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  1. Balance number: Everyone has a unique reaction on the situations happening to us during our lifetime. The way we react depends on the inner balance we have, the experience and character that we put into everything we make.

    Rational thought: This category in Numerology lets you know you way of thinking. It can be necessary while making an important career step in your life or searching for hobby that suits your personal preferences. All the parameters should be taken into account. Can you say about yourself that you are a dreamer, or a pragmatist, or a realist or that you can be infantile? If you can’t answer this question the Rational Thought number can help you and provide you with additional information based on the numbers.

    Maturity number: maturity number aims to provide you with better understanding of yourself in your later years. As you are growing older your plans and aims are clearing up and you can divide the priorities to concentrate on. When you feel like being in harmony with yourself, you’ll see that you adapt easily to the realities provided by your number. If you are honest with yourself and your inner world is harmonious you will clearly understand your main goal, you will value your time and sort out priorities. Inner maturity is the source of intellect, comprehension and clear view on life.

    Hidden Talents number: some people have numbers in their names that occur more than once, and even oftener. Such numbers are associated with certain strength or abilities. If you have such number it embodies the favorable characteristic, talent or skill that you obtain.

    Subconscious self number: Confidence in self, individual thought, possibilities and capabilities.

    1. Jedaiah,

      I don’t understand how a name given to me by my parents could have an effect on my life? Do parents somehow tap into the child’s subconsciousness?

          1. Jedaiah,
            Let me preface by saying this question arises from an honest willingness to learn & understand:
            How does the arbitrary nature of a parent choosing a child’s name reconcile with the numerological claim that a person’s name play’s an important role in their life? Do you see how it seems that the child has no say in the matter of name-choosing, yet we are suppose to be 100% responsible for our own lives? Billy clearly is an exceptional case on Earth, I think we can agree.

          2. Matthew,

            I think that, while the parents choosing the name does matter, it is still up to the spirit form reincarnating into the specific body tailored to its evolution. In other words, it means that the spirit form has chosen that particular incarnation regardless of name (which is like crayons; IE: Not everyone named Eduard is doing what Billy is doing) because of other factors involved beyond numerology.

          3. Is something of the reverse also possible? For example if the spirit of the baby sends impulses that effects the parents, especially the mother?

          4. I obviously meant spirit-form in my previous post ;P ‘if’ the scenario I mentioned is possible, then perhaps the spirit-form influences the naming of the child during pregnancy?

          5. On the other hand, there are also cases where a baby is not named until late in the pregnancy or after birth. What are we to make of such cases, in the context of any numerological significance of the individual’s name?

          6. That’s what I think happens. I think the spirit-form sends impulses to the spirit-forms of the parents because names definitely carry value/importance. The Plejaren discuss this in the contact reports, but I don’t know which contact number off the top of my head. I also think it’s more of a mathematical vibration impulse that is sent out and the name could end up being any combination of names that calculate to the correct values. If my name impulse number was 23, my first name could have been any name that equals that value. The last name is usually the fathers name so I imagine that is one of the factors of how the spirit-form decides who it’s parents will be. These are all just theories of mine, but I do think it’s interesting.

          7. So many interesting possibilities! I also wonder if for the example in the case of an orphan who does not have a known name but picks up ‘nicknames’ years later, if those nicknames would also be influenced by various kinds of impulses?

          8. Of course, I saw Jed’s post about nicknames and “minor expressions” after my last post. If minor expressions do occur in actual numerology, perhaps they have something to do with impulses from the personality or psyche and not necessarily the spirit-form? (if I am using the terms in a correct way, also total speculation on my part)

  2. JR

    You’ve got it slightly wrong, Eduard doesn’t mean “wealth” protector as you say ( I am focusing on the “wealth”, not the “protector” part, which is acceptable). Eduard means “Guardian of the Treasure” (Hüter des Schatzes)

    Wealth translates to “Reichtum“, which is not the same as ‘Schatzes’ (treasure)

    1. Thanks Jedi,
      I had a feeling I was starting to grow up now that I have circled the Sun 45 times this week! 😉

      1. My bad… English.
        I didn’t circle the Sun 45 times this week, I circled the Sun “as of” Thursday this week. 🙂

        1. You decide

          4: Stability
          0: Inner Gifts
          4: Stability

          Those on the 40/4 life path are here to establish secure foundations in their life by following a gradual process to their goals, applying their inner gifts in a spirit of service on behalf of people or causes they value. Like 20/2s and 30/3s, 40/4s have a very focused life purpose, undiluted by other numbers and energies. Because our central purpose rarely comes easily, many 40/4s may have trouble feeling grounded or following a long, sometimes arduous process to reach their goals. They may skip or ignore necessary steps, or feel stuck in situations that no longer work. Individuals working 40/4 need to develop a pattern of success by making short-term commitments and following through, gradually expanding the time frame until long-term commitments become feasible. In the same manner, by breaking down big goals and plans into small steps and focusing on completing one step before going to the next, 40/4s create an inner foundation and process that supports them throughout their life.

        2. Hello Chitram Chip Singh, finally someone asks a normal question. “does this stuff actually mean anything”. I know what you mean. You mean is there a valuable use for knowing this during our life at this time in history and will it help humanity by knowing it, and can we just move along quickly if the problem has been solved now. Well knowing a number constant usually helps solve things. It all takes a long time and those that discover anything of any value usually need to be paid so wait to reveal it and then it gets put into a computer game coding or it’s used for some product like a mobile phone or something else we don’t need like make-up for pets, getting the math formula right on the recipe. But knowing some math can for example help create a perpetual motion machine which could power a home for free or something we haven’t worked out about the inside of a Ufos engine for example. But I think you mean what does the 666 means because to me the explanation hasn’t been nearly sufficient, I think it’s explained as a level of thinking, in inventions and development which tends to lead to a same type, so it would be normal to develop a mobile phone now but not normal to develop a wormhole portal at this stage that would be a 777. But I agree their explanations are desperately lacking normal explanations but that is usually always the case with them until later. I see what your saying, “if your going to help humanity why not actually help and stop messing about” many say the same thing, lots of procrastinating in this community.

        1. Thanks Jedaiah,

          Not quite yet, they wanted me to start with just…blowing out matches, a rather convenient thing on a birthday.

  3. Next lar…

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