Gosh, I must be psychic or something. Last week when someone sent me a link to the petition to “force the government to disclose the extraterrestrial presence, blah, blah, blah”, from the self-serving, third-rate hack who fronts the disinformation operation known as “exopolitics”, I wrote the following instead on Facebook, on Oct. 29:

“This is a great way…to waste your time and run around in endless circles. Not only doesn’t the ‘government’ have to reveal anything (if it even knew it), the premise of an ‘extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race’ is in itself…A LIE AND UTTER DISINFORMATION.

And chief among those promoting this nonsense is ‘exopolitics’ and their huckster spokesman.

If you want to truly know about the ONLY verifiable, scientifically proven – still ONGOING – contact with extraterrestrials, here is a FREE documentary that will give you the truth:


…and you can learn more about how Stepehn Bassett chose his own, petty, egotistical self-interest over helping to get the truth out here:


The government slam-dunked the obvious, easy lob, which the disclosure proponents had themselves telegraphed from the very inception of their idiotic campaign. They effectively were told, “We don’t know anything about it, thank you and good night”; the disclosure group checkmated themselves from day one.

I would bet that Stephen Bassett and a few others involved actually hoped that the government wouldn’t respond…since it effectively ended their entire reason for being. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit though, after all, how dumb is a movement that demands that the government provide/acknowledge proof for something…that the movement itself doesn’t have?

Oh there’s no doubting that there are UFOs, just by definition, but where is the credible evidence of an “extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race”, “hundreds of thousands of contactees” and a slew of women giving birth to “hybrid babies”? The truth is that there is none. Well, to be accurate, there is “an extraterestrial presence”…when the Plejaren visit Meier in his office these days, such as also occurred on Saturday, October 15, right before my last meeting with him. This was to continue the editing process on the Book of Names; more about that at another time.

But such seemingly mundane, all too “human” encounters aren’t dazzling enough for the disinformation specialists connected to “exopolitics”. Since the Plejaren are human beings – and not some kind of the cartoon “aliens” promoted by these fantasists – they weren’t interested. More than not interested, Bassett refused to look at and/or bring the Meier case to the attention of anyone, his own members included.

Some proponent of “disclosure”, isn’t he?

Now maybe all the people who’d unknowingly fallen for this self-serving scam, for all the stupid and futile “petitions” and “faxes” and utter nonsense of “exopolitics“, those who sincerely claim to want to know the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials…will start to look into the actual, authentic Meier contacts, which are still ongoing for almost 70 years.



For an introduction to the Billy Meier case, please see The Silent Revolution of Truth, available for free viewing here.

And be sure to click the links there and start delving into the voluminous documentation, prophecies and predictions, evidence and spiritual teaching – everything that the “exopolitics” group didn’t want you to know about, so they could peddle their lies and disinformation.

But that game is over now…slamdunked.



5 comments on “Predicted: Delusional Disinformation “Disclosure” Dopes Denied and Dismissed

  • Have you ever asked Bassett to bring a “hybrid” person to a lecture? I mean, after all this “activity”, exopolitics is babbling about, there should be millions of “hybrids” out there by now. 😀

    With all the other stuff going on in the “UFO community”, all those Reptilians, Venusians, Zetas and whatnot, we should see some of them on the street, at work, even our neighbours could be aliens, right?

    I just cannot hear this nonsense anymore, I’m so glad, I found the Meier case a few years ago.

  • No, I disagree with what you say, but perhaps only because of a mis-interpretation/understanding.

    If we are to assume that the following is correct:

    From the following contact (which I realize it says there may be errors and it says it was an un-authorized translation):

    January 2006

    Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 7

    257th Contact

    Monday, February 3rd, 1997, 12:03AM

    Pages 438-444

    [Billy and Ptaah continue]

    …they talk about a lot of what has happened, and how we shouldn’t trust what the governments have to say on the matter…

    “According to the explanation of the Plejadian/Plejaren, however, especially the Americans were leading in this respect, whereby these were also those who held the proof of the existence of extraterrestrial flying objects tight in their hands already early, and indeed not first since the Roswell case.”

    …goes on in great length about all the things governments did in secret…

    “Of this it was already clear to a whole line-up of authorities as well as their military and secret services in the First World War because, over the battlefields of Europe UFOs were observed whose appearance was however kept secret.

    “It went the same way in the Second World War, as the foo-fighters surfaced everywhere.

    Indeed, it was already firmly established by the military and secret services and highest government positions by the First and Second World Wars that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin, yet the secrecy was still maintained.”

    …there are many more examples of the above in the contact I mentioned.

    I just wanted to point out that if all this is true, Governments could come clean on a couple factors:

    A) Any programs they have regarding terrestrial advanced air-craft being commonly mistaken for UFOs (which I realize they sorta admitted to, but just coming out and revealing their craft designs would be better)

    B) Any record, assuming they were not destroyed, about previous such conspiracies. Or at least launching internal investigations (unlikely…but).

    So, in essence, I disagree that there is nothing that the government could tell us about UFOs. They could at least admit to the disinformation campaign which Ptaah seems to be talking about, there’s no way NO ONE doesn’t know about that, right?

    Still asking for miracles, of course, so maybe what you meant is there is no one in Congress who actually knows of this stuff?

  • i feel Michael is right here…because id say those in the administration would of had to be told something [given pedesta already has a big interest in the subject] id say they would`ve been drip feed basic details probably sounding something like this..
    We have been visited
    They are evil , abduct millions , butcher our animals e.t.c e.t.c
    striking fear into them and will likely guarantee them goin along with demands ..which of course they have done
    The C.I.A will NEVER allow any real release of data or proof
    because people would soon realise the c.i.a had murdered and terrorised
    its own citizens to justify its expansion/dominance/control

  • Well…I might agree that maybe even in the event of such a petition going through and there beins something there to report, there are plentiful reasons why it might still be a waste of time, I’m just pointing out that there is a slim chance of it bearing fruit.

    As I said, still asking for miracles, but not entirely fruitless.

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