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Lead in drinking water not limited to Flint, Michigan, protect yourself and your family

I think this situation warrants at least a warning and a recommendation. The water problems that put Flint, Michigan, in the news are not limited to that area alone, as this article points out.

My own concerns about water quality, and my work in the water purification industry, which included arranging for Starbucks to put water treatment in thousands of their stores worldwide, date back more than 30 years.

It’s only a matter of time before lead and/or various chemical contaminants are found in other places, perhaps where you and your family live. So I recommend that you get a highly rated, Multi-Pure water filtration system to protect you not only from lead but from the many other contaminants that can exist in the water supply, which include chemicals like chlorine that are routinely used to disinfect water.

And with certain models you can get 12-months to pay…with NO interest. I hope that you will look into this and…get the lead out!


NOTE: If you are interested in becoming a distributor yourself, feel free to contact me for more information.


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  1. Michael,
    You’re absolutely correct; removing contaminants from household water including drinking water has been ongoing for the last 26 years in our domiciliary. People grow up in a contaminated world and don’t realize how bad it really is until a person goes deep into the woods or the mountains, then the difference is obvious.

    During one of Billy’s trips into the past to the 13th century with Asket, Billy noted the following:

    “What particularly struck him was the horrendous chirping of the birds. They had to be shoals of them present, completely undisturbed and quite obviously not yet affected by poison etc. as in his real present time of the year 1956. When he inhaled the fresh spicy air, he noticed it was a lot purer than the air he until now had known. The oxygen content, so it seemed to him, was higher, which certainly had its reason in that here, it was still no air pollution. And the sky was simply fantastic. As he still knew it, in the 1940’s from his home, to be velvety deep azure blue, then here the azure blue was much more intensive, like he had never seen it before.”

  2. When we built our house 11 years ago, although the town had replaced the water line throughout the streets, it was disturbing to find out their responsibility ended at the property line. Our carpenter asked if we wanted to hook up the water line from the street to the existing lead water pipe that was already there from the old house that had been torn down. Hell no, we replaced it. But it really made us think of all the older homes or even new homes where the people didn’t have a choice because their contractors didn’t give them an option and it would be cheaper for them to hook up to the existing lead pipe. We’ve told our neighbours that they probably have lead pipe leading into their homes and asked them to run their water for 5 minutes before using it. But what a waste of water. Your filtration system is a much better solution. Thank you.

  3. Question – since many communities are now using chloramines (combination of chlorine and ammonia) to disinfect their water, do you know if this system rids the water of this?

  4. Wow, Michael, is there anything you’re not knowledgeable about? I have more than a little admiration for your endeavours, at least the ones I know about. However, I had no idea that you were involved in water purification initiatives! Great Scott, you are indeed a specially gifted and (creationally) blessed person! Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sure that in Canada we may even have some lead pipes in the city watermains. . . . . as you may have in the States too. You’d think they would have taken a lesson from the Romans. It is said that the fall of Rome was partially to blame on the lead aquaducts that brought water into the city. The population gradually sickened and was rife to be sacked by stronger and healthier (albeit barbarous) people. Not to say that the Romans weren’t barbarous in their own way either. . . . witness the massive number of people crucified over the years of Roman occupation. No, they weren’t the great people they are made out to be either. . . . .

  5. MH, Thx!!

    How can a young guy like me get in a righteous word with a little bit of sense, knowledge, and wisdom with those folks at a place like Starbucks in the world today?

    1. I suggest that you start buy…asking questions, trying to find areas of common interest in terms of these global topics. Listen to what the answers are and see how you respond,e tc. Creating rapport with people is an ongoing process.

      1. Cool, cool. Yeah I understand what you mean there.

        Folks have got opinions, and there’s a lot of em out there – all handy for growing and having some reason to give ideas back.

        Oh, yeah. Now I understand better. Sweet. Thx!

  6. I live in rural Michigan and had a new well put in within the last year. I had the water chemistry done just for information purposes, not because a problem. I have good water. I try to conserve as much as possible; and , treat the well like a precious resource.

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