The Birds, the Fish and…?

Regarding the numerous reports of fish and birds mysteriously dying in huge numbers, we should consider what Meier said:

“But now, what has already been happening in the whole of nature for a very long time, as well as in the current time and will in the future time, in regard to climate change, and all the changes resulting from it – like the monstrous storms, earthquakes and volcanic activities out of which much havoc and death comes about for the humansall the creatures and the animal world, as well as the most serious devastations and destructions – no longer has anything to do with the natural, periodic climatic changes, and so forth.”

…and review the decades of warnings about the effects of climate change.

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Michael D

Michael … I’m really concerned about the fish and the birds happening the way they are. I’m wondering — just how specific is the information Meier provided on this? Did he ever write specifically about something just like this?

James Moore

I think it might be huge amounts of methane or other toxic substances in the air and water being release from its long term storage in the now melting permafrost, from all the cattle that generate more methane than all the cars put together, and from the warm currents of water that fall to the bottom of ocean, churn it up and release even more massive quantities of the stuff. I could be wrong though of course.


The real truth with this is the polar magnetic shift caused by the galactic plain we are now STARTING to enter. 2012 is the real truth when it comes to earth changes and Galaxy alignment…. GALACTIC PLAIN….. effecting earths core, and our sun. Radiation bursts and magnetic waves are starting to show up more and more WORLD WIDE!!!


No, the “real truth” is pretty much what Meier’s been warning about for 60 years. You will find more accurate info re 2012 here:


i’ve studied a little about birds, and if you put two and two together you can kind of see my theory for the birds deaths. Birds have internal means of detecting magnetism, however, with the shifting of the poles, predicted by Meier ahead of time, you can see how their internal navigation may be thrown off. It is like the birds have lost their sense of direction because of the shift, and may have caused them to dive straight to the ground versus flying in the direction they wanted to. Let me know what you think.



Here’s some more Meier info on that:

Regarding loss of magnetic sense in man and animals, from Contact Report 249, 1994:

…For decades now he has been under the steady, greatly enhanced influence of artificial electro-magnetic waves, or rather oscillations, which greatly exceed the normal, planet-related measurements and are generated by Man’s own thoughtlessness. As a consequence, he is now, and has been for some time, incapable of applying and relying on his magnetic sense. Hence, he can no longer recognize, grasp and perceive many items and events in nature in the manner that animals are able to, although their magnetic sense is increasingly harmed also through the irresponsibility of mankind on Earth. Birds and animals, for instance, are guided by their magnetic sense during their annual migrations or flights from one region to another when they frequently traverse many thousands of kilometers.

The longer they are exposed to this electromagnetism, the more the magnetic sense of orientation of these migratory animals and birds is upset and causes their death for many of them. Whales, for instance, lose their orientation and become stranded somewhere on river banks or in the rivers, where they die a terrible death; a situation that is increasingly becoming more common even for other aquatic wildlife forms. With increasing frequency, herds of many wild animals are losing their sense of orientation because their magnetic sense is upset. This causes them to flee and plunge, panic-stricken, over cliffs and crevasses to their death, etc. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as other great calamities of nature’s elements also produce increased magnetic waves or oscillations. Animals and birds sense these increased electro-magnetic oscillations and behave accordingly. They flee or seek sanctuary elsewhere.