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Why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be a vegetarian…from a self-professed vegan

Or L.A. Is so L.A.

The husband and wife team who own some of the top vegan restaurants in Los Angeles have been receiving death threats after it was revealed that they’ve been raising and eating…meat.

Having come to their senses about the need for animal protein to sustain a healthy life, they now face the rage of those who, having consumed far too much bunny food, consider them heretics who should be burned at the stake for burning a few steaks.

The vegan community is also known for its moral confusion regarding the “Meat Is Murder” equation, which has previously led to some nutty (dairy and egg-free) potentially murderous behavior.

In Vitro Meatro

Billy Meier long ago wrote about the need for adequate amounts of animal protein in the diet and also that the issue would ultimately be resolved humanely when we created genetically produced meat (in vitro meatro?) – one of the benefits of responsible genetic manipulation – as the Plejaren have also done for a very long time. Once this new technology is perfected, and accepted, it would eliminate not only the cruelty associated with commercial meat production but also reduce the huge amount of methane gas produced by the animals, as well as by daffy gripers. (See this new article also*.)

Fatal Food Faddism

Maybe there’s some relationship between the turning of the American mind to (gluten-free) mush and and crackpot, fatal food faddism. If this trend towards killer vegans continues, look for liberal do-gooders to emulate this mind-numbingly stupid approach to dissuade them from their evil ways.



*Thanks to Michanical.

25 comments on “Vegan Restaurateurs Get Death Threats for Coming to their Senses

  • I can understand if a vegan is against eating meat due to the way we get our meat. It’s absolutely horrible what they do to the animals and how they kill them. Horrible. But… Like most things in life, it’s absolutely sensible to know that we humans need meat. Its that simple. If you think about it, I feel everyone would come to the conclusion that it’s a necessity… The extremists do not end at religions, obviously. The more my eyes are open the more I feel the urgency to fix ourselves so we can lead by example to those the are still blind…

    • I’m glad you at least understand the reality of what we put animals through, that’s more than a lot of people will accept. But it’s a huge shame you genuinely believe people NEED meat. Considering there are literally thousands of people who have been vegan for decades who are thriving with zero health issues, me being one of them. This quite literally proves you wrong in every way. This isn’t even an opinion, because vegans aren’t dropping dead.

      I’m no militant vegan, maybe this wouldn’t be true for everyone but I genuinely 100% have felt better on this diet and have even managed to put on serious muscle in the gym for example.

      But yeah, I’m not even having a go at you for eating meat. Just showing you that the statement ‘we need meat’ makes zero sense and just cannot be true.

      As for in vitro meat, I’m ALL for it. It’s the future for sure.

      • Literally thousands of people, in dubious states of health, doesn’t quite compare to billions upon billions of human beings throughout history who’ve eaten meat as a mainstay in their diet. It may be nice to believe otherwise but those beliefs go agains the absolute facts.

        On a personal note, I was friends and did business with Harvey and Marilyn Diamond years ago, the authors of the vegetarian Fir for Life series.

        If you have Facebook you can see the info she NOW shares here:


        I’m copying some below for those who don’t access FB:

        “I lived for the better part of 20 years on a plant protein and fat diet, and I almost died. Somebody has to speak out and I’m nominating myself. See below…for the beginning…”

        ” I had lunch in an outdoor cafe today. A delicious raspberry iced tea with a salad topped with sliced roast chicken, bacon, blue cheese and slices of hard boiled egg. I didn’t eat the homemade bread on the plate. Tonight I had a grilled grass fed beef burger platter with a beet, basil, Persian cucumber and Campari tomato salad dressed in a creamy olive oil, lime and yogurt sauce.”

        “Thanks for your questions, Michelle. I very much enjoy your FB Timeline. It’s a lovely contribution to the community. Fitonics was a difficult book for me to write. I was shrinking from the backlash I sensed, and it was so strong from the vegan community, I retired from public life with Rock and taught the Power of Love Seminars for nearly ten years. I needed this time because I was in the throes of going up and back and mostly back to raw and vegan. And, unbeknownst to me, I was in serious muscle wasting. In one year, in 2004 to 2005, I became unable to pick up my toddler grandson. I had a heart condition that caused anxiety attacks, because my heart muscle too was wasting. There is a lot of condemnation energy out there, and I think we ought to allow those who don’t fare well and were pioneers and longer on these diets than most people, to speak out and warn others that it may not be sustainable on the biochemical level of the bodies requirements to ignore essential food groups interminably. I learned, and I’m strong enough now to speak my truth. But, I think sometimes my tone is too pushy, so I’ll take the reactions to heart and try to be more empathetic with those who are not ready or may never be ready to do what I have had to do to survive. Luckily, I’m now stronger than ever. And I have the ability to enjoy my life free of the depression caused by nearly 25 years in a nutrient deficient diet. It wasn’t even okay when I was young, but I just believed that what I was feeling was “life.” Be well. You are lovely. And thank you for your questions.”

        Perhaps you’re one of the exceptions, i.e. a truly healthy vegetarian, etc.

    • Hi Brock, I’ve often asked gluten intolerant people if perhaps they are really dioxin intolerant instead. Then they go home and look up dioxin.

      • I’m not going to lie Sheila… I had to look up the definition too!! Haha. I thinks it’s amazing now that I’ve discovered the spiritual teaching how often I’m looking up meanings of words. The first word I looked up, after accepting the case as truth, was believe. It took me days pondering how long I was trying so hard to believe in a fake god. How I threw away all questioning thoughts and bad feelings because I had to let go and let god. It’s amazing how much of a delusional state I was in for sooooo long… And now… I’m free!

        • That is so awesome Adrian! Billy often talks about the guilt of the earth humans and how detrimental it is. Glad you got rid of it but please don’t lose those questioning thoughts. I’m glad you looked it up haha. There are still those argue that they are definitely gluten intolerant without understanding the implication of dioxin.

          • That’s true Michael. The biggest glyphosate supplier is probably Monsanto’s Roundup. It has had to take its “biodegradable” signage off twice now because after 30 days it had only degraded by 2%. There even some crazy people around here that spray that on their gardens for crying out loud.

          • What gets me is that 13 years ago the insurance industry knew it was bad because they were refusing to insure any business where glyphosate was part of the process, in case there was a spillage the insurance company would have to pay for it. But 13 years later are still insuring farmers who use it because there is no payout from insurance for farmers who ruin their own land.

  • Seeing as how “you are what you eat” How can you be balanced without a balanced diet? Vegans are Fruity, nutty, grainy vegetables; believing that killing, threatening and slandering those whom adhere to their natural diet, to somehow be justified.
    We are Naturally omnivores, It’s what we are “wired” for. Choosing not to eat meat doesn’t “rewire” you to be a herbivore, It simply makes you a deprived Omnivore.

    • Haha “vegans are fruity, nutty, grainy vegetables”. Yes that was quite the story that Michael linked. I think a lot of it has to do with how removed from nature people have become. I grew up on a farm and we ate what we raised. Sure it can be disgusting seeing those chickens flop around with no heads, but it was either that or starve. Not much of a choice.

  • I just saw an add for that “‘DISCUSTING Roundoup during those TV adds:(((( I even once saw somebody buy this “STUPID” Roundup near my local hardware store a few years ago:((((. To make matters even worse Obama just signed off on the TTIP in Germany the other day with Anglia Murkle! “YIKES”:-(((( What next? TPP? That was signed off in New Zealand last year! “YIKES”:-((((

  • A group of Brazilian doctors put forth their findings that encephalitis was caused by the chemicals used in spraying for mosquitoes and not from the actual Zika virus. Who do you think is the manufacturer of the mosquito spray? Monsanto. Now that the Zika virus has hit North America what do you think the first thing that is happening to stop it? Spraying for mosquitos…

      • Yes my mistake, it was Argentina doctors. It’s always good to get both sides, that’s for sure Michael. Maybe I’m just jaded because I know that pharmaceutical / chemicals companies always hide the studies that show their product in a bad light. Only time will tell.
        Another mutation causer is radiation.

    • Sheila, Zika has been confirmed by thorough research to be the cause of the microcephaly.
      Alternate explanations have been ruled out. It’s Zika.
      Zika also is not of artificial origin, except in the sense that it is one of the many terrible consequences of overpopulation, i.e. nature’s clever revenge for it.

      • I’m skeptical Matthew. The Zika virus has been around for decades. Why only now is there microcephaly associated with it? Sorry, I just don’t believe everything experts claim. I read a book several years ago by Dr Shiv Copra who used to work at Health Canada. A lot of what gets approved is done for kickbacks. Even the public health agency of Canada admitted to me that they get most of their information from the news. They actually don’t test anything themselves.

        • Sheila, from listening to and appearing on my dad’s radio program I am thoroughly familiar with all these non-sensical conspiracy-theories, but only very few of them even have a grain of truth. My dad buys some of them because, despite his knowledge of medicine, he is naive, as I stated before. This sort of naivety is an epidemic among “educated” people who were excessively academically pushed and sheltered by their parents. I have observed it in much worse form when I used to live with high-level academics myself.

          I can tell you from my experience and observation that the vast majority of these conspiracies linking these viruses to GMO, etc, have hardly any basis in fact, or result from wilful distortion of the facts.

          Zika has many different variants. It was first discovered in the Zika forest in Africa.
          Given the laboratory research showing the effect on lab-grown “brains” and the sharp increase in cases of microcephaly since the Zika outbreak, it is highly unlikely that this is some kind of anomaly related to an increased frequency of reporting, and since no other cause than Zika has been scientifically demonstrated, let’s leave the conspiracy-theories alone until there is more evidence, please.


          • Well Matthew there is nothing nonsensical about what I stated about Health Canada (kickbacks) and the public health agency of Canada (get information from the news). I’ve done years and years of research and I will honestly tell you that if I had “followed the doctors orders” when it came to my daughter, she would still be on anti-psychotic meds and addicted to OxyContin. And don’t forget the 3rd leading cause of dead in America is medical error. So how do we know that the Zika virus is not actually just guilty by association and pyriproxyfen is the actual culprit? The spraying of this chemical doesn’t just kill the mosquito. It mutates it instead. Not all of them die either. Maybe that is what is being transferred when biten by pyriproxyfen Infected mosquitos. The study by the doctors said they had been spraying in the area for 18 months and their drinking water had high amounts of the chemical. Most contamination can be traced back to chemicals.

          • Sheila, I agree with my dad that medicines are abused and often have negative side-effects or even are damaging to the environment, as e.g. are many forms of birth-control pills, and with regard to anti-depressants and the like, these can actually make some psychopathic individuals even worse than they were to begin with, and it additionally must be mentioned that although a minority suffer from a genetic defect which causes depression, the majority of depressed people are just suffering from negative thoughts and conditioning that can only be corrected by training the thoughts and behaviour, etc. However, with regard to Zika, the main cause of this microcephaly-outbreak has been demonstrated to be the virus, beyond a reasonable doubt. There may be some confounding factors, but that by no means excludes the fact that the virus is the main culprit.

          • As far as I can tell, the “testing” of humans for the Zika is vague and subject to proper interpretation and can also be confused with Dengue. Also the Zika virus may or may not show up. So how exactly can Zika be the culprit beyond a reasonable doubt? I’m just not convinced.

  • JUst read the article you mentioned MH. Maby now might just be the right time to get the Birth Stop and Birth Check stated to stop the out of control overpopulation problem here on Earth. This is just one possible idea that I thought of on controlling the out of control overpopulation problem on Earth. This is just a thought.

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