Abortion: Right-wing Republicans Beginning to Get It Right

They may not know it but right-wing Republicans in Ohio are actually on the right track regarding abortion. The Ohio House of Representatives voted, in late June, to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. The information in the Reuters article said that this could be as early as six weeks.

However, the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren states that the spirit enlivens the embryo on the 21st day, so that any abortion after that time could be considered a murder, with certain exceptions. The truly important distinction is that there is no spiritually enlivened human being until the 21st day. This means that the religious fundamentalists who scream “Murder!” about any and all abortions are partially wrong and partially right. Just in the same way that those who say abortion isn’t murder are only partially right and partially wrong.

When scientists on earth can finally confirm the existence of the human spirit, and then detect when it actually enters into the embryo, the unnecessary polarization between the opposing positions on abortion can be reconciled. At such a time, the laws that will establish the scientifically supported limits for abortion will be sensible and just and much emotionality and discord will be eliminated.

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  1. I still disagree with you moving my post, Michael, but, OK – it’s your blog 🙂

    Followers of a religion calling for more children will procreate more than those communities that have liberal ideas about abortion rights. Result: The non-religious society is wiped out, unless, immigration laws are very strict in those non-religious countries.

    Going further… the very culture of the non-religious, whilst set up to produce and sell drugs for huge profit, could be contributing to the spiritual-deadness of modern life through criminal abortion laws that are out of sync with scientific understanding, let alone the 21st day (which I’m not sure if newer versions of the TJ say whether Jmmanuel mentioned specifically? Old version does not)

    The empowerment that should have arisen from laws to protect and allow women to abort to gain control back for themselves, becomes a legal framework for covert murder, to give the religious pro-lifers legitimacy, perhaps, or at least, an effect of that and so that the religious life, where women have babies, or, abstain from vaginal sex for a long time, and stay away from drugs, can become appealing to women seeking different ways to explore their femininity than through the corporately-derived drug-slave sex machine society where modern life does not serve them to come into their own true power at all because of the aforementioned abortion laws and drugs.

    Who is really representing women properly in the world in order to minimise all the possible negative psychological effects from late abortion. It’s important to stress here that I am basing this solely on my experience with women in England, whereby, I think these negative effects of aborting late and abortion drugs are not recognised at all, but, could be characterised by the emergence of psychopathic and deluded women like Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkela and women that act like and want to be like men, or, are cruel and violent and thrill-seeking?

    The psyche of women in the West could be being negatively effected by both the drugs and the late abortion laws, e.g., hostile-mindedness, wickedness, deludedness, thrill-seeking leading to adultery, violence, psychopathy, worry, anger, etc. That is not to even mention that foetuses grow in those trace chemicals and could also be inheriting some genetic psychopathy hormonal disorders (ad infinitum whilst Big Pharma operates)?

    Obviously, this will not be in all cases, but, if a large majority of teenagers, the poor are aborting late, as the British Medical Journal research states, then it could explain why some teenage girls in the West are running to Islam – in terms of avoiding one psychic kind of (unrecognised) terror for another, but, where the women can become “strong” and feminine in ways not provided by modern western life.

    Reason could prevail amongst the non-religious women and the culture, who would master consciousness and uncover the true power of their spirit, so as to appeal as a good life for all women, but, their peace and femininity has been attacked, in my view, by unreasonable and criminal abortion laws and Big Pharma and the sex industry, so, that non-religious women are being kept, purposefully, from their “true feminity” through hormone changing abortion drugs and psychically damaging abortion laws.

    Otherwise, the religious life for women would be intolerable compared to a life lived where women are in control of their bodies, free in conscience and clear in the psyche and not psychically terrorised by current sytems.

  2. I think the biggest problem is that currently home pregnancy tests still give false negative readings at 17 days pregnant. Even if it gave a positive reading, that would only give a woman 3 days to have an abortion before the spirit form enlivens the fetus. There are expensive tests available that can confirm earlier but that won’t help poor women who can’t afford it. So until the tests become more accurate sooner, there’s not much of a chance currently of getting an abortion before the 21 days.

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