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I just sent this newsletter to my regular mailing list and thought I’d post it here for you as well. As you may imagine, more and more of Billy Meier’s specific scientific information is being corroborated all the time, confirming it as prophetically accurate (I provide lots of updates here at my blog). I’ll leave it to you to peruse it at your leisure.

I do want to inform you of some new events, a new eBook and a genuinely free offer.

Christian Frehner in Canada

I’m very glad to let you know that Christian Frehner will be making a rare appearance in Canada in August. He will be coming from Switzerland to present important information from the Billy Meier contacts, as well as various aspects of the spiritual teaching. Christian has been very closely involved with Meier’s work for about 30 years and has had multiple, first-hand sightings of UFOs that have appeared at the FIGU center. Please reserve your space for this event as soon as possible!

And Still They Fly!

The fascinating book by Guido Moosbrugger, And Still They Fly!, is now out of print and already a collector’s item (selling for almost $300 per copy, when you can find one!). But we now have it available as an eBook (on DVD) for less than 1/10th that price, as well as an even less expensive, two-part downloadable version.

Special FREE DVD Offer!

Here’s a short and sweet offer – buy any product from our online shop and we’ll send you any single DVD or CD of your choice…for FREE! Just attach a note in your PayPal order indicating which one you want and we’ll include it at no extra charge!

…and Another One!

Another way to get a FREE DVD or CD is to do yourself the favor of getting a Multi-Pure water system. It’s a double favor in fact because when you use this link to get one, you also can get a direct discount that will save you up to $79.95!  Then all you have to do is contact me to get the FREE DVD or CD you want.

New Brazil Retreat

In July 2011, we held the first FIGU retreat in Campos do Jordao, Brazil, where I was living at the time. It was a very successful, week-long event that featured daily presentations by Christian Frehner, exercise and meditation sessions, sightseeing and daytrips to wonderful restaurants, local artisan’s workshops, stores, etc.

This November, another retreat will be held in Brazil with Swiss FIGU member Patrick Chenaux making the presentations in English. This event will be held at a beautiful, private retreat facility – the same one that I lived in for almost five months. It’s truly paradisiacal, with streams, koi ponds, fruit trees, hummingbirds and lush, green surroundings. All of the other activities will of course again be included. The area is quiet and unique, with almost no car or overhead air traffic (if you live in a city you’ll appreciate this). The people there are very warm and friendly and there’s even a very nice gourmet style restaurant just down the road in this sleepy little village, within walking distance of the retreat grounds.

The price of the week-long retreat is $1,500.00 (U.S) and includes all ground transportation to and from the airport in Sao Paolo, as well as for local sightseeing, accommodations in absolutely lovely and comfortable chalets, all presentations and meditations, two meals a day, with visits to a variety of restaurants, most of which are quite inexpensive, as well as various sites of interest, shopping, etc. (The U.S. dollar is incredibly strong in Brazil at this time, lots of bargains to be had.)

Please contact Ricardo Ralston (ricralston@globalair.com.br) for more information – and plan on being in Brazil this November…during their summer!


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