The Latest on the 2012 Doom and Gloom Conspiracy

With all of the hysteria over the Mayan calendar, December 21st, etc., here’s a little clarification, from one of Billy Meier’s recent contacts with the Plejaren, as to what all that really amounts to – as well as the actual, ever-increasing consequences of humanity’s longstanding irresponsibility towards nature and the environment.

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  1. As always, thanks for the information and diligence with all the newest relevant headlines.I got a nice long laugh about Billy’s comment about the pitchfork man, good stuff. I would also like to thank probably from everyone for the effort and dissemination of The Silent Revolution of Truth, like many of others I might of not found the compelling information and the all important truthfulness of Billy’s words for every human on this earth. If possible, if u get some time to get back to me during your busy schedule, I would like to know more about your mentioned trip to Brazil in Nov, meaning, just more specifics about what sort of itinerary (time spent learning subject matter, spiritual teaching or sight seeing etc.) Lastly, if I can’t make this trip, if u had an idea when u might go back to the SSSC even though I’m sure it wouldn’t be until next yr or sometime down the road a ways. Thanks

  2. Hi Blake,

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your interest.

    The best info can be gotten from Ricardo as the details develop. I don’t know about my next trip to the center, probably next year though.



  3. Excerpt from the 533rd Official Contact conversation of Saturday, January 5, 2012.

    There comes thus neither angels nor a God, or Jesus Christ, in order to bring about Armageddon, as well also no dark planet, comet, meteor, or asteroid, etc., is approaching, as a result of which is to be signaled the end of the Earth.

    Contact Report 476 (segment)

    The year 2012 brings other unpleasant events, like e.g. an unknown, invisible, dark and huge space wanderer that is threatening from the fringe of our solar system and could wreak tremendous havoc regarding Earth.

    And if this should really occur, the fact of its existence would be openly proven starting with 2010 or 2011, if at all, because the possibility of a “dark” and, therefore, non-observable passage of the colossus is also possible.

    Of course the conditional detail “end of the Earth” can technically be said, and no doubt will be adamantly pointed out by the True Believers in Billy Meier (which I don’t necessary dismiss) to alleviate an accusation of inconsistency.

    Yet also in previous “contacts” Billy has talked about the precise strong possibilities of solar disasters and so forth – leaving them conditional though to try to avoid being caught in an inconsistency in the future of course. No doubt in no major solar damages occur the Billy Meier follows will pronounce that Billy Meier alone was the rational voice among us calling down the hysteria. And if indeed parts of the Earth are electronically devastated so too with the Billy Meier faithful tout the magnificent prophetic powers of the Bearded Wonder – who incidentally isn’t the only person that can communicate in elaborate circular fashions so as to always seem to be on the accurate side of an issue.

    As well I’d like to point out just for how long and how many times in the Contact Notes there have been specific catalogues by Billy and the “Plejaren” of all the ETs supposedly on Earth and absolutely adamant claims about all other such persons claiming that any other groups of ETs being operational on this planet as liars, frauds, dupes, schizoids, etc… Yet here they reveal and speak of this “new” group, and indeed claim that never did a conversation come up which would have required and called for the mention of this group. Well you know I think that in a conversation which was touted as carefully going over all existent ETs on the Earth that this One group of Three ETs would have been appropriately mentioned.

    Again more and more manipulation and contradiction hidden behind a wall of verbosity which apparently most people – even the higher than average intelligence, curious, open, and highly humane people interested in the Billy Meier case can’t penetrate.

    I am in near total agreement with Billy on all his points on spirituality, opposition to religion, recognition of overpopulation, etc…, and I think, no matter what, that he is an obvious genius and world class philosopher. But there’s both admitted and still hidden fraud and deception replete in this entire case.

    It’s a total mixed bag. The fact is that Billy indeed does post-dict (rather than pre-dict) most of the time – as evidenced by the recent material he put out on the Gulf OIl Spill and Fukushima. Everything he published I first read elsewhere -… several days to a week or so before he concocted it into a “contact conversation” – ostensibly. His earlier, more impressive predictions – at least many of them – concerning the nature of various conditions and the natures of planetary bodies within our Solar System could have been made available to him by any intelligences with the capability to travel within the Solar System, take measurements and make observations therein, etc.. The sources of this information need not have been from the Plejaren. Perhaps the old Nazis, some other ET group, or a US/Western secret space program which is widely suspected.

    Everyone needs to approach Billy Meier and this entire case with an extreme skepticism, thinking that Billy may be 100 times more intelligent, slippery, manipulative, and powerful than you. Again, I’m not saying the entirety of this case is false, but there’s a real Religious Cult raised up around it that can’t see BLATANT psychological manipulation replete throughout the Contact Notes and all manner of factual and evidentiary inconsistencies. And no, simply admitting this first, after the fact, on Billy’s part doesn’t undo them. The act of revealing one’s own deception before it is found out, preempting the discovery and uncovering of these facts by another party, is another psychological manipulation technique whereby the liar who reveals himself and offers some reasonable explanation is again seen – consciously and subconsciously – as a truth-teller and thereby trusted again.

    Trust yourself. Trust what your own experience and realizations. If you meet some Plejaren and have a lovely and enlightening conversation – then cool, if you aren’t schizo or hallucinating or falling for some other groups deception – then you can be sure. Without this, you really can’t. Billy may have been fed a load of crock and be meeting with who knows who. Remain open and skeptical and to all the many people who I see treating this case as a sacrosanct thing – rethink your BELIEFS.

    1. I can say with certainty that Meier does not post-dict. His abundant corroborated information can be found (in part) here:

      The fact is that there is so much that has been copyrighters and published prior to “official discovery” that it’s a slam dunk. And more occurs all the time. Read the Russian and Canadian events pertaining to troop movements, etc. (Henoch Prophecies) which have begin to occur well after the HP were online and, as of just a couple of days ago, the mention of Norway in the news ties into the same warning.

      Meier’s Fukushima info was published well before the real magnitude was being discussed, No one should believe anything of course and your theory about some Nazis or secret US space program as the source of his info is, unfortunately, pure speculation and real disinformation.

      1. Billy does indeed at times post-dict, and as I said, speaks with such circular verbosity that very often he successfully places himself on both or all sides of an event, prediction, position and so forth so that he can always be seen to be correct/accurate.

        I don’t say that he ALWAYS post-dicts. Just that he often does so – I suspect at times and in situations when he doesn’t have time to really go super in depth into his research and reading on a topic. For instance I’ve observed Billy engaging in this tactic moreso as he has grown in years – a rather predictable course as he naturally slows down and looses some of his mental/consciousness (material) prowess, requires more sleep and rest, etc…. So he now more often only speaks in “possibilities”, “likelihoods”, etc…, and does this on contradictory sides of the situation – essentially simply unfolding a comprehensive and logical set of possibilities.

        Concerning Fukushima and the Gulf Oil Spill information, you are wrong.

        I am unusually voracious in anything I take up an interest in and I heard many a commentator on radio and read many speculations on blogs and so forth which expressed and stated every idea that Mr. Meier later expressed in his verbose, authoritative, often conversational style (conversational when the Plejaren ETs either are, or are supposed to be involved in dialogue) some days or weeks later.

        I suspect that, without consciously realizing it, many of Billy’s in-house and very local followers feed him information which they similarly come across as truth-seeking people are always on the hunt for ever more, accurate data with which to expand their picture of Reality. Billy likely takes notes (mentally only if need be… if the person in question’s faith in him isn’t the strongest), further researches this raw intel, and then collates it all using his very consequential intellect, intuition, and spiritual development which allows him to, more often than not and with a careful positioning of himself on both sides where clarity is elusive, actually be or seem to be correct.

        I understand these things and methods, the use of these spiritual gifts as well as high linguistic ability because I also possess them. I can thus say with a high degree of confidence that Billy is highly endowed in these areas and is quite able to come to many of the conclusions and so forth that he does all on his own capacities – no ETs required.

        Further, you dare to… more than insinuate, that my admitted speculations that some of Mr. Meier’s more impressive predictions and prophecies as concerns planetary bodies in our solar system, little known archeological facts, etc… may have come from some source(s) a little closer to Earth, are somehow silly and unfounded when you and Billy’s other unflinching adherents quite happily BELIEVE that he is the reincarnation Immanuel, Muhammed, … even back Billions of Years ago to a supposed being… in LITERALLY a Galaxy far far away who was responsible for the creation of our entire type/species of Humanity! Even further you and the other Meier partisans readily swallow that Billy.. that the spirit-form incarnated as Billy Meier is THE MOST ADVANCED PHYSICALLY INCARNATED SPIRIT-BEING IN THE ENTIRE GIGANTIC EXPANSE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE – unrivaled in his feat of returning from the pure spirit realms by any other being, past, present, or future. Hell that supposedly absolute condition may have even been claimed to hold validity for other Universes as well!

        What is it you are fond of saying (and I agree with) about the illogical silliness about religions and religious people saying that “what is in this book is true because it says it is…”?

        Give me a break and save the sanctimony. My speculation about Billy’s source for some of his more spectacular predictions and prophecies – known or unknown to him – being the old Nazi groups possessed of anti-gravity flying craft who escaped to South America after WWII, a Secret Space Program – likely run by US/Western Intel Agencies and Military-Industrial Complex, or some other ET group(s) who aren’t really the people they claim to be, are all rooted in information INFINITELY more confirmable, debatable, considerable, and ostensibly logical than these things you and other Billy Meier followers swallow.

        Further, the Nazis and some level of their technological prowess – as well as the existence of other groups in possession of anti-gravity flying craft, are admitted and spoken of with some extensiveness by Billy and his purported Cosmic Comrades. As well there are hints here and there from Billy about a Secret Space Program…

        Even more to the point – I can go to sources other than Billy Meier, more down-to-Earth and even allot of historically traceable sources of rather scholarly quality for all kinds of compelling information on the old-Nazis, their secret technologies and machinations, as well as the Secret Space Program of the US and maybe Russia. Well researched and compelling investigators like Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, and Joseph P. Farrell offer much and confirm what Billy Meier himself has published in many cases also!

        So for you to dismiss this rather logical speculation of mine, in large part due your thinking Billy Meier is NEAR-TO infallible, with a hauteur only possessed by a true zealot, is not well received nor is it in alignment with the otherwise thoughtful and intelligent person I believe you to be. Just because a human is possessed of a very developed consciousness, an old, powerful spirit/spirit-form…, and KNOW HOW TO — — — USE THEM doesn’t mean they are infallible, incapable of lying or deceiving, etc… [Consider the example Billy himself served up in the form of the current Dalai Lama.]

        Concerning some of Billy’s geo-political predictions and so forth which have panned out…

        As I said, Billy’s a genius in every sense of the word – importantly of course beyond the narrow confines of IQ measured by psychologists today. No doubt he is in tune with the Collective Unconscious, a World Class Meditator, Extremely Well Read, Intensely aware of little known Facts About the Human Psyche, etc… All these things grant one great powers, without the need for ET friends. As you know, we’ve had several astounding prophets walk this Earth and publish their information who, so far as their writings and accounts say, accomplished these feats by their own spiritual and consciousness capabilities.

        Further, there is a possibility that Billy and his case, again knowingly or unknowingly (having possibly been duped), may represent an attempt by certain Powers-That-Be in the world to initiate a new religious movement of a sort which would serve to assist them in facilitating their desired World Order, a religious movement that by in large failed to take off. In such a case it would be simple to, again known or unknown to Billy, feed him various known and sure future developments, and/or very likely ones, for him to then publish in a prophetic manner.

        For instance using the Russian town near the Arctic and Norway’s military buildups of late; If already in the 1970s one was aware there was tremendous oil and other natural resource wealth in the Arctic then it would be obviously predictable that various World Powers would seek to compete for them. If then there were already established towns, bases, etc.. in these regions it would be quite a sure prediction to say that these areas/towns would at some time in the future as the Earth’s population continued to grow and the need of these difficult to reach resources become more pressing, become further militarized, etc…

        Do you see?

        Outside of first hand experience, and assessing these experiences in an objective way (ie not assuming an anti-grav flying disc is necessarily Plejaren or that a telepathic impulse is from an ET, etc…), we must in honesty and good psychic health remain skeptical.

        1. Matthew you have raised some valid points here and I fully understand your message about approaching such matters with skepticism. In fact I myself have alway approached matters skeptically, such as religions and the manner in which the Priests, Imams, Preachers express Its literature. It hardly compliments the essence of the real message. If we research the scriptures, any religion, we find as much warnings, doom and gloom, that perhaps occurred or not. We don’t have all that answers except rely on what was handed down in posterity. These religions are boons for mankind to prudentially cogitate and simply to compare societal and individual behavior. 

          This is what it’s all about, introspection and comparison. The same way Mr Meier delivers these ‘probabilities’ is the same way Jesus, Mohamed, Bahaulla, Krishna and many other sage messengers delivered these ‘warnings’. Thats all it really amounts to, i.e. the warnings. However throughout history we learn that man has, early in every cause, destroyed the message or attempted to kill the messenger. One has to ask, who then is fit enough to deliver such controversial messages? 
          What does it take to appeal to the consciousness of judgemental societies. I am certainly glad that I am not employed to risk my dignity for a unappreciated ‘worthy’ cause amidst perpetual negation. It must take a heck of a sacrifice nonetheless.  So for that I absolutely admire and venerate any who attempts to save humanity from waywardness, whether they’re are Prophets, Messengers, Saints or even an individual expressing words of wisdom through his own cognition. I have to add, if I were in that position, with my anger issues, and I were faced with Romans like Jesus, I’d spit in their face, swear them to thy kingdom come and blog on papyrus about all those who ridicule my scripture. Dammit I’d even be pissed at God/Alien who put me in that position. I guess some of us mortals are well equipped spiritually than people like myself to take on an evil force that guides humanity. My definition of evil has nothing to do with the devil (a figment of wayward imagination) but rather involves personas with abject intent to cause moral degeneration. The world is full of those personalities that blatantly ruins progress. Therefore when investigating truth in contact reports, I personally find solutions offered to remedy oneself and humanity on a whole against evil influences. The sad thing though, it takes human beings from so far away, to point out our failures. I don’t believe it takes rocket science to figure out we are our own worst enemies. I also believe they are, quite simply, telling us to raise ourselves from apathy. 

          Humanity can argue with the each other about Global Warming, about future wars, over-population, religious dogma, and we can debate the veracity of these undeniable facts, but more importantly is that it doesn’t matter when and who delivered it first. What matters is to pay attention to those raising that awareness to further imbue our own intrinsic search. 

          Mr Horn’s approach and how he finds it necessarily pertinent to offer corroborations, especially when faced with impervious religious believers who take offense when Jesus’s name is ‘seemingly’ blasphemed.  Clearly dogmas causes cognitive blocks, which in fact is the very reason for humanity’s degeneracy. So where do we we start? Do we give up listening to shortsighted self-serving preachers that fund their concrete monuments, or do we we listen and learn from autonomous thinkers who sagely prescribes action against nefarious leaders? 

          Perhaps these galactic visitors had no right coming here and offering their solutions, intervening in an evolving race, or shall I say devolving. If we continue to think this way we could say the same for the greenpeace movement having no right defending the amazon. This is where humanity should start maturing and recognizing our actions and that we are not alone in this infinite universe, and that there are those galactic ‘greenpeacemakers’ who attempt to save us from demise. 

          Mr Meier has earned my respect specifically for his involvement in a cause for the betterment of humanity and! More so for confirming my personal belief and much research gleaned, prior to knowing his story, that religions are the result of misunderstood intergalactic visitations. His experience and relations with human ET’s are no different from Mohamed, Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Quetzalcoatl, Bahualla, Enoch, Ezekiel, Micah, Zarustra, Haile Silase,and the like. They’re all were mere messengers for space mariners. 

          All scriptures tell very much the same accounts – the were prepared from a young age, or perhaps a result insemination, visitors the heavens, met with Gods/Angels, and faced ridicule and even exile by nefarious kings and clergy (the way we here of now), or even killed or saved by angels on clouds, doves, buraq, or lightenings from skies. The Vedas, Quran, Bible and more speaks clearly of star worship and those who descended therefrom. This is the reality but fail to acknowledge these truthful ‘myths’.

          I think what I’m really trying to say is the message carries more might than the messengers and those visitors who offer their knowledge. I must add that not all ET’s visit with benevolent intent, and this too can be found in scriptural history. But that’s not the topic here. 

          1. Shane it’s a pleasure to read your thoughtful communication.

            I couldn’t agree with you more about the religions, they are enormous constrictors of consciousness. Even within the people who now shy away from active religious practice is still carried the illogical core of the religious “anti-thinking” template which they apply to other areas of life. Thus they fail to comprehend essential truths and facts and are duped again and again by various institutions/parties. Yet I think we can expect for this to more and more fade as we proceed through these times of enormously fast change. Still for those of us not so afflicted this process will feel painfully slow.

            I also agree that the message is more important that the messenger and indeed I respect Mr. Meier no matter what the true source of his information and teaching is. I have also dedicated my life to the usually upstream fight of bringing uncomfortable and necessary truth to people and it is a rather difficult task often, but also the most rewarding possible in the end. Perhaps I will one day face some level of contention which Billy, as well as other great truth-bringers have and thus be able to then appreciate these great people (no matter if they used a bit of trickery or not) even more.

            One word concerning your feeling that your anger at the world condition, religion, and so forth may mark you as spiritually unfit to take about the task of truth confronting/active propagating… I feel tremendous anger at this money-grubbing, truth unrecognizing, abhorrently illogical world very often, especially as we stand on the cusp of a very likely WWIII, all kinds of societal unrest and suffering. 8.3Billion people of overpopulation, collapsing economies, great suffering, global ecosystem destruction at the hands of idiotic greed etc… I imagine Billy too, probably especially when he was first forging his organization and when he was younger, also felt allot of active anger. Anger is a fuel and there is such a thing as righteous anger which shouldn’t be shied away from. It is all a question of how we use it and how well we can go about transmuting it into some other form.

            Gandhi said it well:

            “ I have learned through bitter experience the one supreme lesson: to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world.”

            How can one filled with Love, Truth, and some grasp of actually Reality not but help to find themselves quite angry or even severely so when confronted, when bumping up against this World of Current? It is a matter of mastering the art of transmuting that energy into some other form which can then be directed fruitfully to actually changing the situation for the better. Thereby the anger becomes a great source of motivation and energy by which to accomplish something that neutralizes and changes the original cause of the anger.

            Another way to look at is is like a Judo maneuver. Anger can be quite hot and tricky to handle, but once mastered it can come to be a great aid.

  4. It’s so obvious that Meier didn’t, and couldn’t have falsified his prophetically accurate scientific information…as Mahigitam makes very easy to determine in his visual presentations here:

    All of the speculation and conspiracy based nonsense just doesn’t accord with the hard facts.

    Meier is a normal, fallible human being with extraordinary character and abilities who has fulfilled a hugely important mission for humanity. That’ requires no belief, cult worship or other foolishness. It is again just up to us to determine the value of the information and the spiritual teaching for ourselves.

    It should be noted that wherever and whenever human beings re involved in something things can and will get very screwed up. It’s just the way life seems to work…in the process of working things out.

    1. Even where many of these facts were in truth possibly already known in some circles; circles which Billy Meier may have been in touch with; circles which could easily have posed flying devices for his photos and films?

      Do you then leave any room for any portion of the case to be false, dishonest, a manipulation etc…?

      I mean can you honestly say that you know for sure the spirit-form now incarnated in Billy Meier is the highest evolved, most powerful spirit-form now in physical form in the whole of the Universe? Seriously, do you really know this? It’s quite a claim.

      Of the quadrillions upon quadrillions of Human-Beings in the Vast Expanse of the Cosmos… Billy Meier’s spirit form just so happens to be the wisest among corporeals, the creator of the Earth Human, Lyran, Plejaren, Vegan, Nisan, etc.. type of human, etc…? Can you honestly say you KNOW these things rather than BELIEVE them?

      You may counter and say that you entertain these are possibilities, speculative, etc…, but don’t they affect the way you look at Billy Meier, his teachings, recommendations, and admonishments? How could they not?!

      You can all day quote many of the truthful things Billy asserts about his teachings/movement, but simply asserting a thing doesn’t make it true. I see many people turning to Billy’s teachings in pure Cult-Religious form. And the fact of the matter is that in all kinds of areas where we may not have first hand knowledge, we are left to hold things as interesting possibilities or believe them – like the various specific information he disseminates about the spiritual realms “levels”, etc…

      Many will quickly say they successfully hold such things as possibilities only, but the fact of the matter is that after repetition and as one reads material, absorb teachings, etc.. which are based on and refer back to these “speculations”, they in fact become accepted as fact without first-hand, absolute knowledge – thus BELIEVED.

      I simply find it either a sign of avoidance, dishonesty, or religious recalcitrance for you to dismiss possibilities which are much more within the possible knowledge of Earth Humanity – ie that the old Nazis, some group associated with a Covert Space Program, etc.. could have been working with Billy Meier all this time rather than that the people he’s supposedly in contact with are from a distance galaxy in a time-shifted dimension.

      How in true self-honesty can you not at least admit that this is a logical alternative that by-in-large fits one entire facet of the case – ie the physical and at least much of the prophetic evidence?

      1. “Possibly” and “may have” are pointless speculations without an ounce of substantiation. You may as well assert that Meier, “Possibly may have gotten his information from elves.”

        I never assert that the claims about Meier are factual,nor do I try to force anyone to believe them. I refer to many things as speculative that I can’t offer proof for.

        And nothing said ABOUT him matters anyway. The plainest purpose behind the very specific, prophetically accurate scientific information is quite simply this – that we recognize the impeccable accuracy of voluminous amounts of specific information from the most improbable of sources. ANd then that we at least do what the source suggests…consider their ample warnings about the future and their advice as to how to avoid the worst case outcomes.

        1. I am in total agreement with the heart of Billy’s message and the soundness of most of his predictions and prophecies. But I question the purported source(s) and true nature of the Meier Movement. As well I didn’t need Billy to tell me of these World Problems for I already was fully aware of them myself for I also have “two eyes in my head” and have been able to inuit and discover the basic truth of the degenerate situation on this world, the illogical and idiotic manners by which it goes about its deeds, etc… That’s not to say though that I am unappreciative of Billy’s efforts, or that I haven’t found valuable insights and ideas in his thoughts, quite the contrary.

          Being a true Human though, and therefore a tireless truth-seeker, I find it incumbent upon myself to challenge all illogic, untruth/seeming untruth, inconsistency, and so forth in important areas which I come upon. As I see absolute loads of these in the Meier case, and as the information is so far reaching and it’s repercussions going even farther…, we must examine the entirety of it ruthlessly.

          I know you don’t generally speak of some of these deeper aspects of the case when you are on very widely broadcast media outlets, preferring to stick to the safer – as well as genuinely more pressing ground (duel motivation); but to claim that you never suggestively and sometimes even very forcefully present some of this information is inaccurate – quite especially considering as how we are lightly sparring in the comment section of an article claiming to alter a piece of information about “Earth ETs” which conflicts with very strong, nay ABSOLUTE statements put out by Billy in the past which you yourself have quite vociferously championed in the UFO Community.

          Now some aspects of the appropriateness of your assaults are called into question these these new revelations (of course in the sense that all this is true).

          The fact of the matter is that this speculative information is utterly tied in (quite literally considering the format of the Contact Notes) with everything else Meier has propagated and there are some very major logical holes and very obvious psychological manipulations – quite devious machinations on the part of Billy and FIGU at times (though not very or always malicious) etc… which are very important to address, for they threaten to unwind the entire premise of Billy’s narrative about himself, Earth, the Spiritual Realms, the Cosmos, Universal Law, etc.. etc..

          This all needs to be sorted and the truth of this very important Case needs to really be gotten at without falling to dogmatic defensiveness. As well it is of great import to bring these things to light and discuss them all to help to prevent further Cultism in Meier’s group. The world already has too many religions.

          One such example of irrational orthodoxy defense which presses in at the moment is the one you’ve just invoked whereby you equate the idea of Meier’s possibly knowing or unknowing association with old-Nazi groups which we know exists, we know they have anti-grav flying craft (at the least), we know they’ve become more peaceful and are also quite concerned with many of the exact problems Meier has pointed out, etc.. is akin to claiming he got the information from .. I suppose you meant, “magic elves” (as within the Meier case Elves and/or Dwarves are spoken about as being another ET race group who even at one time supposedly inhabited the very land upon which Billy’s Headquarters are located).

          This is a ridiculous comparison by you, an “appeal to ridicule” tactic which is quite laughable considering the totally World-Scale unorthodoxy of the Meier Case.

          Only balanced and rational criticism and questioning can lead to the discovery of the real and full truth.

          So let me return to the initial question I posed:

          How do you address the fact that in this above Contact Report in which Ptaah and Billy discussed “Earth ETs”, Ptaah (or Billy if he’s truly only having a conversation with himself) says that the reason he and his fellow Plejaren didn’t speak of these “Earth ETs” previously was that there never came up a conversation in which Billy asked a question/initiated a conversation which would have prompted them to inform him, as well that Billy didn’t really need to know so the Plejaren never brought it up.

          This claim rather conflicts with more than one very definitive Contact Conversation where specific language claiming to speak about all groups of ETs on the Earth – claiming to name them all, identify their level and type of activity on the Earth, etc.. were spoken of – in absolute and extensive terms. It is this information that you yourself have stood upon several time – especially in your attacks upon other UFO/ET groups. Now we learn that indeed – as many have speculated and Billy/The Plejaren have repeatedly and strongly denied, that there is the other supposed group which is quite engaged in long term operations on the Earth and that in fact they conduct Worldwide observations and interactions it seems, and also aren’t that far advanced of Earth Humans…

          Hmm… That’s some interesting information that wasn’t spoken of at the appropriate times, which contrary to what Ptaah says, indeed did arise a few times.

          Aren’t you concerned about this discrepancy and wouldn’t you like it to be addressed? You perhaps more than anyone have set this supposed truth into motion which has turned out to be based on what is now said to be incomplete/erroneous information which was so absolutely presented by Billy?

          Incidentally I’d like to further add and point out that you are too much of a media spokesman conditioned personality often in your absolute CONSTANT dodging and redirecting of pertinent points. You should understand that not only I, but also very many other of the most intelligent and valuable persons who are truly after the truth neither fall for or appreciate this. I don’t speak of you only doing this here with me, but also very often in your most challenging radio/video interviews. This tactic doesn’t work on everyone.

          1. I think your first sentence is the most pertinent, along with any recognition of the spiritual teaching. Focusing on that will bring more benefits than all the other concerns, imaginings, etc.

            I say what I have to say and there is this room for comments. I don’t respond all that much and I really don’t find most of your complaints in need of debate, etc. You have your opinions, excellent. Express them, enjoy them.

            My focus is on my work and I don’t aim to please everyone. Things about Billy’s personality, supposed cults, etc. aren’t pod much interest to me. Having visited with Meier over a dozen times in the past 13 years, I have formed my opinions and view my personal relationships with everyone at the center as one thing and the work as another.

            So feel free to carry on if and as you wish, as I too will continue to do.

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