A Slight Digression

As someone who pays almost no attention to the pop music scene, I’ve nonetheless been “exposed” to the relentless exploitation and self-exploitation of Miley Cyrus, since it’s rapidly found its way onto the news sites I peruse.

So this open letter to Ms. Cyrus from  Sinéad O’Connor is a very welcome one, which I truly hope will help to antidote all of the infectious, degenerate impulses and conditioning afflicting Ms. Cyrus – and that’s at epidemic proportions – thanks in large part to the ease with which the media facilitates the contamination of consciousness.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    This is a very serious good topic for discussion.

    The Illuminati control the music industry and use artists to program and corrupt people. Music artists are used as a tool to spread hate, violence and all sorts of other evils through their music. They are very good at corrupting the minds of the young people to give them the belief that life is all about having parties, money, fame and sex. And this is what most mainstream artists sing about in these times.

    To be famous, extremely wealthy and live a luxurious life, the artists must play their role. The Secret Society provides them all these needs of life. They are assured of fame, name, wealth and a luxurious life provided they carry out the Society’s agenda. They are either working to help the New World Order agenda, or they are not, in which case their fame and success can be very limited. As a result they are compelled to go through the Secret Society.

    1. I posted this elsewhere though I think it is apt to repost it here as well:

      TJ 17:15-25 15But he answered and spoke, “All plants that do not live according to the laws of Creation, will dry up and rot. 16Leave them be, they are blind leaders of the blind; but when a blind man leads another blind man, both will fall into the pit. 17But let us go away, so that the henchmen remain without booty.” 18Then Petrus answered him saying, “Please interpret your speech about the plants and the blind men for us.” 19But Jmmanuel reprimanded his disciples and said, “Are you, too, still without wisdom and therefore also ignorant and doubting in recognition, comprehension and understanding? 20You have been with me for a long time now, but you still lack the ability to think and recognize the truth. 21Truly, I say to you, you yourselves will do much towards falsifying my teachings in the future. 22In your knowledge you barely exceed the other people. 23Haven’t you realized yet that all the parables and speeches have a consciousness-related meaning and are therefore about the consciousness-related life of human beings? 24O, you of little knowledge, does your understanding still not extend beyond the stupidity of the people? 25Beware, lest you see me in a false light and accuse me of an origin from which I could not have descended.”

      The key punch line given to Peter in blunt wording from the Prophet Jmmanuel clearly demonstrate that the spritual teachings is meant for something BEYOND the ‘stupidty of people’. In these times folks appear to be drifting to an all too easy to finger push, eye pulsing which-hunt for a who-dunnit saga on the Fail World Order. Yet, nothing appears to be changing as the requisite knowledge, thinking, responsibility, and conscious evolution forward is not made clear but rather further obfuscated by chasing things of no value. There is a point where the Meier material/FIGU blunty point out this point to ponder in Sonder Bulletin 35:

      Today it has already even gone so far that the classic opponents of conspiracy theories are themselves presumed to be guilty, and naturally FIGU also belongs to that, because whoever fulminates against the conspiracy theorists and their conspiracy nonsense is automatically guilty and is involved in the alleged conspiracy.

      Heute ist es gar schon soweit, dass selbst die klassischen Widersacher von Verschwörungstheorien als Schuldige vermutet werden, und dazu gehört natürlich auch die FIGU, denn wer gegen die Verschwörungstheoretiker und ihren Verschwörungsunsinn wettert, ist automatisch schuldig und in die angebliche Verschwörung verwickelt.

      But the Freemasons and the Illuminati also belong to the alleged evil “conspiracy”, as however also the already mentioned alleged Jewish world conspiracy, and so forth, about which an enormous amount of nonsense is repeated by all the conspiracy theorists who, with their dimwittedness which they record in their books, earn a lot of money and shift their readers into angst and terror.

      Zu den angeblich bösen gehören aber auch die Freimaurer und die Illuminaten, wie aber auch die bereits genannte angebliche jüdische Weltverschwörung usw., denen ungeheuer viel Unsinn nachgeredet wird durch all die Verschwörungstheoretiker, die mit ihrem Schwachsinn, den sie in Büchern festhalten, sehr viel Geld verdienen und deren leser in Angst und Schrecken versetzen.

      Further information can be sourced here as well:

      Additionally, if anyone has any doubts about ancient Earth man’s knowledge or exercises in futility regarding sacred balony or ancient Rube-Goldberg machines, Jmmanuel gives a neat summary of knowledge Earth humanity has to further focus the point more closely:

      TJ 11:27-28 27But at this time Jmmanuel began to speak, “Praise be to Creation, maker of the skies, the universes and the Earth for keeping the knowledge and power of the consciousness hidden from the unwise and the misguided, who spread the erroneous teachings, and for revealing this knowledge to sincere seekers now. 28Yes, it has been good of Creation, and of El and his celestial sons as well, that they have thwarted until now the misuse of power among human species.”

      Not sure why folks limit the knowledge discussion to the Illumi-NUTTY, which has been very common as of late, as it just misplaces and divests the solution being approached in the discussion. Chasing after the ever so elusive Illumi-nutty simply is a discussion in futility as there is no real knowledge to be had other than conscious evolution as clearly suggested by all 7 prophets (according to the Meier material).

      Lastly, just going to leave one last parable that explains the way conscious evolution works.

      TJ 15:60-61 60″Again, the consciousness-related world is like a net that was thrown into the sea and caught all manner of fish. 61When it was full, the fishermen pulled it ashore, sat down and sorted the good fish into containers, but threw the useless ones away.”

  2. Ill willed impulses are rapidly spread through hate music but also primarily through rap music. Maybe because of under developed minds but the negative impulses that rap music subconsciously teaches had a stronghold over black Americans as well as other youths.

    It is so indoctrinated that the young grow and accept it as a lifestyle. From violence to negative thought process, people are starting to believe they can make millions from rapping or drug dealing. Rap wasnt created for this, it was a way of expressing oneself. If I could rap about the P’s and Meier to spread the true teaching of the spirit I would. But at this time it wouldnt undo the damage that present rap music teaches.

    People have trouble separating entertainment from reality. It could be because people don’t have a grasp of real meaningful reality.

  3. Ok, for a moment I was also drifted from authenticity of Micheal & FIGU because I watched some of Randy Winters vid on youtube. But when I saw FIGU talking about Randy on futureofmankind.org I knew Randy was wrong.
    I think same can be applied for Miley , I have a facebook page for Meie which has links to theyfly.com and futureofmankind.org

  4. Yea I noticed it too. It really is sad though. Miley probably had a bunch of potential.

    This is one of many reasons I prefer the indie seen over the Hollywood fame.

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