UFO Prophet Billy Meier Celebrates 100th Birthday

Reached the age of 100 years on October 24, 2018, 8 months after his 81st birthday

Michael Horn Live, EP 41

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

In addition to discussing Billy Meier’s 100th birthday, we’ll dabble lightly in:

  • The Macron farce  
  • Trump pushed into anti-Russia policies 
  • US sanctions and other delusions
  • Quivering markets, coming collapse
  • Europeans take to the streets
  • US downplays surge in ISIS
  • Earthquakes due to fracking, etc.
  • Humane banishment, really
http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_680, 7th May 2017:
59. In this regard, a foresight showed that already from the first round of voting onwards a massive electoral fraud had been launched in favour of Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen, which will bring a fraudulent victory for Macron in today’s run-off election, whereby certain EU-dictatorship elements and French EU-dictatorship fanatics are the originators of the whole thing.


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When And Yet They Fly! was first introduced more than two years ago, it set the standard for a clear, concise and readable introduction to the extraterrestrial contacts of “Billy” Eduard A. Meier. In simple and easily understood language, author Guido Moosbrugger brings this largely untold story alive with eyewitness accounts, reviews of the scientific evidence and almost 40 color pages of UFO photographs taken between 1975 and 1979.

Moosbrugger’s extraordinary review takes readers directly into the world of UFOs and paranormal activity, offering an unflinching account of Billy Meier and his life as a contactee as well as in-depth information on extraterrestrial life, an overview of their technical capabilities and the reasons for visiting earth. And Still They Fly! is sufficiently detailed as to serve the reader who is contemplating a closer look into the scientific facts of the case, or one who is already very familiar with them.

This second edition, entitled And Still They Fly!, was updated and expanded to include a new chapter entitled the Henoch Prophecies. These prophecies were given to Billy on February 28, 1987 and have never before been released to the public! The Henoch Prophecies warn of a looming World War III and mention by name, the countries that will be involved. With the ever-increasing change in the world situation, these prophecies, as a warning, offer us the possibility to change our thoughts and actions in order to avert a world-wide catastrophe.Includes 37 pages of full-color photographs! 

40 Replies to “UFO Prophet Billy Meier Celebrates 100th Birthday”

  1. I wondered how many years Billy spent out of our time framework. His body would have aged during that time, even when he came back at the same moment in time that he left. . . . . so his body will be much older than his earthly age. . . . . Congratulations Billy on your 100th year of life on the earth! I have been thinking recently about studies in suspended animation, where someone can be put to sleep for many years and awoken at an appropriate time in the future. Has Billy ever commented on this subject? Just curious.

      1. Sheila, there are studies being done currently about the possibility of preserving a person’s life beyond “death” and apparently the scientists are very close to success. I wondered whether Billy has ever spoken about this with the Plejaren in any of the contact notes. Seriously, it makes as much sense to me as Billy spending some 18 earth years in another time framework. . . .

        1. Hi Carolyn, I can’t remember if Billy ever spoke about cryogenics or freezing/preserving a body after death, but I know for certain that there is no possibility to come back from death. Once the spirit leaves the body in death, it can never come back to that body.

          If I remember correctly, however, when Semjase had her accident, she was put into a state of preservation, but she was not dead. Her spirit had not left her body.

            1. That’s amazing Carolyn. Hopefully the Bilderbergs and other elitists never use this technology to ensure their future survival. 🙂

    1. > I wondered how many years Billy spent out of our time

      Billy is born on February 3th 1937
      100 years later is February 3th 2037
      Ptah said Billy reached the age of 100 years on October 24th 2018.
      So Billy spent 2037/02/03 – 2018/10/24 = 18 Years 3 Months and 10 days out of our time.

      For example on contact 31 he spent 5 days on his great journey but Semjase shift the time to one day.
      One witness saw him the next day when he returns with a beard of 5 days.

      He did other things like going into the past, posting a letter at the post office to himself and return to present time.

        1. Good one Matt! I’m glad you “did” otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I wonder if when they hit the 4th Dumbmention we’ll only be able to see their crazy egos floating around with tiny little straightjackets on? I hope they get there soon. Which begs the question why haven’t they got there already? What a bunch of slackers.

            1. Lol Matt, yes the baggage weight for inter dimensional travel is about 2 oz, isn’t it? So they can’t even pack a toothbrush or comb. It turns a lot of people off simply because their hair is a mess and they have bad breath. The pitfalls of 4th Dumbmention travel that they refuse to tell you about because they’re too busy removing the cash from your wallet. Since cash is under 2 oz they’ll be able to take it with them. Maybe they can spend it at the channeling store or there’s unicorn rides for the courageous. Also there’s a really cool place that sells blue avian poop and other reptilian poop for those that have a poop collection. The imaginary stores are endless.

  2. The more I think about these fraudulent elections, the more angry I become. I’m curious as to how many leaders over the years have been placed in power due to fraud. The world would be a completely different place if the people weren’t robbed of a true democratic process. Every single one of these greedy, power obsessed criminals needs to be completely banished from society and placed on a deserted island with only small primitive hand tools and a book with the spiritual teaching.

    1. Melissa i agree with you 100% The other night I was listening to Jerome Corsi on c2c and he also said the very same thing you just mentioned yes “All these politicians from around the world are “CRIMINALS AND TERRORIST TOO” My explanation “terrorist” “ALL these dark forces MUST be banished from this world and sent along to NEVER EVER reincarnate along with Shastar Sharim!!!” You might as well through in all this worlds religions too etc while we`re at it too!

      1. Terry, every spirit reincarnates. How else will they learn and evolve to be true and decent human beings? Banishment is the way that they learn through manual labor and survival.

  3. Meissa How do you explain Astar Sharim who was killed or will not reincarnate do to his malevolent bad spirit that almost killed Asket?

    1. Terry, his spirit will eventually reincarnate in the DAL Universe. I can’t find the contact report at the moment, but you can read this for now.


      “ASHTAR SHERAN – Is the pseudonym for the extraterrestrial leader Aruseak. He was the cousin of the last boss of the Giza Intelligences Kamagol II, who was striving for world domination. Ashtar Sheran was active on earth in a negative and criminal way, on behalf of Kamagol II and his followers, up to the year 1937.

      Sometime in 1983, Ashtar Sheran and his followers were killed during a failed attack against the Timars (Asket’s planetary nation from our neighboring DAL Universe.) Following the natural laws of Creation, those who died in the DAL Universe will have to incarnate there. Since Ashtar Sheran’s physical body is dead, and his spirit form exists in the DAL Universe, no telepathic or otherwise communication can take place with him or those who exist in the DERN-universe.”

      1. This begs the questions: Is this guy now separated from his storage bank? Does he now only have the essences that were in his sub-consciousness? Or am I missing something, like, the storage banks equivalent are transcribed into the sub-consciousness or are able to travel with him to another Universe?
        I postulate that he just !@#$ed up in a major way! and won’t be able to join the Timars reincarnation cycle; see that planet over there in that other galaxy, you fool, see ya, wouldn’t want want to be ya! ;->

        1. Hi Andrew, yep, he will be in the DAL Universe for a long time I suspect. I can’t find the contact report where they discuss it in more detail, but if memory serves me correctly, he will have to start over with a new storage bank in the DAL Universe. However, everything that was already saved in the overall consciousness block when he died will remain. Hopefully his spirit-form will migrate to a peaceful planet where he can start over and become a good and decent human being. I don’t know how old he was when he was killed, but I have a feeling that he may be on ice for a while.

          1. Considering all the nonsense and false visions Ashtar Sheran was able to give to gullible human beings, I’m glad he’s gone. I wonder if the universe door hit him on the way out? JK
            CR 563 is where you’ll find the explanation.

  4. ” I`m glad Astar Sharim is gone for good! I hope in his next life he will grow up and learn to ne nice and good once and for all times!”

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