Vegetarianism Is worse than…Smoking

Some people cringed when Billy Meier published a contact conversation with Quetzal, one of his Plejaren contact people, in which he was told that vegetarianism is actually worse than smoking.

Of course he also pointed out the other nutritional deficiencies and negative health impacts, such as are mentioned in this latest study.

Of course there’s additional information on how much of the real blame for lung cancers attributed to smoking actually is due to radiation and radioactivity from various sources,which of course our government (and probably others) keeps well concealed. Smoking obviously isn’t harmless and Meier himself quite smoking many years ago.

And a relatively small part of the population may do well with vegetarianism. As for being a vegan (the more extreme vegetarian kind, not the extraterrestrials from Vega) from what I understand, there isn’t a single vegan race, i.e. a race, or culture, with any verifiable history of veganism. Veganism is yet another daffy kind of “mental dietetics” created by, well, really out of balance…vegetarians, you know, the kind that smile all the time, look kind of translucent and don’t stand up well in a stiff wind. Again, exceptions apply but they are…exceptions.





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  1. I think people say vegetarians and vegan are unhealthy because they want to eat mean and feel threatened by people doing something different. There are unhealthy vegetarians and vegans, but that’s because they don’t know what they are doing and haven’t adjusted what they consume for nutrition correctly. Just like a lot of meat eaters pay little attention to what they eat. No, there is ABSOLUTELY no rule that fits everyone, and that very much includes the contention that vegetarians and vegans are less healthy than others.

    1. I beg to differ. If we are talking about people born on this planet, how many people are there that don’t need to inhale the air of this planet into their lungs to stay alive?

        1. Thanks Matt,
          I try to be 😉
          You see, it’s just that I have been having a few cognitions around the subjects of similarities and differences, of late.
          The above is an example of a similarity and a difference would be that some don’t care about the quality of the air we all need to breathe.
          Another example would be Sky-Daddy, mine is the only one or at least better than yours, even though the concept is the same.

          Your 6 kids need twice as much food as my 3, so twice as much resources need to be expended to prepare the arable land, sow the seed, water the plant, protect the plant, harvest the yield, package the produce, transport the produce, get the produce on the shelf with profit included price ticket, swipe the produce at the checkout, bags to put the produce in, prepare the produce for eating: energy to see the produce in the dark, energy to apply heat to the produce if need be, water to apply heat to the produce if need be, water and detergent to clean the cutlery and plates.
          TWICE as much of everything, except edible condoms.
          To hell with the very same environment that both of us need to be at a certain quality and quantity to make all of the above possible; I want, I want I want……. to be different, so I must compete.
          You only fool yourself, this is not a competition, no really, you are not my competition.
          It’s as if you think that despite it being you that is the cause of the disappearance of the required environment, it will not actually disappear for you, but only me. My Magik god!!??!!
          Like I said, you are not my competition.

          They fail to see that more or better material possessions does not equate to more or better consciousness, knowledge, love, peace……. you know, all the valuable things.
          In fact, I have observed that it takes much less consciousness, knowledge, love, peace……. you know, all the valuable things to have, have, have, consume, consume, consume, destroy, destroy, destroy, etc., etc., etc., ……. you know, all the unvaluble things.

          A long time ago someone saw that another person had more and/or better than they (difference), but instead of saying to oneself (similarity), I could learn to do what it takes to have that too (similarity) or if I don’t have the ability (difference) then I could get that person to do it for me in exchange (similarity) for me doing something for them that I CAN do, they just robbed the other of that thing (difference).

          It boils down to needs and wants. We all need (similarity) certain things. Some want (difference) certain things and will think, feel and act differently to the majority of us to see to it that they get what they want, at any cost to themselves and others. It makes them think that they are different, even better than others.

          All of us, for eternity, will have our different consciousness and yet the same source of power that allows that consciousness and the energy and space to be conscious in.

          Much Love, Peace, Freedom and Harmony to all…….yet.

    2. I think a lot of it has to do with your ability to defend yourself. If you are unable to defend yourself, when that time comes, what good is a vegan lifestyle?

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