Vegan Restaurateurs Get Death Threats for Coming to their Senses

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Why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be a vegetarian…from a self-professed vegan

Or L.A. Is so L.A.

The husband and wife team who own some of the top vegan restaurants in Los Angeles have been receiving death threats after it was revealed that they’ve been raising and eating…meat.

Having come to their senses about the need for animal protein to sustain a healthy life, they now face the rage of those who, having consumed far too much bunny food, consider them heretics who should be burned at the stake for burning a few steaks.

The vegan community is also known for its moral confusion regarding the “Meat Is Murder” equation, which has previously led to some nutty (dairy and egg-free) potentially murderous behavior.

In Vitro Meatro

Billy Meier long ago wrote about the need for adequate amounts of animal protein in the diet and also that the issue would ultimately be resolved humanely when we created genetically produced meat (in vitro meatro?) – one of the benefits of responsible genetic manipulation – as the Plejaren have also done for a very long time. Once this new technology is perfected, and accepted, it would eliminate not only the cruelty associated with commercial meat production but also reduce the huge amount of methane gas produced by the animals, as well as by daffy gripers. (See this new article also*.)

Fatal Food Faddism

Maybe there’s some relationship between the turning of the American mind to (gluten-free) mush and and crackpot, fatal food faddism. If this trend towards killer vegans continues, look for liberal do-gooders to emulate this mind-numbingly stupid approach to dissuade them from their evil ways.



*Thanks to Michanical.

39 Replies to “Vegan Restaurateurs Get Death Threats for Coming to their Senses”

  1. Maybe a tiny little guillotine made for a rabbit/squirrel could work? Make them habitually feed through a hole, then when the time comes, a job could be done without any pain to the animal.

    1. No, probably not the kindest way to kill any animal. 🙂 See my answer to Melissa… I think that will explain why.

      A quick shot through the brain causing instant death would be considered humane.

    2. The necks of animals are harder to sever than human necks. They have more muscles in their necks because they hold their head out in front of the body, in a forward position, as opposed to human heads that sit straight up and down on top of our necks. Human heads remain conscious anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds after the cut, even by guillotine. This is due to the remaining oxygenated blood flow. I would think that it would be at least the same for an animal. I do remember Billy saying that the animals who were about to be killed, as in slaughtered, knew they were about to be killed and it caused them much fear and anguish.

      1. Good point about animal vs human necks M… never thought about that! Yes about the anguish and fear the animals go through.. this destroys the animal’s psyche and so also makes the meat no good because of the tortured animal’s fluidal forces.

  2. Maybe its a good idea for people to start thinking about where their meat is going to come from when civil war breaks out. Is there even a possibility to avoid it? Preparation and preservation of the meat will probably be key in a society where fridges will no longer be viable.

    I am curious to see how many vegans and vegetarians will “change their eating habits” when food is no longer in great abundance. No more hopping over to the grocery store like in the old days. It’s sure going to be a wakeup call.

  3. Interestingly enough a group of Japanese scientists have discovered a way to make meat from sewage sludge. Claims have been made that it tastes similar to beef. An internet search should reveal the info. Hopefully it isn’t a hoax.

  4. I think if more vegans had their own gardens, then they would have less anger overall and be more neutral-positive, focusing on their vegan foodstuffs.

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