious will be incredible stupid from another view as he/she no longer has any sense with regards to being conscious with everything else.

            The Meier material went at lenght to describe the various states of evolution and further explained their complete Sense of evolution. From what I remember from the material, according supposedly to folks from another planet, described one way by evolving parasitically, as a JHFH, as well as an alternative way, which is what they chose, which was to be supremely mindful to evolve with everything else that evolves, or called a JHWH (King of Wisdom). Of course, they mean King of Wisdom in the truest sense of the word to by implying having a supreme state of being mindful of everything else which is not surprisingly implied in the 1st definition:

            All in the literally sense of the words given. Of course, they are in no way as describing a JHWH and JHFH as being equal in any sense and they further explained that futher evolution could only go via the JHWH whereas the JHFH is essentially stunted and thus not sensible enough to understand to progress further and truely made themselves stupid (self inflicted senselessness) towards the rest of Creation.

  • Yet another astonishing coincidence of timing brings us the new scientific discovery that “One of the largest ancient asteroid impact zones on Earth has been discovered in outback Australia.”

    According to Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University, “There are indications of mass extinction at this time caused by an impact winter, with the huge flash of the asteroid, major fires and seismic events with magnitudes of 10, 11 and 12, which would have disrupted habitats.”


    Now I’m really getting frightened! Don’t you think everyone should?


    • I don’t believe in spreading fear.

      An asteroid impact has always been a great danger, it is encouraging to hear that the Russians are making direct attempts to fix this. I think they can do it too, provided of course that they do not start a war with North America.

      To stop an asteroid from impacting earth, then is to stop the Russians from iniating a strike into North America, which is to stop the North American governments from upsetting major powers, which is to stop fear-mongering and anti-truth tactics by journalists within North America, which is to engender global movements which focus on scientific accuracy, accountability, and accessibilty, which focus on job creation through population reduction.

      It is not through worrying about meteor events in the distant future that we can stop meteor events in the distant future from transpiring, and causing wide mass-extinction.

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