“Alien” Anything, Part 2

Below is a response from a questioner to my seemingly harsh and critical email requesting him to substantiate his claims that “we’re “dealing with beings that are very different from us, etc.” He was offended by my response to him but to his credit, he wrote back, referred to some of my own remarks he found insulting, and I followed up with this:


First, thanks for writing back. I want to answer your points and do so directly without any intentional insults. I’m also going to address a few points that I too have to live with if the Billy Meier UFO  case is to be considered credible, let alone the standard by which all other claims of ET contact are to be measured.

Let’s see if we can agree that the actual, proven existence of ETs would be of mega-enormous significance. Topping that by light years of course would be proof that one man on Earth has been in contact with them…for over 72 years.

Now the problem facing the UFO community/industry (UFOCI) is that they casually take for granted that there are all sorts of “aliens” walking around on Earth, working for the government (would they really be that stupid and desperate?), abducting people, co-procreating hybrid-human babies, etc. Really, that’s the standard fare of the UFOCI. And it’s mostly why the entire UFO field is marginalized, relegated to tabloid status, entertainment, etc., and the truth kept from the public.

This is no accident. Neither is the fact that all of this “alien” bilge can get widespread media coverage but you won’t find a word on the Meier case in the mainstream media. That should start to tell you something about both the “alien” nonsense and the…real deal.

I’ll get back to this – and it’s not directed at you – but also consider that sometimes people would rather die than know and have to deal with the truth. The problem is that they may well die because they deny it.

Now when someone blithely tells you that there are all sorts of these “Greys”, etc., on Earth, messing around with people, etc., beyond my already noted irreverent response to the failed logic behind unsubstantiated claims, let’s go a bit farther and ask just how we came to accept a context in which we are already ascribing and describing and attributing behaviors and motivations to creatures for which there simply is no empirical evidence establishing their existence, let alone interactions with us.

This is supremely important. How, how did we get from anecdotal stories by so-called “experiencers” – a cutesy new designation that would be fitting in a sic-fi discussion but not in one for which real, cold, hard evidence is lacking – to accepting their subjective accounts as equal to real scientifically proven facts?

You’ve taken offense not only to my lack of bedside manner but to my essential demands for actual…evidence. So let me explain just a little bit more about that.

In my 35 years of researching the Meier case, and a couple more decades of overall interest that started in my childhood, I still haven’t come upon any so-called UFO case that meets the standards of evidence and proof that one would deem reasonable to support such claims. I’ll quickly add that I have no trouble accepting the reality of Roswell (and some others like it). I first learned about it in about1958 from a high school friend who told me about a “flying saucer” that had crashed and was hauled off to an air base in Ohio. He learned about it from his father who was…in the US Air Force.

But there is zero remaining and/or verifiable evidence for Roswell (or any other cases, real or otherwise) and none can be forced from a government that probably doesn’t have and/or know about it/them anyway.

Roswell, like every other so-called UFO case,  is a complete waste of very, very precious, dwindling time. Please, feel free to challenge that by producing something, anything of actual, relevance to our global situation today.

In representing the Meier case I’ve been “challenged” (and largely attacked) by skeptics but they pale in comparison to the incompetence, vehemence and obstruction of the truth by…UFOCI. The UFOCI is, second only to, or tied with, the intelligence agencies; it’s the worst opponent of the Meier case, the least scientific, least qualified, competent, capable, rational, logical group in just about any field of study that I know of.

The funny thing is that I’ve defeated every skeptical challenge, shut down a challenge from a scientist with a top secret clearance in less than five minutes, did the same thing just last year with a retired judge, simply on the strength of the scientific and legal standard of proof in the case. It doesn’t take a genius. Just someone who’s really done their homework. I’ve offered to debate all of the professional skeptics, at once, at an event of their choosing. No responses now, when once they were so confident.

I don’t have a scientific background. I was basically an artist and singer/songwriter who didn’t get my first “real” job until, at age 32, I had to raise my 10 month-old baby myself as a single father. (Some of my other bio material is here.)

I learned how to research – and think – from delving into the Meier material. I looked into every UFO-related story along the way. There’s simply no there there, anywhere, certainly not even remotely in the same league as the Meier case.

I’ve been to Switzerland 14 times, tried to trick Meier 4 times in 3 years on a strange matter he told me about. But he always immediately gave me the same answer, no hesitation, no tall tales, excuses. Where would I go to “research” anecdotal fables that have been built around “strange experiences”? I’ve been within 20′ of a craft myself and I received information from the Plejaren, through Meier, foretelling a trap I was otherwise going to fall into…verifiably days before the culprit sprang his second best plan because I had retreated based on their information, which Meier himself didn’t know about. I guess I’m not an “experiencer” because I have actual evidence for my claim and I don’t need some bogus “hypnosis” to recall (or have someone with questionable qualifications and motives concoct stories about) it.

Do you know why I do this work on the Meier case (and not on anything else, including my many creative ventures)? It’s because I consider it the most important true story in all of human history and the key to our future survival. My personal mission is to help prove the prophecies (like those here)…wrong.

I have a website jam packed with information, a blog with over 300 entries and a media appearances list a mile long. But the mainstream media access that I’ve tried to get in every way I know how is barred. Why is that? It’s because of several factors pertaining to the reality of the case and all that that implies to the powers that be, the knowledge of who Meier is and the fact that it’s now known that it’s too late to forestall some of the most dreadful stuff that all those suppressive minds have actually helped to create and force to fulfillment.

So, getting back to my earlier comment, there are indeed people for whom the truth is so unmanageable that they would rather die than deal with it…and they have no compunctions about letting the rest of the world go down the drain at the same time.

As for the “Greys”, “aliens”, “experiencers”, etc., if one is sober and self-honest, the magnitude of that entire cynical farce is not only devoid of any credible, verifiable physical evidence but even ONE significant, uniquely valuable piece of information for humanity. It’s not only depressing but raises serious questions as to how one got swept up in that dead-end disinformation at the expense of recognizing truth and reality.

If I notice, while out walking at night, that your house is on fire should I wait until I return home, send you an email, maybe call – but apologize for disturbing you…or should I bang like hell on your door, get you to wake up and let you decide how you’re going to deal with the problem?

I’ve tried, and actually continue to try, every reasonable, rational, polite, humorous approach I know to wake people up…so that they can decide what they want to do once they know their house is on fire. Of course I do pound on their doors too when all else seems to have failed.

Our house, your house is on fire and no amount of pseudoscientific hypnosis with “experiencers” has – or ever will – alert us to it, nor will it contain the remedies that may still remain for us to put the fire out. No imaginary “Greys” started the fire, nor will they be of any help. The so-called “Greys” from Roswell were actually…androids, the robotic surrogates for the actual extraterrestrials in the Zeta Reticulum system who sent them out on scientific information gathering missions. Oh so cleverly, the US intelligence agencies, and others, have demonized real, actual – human – extraterrestrials and substituted all this fearful garbage to control people. And it’s not only been at the expense of the truth but it will cost many lives.

In the past 10,000 years, according to Meier, there’ve been only about 250 years of peace. The imaginary “Greys” weren’t killing off untold millions of human beings. We human beings ourselves were.

So we come around to this dreaded, disinformation perpetuating UFOCI, which, in case you haven’t noticed, hasn’t produced one solid piece of evidence for all its decades and decades of chasing lights in the sky. While the prophecies ceaselessly fulfill, while we pass our own point of no return, we think we still have the luxury of entertainingly scaring ourselves with the contemporary version of ghost stories, the new “demons” are now the imaginary “Greys”, “evil aliens”, etc.

But people like me, specifically me in fact, are a “problem” because I now waste little time confronting people with the truth as I know it, willing as I am though to be proven wrong. But no one, not even you my friend, has yet rebutted or addressed my concerns with opposing facts.  Please, cite the best evidence from the most credible “researchers’ you’ve listened to in those hundreds of hours of interviews, etc..

If you can do so I will gladly address them. If not, maybe you’ll see that I’m not the problem for trying to make you substantiate your claims, beliefs, etc. But I may be the one who points out the real “fire in the house” in the form of the epidemic of gullibility, non-critical thinking, illogic and denial of reality that is the product of this abysmal, fraudulent field of UFOlogy and the industry it’s spawned…at the expense of the true truth.

Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts



I am not a researcher. I don’t have access to “scientifically verifiable” proof at a level that you would ever be satisfied with. I have a deep interest in this subject and have spent a few years listening to hundreds of hours of interviews from other researchers & experiencers, watched numerous documentaries, read many books, etc. which lead me to suspect that there are many other legitimate cases, including Greys. You have spent 30 years on this one case and so I’ll never be able to debate specific “verifiable” evidence with you since I am not directly involved with any case that I can point to particular evidence. That doesn’t make me “soft and lazy.” Again, that is just insulting and a harsh judgement.

I didn’t come to you to dispute your evidence or significance (so not sure why you keep trying to convince me of it), only to see if you had some evidence that all of the other cases were lies and hoaxes. I understand your point that you have not seen any sufficient evidence and so therefore: no (sufficient) evidence = not real. There is evidence, but not “scientifically verifiable” to you. As you put it, hypnosis to you is not a credible means of ascertaining truth claims and “Anecdotal evidence is…not the basis for any such claims to be accepted as factual” (which includes whistleblower testimony).  To me though it is a mistake to throw all this evidence out. Yes, it’s not ideal evidence, but I wouldn’t dismiss it altogether. I weigh it accordingly and compare it with what might corroborate this evidence.

Yes, I do take life seriously (but not too much), but I’d rather spend my time with those that are not condescending and don’t have an “I’m smart and every else is ignorant” attitude. My main point is that–your attitude does not help your cause–it actually makes it worse. You seem frustrated that others don’t accept the validity and significance of this case, but this is why!



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  1. Good note Michael. I think I also have a bit a frustration (may be it is true you have it too). And I think it is possitive to have that feeling and many people have it too. Frustration is an energy that move us to say that all around us could be different. Frustration with a bit of patience is a good combination. If everybody see everythink around in “black and white”, how can you convince them that you see “colours”? Just be patience, keep talking about you truth and gradually more people will be watching “the colours” around us.
    I enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks.

    1. We can go further!

      I agree with being frustrated as it has to do with folks that want to have ALL of the benefits, titles, and rewards of sounding like someone that’s doing their due diligence and responsibility with the work they do and yet when asked with some SIMPLE questions, and Mike asked some really BASIC ones that should not be hard to answer, they don’t actually show that due diligence and responsibility or EVEN THE MOTIVATION to come close to what they claim to be doing as their job (whether their volunteering or not)! Talk about misplaced priorities. They can’t even give a straight NO!

      And yet, not once did they check to ask the witness if such hazardous work they did complied with Federal regulations and occupational safety health (like OHSA) cause if they were concerned about the well-being of the whistler they should with such dangerous work environments with illegal extra-terrestrial-aliens! The guy or gal is completely happy to believe some illogical and ill-conceived scenario from unverified testimony that has poorly asked questions because they spent only hundreds of hours looking at it recorded stuff. I did too look at hundreds of hours of stuff available online, but I spend thousands upon thousands of hours trying to understand how things work and getting things done with my own life rather than become an expert speculator as at the end of the day no one admits to anything or knows anything. What a job (whether volunteer or not) to have when you can work so much and yet achieve so little and your boss it happy with that.

  2. That was a nice email from XXXX, with whom I concur.

    Michael, you might email the head of MUFO, Jan is it, and offer to carefully look over and critique say some 10 abduction cases (withlinks to the data) that he would select, and also0 some 10 animal mutilation case, which MUFON would agree are probably authentic and real, and give your conclusions with reasons, In return, you would ask him to do the same for some 20 instances of Meier photos/films/films/sound-evidence . That would be for starters.

    We should let them (MUFON workers) know that we also value anecdotal evidence, just as they do when the source(s) are believed to be credible and the information ties in with related information. Think how valuable the “anecdotal” witness of Phobal Cheng and some 80 other witnesses to Meier-case events was and is (http://www.TJresearch.info/witness-ist.htm )

    And think how useful and necessary it was for years of ufology to have preceded the 1975-81 Meier contacts and evidence gathering, so that his experiences would have a background into which they could be placed, with “flying saucers” already well known by 1975. Hence we have no reason to disparage ufology. It may well be that through all the past ufological research and records since 1947 that Full Disclosure will finally break through into mainstream knowledge and scientific acknowledgment, rather than through widespread recognition of the reality of the Meier case coming first.

    And keep in mind that the U in FIGU stands for ufology or ufologist.

    1. I’ll forward Jan your suggestions, Jim. Let’s also remember that in addition to Phobol and another woman’s eyewitness testimony, we have Meier’s photos from India from that time and the newspaper article. We also know that the actual “climate” that the events occurred in back then were not in any way subject to the disinformation, imaginary, fabricated delusions, etc., that have spread wildly thanks in large part to irresponsible people in the so-called UFO community, UFOlogy, etc., with ore than a little help from the intelligence services.

      As you also know, there are over 100 witnesses in the Meier case and at least 5 other photographers – including a Swiss skeptic.

      If people are sincere and want to get past the craft to the actual reasons for the Meier contacts, with MUFON’s assistance I’m sure we can fast-track this process and determine the authenticity of the Meier case on its own merits. The other stuff with abductions and mutilations may be interesting and a study such as you suggest could be done. But with the state of affairs in the world, it’s my opinion that not only will we still come up with more questions than answers about that phenomena – which may already be well answered by Meier and the Plejaren – but it won’t give us anything remotely as significant as the content of the Meier case, which specifically not only foretold our current problems but also offers specific suggestions about how to deal with them effectively.

  3. So where are the list of their questions
    Why isn’t it coming in droves
    Are the nature of their questions poorly thought out and the usual run of the mill types?
    If their questions are covered before on numerous occasions why isn’t there a comprehensive Q&A compilation they can be referred to.
    Objectors and people who have contentions against the truth rarely do a decent job of doing their homework by first taking the time to read Billy’s translated contact reports, bulletins, articles and books and then to carefully reflect upon them because most just can’t be bothered.
    This is where they get stuck being unable to go past this stage of arrested development because they are stuck with their illogical contentions rather than it being clarified with the logic of the truth through logic based thinking which is the actual key that’ll open the door to the collossal life changing sword of knowledge of the most profound ultimate everlasting immortal truths.
    People have to get this through their skulls that the ideas of information and knowledge must first penetrate through their heads in order to have something to go by to determine whether it is the truth or a lie but how can this be made possible if people donkey stubbornly refuse to first read and study the material with an open mind before they choose to close it.

    1. I’ve received some questions directly but I’m waiting for Jan and MUFON to open up the place on their site where the “official” discussion will begin.

  4. I just wanted to look at some ‘cool pictures of UFO’s’ one day perusing the ‘net.
    The photos were so clear and remarkable that I wanted to get a little more info. So I watched “The Silent Revolution of Truth” and was further amazed. And I looked into the Billy Meier Case for myself.
    There is SO MUCH information – easily found – on this Case that Anyone can easily find out anything they want to know about it.
    I am now convinced that we have been blessed with the truth about our human family’s situation at a time when we desperately need it.
    So much of what goes on in the world is fake, duplicitous, motivated by fear and/or greed. It truly is shameful to watch and to have to think of myself as knowing nothing better.
    Personally, I would rather ‘hear the awful truth than a beautiful lie.” Without the truth we’re living in One Big Lie and saying “well, that’s just how it is.” But many of us have spirits that keep telling us, “well, we could be doing a lot better.”
    A course correction of our personal history is possible only if we can see where we’ve been wrong.
    I’m very glad I wanted to see some UFO pictures. And I’m glad that I wanted to check out the Billy Meier Case to see what it was all about.
    And I think people who are interested in such things should give it “a fair hearing” and check it out too.
    Thanks to all who have brought this information forward that we may choose to be personally responsible for what we believe and how we choose to live. Freedom is … Nice.

  5. Michael ,
    I thought that was one of the most passionate and pointed replies possible . The man kind of imploded into himself saying that he did not take life too seriously . I think that kind of summed up his position .
    When I started at an early age I was surrounded by diversity beyond belief . Russian Calmic Monks , Hacedic Jews , Mongolians , The Dali Lama , Christianity and just plain philosophy . Forgive my spellings . I knew at an early age as I looked further as a ten year old there was commonality and their was definately more .
    As crop circles started to appear as did BEAMS amazing photos in the late seventies appearing in the mainstream UFO magazines I was in awe . I actually had a peace sign on a hat that was correctly positioned as per FIGU and didn’t realize it until the Meiers case . I was open to it all . When one crop circle appeared displaying mathematics and then the 3d like carving that Lucy Pringle had photographed in England and the world termoil . I said its time for the Truth .
    I too found the internet a great use for my first significant research outreach to get to the bottom . Aside from finding corruption and truths that were so mind blowing I came across the Meiers case .
    After purchasing the Silent Revolution of the truth and getting to know the extent of Wendell Stevens almost retiring to study this man I had at least an eybrow raised . But getting into the extent of the information proved to be staggering . I also had a few weeks after the AHA moment that I had a digestion period that was scary , awesome and simply amazing .
    I can easily see the self worth plummeting on some of these researchers to use the term loosely . All that wasted time , and they missed it . Or glossed over it and said that it was just strings and models and hokus pokus .
    The whole framing of the UFO ‘phenomena’ to me was huge , but awesome . I got it , it all made sense and then I got deep into it and to this day I am just blown away . So much detail , truth and an immense amount of factual ,scientific and geopolitical ugliness just burned down in flames . It was down right scary .
    Its a long road for these types , they may never come clean to themselves let alone publically . They would just in light of their EGO have to admit a certain disfunction that is VERY uncomfortable . And that is before the truth can be realized , digested and come to terms with . That is a BIG deal . To me sometimes it seems we are too far gone . BUT, tragedies have to happen sometimes for many to wake up and ponder further . Further than they ever have or will . Thats the edge of warning that we seem to be at . People have short memories at times . We are a young civilization and many stronger have been before us and have lasted tens of thousand of years longer and to many seem to have just disappeared or left nothing behind due to the extent of thier mistakes .
    Hopefully the masses come to and awaken to warn their neighbor of the burning house before we only leave scorched earth behind and we become another civilization that left NOTHING behind when we were done destroying ourselves .
    The biggest take away for me was that in the atomic age we possessed the ability to explode our own planet . Ok , so be it , but that concequence can and most likeley will effect the surrounding beings very far away from us like the Destroyer . Now our mistakes show up in their solar system directly threatening their OWN existence . Time to wake up these stupid humans before they kill as all too ! Light years away and light years away from their own personal accountability and responsibility .

    1. What is really scary, is that there was apparently another planet near the earth which did explode. . . and created the “asteroid belt”. .. . . . very scary. . . . .

  6. As much as I would want to be a friend of yours. Not saying that can’t happen, but I think this subject is rather large to tackle like religion. I don’t know, perhaps I am not seeing the “big picture” where areas like the “100th monkey effect” could happen, but honestly… need I explain myself? I think I already did (not intended as a smart remark). I do have a belief system as where areas thoughts happening before a word or phrase spoken without a build up of thoughts prior to the statement from another individual could be a certain phenomenon but its super secretive as also the images I get in my head that I did not produce myself. Could you believe that? It seems rather pointless to try to persuade a group of people if this only happens to small amount of people. Not only that but a small portion that actually believe in there thoughts when this does happen. I tried to introduce the idea of the awakening of the sub conscious like what I say is the defacto of schizophrenia but again its very rare especially at the level that Will and I are at. Just relating to you. Do not think negative about my reply but yet again I will not push you to believe anything.

      1. Will is my other conscious if there could be. I theorized that it was the sub conscious awakening. I did look up something rather negative but could be mostly true about schizophrenia in contact 222 starting on line 5. I think the sub conscious give me the schizophrenia. Also he named himself and he has the ability to speak verbally and also move me physically. At times in the restroom for example, I find myself rocking on my heels…

  7. One of the main underlying issues here on this planet is rarely addressed when we confront what lies ahead of us, that being the insidious indoctrinations that occur as we grow into adulthood. Science is also part of it, but not to the degree of ideological enslavement. You can’t indoctrinate whole sections of the population with nonsense just to turn around and wave your finger at them while claiming how obtuse they are. This is unreasonable, although obviously this needs repairing. One of the only ways of accomplishing this is for Humans to see the truth for themselves and seeing the truth cannot simply be snatched out of thin air, it doesn’t work that way. We can continue to preach to our respective choirs until we’re blue in the face, but that will change none of the really serious issues that require attention. The freedom of which many are speaking is an illusion, although many will argue against this. As has happened in the past, the free will of the few trump that of others, it simply is what it is and to deny this simple fact is delusional. Other things will need to occur in order for people here to see truth. It’s fairly evident that the Human species is most assuredly the least evolved creation as much as we would like to think otherwise.

    1. We the people . We the people of planet earth . We the disease , the disease of planet earth . We the sheeple the experiment of planet earth have a small window of time left in order to expand our minds and take the opportunity NOW to seek the truth . In truth their in lays inherintly dangerous power . That power is in direct assault of the ability to dominate and control .
      The globalist powers that be are up to the point now that they realize the inmates have the tools available to take over the prison . In light of this two explicit things are happening . A very swift implimentation of a control measure is being inacted GLOBALLY . The next clear indication of this is the intent to control and ultimately shut down the ability to find the truth and that means shutting down this internet or world wide web we now take for granted as a given . Soon it will be added to a long list of what has been taken . TAKEN . No internet , no opportunity to find the truth and discover their global initiative and clear groundwork ( in which is already in place ) of control and what that means for we the people .
      Think of the ant farm example . The keepers of the farm realize their is no ability for expansion only global contraction . So the long planned outline for the farm is now being implimented . The framework includes long time experiments into how to best transform the farm into the new farm . Parameters of sterility slowly introduced into the populous for decades , disease slowly introduced over decades and the ehanced timing of the application of the learned indoctrination . Mind control , weaponry and personnell are all in place , call them the correctional officers . As we are corrected and all the new plans for the new ant society unfold billions will be exterminated , coralled , partitioned and reassigned to their new role . The genetically stronger ants and better conditioned and subservient ants will remain . The farm will be in seemingly complete and utter ruin during this time . Undfolding will be the new world and the new face of life under the indoctrinational roadmap . Droning on all the remaining ants will obediently march into their new partition . Sounds like fun .
      Open your eyes and you will see the crimes against humanity being implimented openly at this current time , without fear of prosecution and a confidence that screams we are untouchable , now bow down and take your medicine . All these laws , and lawyers , yet virtually no prosecution . No accountability .
      History tells us the mad disease of power takes the insidious form of sensationalistic action that pushes and pushes the level of extreme actions against humanity until the threshold is reached . Meaning there are no more crimes to commit that feed the power . Emptiness and despair set in and the ONLY thing left for the madman of disease stricken power hungry self is to dominate himself and take his own life .
      Welcome to the show boys and girls . This is what it sounds like when ‘Leaders die’ . However you nor I will never hear this sound because we will already be long gone . Maybe and just maybe the planet will be spared .
      One doesn’t have to look far to see the indoctrination . Start with the corrections that would need to be made with history first for example .

    2. Socrates once said, “question everything”. This has been my motto throughout my life, both as a historical scholar (MA in History) and in every other aspect of life. The other quote from Socrates, which applies in almost every case: “I know that I know nothing”.

  8. I’m not sure why people don’t accept the explanation offered by the Plejarans that these “alien greys/browns” which have frightened people are actually android creatures. . . . Is that so hard to believe? Has anyone seen them bleed? I too have watched videos on You-Tube of so-called “interrogation” of such a grey. The video I saw looked quite real. However the creature wasn’t being “friendly”, hissing and snarling. . . it was quite the scene. I myself wondered whether these might be the proverbial “Martians”, who may possibly live deep under the surface of the planet. . . . . In any case, they seem not to like light. I recently watched another video from South America, where such creatures had been spotted after there ship came down in a cloud of black smoke. . . in this case, they were “brown”, not “grey”. . . .

  9. The rest f the story should be told about the real cause of the Grey Alien nonsense….Mad Scientists created lifeforms to do work for them and to help with their bottom line or plans. Reti Greys are biological artificial lifeforms or androids that were sent here like the same as we send probes to planets like Pluto. Earth Greys are a non super technology of DNA, cloning, plastic surgery, test tube babies hypnosis and training of real human beings in secret labs in countries and photo-shop advertising propaganda to sweep the truth under the carpet. The Plejaren are here and they are real and the evidence for people is in the clear night sky flickering and flashing colors like campfire orange and strobe light white and blue and reds and blue flashing stars. A lot of those travelling stars are not really space junk or earth satellites like the TV shows explain and the Japanese are trying to clean up in orbit….duh, rather than face Fukishima nuclear melt downs with truth.

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