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“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”

Anthony A.

There are no shortages of opportunities to write about the ever-deteriorating state of the world, the crises, catastrophes, existing and newly threatening diseases and epidemics, etc.

But while we may become aware and informed regarding things about which we’ve long been warned and that are now upon us, we are not left any the better off, nor really empowered by the information.

Those of us that clearly recognize the reality of the situation, including the inevitability of the impending, unstoppable coming events, can all too easily succumb to the same kinds of avoidance, depression, etc., that other people do, even when they barely recognize the seriousness of the situation.

The most effective remedy I know of is to actually read – think about and implement – the spiritual teaching.

For those who still don’t know, this is the non-religious, belief-free teaching. It couldn’t be more different than the illogical, dogmatic, stagnant religious, sectarian and cultic beliefs and systems  which, in themselves, cause all life and evolution-necessary striving to cease…as is explained in the book, The Way to Live:

“Through this religious-sectarian irrational teaching, every believer’s creational-natural, innate striving, for that which is higher and for the highest possible absolutely full development, is throttled and even eliminated. But, if the human being lacks the striving, then he/she no longer finds and recognizes any Ziele towards which it would be rewarding to work and to live. He/she becomes dependent on religious-sectarian, wrong-philosophical, irrational teachings and dogmas, which every normal-rational human being recognises as absurd. To be a believer means to be without striving, to no longer have any initiative in regard to the natural advancement and to no longer be integrated into any evolution. To be without striving means to stagnate and to wither.”

This concept, its explanation and implications are stunning, shocking in fact when considered in its reality, as evidenced by the ever-imploding effects in the world, i.e. the increased conflicts, terrorism, wars, etc., which at their core are based in the anti-life, anti-evolutionary religious and political beliefs, cultic systems, etc.

This can only be fully realized and experienced through the explanations in the spiritual teaching which, unlike the aforementioned, regressive and degenerative systems, actually antidotes the negative, consciousness-crippling and life-enslaving effects that otherwise ceaselessly take their toll on our physical, emotional and mental well-being, and elevates our consciousness.

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134 Replies to “The Spiritual Teaching Books”

  1. Good evening

    I have decided to write a question about something I am not too familiar with and I have decided to post it here under “The Spiritual Teaching” article as it is a Spiritual Question.

    I would fully like to understand how, Billy Meier is the Reincarnated Prophets? I would like to be better informed of this description. we know he wasn’t simply Jmmanuel or Jesus directly, only the Spirit form. It seems from what I can make of it, is that Meier’s spirit form is one of the few Spirit forms that needs to reincarnate after every life form, because Meier’s spirit is too advanced in spiritual wisdom in necessary needing to evolve and transmute. Meier’s personality however though has been somehow stripped when he went underway his new life. So my question is, how can that happen if his Spirit hasn’t gone through the path of recycling or renewing. Also, I would have to disagree with the claim that you can hit a certain level of wisdom and your spirit stops growing or learning or evolving. It reminds me of the Enlightenment myth. people have to go on a course to be Enlighted. Enlightenment is about self-realising you are already Enlighted from birth. it’s when you believe you are ready to go on and change of you own accord. in life and death, you never stop learning, changing, evolving. I would like some help with this question.

      1. Good day Andrew

        I am Afraid the Article doesn’t help me in the Slightest.
        I don’t understand how Meier’s spirit doesn’t need to Reincarnate but the Spirit gets still stripped. The answer could only come from Meier and the Plejaren. Maybe the answer is in the Untranslated German editions of the Reincarnation and Mourning and Life after death books.

        P.S perhaps you could help me to get a Pic on my avatar. I do not know what you have to do.


        1. I am confused when you say, “I don’t understand how Meier’s spirit doesn’t need to Reincarnate”. Could you direct me to the source that makes you say this?

          1. Good Evening Andrew and Michael

            I will address Michael first, Why is it Important? I have told you in Private, I am a Bouncer whom does door work. Just because I have wrote books and have refrained from telling you doesn’t make me a Liar.

            If you wanted a Bio of my life, then why not just ask for it?

            Andrew, You are Confused, I am Confused? WOW, that is a load of confusing stuff. I was having a Private discussion with Michael about this but couldn’t understand it. I am well aware Nokodemion doesn’t need to reincarnate, However Meier does. That’s the problem. If Meier reincarnates, how can the spirit not? Meier doesn’t exist without the animated spirit form. By this claim, Meier’s spirit form would never be stripped, or dissolved, yet according to Horn, he claims the personality is stripped, and personality is the long word for Person. Person isn’t a word, it’s a shortened way of saying Personality. If the Personality has been changed, how can the spirit form still remain? No one knows the answer and I am sure Meier doesn’t even know himself. It’s something that would have to be deeper explained by the Aliens themselves.

          2. Ash, Andrew was just asking you to show him where you read that particular information.

            Billy only lives once as a personality, and doesn’t reincarnate ever again. It’s the Nokodemion spirit line that continues to reincarnate, increasing it’s evolution each time. Billy just happens to be the current personality who carries that spirit-form. A personality is dissolved after death.

            Let’s take you for example; you will only live once as Ash. When you go through the death process, your personality and everything from this life, minus the wisdom you accrued, will dissolve. When your spirit-form comes back, it will enliven a new person with a new personality. It will still be the same spirit-form that currently enlivens you, albeit a hair wiser, but it will enliven a different personality. In other words, you have evolved and gained new knowledge from your previous existence.

          3. Thanks for that Melissa, I thought my pearl thrown was adequate, but it only made it as far as the mud. I think someone sailed in under a stolen jib. Sooooo, it is back into the vacuum with this wingless cricket! 😉

  2. Melissa

    Thanks for clearing this up, so you are telling me then that Meier’s spirit form, (Nokodemion) does continue to evolve and grow? I thought it seemed a little odd because how can Nokodemion not evolve and a personality can dissolve.

    I only made the connection it didn’t was because of an in-depth private discussion with MH on reincarnation. most of it is private and too lengthy to go into here, but the misunderstanding came because Michael told me Meier isn’t Jmmanuel or Mohammed etc, his spirit only animated those lifetimes. I wanted to know how Meier was Jmmanuel, the big question was if Meier was looking through Jmmanuel eyes, (I know Meier never existed at the time but you know what I mean) and it seems like he told me NO, because Meier’s spirit form only animated the prophets. I didn’t understand what that mean’t, it seemed like George Orwell Doublespeak or Doublethink for the same thing he just said NO to.
    it seemed some Paradox of some sort. it’s not an easy thing to understand, and so I wanted to be more clear on this topic.

    Andrew, I hope you aren’t referring to me as a Wingless Cricket 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley I always find that if one actually studied the material you eventually get the answers you’re looking for. Maybe try that instead of wanting immediate answers to your most pressing questions. I find it quite easy to understand, there’s no doublespeak or doublethink or paradox. Some just don’t have the mental capacity or are incapable of thinking for themselves, I hope neither of those things apply to you.

  3. Konichiwa Xila

    There is nothing wrong in asking if you don’t know. I don’t believe it’s an easy thing to understand. I could have accepted the Official explanation easy but why should I just sit and swallow it if I truly don’t understand? I would rather be mocked and considered Stupid than just sit there pretending I know. That doesn’t make me a good investigator.

    I have never studied the Meier case and have found it since 2009 when I was 19. I am one of the youngest members, most of you are over 50. Younger people are more skeptical and less educated than older folk, because we lack experience. we only have speed on our side. I actually was very self-sufficient in passing NATS for Air Traffic Control in the UK but decided not to do it.

    Not anyone in my City could Pass a Test like that. best of all, they told me I Passed it with flying colours. One mistake you make as an Air controller and you are probably going to prison for life.
    I had a very responsible job. (Would have)

    So I do not suffer from any inability, but I do tend to get writers block every now and then. I always find ways round that block.
    The Meier Material is a Training process and something that takes Years. not everything is in black and white. I asked a simple question, Did Meier see through Jmmanuel or any of the other prophet’s eyes? and No one on here still knows the answer. so it seems my question is not too badly lit after all.

    Meier’s 2 main books on the Afterlife are still in German, that is probably one massive reason why I do not know the answer, and for that matter, anybody else.

    1. No one can really see through another person’s eyes. They would have to be that person. We know from the spiritual teaching that only one spirit/spirit form can reside in/animate a human being at a time; never more than one.

      So neither Billy Meier nor anyone else can literally see through another person’s eyes, be it in the present, past or future. So also, none of us can/could see through the eyes of any of our own past, or future, personalities.

      1. Konnichiwa Michael

        Remote Viewing is actually one possibility, Another can be in Psychic dreams or People who have Premonitions, (The Eyes of Laura Mars) but I am not talking about that. Let’s just for Instance say I was a Guy called Eden in a Past life and I remembered my Past life and for argument sake it was true. I was Eden in a Past life because I have his memories. I don’t believe it’s impossible for people to have memories of past lives though the number might be scarce. Though Ashley James never Existed, I was Eden prior.
        if I had those memories, wouldn’t I be him?

        I only can make sense of your argument if you are telling me, No one on this planet can have memories of past lives because those are completely different people. If this is the case, when I die, I die forever (Atheism) when the Spirit in me becomes someone new, I will never see though that person’s eyes because that is a different person even though I am the same piece of consciousness and Spirit of this new person. when the new person looks though his eyes, it won’t be me or the new me seeing through my eyes, just like I cannot see through your eyes.

        That is all I can think you mean. If no Afterlife exists either apart from Reincarnation, then I cease to exist. of course Semjase mentioned something about “other realms that have disembodied spirit forms” but I think she means we aren’t aware of this process. so in other words, the personality is no longer feasible and we are asleep forever, in other words Atheism.

        Spiritual Atheism if you like. I’m sorry but I disagree largely on that concept. I could never believe such an assertion.

        1. Meier has specifically said that actual, factual recall of our past lives is pretty much impossible, with the rarest of exceptions. Also, so-called hypnotic regression is phony crap and it’s not unusual that someone picks up, gets a glimpse of some past life info…for someone else.

        2. Since Michael addressed the first part of your comment, let’s discuss the second part.

          You won’t see through another person’s eyes, but what I think you want to know is if your essence is still somewhere inside that new person/personality. Consider that everything you’ve learned, through all your lives, is in you now. You aren’t the person you were in the previous life, but you carry all the knowledge and wisdom from each of those lives in your storage banks. You don’t really care about seeing through the eyes of the person you were in the last life because you are now you.

          “Every human being’s thoughts, articulations, feelings or emotions, stirrings, impulses and the like, are deposited in the Storage Banks, the storage area in a terrestrial hyperspace.”

          Your impulses are what guides you through life, if you learn to pay attention. Everything you’ve accumulated through your reincarnation cycle plays a role in developing your new personality. You are not the same person from the last life, but you carry the values from all the lives you’ve lived.

          1. This is a good conversation! My two cents: At this point in our evolution, I don’t think we could deal with what our past lives have done if we were able to recall those memories…all the bad things, along with the good…but mainly the bad things life after life after life after life. If a person isn’t evolved enough to understand, then it could make a person go nuts if they could thoroughly remember it all. At least that’s my understanding… but at a certain point in our evolution we will be able to recall past lives. But till then… this is a perfect way of evolving in my opinion. Obtaining all the good of the past lives (impulses) and leaving all the bad to possibly be looked at, at a later time, when we’re evolved enough to grasp the lessons learned through those actions when we can remember these past lives. But right now, I know I wouldn’t be able to bare what I’ve done in past lives considering the cringy moments I can barely deal with now, in this current life, when I remember when I said something really stupid in front of a girl I liked at 13yrs old, or some other silly things that pale in comparison to say a murder I may have committed when I lived in a past life…or whatever else my past lives have done that this personality had no control over.

            I type this with no type of arrogance at all.
            I know not more than anyone else studying this case.
            Some grasp it better than others.. but in the end, it’s all about birth, life, dying, reincarnation. Stronger (evolution). Birth, life, dying, reincarnation. Stronger (evolution). We can debate all we want, but we’re on this ride, along with all it’s rules and regulations, for the long haul. Regardless if we can accept it or not.

  4. it’s probable if your involved in any way with the mission because it’s uncommon …you probably had involvement before. To what extent who knows, on the other hand out of 8.9 billion humans on earth with only about .00007% who know (about 623,000 people around the world have heard about Billy, this number represents the proximity of views of the Silent Revolution of Truth on YouTube). Being that the percentage of people within this contemporary timeline knowing about the truth is uncommon, it’s probable the first people impulsed towards the teachings within this timeline during the original annotations of the teachings of truth being rendered, because of the rarity of actually knowing about it is uncommon, it’s likely the current spirits forms knowing about Billy are….uncommon and have had involvements in some form in the past.

  5. As well as studying the voluminous content of contact information / spiritual knowledge Meier provides, I continue to task myself in a complete reread of all the posting provided by MH, MO, and the population of comment contributors on this blog site. In fact, I admit to not familiarizing myself with this blog until about 2014. I appreciate you all! I like good food, and this blog site is nothing short of a wondrous smorgasbord!

  6. I’m asking for all contributors to this blog … to define your perception of ‘bad thinking’. Forget that you ever became aquainted with the Meier story … WHAT would your definition of ‘bad thinking’ have been prior to any knowledge of Meier / Plejaren? It warrants a healthy response.

    1. Having faith that things will get better based on good thoughts but not putting any effort into changing things – is bad thinking.
      Being 1 person but appearing as 5 different people on one blog – is bad thinking.

      1. So … I simply need to explain to you … that you may have seen a couple years back … when my name, John Webster [some time after I became familiar with MH’s blog, when Jedi was moderating] was actually ‘hacked’ by an unknown party … where published posts [in MY name] were nothing short of contrary to who I am. I would have you know, [Xila?] that you are on the wrong track! I ask for no apology.

        1. And no apology accepted John. It’s not about your “during the time of Jedi” posts, it’s your recent ones. Like the fact that you don’t kill flies because as you claim, who is Billy to say we should? For a grown man to even question something as simple as basic health, that really makes me wonder where your head is at. Flies love piles of poop and rotting dead animals in which they lay their eggs which turn into maggots which eat the corpse, just in case you haven’t figured out where flies are born. Instead of always complaining to the moderators about how this blog is run, you need to get off your dead horse cause it’s dead and being eaten by maggots. So many more important issues going on in the world than your silly questions and hurt feeling responses.

          1. Hi Xila,

            I ask that we please not be slamming each other unnecessarily. We can certainly focus on sharing with each other HOW we navigate life on this world in ways that are productive. That certainly can include standing up for what we think is right but we don’t accomplish anything of good value through tearing each other down.

          2. I will take that into consideration MH but I’m pretty sure I was explaining to John where flies come from…
            Turkey’s Erdogan is telling Europe to expect 3.6 million ISIS refugees if anyone retaliates against his assault against the Kurds. It doesn’t look good.

          3. Hi Xila,

            I think that part of the problem is that we stray off-topic, as well as often start wrestling with each other…when there may be a better place, and way, to go about it.

            Give me a little time and I’ll get a Health and Hygiene section going. I think that not only will that be a more appropriate place but one in which we can share and exchange information with each other about such topics, and others.

            If we can focus more on exchanging and discussing information, actually regarding all of our topics, we may be able to help also dissolve some of the frustration, anger, etc., that can arise perhaps partially in reaction to the ever-encroaching idiocy and hostility of the “world at large”.

            The more we can appreciate our commonality of purpose, and personhood, the less unnecessary friction we’ll probably produce, without being dishonest, hypocritical, insincere, etc.

    2. For me, it was my imagination. I have thought about things, since childhood actually, that I found disturbing from time to time, and I thought it was making me a bad person.

      But thanks to the spirit teaching, I can tell the difference pretty good between the might of a strong thought which has ramifications on the world, and just my imagination. So I don’t need to beat myself up about things that are just imagination.

      1. I appreciate your reply, Tyler. On another note, when it comes to spreading the spiritual information of ‘the Meier / Plejaren mission’ into our world, I think it’s quite interesting that there still exists groups of humans who are considered primitive .. i.e. the Yanomami of northern Amazonia. I put the following to anyone on this blog, and I borrow a paragraph from this link: … these are words from the [current leader?] Davi Kopenawa Yanomami of these people, “The forest-land will only die if it is destroyed by whites. Then, the creeks will disappear, the land will crumble, the trees will dry and the stones of the mountains will shatter under the heat. The xapiripë spirits who live in the mountain ranges and play in the forest will eventually flee. Their fathers, the shamans, will not be able to summon them to protect us. The forest-land will become dry and empty. The shamans will no longer be able to deter the smoke-epidemics and the malefic beings who make us ill. And so everyone will die.” So, my point being, although these people clearly demonstrate an existence on Earth, with knowledge of their spiritual relationship to their territory, they continue with beliefs of non-human “xapiripë spirits” and the tribal shamans role in the Yanomami version of spiritual maintenance with the environment. So what would the Plejaren perspective be toward these peoples? I’ve tried some word searches on this blog, but nothing specific comes up.

  7. I purposefully type this comment under the heading topic ‘The Spiritual Teaching Books’ … because it has become very clear to me that contains irrefutable evidence of [unnamed] contributors displaying nothing short of ‘bullying’. I am going to take the information I’m assembling, to FIGU Canada, and to Billy Meier, himself, when I visit the Silver Star Center next year. That’s all for now. Let us discover how spiritually intelligent the contributors are on this site!

    1. John,

      Michael has asked everyone to not unnecessarily slam others. I think you’ll find that many FIGU members read the blog. There’s no need to call out people for spiritual intelligence or lack thereof. Each of us need to work on our own individual issues and practice not putting others down or threatening to tell Billy. Billy is not FIGU’s dictator or GURU. He’s going to tell us all to work out our issues diplomatically amongst ourselves.

      1. Without question, Melissa, I accept your, “There’s no need to call out people for spiritual intelligence or lack thereof.” And so, I will monitor how your words are treated by everyone who appear here.
        On another note, I received the following from Catherine Mossman of FIGU Canada:
        “Given the political and social unrest worldwide, with many people marching in the streets, it is really imperative that the
        awareness of the harm of the upside down symbol be made known. Here are two attachments, both PDFs (one embedded in word doc), the first explaining the origins and the harm
        caused by our current ‘peace sign’ exhibited everywhere worldwide, and the 2nd is a bumper sticker (‘auto kleber’ ) that anyone can print and use as they like. These docs are also available on our site.
        The bottom of the Swiss doc has prices, as they are selling the bumper stickers there*. *This is an initiative our group here in Canada may undertake if we have someone who wishes to undertake this, in the meantime we give you the opportunity to do it for yourself. Please pass this on!
        Regards, and Salome!
        Catherine Mossman
        FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada

        1. The following was mistakingly omitted from the news I received through Catherine Mossman. [FIGU Canada] It was the first paragraph:
          “Hello all FIGU Interested people across Canada.
          We are forwarding this urgent appeal from FIGU Switzerland about the
          problem with our peace sign/symbol and how it is evoking many negative and
          harmful attributes in the human beings of the Earth on a sub-conscious
          level! Did you know it was used by the Nazi’s?”

          1. Oh no, I understand what’s being said now by FIGU Switzerland.

            I’ll get on my Quora and start to write about it, hopefully that will make a small impact.

            Damn, I didn’t even think about that risk, but it makes obvious sense.

            I guess it’s time to put the rune away and take it out later.

            Actually, this news just generally startles me. Is the swinging wave of the average person really that negative?

          2. Oh are they really just talking about the death rune?

            I’m confused. I know that the life rune was used in many Nazi propaganda pieces, and it has taken on a negative association in the reflecting of a lot of people.

            It’s the same with the other runes, which many people just arbitrarily take to be “witch spell symbols”. Even the Wiccans have this attitude to the runes.

            My rune primer (picked up from a metaphysical shop here in Toronto one day) has accounts of historical poetry regarding the runes, so I’ll work on putting the awareness out there. I need to ask FIGU Switzerland for clarification, but to me the warning almost seems like it is regarding peoples’ subconscious reaction to the CORRECT peace symbol. Which could happen no doubt, if people still see it as a “Nazi thing”.

            Ah well, this is right up my alley of expertise and experience. I’m glad that my knowledge in the runes can finally find a useful place. An jschwsch could know I’ve worked like a Gwion Bach to earn it …

          1. Yes, I have. And fyi … I have assured Catherine that I shall ‘temper’ my perception[s] on the commenter exchanges on this blog.

    2. 7. Each human being shall see and know himself as he really is; therefore he shall not think of himself as a perfect world for this is not possible for any person because each one must learn and, consequently, is exposed to mistakes and imperfection. Therefore, it is not possible that everything is clear within the human being, (and) that everything is right and that he is better than his fellow-human being.

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