I’ve received a good number of emails asking why I haven’t posted any recent blogs showing more corroboration for Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information, etc.

Certainly such information continues to be corroborated and I’ll include an example below*.

However, it must be pointed out that the country I live in is submerged in a vast of sea of religious delusion which allows for, and actually encourages and makes seemingly normal, such primitive, cultic, essentially savagely sick degenerations of the human consciousness as are peddled by many of the current crop of aspiring “leaders”, such as this fool.

Unfortunately, this is seen as perfectly acceptable to the many pious, true believers whose brains were thoroughly washed out and dry cleaned so that only a perforated gray mass, incapable of processing logical thought, remains. In place of a functioning, evolutionarily directed human consciousness, all that remains is a repository for the most sick and twisted of solely human creations, i.e. our glorious…religions.

So, decide for yourself if my pessimism is not warranted…and what you can do to  contribute to different, more positive outcomes than appear to be forthcoming.

*Meier Revealed BP Oil Spill Truth

Extract from the 495th official contact report of June 15th, 2010.

Ptaah: Aside from that, the crude oil’s toxic substances are secreted in the form of poisonous gasses and poisonous particles which have an illness-inducing effect on human beings and animals and on all creatures, as these toxic substances, however, also disperse in the ocean water itself and store themselves on the ocean floor whereby further contaminations come about, a fact which is likewise kept silent by the responsible authorities and by the scientists.

Cover Up of BP Oil Spill

(Thanks to Don Schneider for finding this information)


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  1. Santorum is not only a fool but a dangerous (as hell) fool. If he would win the Presidency, I’d say the odds of the Henoch Prophecies being fulfilled go up exponentially.

  2. In a way, I’m not to surprised BP was covered up.:X I must confess I havent looked to much into the BP oil spill, but I’ll look more into it now.

  3. The man is a hypocrite,that is my opinion. If he truly believes the nonsense that he is pointing out,than he is ignorant and should not be president. If he is saying that too ingratiate himself with Christians,he is a liar and a hypocrite. The only Satan in the crowd is the one in his mind. Soon he will hear a voice from the heavens,or will it be loud explosions from incoming ballistics.

  4. Schizophrenia/Religion is a complex mental disorder that makes it difficult to:

    Tell the difference between real and unreal experiences

    Think logically

    Have normal emotional responses,

  5. politics is garbage, religion is garbage, combine the 2 and you have countries that are full of illogical citizens who cannot decipher how we should really be living together in true peace. Too many people are worried about the next presidents religious belief when religions do not and should not have any impact on human lives. Religion is what is keeping people from being simply humans. The more categories we create as humans, the more we separate ourselves from humanity. For example, i am asian, i believe in this religion, i’m from this country, i practice this culture, my skin tone is not white, black, or yellow, if you are anything different than i am, it is weird, strange, or at worst unacceptable to me. The list can keep going on and on, but the fact is that we all know physically we are different, but strip away our beliefs, nationality, cultures, and we get a man or a woman who are simply human. I will not vote for anyone, people in politics and religion all just crave a position of power to mislead the people.

    1. For those who tout any political leader, I say to you be wary of those that blatantly disregard our values and logic, but be just as wary of those who work within the white space, or in areas that are not as developed.

      Why are corporate psychopaths more successful than your average criminal? Because they break ethical codes, but work within the system of written law. Religious leaders, and political leaders function roughly the same way.

      This is why it was so intelligent for Billy to number the Talmud Jmmanuel, because the bible leaves a lot of room to work within this white space.

      With love,

    2. Hi gheezy,

      You have to vote. Billy says we need to take personal responsibility, even when it comes our leaders. I know that it may seem impossible for the common man to make a difference; but Billy says that it is the individual, not the masses, that carries mankind toward progress. This may seem strange, until you consider how powerful a human being can become when they are aligned with the spiritual teaching in force, and free from stalling effect of religion. Billy Meier is a perfect example how just one person can change the world. There are countless other more material examples of good and bad people who have had enough power to effect millions of lives, Michael Jackson would be a perfect example of such power toward good; and on the dark side a good example would be Aleister Crowley, who continues to influence the elite, and entertainers, with his twisted ideas.

      I know I’m getting a little off subject here from my start, but I wanted to make a point about how much power YOU have to create good for the world around you. So we ourselves are responsible for what is going on in our country; and a great way to change things is to vote. By being active in the process, you can help others understand their power and responsibility to make a difference too; by posting things online, for example, you can help people understand these potential leaders for who they really are, so others follow a good example. Plus by voting, you are relieving some of the guilt that would occur to a person from a world fire WWIII, for example, by failing to take responsibility for your leadership, even in the smallest capacity.

  6. The Christian religion alone will lead to the fulfillment of the Henoch prophecies. And there’s that other religion-islam. The Plejarens know this. There will be a lot of pain and suffering before the majority of Earth humans begin to ‘get it’. Prepare for what is coming.

  7. By the way Michael, remember when according to that video Romney apparently drive many companies out of business in several states? Well according to this one article I found, apparently Ron Paul, the one you praised about knowing cause and effect, is considering Romney as a potential ally. I have no idea if the article is true though.

    Actually the choices are pretty weird this year, I mean having Obama, Romney, Santorum, Ron Paul, or Gingritch for choices seems a little like saying:

    “Ok boys and girls, here are your choices, you can fullfill the henoch prophesies, fullfill the henoch prophesies, fullfill the henoch prophesies, fullfill the prophesies, or fullfill the prophesies.”

    So yes Michael, I share your cynicism.XD

    1. We need a new candidate…

      But who? I’m certainly not going to do it (though I would if I thought I could), mainly because I’m not good enough at arguing with people.

      I know what sort of people I’d like to see on the presidential stage, but whom can we get to put on the stage, so to speak?

      Maybe we need to start the Scientist’s Party. (I’m generally opposed to party systems, but for lack of another platform…)

  8. In some subconsious area we are looking to be entertained at some level. We entertain notions, history, fantasies, thoughts, people, beliefs, rumors, news, and ideologies which are just a few examples. The most important notions we entertain is fear which rolls off quite effortlessly from the tongues of some folks as mentioned by the blog. There is one thing that happens when you talk to an audience that gives undivided attention is that they will do what they can to be “entertained” you; even to the point of mimic-ment. It is why in some way people manage to entertain folks that are simply talking about lights in the sky where by any stroke of logic would take 30 seconds to a minute to see you won’t prove much of anything other than lights in the sky.

    In our modern phraseology, some folks just want to be spoon fed, taken for a ride, willing be suspended in belief, etc. As this is subconsious and we’re submerged in a sea of entertainment, some of our questions and behaviors indicate we want to be entertained or be led at some level. So essentially, we come up just short of taking the necessary action to be truely responsible and take the upper hand on things. It’s not really all that easy to do when civilization flows around the rim.

    In terms of politics, Ron Paul is not an entertaining figure. Joining up with Willard would probably guarantee some conflict as not too many folks have been entertained to follow such a move. It’s not a miracle sub-30 year old support base follows Ron Paul at all but really a consequence.

    The thing that probably boggles the mind of some passerbys is how Earth Humanity manages to spend enormous amounts of time to entertain other folks to the detriment to their own evolution.

  9. Santorum is in my opinion a little soul carrying around a corpse, as is the case for so many soulless people who lack compassion, warmth and sanity. May we be protected from these Satan spouting idiots. He and his ilk are not much different from the fundamental Islamists who wreak so much damage to humanity. To the Islamist we are the “great satan” and Israel the “little satan”, can you imagine a president of the U.S. spouting this theological garbage around the globe. It’s this same old rhetoric that make the world paranoid and destructive. Devil comes from the word Diabolos=Di/abolos Divide and abolish, or divide and destroy. He is described in the Revelations of the New Testament as “the accuser of our brethren, he who accused our brethren before god both day and night.” These judgmental fundamentalist of any faith are filled with self-righteousness and full of accusations and condemnations of their fellow man, they embody the “accusing spirit” of division and separation of humanity.

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