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    1. Thanks Jedi,
      I had a feeling I was starting to grow up now that I have circled the Sun 45 times this week! 😉

      1. My bad… English.
        I didn’t circle the Sun 45 times this week, I circled the Sun “as of” Thursday this week. 🙂

        1. You decide

          4: Stability
          0: Inner Gifts
          4: Stability

          Those on the 40/4 life path are here to establish secure foundations in their life by following a gradual process to their goals, applying their inner gifts in a spirit of service on behalf of people or causes they value. Like 20/2s and 30/3s, 40/4s have a very focused life purpose, undiluted by other numbers and energies. Because our central purpose rarely comes easily, many 40/4s may have trouble feeling grounded or following a long, sometimes arduous process to reach their goals. They may skip or ignore necessary steps, or feel stuck in situations that no longer work. Individuals working 40/4 need to develop a pattern of success by making short-term commitments and following through, gradually expanding the time frame until long-term commitments become feasible. In the same manner, by breaking down big goals and plans into small steps and focusing on completing one step before going to the next, 40/4s create an inner foundation and process that supports them throughout their life.

        2. Hello Chitram Chip Singh, finally someone asks a normal question. “does this stuff actually mean anything”. I know what you mean. You mean is there a valuable use for knowing this during our life at this time in history and will it help humanity by knowing it, and can we just move along quickly if the problem has been solved now. Well knowing a number constant usually helps solve things. It all takes a long time and those that discover anything of any value usually need to be paid so wait to reveal it and then it gets put into a computer game coding or it’s used for some product like a mobile phone or something else we don’t need like make-up for pets, getting the math formula right on the recipe. But knowing some math can for example help create a perpetual motion machine which could power a home for free or something we haven’t worked out about the inside of a Ufos engine for example. But I think you mean what does the 666 means because to me the explanation hasn’t been nearly sufficient, I think it’s explained as a level of thinking, in inventions and development which tends to lead to a same type, so it would be normal to develop a mobile phone now but not normal to develop a wormhole portal at this stage that would be a 777. But I agree their explanations are desperately lacking normal explanations but that is usually always the case with them until later. I see what your saying, “if your going to help humanity why not actually help and stop messing about” many say the same thing, lots of procrastinating in this community.

  1. Next lar…

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