Critical thinking gives way to running for the hills

Pardon my disappointment. I thought there was a hopeful sign that an intelligent conversation with an intelligent skeptic was imminent.

Unfortunately, such is the content of the Billy Meier case; such is the power of the truth that even a self-professed, professional atheist doesn’t dare tangle with it.

Prof. Peter Boghossian’s an outspoken advocate of in-your-face missionizing to convert religious believers to atheism, which is in itself a very religious way of doing things. After contacting him and introducing the Meier case to him, I met him in person at a presentation of his, ironically at a church in Santa Monica. I had been led to believe we would have a recorded discussion of the Meier case in the near future. So it’s a little puzzling, and I would think embarrassing for him, that Prof. Boghossian bowed out rather hastily.

Perhaps Prof. Boghossian feared that he’d lose credibility, or be confronted with something that makes the atheists vs. believers battle look irrelevant – which certainly is the case. He seemed like a gutsy guy to me but maybe it’s only within his own comfort zone, which is true for a lot of people.

I think that he realized he was being confronted with something for which he had no reference point. He was presented with too much consistent evidence, and my confidence in it, that he couldn’t dismiss it out of hand, as most skeptics previously tried to do. They no longer can do that without looking like unscientific, prejudiced know-it-alls.

So Prof. Boghossian had to come up with something, since we were 10 days overdue on arranging the interview, as both he and his assistant had previously assured me would take place. I had waited those 10 days so as not to be too pushy. But when I recently wrote to the professor to suggest that we now make the necessary arrangements he told me that because I had contacted him he was…withdrawing. And, in his apparent hurry to get as far away from the unknown as fast as he could, he offered up a very lame  excuse, i.e. that he had told me not to contact him again…what? In fact, he had only asked that I not put him on any email lists, which of course I had honored.

Considering his own confrontational style he’s one of the last guys who I thought would just…wimp out. Perhaps he actually took the time to review the various links I sent him, not only to Meier’s authenticated physical evidence of actual extraterrestrial UFOs but also to the trouncing his fellow skeptics at IIG, etc., have received. Maybe he doesn’t want to lose face or funding, or his image as a take-no-prisoners kind of guy, especially to something so far outside of his own paradigm.

While I think he’s an intelligent guy, it looks to me like he’s running away from confronting something he fears just isn’t going to make him look good.

I’m going to reproduce Prof. Boghossian’s own very excellent core commitments here in the hope that he has the intellectual honesty, and courage, to apply them to himself regarding the matter at hand:

1) An understanding that the way to improve the human condition is through reason, rationality, and science. Consequently, the words “reason” and “hope” would be forever wedded, as would the words “faith” and “despair.”

2) The willingness to revise one’s beliefs.

3) Saying “I don’t know” when one doesn’t know.

Lastly, I again invite him to participate so that perhaps his own “I don’t know” can convert to…”Now I know”.


P.S. Here’s another recent interview of mine.

16 comments on “Atheism: Much easier than Confronting the…Truth

  • So like those a-theists that seem to attack the FAITH of people, he manages to plop this line in that link Mike posted:

    “Throughout the book he provides many real life examples of these “interventions,” both successful and unsuccessful, and he is careful to warn readers that this method is not scientifically proven, and many not always work.”

    Not scientifically proven … I guess it would require FAITH on the part of his audience to attempt bewitching folks with words here going about proselytizing the methods. He’s a real a-theist alright.

  • My dad was a closet variety of an a-theist…
    On his death bed, there was not religion to save him. No god… no devil..yada yada yada
    To him, life just ended and nothing more would and could be said about it. Which in essence, was how he lived within himself. I guess one could say he was just thoroughly “fed up” with it ALL.
    How wrong he was… and IS!!
    I rarely and only within the years running up to his death ever talked to him about what he “believed”.
    He always knew what I thought in essence, as he was a better listener and not much of a talker… He was a stubborn 100% German American,(oddly he didn’t know much German) raised by fanatical christian’s. My grandpa is 102 and can still remember fine details of his life in 1918… quite a trip!!
    It always amazes me the ill-logic we humans can “see”. It always comes down to “believing” in anything but oneself… If it is internal to the point of complete/utter denial. Or completely put in the hands of ANYONE but oneself.
    One more illogical mental process to mask the true nature of the self and the ever present creation.
    Yet, even in his self delusion, the power of creation shinned through him like a break in the clouds on a rainy day. As he was the most caring, deter mend, loving,(though he never said the regret of many… he lived it through actions) human focused person that could have raised a child.
    For that he obviously has my utter respect… and I know creation and the very essence of what he was shinned in light of the unimaginable glory(not religious definition) that resided within him.
    His theme song in the end… and for what it is worth the entirety of his life.
    Stuck in a life, that had no meaning, other than to that which it was?
    As he saw it…………
    Bruce Springfield Glory Days

      • I truly hope that people start to pay attention!!
        It is long over due….

        One of my own personal goals, was to express this world as it has been formed within me, as an individual. Good or bad….
        With the help of course, from people like Billy Meier, Michael Horn, Dyson Devine….and too many to name on either end of the spectrum!

        The only regret I have! Is taking so long to ones again verbally(written) get back to work helping Billy Meiers case get the attention it truly and utterly deserves!
        It would not be such a luxury to “jump in and out of it” if not for people like Micheal Horn.. who seems to not know how, to stop the truth from getting out!
        I am personally with you on that accord!

  • Can anyone talk about this subject a little more. Maybe Dyson or Michael could. Has anyone else other than Marianne Uehlinger Mondria been confirmed as one the incarnate 144.000 who have obligated themselves to fulfill the codex. I suppose its wishful thinking that makes me wonder that somehow it has been the impulses of the codex that has brought me and others to the Meier material. We’ll likely never know in this lifetime, but just or fun sake its nice to contemplate.

    Hence, the codex, with its purpose of fulfilling the mission of reparations is in effect to this day and will continue into the future. The ringleaders and their countless followers are all part of this agreement. In this new age, the supporters of the codex are regrouping once again, headed and led by the impulses of the reactivated codex

  • I actually like hitchens, dawkins, harris and so on for taking on the taboo of religion so well. I know they probably can’t take two big taboos in reality especially those pertaining to ufo’s, (because of the ufo community being such a joke) or even Billy and so on (because of its association with ufo’s [which I personally think gives it credibility in his case]). One day, the time will be ripe to tackle that taboo too. But kudos to them for taking on religion in the public. The more the merrier I say. I honestly think that if they tried to tackle more (even though it would show some more integrity), being in a position to tackle religion in public debates is also a strength that should be regarded as not all bad. I guess we can’t have it all yet. And though there is absolutely nothing I disagree with on Billy’s side of the story, being publicly on that side would put these folks out of the public debate. Who knows, they may “silently” be paying attention. I know that they are at least in their own way taking on the revolution. Not saying I think they should ignore Billy, but I do think that in our pathetic little world of many taboos, with ufo’s and aliens being most ridiculed, I say keep them on the public debate doing their work. Nothing wrong there.

    Silent revolution of truth. I’ve been pondering that one lately in my mind. Silent. What more than anything affects the course of our world? Thought. The thoughts we entertain. This is why we do the peace meditation. So maybe they are silently in it in their own way.

    • This world is full of countless ‘worldview-bubbles’, you have all the religions, you have typical materialistic-atheistic worldview. you have ufology with all it’s different flavors, the new-age scene and so on… with regard to our worldviews, we are all over the place. It’s a big, big mess and it’s impossible to have a clear overview of all those bubbles, yet, they exist in the same reality. It will take a hell of a long time to figure it out together. It’s a good idea to step out of your own bubble and check out what’s going on in the rest of the world.

      • Maybe I did not understand your point here Simon, but, why do we need to have people believe in a single worldview religion?

      • I think the best thing a person can do who doesn’t know about the meier case is precisely to look (as you say) at as many world views as possible to form ever more refined views based on the evidence and for goodness sake, — — USE PROBABILITY as much as possible! That is the fastest way. The best thing is to look at everything regardless of what you think of it before-hand and to form conclusions after wards and to keep forming new ones if necessary (wherever evidence/probability throw up new red flags). I predicted the existence of the meier case and many things about its nature/information in my teens using this form of logic 10 years before I actually discovered the case. The universe DOES make sense if you think for yourself and look at as many views as possible in making your calculations (if you want to call them that) and reading between the lines. I grew up with my first memories of seeing dinosaur bones in the ground and learning how old they and the planet are and really seeing things from the big picture. I also grew up with the bible and learned about other religions too and went to a UFO conference when I was 11 and then heard about SETI, the Pyramids of Egypt and so on. None of them might have been definitivily right (certainly more so in some cases than others). It wasn’t my job to believe them however. It was my job to make up my mind about what made sense to my understanding of all the combined noise. Probability. Science can be helpful but one must also think and forever continuously refine his/her thoughts to be in line with the evidence of his senses.

        This is why individual learning is the only kind of learning there is. And people who settle for any one of the factors/religions or whatever mentioned above are very mentally lazy.

        • A strength AND a flaw in science is that a scientifically agreed upon fact can only exist in science if the whole scientific community can agree to it. This is why it doesn’t necessarily promote,(and actually holds back in such cases as this), the individual learning in some key ways. In some very important and much needed ways, it promotes thinking but it also prevents thinking by the individual in other ways. I know many scientists who publicly proclaim something very different to what they actually think themselves.

    • Hi dm,

      Be careful not to focus too tightly on my English translation of “Die stille Revolution der Wahrheit” which was subsequently translated as “The Quiet Revolution of Truth” (Die ruhige Revolution der Wahrheit) for the Goblet of Truth. “Ruhig” is just as often translated as “calm”.

      (“Kelch der Wahrheit” (GoT), which I also initially more literally translated as “Chalice of Truth”, was considered by Billy to have too much of a religious connotation, so “goblet” was decided upon instead of the customary and literal “chalice”.)

      I don’t know why we had to wait so long until “silent” was out there and established for products, etc., but it makes some sense to have more than one English translation going at once of the German phrase, in order to try to stop non-German readers from trying to break down the English words to find the deepest meanings (as was done here recently with “doubt”), instead of thinking about the true meanings of the original German word, “stille”.


  • “Atheism much easier than confronting the… truth”
    Much easier indeed!!! Is it nonreligious as they claim?
    Just randomly came across an article about how atheism is apparently on the rise in the US?
    Always something when trolling(fishing definition) on the WWW.

    What I don’t get is how something that is truly “believing in nothing”, can be on the rise? I mean.. it seems these people think it is something to believe other than “religion” yet, they don’t believe anything other than believing nothing. I suppose it has a lot to do with belief within just the material realm as well…for them. So it is actually all based on belief in the end… religion

    I guess I just don’t get it. Like all of religion.
    For me.. my lack of seeing any truth within religion was part of the reason I was so attracted to Billy’s case in the first place.
    Obviously as being just another earth humanoid.. I was “beat over the head” with religion since the day I could remember the throbbing pain inflicted from it on my skull cap. Which happened at quite a young age for me. To young for me to understand what to do with it at that point.
    To this day it hurts… and there is surely no end in sight for the rest of my days within this life, and many still to come..
    Yet, what puts the icing on the cake is that these atheist have stolen part of my signature stance(saying) on the thoughts in my head!
    As if nothing else, I have always been anything but shy on my non religious thoughts… to the point of having my Grandma(and many many others, not my dad of course he could have cared less) pray for me nightly so I notith burnith here or there.
    I have rebelled in my past to the point of just hanging outside the church for any gathering therein.. if I came at all.(weddings, funerals, etc) My silent yet visible protest for all within my family/friends to see, as far as the “church” end of it. I would not be honest to say I have not slipped up here and there and entered though.. they are quite beautiful structures and I used to find it fun to not conform while I supposedly should have been at my “best”.
    And of course Minnesota winters can be harsh and summers hot/humid. These buildings are always well maintained.

    These atheist within this article call their stance “free thinking”? Sounds like anything but! When ever someone asks me, “well then, what do you believe in replacement of religion”… I always say nothing, I’m a free thinking human within creation.
    Before Billy’s case I was just a free thinker(was I atheist then too?). Though I always new of the self that resided within my thoughts and tried to nurture it as much as I could.. just me within myself, no beliefs needed on that note.
    They haven’t obviously noticed the all encompassing creation just yet either.

    Now the dang atheist have gone and stole that part from me…. or visa-versa?
    I’ll have to come up with another basic “throw out” statement for religion now. Or not.

    Though atheism feels to me, as though it is just one very, very large step away from seeing the real truth… I guess in reality as far as where they are at. It is a group ripe for finding the truth and probably more easily geared to see the TRUE reality within themselves COMPARED to other groups…in my ending PersonaL opinion on the matter.

    When will it ever end for religion on this planet(600-800YEARS as I recall?)… I yearn for the day!

  • One of my favorite Shakespeare lines is from Hamlet. It goes: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.” We humans have a limited range of senses so we know little or nothing about what lies beyond our sensory reach. I prefer agnosticism over atheism. BTW, Creationism is not separate from evolution, the latter is part of the process. Religion is merely a simplistic, childish way of explaining this process which we will never understand.

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