Smaller nuclear power plant accidents have already occurred and have been kept secret from the public

While Billy Meier’s information from over 2 ½ years ago, revealing the true extent of the damage that had already occurred at Fukushima, is just now coming to light, perhaps we’d best pay attention to other information contained within that document.

Meier states that, “there is no effective safety for such atomic energy-generation facilities”. That means…just that –there is no effective means by which they can be made safe. Need it be said yet another way to hammer home the point?

Consider what Meier was told regarding meteorites, “Meteorites are also factors which can trigger a destruction of nuclear power plants and their atomic reactors.” Most people might say that it’s a very remote, even unlikely possibility…so they should read this. Have we already forgotten the Russian incident, perhaps because it didn’t directly pose a danger to us?

Which Russian incident? How’s about both of them, i.e. Chernobyl and the recent meteor? In fact, based on Meier’s information, the effects of Chernobyl also didn’t magically disappear; they weren’t conveniently deleted just because this is the age of the internet…and the miniscule attention span.

What about, as Meier points out, “when the Sun suddenly goes crazy and hurls monstrous radiations to Earth” and the resulting shutdowns of electricity that could result in many atomic plants exploding? Insignificant? Check the information here for November 5th and 7th.

And what about the likelihood that Meier is 100% correct about, “smaller atomic power plant accidents, which are kept secret from the public”? This map, from nearly six years ago, shows some of the then existing nuclear power plants in the US and other countries. Now, with nearly 500 nuclear power plants worldwide, wouldn’t you like to know if any of the reputedly unreported accidents occurred – or could occur – potentially affecting you and your family’s health…and lives?

At the root of this still largely unrecognized problem is not only the ubiquitous epidemic of seemingly unstoppable human greed, but also the equally seemingly unstoppable recognition of uncontrolled population growth. Talk about political correctness and religious profiteering meeting conspiracy theories and giving birth to…more denial.

And what can one do when so-called “scientists”, who should be curious, logical and objective in examining the Meier information, take that opportunity instead to defend their fears, prejudices and vested interests, i.e. put personal profit over a rigorous search for the truth, as noted skeptic and pseudoscientist Stuart Robbins repeatedly does? That’s right, Robbins works with NASA, the organization that you may remember recently changed their estimate of the size of the Apophis asteroid to almost exactly what…Billy Meier published years ago.

So here we are, with dangers from within and without, largely because of the ignorance, arrogance and the aforementioned human greed.

Really, what ever happened to the love of, and search for…the truth?

Again, please also support the efforts of this environmental group to eliminate the use of nuclear energy plants entirely. And investigate the one readily available, inexhaustible supply of energy -deep geothermal energy, as explained by Meier in as the time fulfills.

Oh, P.S., are you still eating…sushi?


Thanks to Chris Toussaint for the Al Jazeera article.


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  • And Dyson , I completely understand many people think they are smarter then they actually so they feel need use a machine gun word of weapons …when all they needed was not to put there weapon down and just chat brother to brother

  • Cheers everyone. Now with all this in light, doesn’t it put a sour taste in your mouth when somebody gets offended that you didn’t praise jesus? The detachment people have about what goes on in this world is incredible. Complete lack of self responsibility on any level what so ever. like setting off a stick of dynamite in a barrel and expecting a beautiful painting. This planet is just a black hole. A never ending depth of idiotic and often criminal stupidity. How will people learn faster? Because that’s what’s going to have to happen. There has to be limits to what we as a civilization can get away with.

  • Thank you Michael. Yet another fascinating article with great insight into all of the connected matters. I found the link to the nuclear reactor map horrifying, I have never seen the world map simplified like that, to be honest, I thought they were spread thinly and across most of the world. Instead they are apparently mostly in the northern hemisphere and in specific regions too, tightly packed it seems.

    I just want to quickly share a thought I had connecting two or more of your articles together. Regarding the sun, cycle 24, the prophecies about the northern hemisphere and the effect a severe EMP which damages electronic if strong enough. I am not so familiar with the technical science engineering side of everything. Though I do know they have not forecasted any of this into their economic models or perhaps even safety procedures for many countries. Think about what happened after fukushima, they began allowing their nuclear plants to shutdown, and instead resorted to buying oil,gas,coal in turn, it caused additional economic problems. Now apply these ideas to countries that have enormous debt, it all becomes a considerable dilemma, and one can see how so many prophets and vague prophets through out the last x thousands of years have pointed to this junction in history now we have developed the planet in the way we have, given all the facts about the sun and the life cycle length, consiousness problems etc. Also It makes me very sad to think of all those people who have died and are dying of cancer caused by this radiation and never knew about and still do not, so little can be done about any of this too, though fashionable radiation suites is a nice idea. Thank you Michael, you got me thinking about other things here. Thanks

  • Hi billy if this is the real billy, my life’s been bit of a mess because of a dark experience I had many years ago. I have always believed about the palade s and the Andromidens, i was told by a priest my dark experience didn’t happen for no reason, and it could be something to do with what I do in the future, my name is Dennis Deane (junior) I am from UK near London , my parents moved to Kent in the country over the last few years, I still live near London, I have seen bright lights speeding through the stars on clear nights at my parents, because they live in the country , the sky’s are a lot clearer being out of be lights of London, Im starting to think that maybe I’m on a hirer frequency and maybe have the power to contact the right ET s, last year every time I went for walk at my parents in Kent UK, on at least 4 occasions I saw at least 20 ufo s high on the sky lines, Evan saw two come together and fly together, felt like they was doing it for me. This years tried to make this happen once, but lost my bottle, was fearing n worried I might attract the wrong ET s, as I do believe Philip Schnieder who unfortunately is not alive now, and do believe the governments are trying to make new world order for future, I think this is bad. I believe everything you have said and stand for, I believe too, that my bad experiences in the past might have something to do with making contact and to do with reaching the right spiritual levels , hoping for the best for all. I am at my parents now for a week and half on half term, I know the paledes can answer the dark things I have seen in the past, I know with there spiritual power , this probably can be turnt into something positive, something evil powers was trying to stop me from doing. I think I am ready now, ready to put my life on the line for humanity and this lovely planet we have been gifted with, please help me make contact, I am going to try all this week to make contact, I just hope I don’t make contact with the wrong beings, my address where I try and make contact this week is post code TN3 8AL Kent England I hope you get this message, Bless your soul and spirit for eternity Dennis Anthony Deane Junior, music name D Menace

    • Hi, this isn’t Billy Meier’s website and he probably doesn’t read it.

      Most of the people who participate here are very interested in the Meier material but they don’t concern themselves very much with thinking that ETs are trig to contact them, or vice versa.

      Obviously, any ETs that would come here are very much more advanced than we are and more than likely don’t have any reason to try to contact us. You could say that the important thing is the information and the spiritual teaching published by Meier and intended to help us help ourselves assure our own future survival.

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