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“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”

Anthony A.

There are no shortages of opportunities to write about the ever-deteriorating state of the world, the crises, catastrophes, existing and newly threatening diseases and epidemics, etc.

But while we may become aware and informed regarding things about which we’ve long been warned and that are now upon us, we are not left any the better off, nor really empowered by the information.

Those of us that clearly recognize the reality of the situation, including the inevitability of the impending, unstoppable coming events, can all too easily succumb to the same kinds of avoidance, depression, etc., that other people do, even when they barely recognize the seriousness of the situation.

The most effective remedy I know of is to actually read – think about and implement – the spiritual teaching.

For those who still don’t know, this is the non-religious, belief-free teaching. It couldn’t be more different than the illogical, dogmatic, stagnant religious, sectarian and cultic beliefs and systems  which, in themselves, cause all life and evolution-necessary striving to cease…as is explained in the book, The Way to Live:

“Through this religious-sectarian irrational teaching, every believer’s creational-natural, innate striving, for that which is higher and for the highest possible absolutely full development, is throttled and even eliminated. But, if the human being lacks the striving, then he/she no longer finds and recognizes any Ziele towards which it would be rewarding to work and to live. He/she becomes dependent on religious-sectarian, wrong-philosophical, irrational teachings and dogmas, which every normal-rational human being recognises as absurd. To be a believer means to be without striving, to no longer have any initiative in regard to the natural advancement and to no longer be integrated into any evolution. To be without striving means to stagnate and to wither.”

This concept, its explanation and implications are stunning, shocking in fact when considered in its reality, as evidenced by the ever-imploding effects in the world, i.e. the increased conflicts, terrorism, wars, etc., which at their core are based in the anti-life, anti-evolutionary religious and political beliefs, cultic systems, etc.

This can only be fully realized and experienced through the explanations in the spiritual teaching which, unlike the aforementioned, regressive and degenerative systems, actually antidotes the negative, consciousness-crippling and life-enslaving effects that otherwise ceaselessly take their toll on our physical, emotional and mental well-being, and elevates our consciousness.

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Arahat Athersata, the Psyche and The Way to Live



Arahat Athersata, the Decalogue and The Way to Live

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157 Replies to “The Spiritual Teaching Books”

  1. I feel this blog could use some degree of humour … [humor] in the mighty US of A spelling. Meier seems to have a sense of humor, MH seems to have a semblance of a humor bone in him … so … let us all [humour] each other! Otherwise, I’m not interested in this blog any longer. To DWELL on the negatives is clearly evident here.

  2. So a Swiss German speaking time travel goes back to 14th century France and meets with a Rabbi, who’s also a scientist, the rabbi tells the time traveler “cool flashlight” the time travel asks the rabbi “ can I have that ruler?” The rabbi replies “No, don’t you know the rules, thanks for the flashlight though so I can study light” (a future funny)

    1. Actually, since my silliness [above] somewhat prevails, and that I display a lack of reasonableness, for the time being it’s best that I allow further consultation with MOTT. Hopefully it isn’t a laughing matter …

  3. Imagine if the pope rocked up to one of those gatherings they’ve been having at the Vatican wearing cord dungarees and a bag of vitamins over his shoulder like Santa clause, that would be as embarrassing as our ancestors and their twerpy little forefathers with their edge-of-the-earth beliefs and their eternal punishment delusions, can you imagine if Christianity carried on for another hundred years, what a horribly embarrassing thing to pass over to your great grandchildren. If I were normal I’d be embarrassed of my ancestors wildly fanatical fantasy delusions and religious cackery, and I am normal, so I am, they’re a bunch of heavily outdated century-tossers, they throw centuries out the window. Can you imagine what our world would look like if all of our governments were very closely allied with these religious monkeys, we would have to overthrow the whole thing, they’d all have to go theoretically.

  4. I’m no Ancient Overlord, but in the words of the Ancient Sirian Overlords. “May the Earth human put an end to the abuse of their own bodies”

  5. So, in sharing with this blog, here’s an example of how I am to change my thinking … from pg. 108 of MOTT, “Truthly, negative thoughts and feelings – which emerge in conscious and controliable form as well as unconscious and uncontrollable form – are just as necessary to life as are the positive. It is therefore wrong to fight the normal , ‘healthy’ negative thoughts and feelings. But it is therefore also wrong to assume, or to support the view, that thoughts alone could not produce any true feelings, because it is effectively just the thoughts alone which can create feelings; only that this very often does not happen consciously, rather unconsciously.”

  6. I am so convinced I needed to purchase and read this published genius! I’m even willing to endure the repetitive himself/herself and the he/she’s etc. Thanks to the Creation! Thank you “Billy” Meier! From page 140 of MOTT – “The complex of the Creational laws is the ruling principle in the universe; there is no room in it for confusion, just as there is no room in it for unfairness. The laws of the Creation are namely the primal-principle of the life, and this primal-principle is based on love, in which unbiased, uniform fairness prevails, which guarantees an equivalence of all life. The primal-principle of love and fairness thereby becomes the driving power, and the nature of the life. And, thereby, for the human being’s spiritual life, it is not the corruption, rather the righteousness which becomes the connecting and motivating power. And since that is actually so, the human being has to constantly vindicate himself/ herself before himself/herself, before he/she is able to find out the laws of Creation, that is to say the laws of the universe, the laws of the universal consciousness – are right. And during the process of vindication before himself/herself, the human being is able to see and recognise that he/she does not only change himself/herself in a positive sense, rather that also the situations and the other human beings change in relation to him/her. But this in fact only happens when the individual himself/herself changes his/her thoughts in regard to situations and other human beings and in regard to the whole environment.”

  7. Maoa, the genetic artificial predisposition gene that the whole humanity of earth has unfortunately inherited which has left us humans of the earth with only 0.10% of natural allotment time of existence (because an average human without this gene can live up 1000 years).
    Apparently this gene MAOA is “natural accruing in” “man’s best friend”…canines. This would explain why Billy has stated humans of earth acts as “dogs cringing with their teeth.” I sense from the obvious genetic manipulations of animals and humans as for example lying still in time as the SphinX. In otherwords I sense the “creator overlords” or benifactors known the Siren Overlords, extracted the MA0A gene from the canine species.

    1. Salome, Luis. Can you provide a source where the Plejaren implicated that gene with the aging gene/genetic defect?

      I think your estimate has to be off, because the “warrior gene” as some call it, is not universally present in everyone, but the genetic defect is.

      I might be off base, but I think that the aging gene is really “just” an aging gene in a way, and a lot of what we call sin is really just people rushing to savour life before their time expires.

      Meditating on reincarnation is a natural remedy, although it’s hard at times. Because meditation on reincarnation, and meditating on the fact that despite broken dreams, the future holds the promise of fulfilled wishes, is equalising and harmonising …

      1. The genetic defect and the warrior gene are one and the same thing in my understanding. This genetic defect will naturally correct itself over time after many, many years of natural evolution. Some folks have evolved to be more peaceful than others, but we all still have the warrior gene to some degree. Granted, some folks are much more pronounced in their violence and barbarism, but I think if you go back and read about the “original sin” in the contact reports, you’ll find that we all have this defect.

        The warrior class was genetically manipulated to have a shortened life span so that they would get old and die off quickly before they could band together and overthrow their creators. This obviously failed miserably because they never manipulated our intelligence or ability to love and have compassion. There’s so many different evolutional levels on this planet and that makes it seem like some are not affected because they are more peaceful and much higher evolved. Compared to the Plejaren and other non-manipulated peoples in the Universe, even our higher evolved folks are still barbaric and carry some warrior characteristics.

        1. if you notice specifically in contact report 649 respectfully Ptaah after explaining his fathers explanations.

          It has to be said about these conversations that in the meantime – since my father’s instruction and explanation in 1947 – Earthly scientists have discovered gene manipulation, BUT HAVE NO IDEA THAT IT IS AN ARTIFICIALLY CREATED GENE MANIPULATION of the X chromosome of male and female humans by the Sirians, SO THEY REGARD THE WHOLE THING AS A WHIM OF NATURE. –

          “SO THEY REGARD THE WHOLE THING AS A WHIM OF NATURE. “ in other words terrestrial scientist assume its “naturally accruing from nature “ (when In fact its artificial) until how many more decades and years of wars?

          What’s the time course in history that terrestrial scientist discover MAOA is NOT “natural accruing”
          Let me take guess….when they find fragments of bones from archaeological sites, run test with conclusions of MAOA not being within the results. Instead of nonsensical wars, further overpopulation (please read contact report 646) because the gene has correlations to earths issues.

          1. Exactly! Ptaah always mentions that Earth’s scientists aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are.

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