Can You…SEE what You’re Looking At? (Part 2)

It seems that there’s always more than meets the eye…much to the discontentment of the skeptics who came out shooting first, to prove a hoax, rather than discover the truth. Rhal Zahi, who provided the new analysis of the WCUFO photos, has discovered a few more things about it.

I’ll let him describe it for you but first, so you have a reference point, the photo that he enhanced for further examination is this one:


Now, in his own words:

“More on the WCUFO at night. In the attachment below you will see an enhanced image of picture 873. I think it is interesting because:

– It shows the WCUFO was photographed from a hill and that the photographer was above the WCUFO.

– There is terrain visible downhill. There is a pole below (part of a fence?) that projects a shadow downhill.

– A walking path is visible.

– There is a halo around the WCUFO that extend upwards. I have no idea what this halo could be.

– There are no wires, or any other supporting mechanism. It is freely flying in the air?

WCUFO with Halo
WCUFO with Halo

You may play with picture 873, with PhotoShop, enhancing details to obtain this image.”


And here’s another enhanced version of the same nighttime WCUFO photo by Savio:

WCUFO brightness and contrast enhanced by Savio
WCUFO brightness and contrast enhanced by Savio

Savio: “Details of the pole can be seen as well, obviously it is in focus and close to the UFO.”


So it seems that the very laborious efforts by the skeptics, along with all of their arrogant false assumptions, accusations and conclusions, are further shredded and relegated to irrelevancy. And the reality of the WCUFO becomes ever clearer thanks to what is revealed when the details are no longer hidden in the dark of night.

Indeed, it’s a metaphor for the Billy Meier case itself, as the most important story in all of human history, which has actually been hidden in plain site for decades, now begins to shine the light of truth on a world too long dwelling in deep darkness.

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  1. If anyone hasn’t played around with the image settings for photo #873 yet but has wanted to, I’ve come up with some simple starting points as well as a simple click-and-go solution: If you have Photoshop, go to

    Adjustments > Equalize

    That’s it. You’re done. For the tinkerers, I have the other settings in self-explanatory screenshots since it would be a little tedious to write(and read). For those who don’t have Photoshop I also have settings for Mac’s Preview:

    Have fun 🙂

    1. Nice work Taro. I suggest that you send the info (all of your work on the Meier case) to noted skeptic and pseudoscientist Stuart Robbins. He likes to focus on debunking easy targets in the UFO/paranormal world and has completely folded when confronted with Meier’s evidence an information.

      1. Robbins, eh? Hmm. Trying to decide if he’s worth the time. He doesn’t appear to have very much traffic judging from the number of comments. But I’ll definitely take a closer look at his wordpress site. I’ll have to see where the best place would be to bring it up. I wouldn’t want to give him any reason to block my comments or ban me.

    2. Taro Istok, Thank you so much for the work you have just done with the WCUFO pictures. I am just starting to work on a copy of it with current knowledge with moving parts to give to Michael so he can use as thought provoker. I was looking at using high voltage for lift as T Brown did, but you just showed me with your work the streamers I had not seen before. I need to try high voltage electrostatic charge instead., you made everything smaller and lighter, Thank you so much!!

      1. You’re welcome but I really didn’t do all that much. I was playing around with the settings as per Rhal Zahi’s insights and thought I’d save others the trouble of getting started. Screenshots were easier than typing out all the settings, so, no big deal. BTW, I have no idea what you’re talking about with the streamers(the halo?) but whatever insights you have found are thanks to Rhal.

        1. In the third frame in the back of the enhanced photo there appears small blue streams flowing upward like water flowing down a small stream, and the purple is forming a pulling up force, not a push like a helicopter. Like a vacuum cleaner aimed at the sky. Thanks again

          1. Ok. I think I see what you’re referring to. It’s what the skeptics think is a fold in a fabric backdrop. These also appear in Rhal’s original enhancements. In any case, I’m glad I could help if I did. It’s one of the reasons I posted the settings: Meier’s evidence is being continually validated and one person may discover something others have not yet seen.

            Alternatively, those with extra time on their hands should run Phil Langdon’s attempts through the ringer to see what comes up:


            The differences become even more apparent under the scrutiny of software technology. However, for those who accept this mission, be warned: BARTHOLOMAUS HAS POSTED FALSE INFORMATION AND HAS NOW BEEN MADE AWARE OF IT. Some of Billy’s photos are mixed into these galleries. One has to wonder whether this was due to incompetence or dishonesty:


        1. Taro Istok, It was listening to the sounds that really got my attention ,part of which was one of those I know that sound moments. That was when it me this a gift for all of us to take and run with it. I’ll take what I know and give it away to someone that can show to others that may have the pieces I Missed. Together we can form a change.

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