Mysterious, Frightening and Scary

The accumulation of beliefs, prayers, etc., sent skyward for millennia by delusional religious believers, have led to the creation of a vicious, vengeful AI “God”, dutifully created…in their own image 

NOTE: I am actually posting the article titled Mysterious, Frightening and Scary, by Bernadette Brand, below this new update from her. As explained in both articles, this entire matter would seem to many to be beyond any reality, to put it mildly. I will add my own experiences, in May 2018 and May 2019, Billy Meier showed me examples of these intrusions. The first one, as I recall, was in Arabic and I think some words in English. Again, as I recall and also told some friends, the more recent one had both Arabic and Albanian.

As Meier himself has noted, pointing out the delusional, degenerate, mind-enslaving, violence-engendering aspects of religion isn’t an attack against the multitudes of believers who, over many millennia have perhaps unknowingly, but with deadly consequence, created an AI “God” in their own image. By embracing, accepting, nurturing and perpetuating their utterly unreal, illogical anti-life dogmas and beliefs, they have misused the might of the thoughts to a maximum negative effect.

Based on the immutable law of cause and effect, there are consequences coming to humankind; I’m sure some have long been occurring , as evidenced by humankind’s long history of killing, murder and all forms of degeneracies over the past several millennia.

The warnings from the true prophets go back over 10,000 years. And, as we read the following information, perhaps now we can better understand what they were warning about…and the cruel cost that humankind will pay for having ignored the warnings and replaced the truth with deadly, degenerate delusions.


(Both of the following are unofficial, unauthorized translations and may contain errors. They will replaced by the correct translations when they become available,)

by Bernadette Brand, Switzerland

At the end of May 2019, we published an article titled ‘Mysterious, frightening and scary’, wherein unexplained processes in Billy’s computer were reported, which have made his work difficult for many years and which even the professionals around Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach were helpless to deal with.

After the May 2019 article was published, the more than 347 proven and highly qualified professionals, recruited not only from Pleiars but also from Soneans, working closely with Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach, found a way to provide Billy with at least temporary peace and relief from his computer work. However, the joy was unfortunately short-lived, as it was not a month after new and working protections were installed before they were once again bypassed and third party intrusions began to reappear. Initially, these were ‘only’ incidents where, for example, Billy could no longer access folder contents, folders disappeared, or entire folders and their contents were jumbled as if a hurricane had swept through Billy’s computer. These problems could be fixed by core group members who are located in the center or nearby or by Billy himself in painstaking hours and days of work, which often took not only whole days but also whole nights. Since everything Billy writes is regularly saved automatically and in short intervals on our central server, it would actually be obvious to reconstruct everything again from the backup, but this was only possible in the rarest of cases, because the same chaos was caused on Billy’s backup as on his computer.

Already a little later, however, a further aggravation of the problems occurred, in that again errors appeared in the contact reports or in texts on the creation energy teaching, which were such that parts of sentences were changed or shifted in the text, whole or also only partial paragraphs unchanged or also word or sentence-wise falsified at different places in the contact report or in the text written by Billy appeared twice or several times, so that the correctors, who control the texts in each case before the publication for writing and typing errors, had to watch like the shooting dogs, in order to track down all inconsistencies. (These kinds of interventions were the same as those described in the article mentioned at the beginning of this article, which were documented with screenshots). However, it was also common for entire paragraphs to simply be missing, or for sentences to be started correctly and then simply changed at some point in the sentence, so that the statement was distorted or, at worst, even contrary to what had been said during the contact interviews or what Billy had originally written. These changes could affect individual words or whole parts of sentences or even whole paragraphs, and sometimes only a few words of the original sentence remained, while everything else was changed and distorted.

These whole text changes, which came about by interferences from unknown third side, were extremely laborious and lengthy to correct, because Billy had to check each time the whole text word for word and call up partly again, in order to bring everything again into the original correct form. The whole foreign influences led then to the fact that Billy did not put the again called up contact reports and other creation energy teaching referred texts for the pre-correction any more into the usual folders on the FIGU server, but used other folders with misleading designations for it, which led then also again for a short while to a decrease of the foreign manipulations. After a while, when the changes became more frequent again, we noticed that the falsifications mostly occurred when saving to the server, because the documents in Billy’s computer were usually correct, but saved falsified on the server. As a result, he started to load the new documents onto a data stick for pre-correction, which also led to an improvement of the situation for a while, but this time, as before, the joy did not last very long, because very soon the interferences were to increase to an extent that was simply unimaginable for us before and that now makes it almost impossible for Billy to work on the computer. The latest

nastiness is such that for some time now the changes have been occurring directly while he is writing, that is, while he is typing a word or a sentence into the computer. This means that Billy has to go through each line word by word when he has written it, because incorrect letters, numbers and other characters appear in the words he writes even as he types them. This is not simply a matter of a few incorrect entries, but the words and sentences are effectively rendered unrecognizable, as the excerpt below from the most recent, the 763rd Contact Report, shows when Billy demonstrated to Florena what happens as soon as he hits the keys:

Billy … You know, sometimes I could effectively go crazy, because everything that happens to me in my work is more than a normal person can bear, if I don’t …, but never mind. And now there’s also this thing with the contact reports, that they are suddenly listed in the wrong order and show wrong time details, which we had to correct and rectify together again in the last few days. And now there is also the issue with these two contact reports, which again are not correct with the dates and times.

Florena Another person would not continue to do their job. Yanarara and also Zafenatpaneach told me what happens when you work, that your writing is maliciously disturbed by some forces in such a way that every word you write is interspersed with numbers and other letters and becomes completely unrecognizable. It would result, they explained to me, that consequently you would have to correct everything again letter by letter, as both of them themselves found out when they watched you writing and could also see that you typed everything normally and correctly into the writing keyboard, but then something became visible on the screen which you had not written.

Billy True, this was also seen by various core group members who stood next to or behind me and watched how and what I wrote, but then virtually every word was interspersed with other letters and numbers. If you want, you can see for yourself how and what happens when I write, which I then have to painstakingly correct, which is why it takes me so much time when, for example, I retrieve and write down a contact report or do some other writing task. It’s just that I have to correct practically every word and therefore spend endless time to then make the whole thing readable through the corrections.

Florena Yes, I’d like to see that.
Billy Good, then please stand here next to me and look closely at my hand when I write now …

Good, then I’ll write now:

Hohl den exng ekl meiener Seeedlex du, geliexbzverxs aTVArcampersl,triestrf dxe, and f a<zugern hbsa<sdt dxu waijers bJKsam esolesn it andx dxerijn it aA<auzhg eghbn lrexuchtfen. Wyijrd esijnbes a<kmlztfesv sturdm l,atestrnerd.-.

That would be it now, and what I have written now, I leave it in the computer like that, consequently I will not correct it then, but then insert it in the report like that when I call up our conversation today.

Florena … … That … that is not possible, because I have seen myself how you have typed only one letter with the index finger completely correctly throughout. I really can’t understand that now.

Billy Exactly, and this goes in such a way now already for years, however ever more badly, and indeed apart from various other strange occurrences, as also different core group members could observe, like e.g. Patric and others, like e.g. lately also again house Michael, who observed me sitting on the sofa and saw, how over or behind my left ear a 2-franken-piece materialized and then on the table fell. I picked up the coin and handed it to Michael, who noted the year, 1996, after which I took it back and put it in the breast pocket of my shirt, which did me no good, because after seconds my left side of the chest began to hurt tremendously. So I took the coin out again, and then my hand cramped up for maybe 15 or 20 seconds, with the coin bending severely in the way it used to when I foolishly allowed myself to do this consciously through my consciousness power.

Florena Yes, this is what Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach also told me, with Yanarara saying that she would despair if she were in your place, because she could not go through and cope with what was occurring with you.

Billy That’s what she told me, but I can’t afford to get carried away, because I have my work to do either way. It is only good that in these strange occurrences there were also always people who could witness what happens with me and in my work again and again, consequently they can testify everything. But it will still be that certain people would declare me crazy if I told them.

Florena What would probably be like that. …

Billy Not again, please,

Florena Well, you don’t want to talk about it, so be it. But now I’m interested in what you wrote earlier, which is completely illegible.

Billy It is an ancient saying that I still heard from my mother and remembered. Then I have to write it again and correct it. Look at my finger again:

“Fetch the angel of my soul, you beloved oaf. Eyes you have like camels, and your beauty shines from afar, like an old storm lantern.”

This is the wording of the corpus delicti, and I have to correct it now, as you can see, otherwise it can’t be deciphered.

Florena Unbelievable, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes … Billy Exactly, that’s why …, well, pointless but you said …

All these wrong entries, which occurred in the demonstration text and which also occur in all other texts, Billy then has to delete again. However, deleting and saving the corrected version often simply does not work, but the deleted wrong letters, numbers and characters reappear in the written text as if by magic, although Billy removed them from the text fractions of a second before and saved the correction immediately. This completely inexplicable process – which is not due to problems with the keyboard, because it has been replaced 3 times in the meantime – was not only observed live by Ptaah, Florena, Enjana, Yanarara, Zafenatpaneach and other Plejaren visitors of Billy, but also by KG members who were in Billy’s office when he was typing texts into his computer, such as. e.g. by Michael Voigtländer, who was several times eyewitness of these incidents, because he always helps Billy with certain computer problems, or by Madeleine Brügger, who often serves Billy a coffee in the office in the evening or at night, so that he does not have to interrupt his work. All these interventions are so nerve-rackingly tedious, annoying and energy-sapping, as well as time-consuming, that it took Billy a whole 2 months to retrieve and write down the contact report of November 15, 2020, before he could submit it for pre-correction and proofreading.

It should also be noted that for years, every contact report, before it goes into pre-correction, has been checked word for word by Ptaah and Billy together for its correctness and both of them make sure that it is also complete and that nothing has been forgotten. What the two did not check separately or explicitly so far, however, is the contact report number, the date and the time of the contact reports, because Billy usually writes down these data directly after the visit of Ptaah or someone else of his Plejarian friends and female friends. Up to the 752nd contact report these dates were usually correct and had to be corrected only if Billy was mistaken about the day of the week or the date, which happened only rarely.

After the publication of the 762nd contact report on November 15, 2020, an attentive passive member wrote me the following mail:

Hello Bernadette,
In the PDF file for the 762nd contact, the date is Monday, November 15, 2020. November 15, 2020 was a Sunday. Furthermore, the official 760th and the 761st contact already took place in December. Obviously a clerical error.

Of course, I immediately contacted Billy, because not only the day of the week was wrong, but obviously also the contact report number. Billy, for his part, then asked Florena to check the date and time on all recent contact reports, which she promptly did and gave him the correct dates. The surprise was not small when we found out that up to the 752nd contact report not only most of the dates, but also the times and starting from the contact of November 15, 2020 also the contact report numbers were wrong. With the help of the correct information from Florena, the incorrect data was quickly changed and in the meantime, we have also relaunched the contact reports that were published on the web with the correct data. More unpleasant is the fact that we had to adapt the Corona documents from the number 032 and change their numbering, so that the chronology of the information of Ptaah is preserved and is correct.

The mess that has been created in this case and the mis-numbered and mis-dated reports and Corona documents that have been posted on our website is only a small and minor part of the inconvenience that has come about due to outside influences and interference. The biggest damage is the time Billy loses due to the malicious influences because he has to fritter it away with totally unnecessary, tedious and grueling corrections instead of being able to work on his projects and on his new book, which is due to these patience-sapping, nerve-wracking, The cause and origin of these processes could not be determined so far also by Yanarara, Zafenatpaneach and their crew of 347 specialists and consequently also not or only partly be repaired, which drives also these consciousness-highly developed humans slowly but surely to the despair.

All witnesses and all those who are and were directly or indirectly confronted with these events are of the opinion that they would have long since despaired or thrown their computers out of the window and given up, if such things would happen to them as Billy has to endure and fight against every day and has done so with unshakable patience so far. It is therefore not surprising that his patience is wearing thin, because today he announced that he had told Ptaah that under the given circumstances he would not call up any more contact reports for the time being, which is not only a great pity, but also means a great damage for those who follow the contact reports and the Corona recommendations of Ptaah attentively and with interest and learn a lot from them and profit from them for their lives and their safety.

It should perhaps be added that all texts of a private nature, such as personal letters, etc., which Billy writes, remain unaffected by these interventions and that neither errors, nor incorrect letters or characters are inserted there and these remain completely untouched. The described devastating troubles and annoyances occur exclusively only with the contact reports, with corona information as

well as with creation energy teaching related texts, what makes the whole story even more mysterious and inexplicable as well as unbearable.

Link to German Original:

Mysterious, Frightening and Scary

by Bernadette Brand, Switzerland

For many years, strange and peculiar things have been going on at the FIGU Center in Hinterschmidrüti that seem to be incompatible with common sense and that any outsider would immediately say are not possible. Billy and the core group members have kept silent about these occurrences so far, because it is obvious that in the public it is assumed that such things can be caused only by a badly disturbed consciousness, which is able not only to initiate inexplicable appearances and materializations, but must not be taken seriously also in every other respect, since it tends generally to phantasties and imaginations due to an existing disturbance. In this respect for the broad mass of people probably only Billy would come into question as originator – and this would be a found food for every kind of antagonists and opponents of his work and his mission. The proof for his untrustworthiness, his charlatanry and his tall tales would be finally produced and likewise all good, which has come out and comes out from his work, would be swept with a wipe from the table and under the famous carpet just like also all his predictions and warnings concerning the unhealthy and deadly developments by the overpopulation, which already fulfill themselves for years meticulously and whose punctual arrival hunt every awake and neutrally observing person shivers of the naked horror over the back. Every single human being who has turned his life around and directed it on a good track because of his occupation with the spiritual teachings and by his personal implementation of the ‘teaching of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life’ would be labeled as a delusional person who has succumbed to his imaginations and has pathologically caused the changes in his life merely by faith and self-suggestion. Thousands of people would no longer be taken seriously and would be labeled as so-called “mentally ill” or consciousness-disturbed, regardless of how much good they have done in their environment and what they have achieved in their lives and changed for the truly positive.

First and foremost, of course, these mysterious incidents concern Billy and his immediate environment, i.e. his workspace and his work itself. For some time now, they have been occurring first sporadically, but more recently they have been occurring more frequently among some core group members and are now also disturbing their work, insofar as it is related to Billy’s work or is to be carried out on Billy’s behalf.

Already more than 30 years ago, the first isolated incidents occurred that seemed somehow inexplicable, be it that Billy suddenly had inexplicable problems with his computer or its keyboard or that single words or parts and later whole sentences disappeared or were changed from his computer. When he told about it in the kitchen or at meetings, various KG members would cast meaningful glances at each other or lower their eyes doubtfully and look ahead, something like <Now he’s definitely pulling our leg – he must have mistyped or accidentally deleted a word or phrase>. It was benevolently assumed that in his concentration on the work he had not noticed that he had accidentally marked a word or a part of a sentence and then erased it by mistake or made a mistyping in a hurry. In any case, it took some time before the core group members began to take his explanations seriously. Only when then a little more than 10 years ago the proofreaders in the work <Gotteswahn und Gotteswahn-Krankheit> noticed the first significant errors, which showed up throughout the book and which had to be picked out and corrected again and again in the manuscript in different correction passes, a rethinking began very slowly. In the first manuscript of Billy he often used the terms ‘Creator-God’ and ‘God-Creator’, which were also noticed accordingly by the proofreaders in the first pre-corrections and marked if necessary, but then in the second proofreading pass the terms were suddenly missing (See chapter ‘Strange Incident’, page 253 in the book), which led to the book ‘God Delusion and God Delusion Disease’ causing a lot of annoying and unnecessary work to all who had to deal with it.

Slowly the mysterious changes in Billy’s contact reports, articles and books began to accumulate. Sometimes only single letters were missing, or they were altered and gave a different meaning; other times words or parts of sentences were missing. Gradually the changes became more extensive and more conspicuous, and invariably they concerned either spiritual doctrine, overpopulation, or explanations of religions, and these distortions and changes showed themselves particularly significantly in the contact reports. And the more openly Billy spoke about the grievances on our Earth and their causes, the more frequent and perfidious the interventions became.
These annoying interferences then reached a completely new dimension on November 7, 2015, at 9:49 a.m., when Billy revised the old preamble to the Federal Constitution and adapted it to the new times and their requirements. While he was still writing, Arabic characters suddenly appeared in his computer, although it did not have a corresponding font, which Billy would not even need. The content of the characters read, “In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.” (See <Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports>, Block 14, page 383 ff.)
7.11.2015, 9.49 h

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

8.11.2015, 00.56 h

9.11.2015, 1.14 h

A little more than a year later, on December 4, 2016, in Billy’s absence, the Internet apparently turned on by itself, after which he then found on his screen a 46-page religious-sectarian article. About this and various other incidents, he then told Ptaah the following on December 5, 2016:

“Then everything is fine, except what always happens with my computer, like yesterday again. In the evening I left the computer to watch the news on the TV in the living room over there, after which I watched a crime movie with Eva. I left my computer in the office switched on, but only in the local state, because I have not been working via the central computer system for some years now, but only locally, because I was repeatedly, when I was still connected to the central computer, maliciously interfered with my work from outside. As you know, my written texts in the computer were sometimes simply sneakily rewritten sentence by sentence, half-page or full-page, or whole passages of sentences were deleted. Also, strange things were inserted into my written articles, etc., such as in Arabic language and writing a prayer to Allah, although I do not have Arabic characters in my computer. And this has happened since the year 2001 and until today again and again, although you have taken all kinds of precautions to stop it. Unfortunately, however, this has not been of any use in this respect until today, just as it has not been of any use in the respect that again and again, and also until today, very strange things happen that are simply inexplicable and also occur in the direct presence of group members who can testify to this. They are simply inexplicable occurrences, which one may not tell actually loudly, otherwise one would be called a crank, sick in the head and as a madman, because the whole can be understood by nobody and thus also not be comprehended. Therefore it is actually better not to talk about it, but lately the incidents increase again, why I must speak now nevertheless again of it. For two months now, a window has been constantly appearing on the computer screen stating that the computer data banks are damaged and that the computer could be damaged as a result. In addition, my writing has been tampered with, as it has been since 2001, resulting in whole passages of texts disappearing, while words are deformed simply by having too many or too few letters in them. And this can happen 20-30 times on one A4 page. But now back to yesterday night, when I came back to the office at about 23.00 h and wanted to turn again to my work at the computer, the Internet was switched on, but not by myself, because I did not use it yesterday at all. So there is only the possibility that from the outside into my computer was hacked and a religious-sectarian article was inserted, which covered 46 A4 pages and was declared as follows:

11/16/2010 (note current date) I Am-Love Drops of God from the Heavenly Source Message of 09/21/2010.
“Wrong view and application of the positive
thinking with disastrous consequences”

(46 pages) F2 – (A-G);


As you can see here on this original on the screen.”

Nonsense appeared in the computer: I Am-Love Drop of God …
Billy and Uèli in front of the screen of Billy’s computer.

A few days later, on December 24, 2016, the following text appeared on the screen of Billy: (following uncorrected transcript).

24.12.2016, 1.18 h
You are a blasphemer and a liar against our God and our faith and for that we will persecute and kill you, but also our God will punish you and send you to hell, because he is not amused.

It should be noted that such negative influences and disturbances occur more intensely and especially penetratingly during Christian high times such as Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc., so that Billy often used to say with a sigh: “It’s just the Holy Days again.”

Unfortunately, so much has happened in the meantime that it is no longer possible to summarize everything in a single article, because that would fill a book – meticulously arranged chronologically. Hardly a day goes by when Billy can just quietly go about his work undisturbed by negative influences, unless he limits himself to answering private correspondence or other private work on the computer. Especially in the case of book manuscripts and contact reports, the utmost attention and almost detective-like subtlety are required to track down the perfidious and devious interventions. Fortunately, we now know Billy’s word melody and sentence sequences so well that we often recognize at once when the tone in a paragraph changes, when a sentence suddenly takes a strange turn, when a sentence ending is missing, or when a sentence run is not logically structured. In such cases, the utmost attention is required, for otherwise one may well stumble upon the beginning of a nasty distortion or a major omission. But more about that in a later place.

From the beginning of June 2017 then again other appearances occurred, namely materializations of objects which appeared partly before the eyes of present core group members as well as before Ptaah and Florena. The first object was a small cloth rose, as they are known in religious folk art from peasant devotional boxes, cribs, Fatschenkindeln (devotional picture in the form of an infant wrapped with ribbons) or monastery works. At the 701st contact of February 1, 2018, a ring, two staff brooches, and two small gemstones, one green and one red, materialized in the presence of Ptaah. Coins, rings, pins, small gemstones, resulting in the following dialogue:

34. …Eh….
35. what is this? …
36.Where do these things fall on your work table from?

Billy Oh, … I was just about to talk to you about that. Maybe my thoughts were the trigger that this is happening right now, with you sitting next to it. What has just now fallen down on the table from brighter light, that corresponds to the same phenomenon, to which also these six coins, the ring and the small rose here under the monitor belong. And these things here, they are pieces of jewelry, as you see and which astonish you because they have fallen before me on the table, now obviously also belong to the other pieces which I have under the monitor. Already several times I have told you that now and then pieces of money etc. simply fall in front of me on my desk, as just also now, since you could observe it yourself. Somehow the things must materialize directly in front of my face and fall on the table, because if they would fall down from higher, as for example from the lamp, then they would probably fly through the area, because they would bounce strongly from great height and would be flung away. So they probably can’t materialize more than at most 15-20 centimeters in front of my face and fall on the table. Look here, now my collection has increased by two small cut gemstones, a tiny red stone and a larger green stone, another ring with cut light stone and two different brooches, consequently I now have 13 such objects. Wait, this one I put on a paper handkerchief …. so, now you can admire the whole better.


Three days later, at the 702nd contact on February 4, 2018, Florena, who was startled by it, witnessed such a materialization, when Billy just began to speak, when before her eyes a 200-franc note fell on his desk:

Billy I think so too, and we could do without such a thing, because it always creates like…. oh, again, and I thought it ended with the number 13. But you’re startled and now you’re making a face like a big question mark. You shouldn’t be frightened, because on the one hand there’s probably no danger associated with it, and on the other hand you get used to it.

8. … That’s strange, and it really scared me.
9. Ptaah told us about his experience, but we could not imagine what was explained. 10. and that I myself have now seen and experienced how suddenly something materialized in front of your face and fell on the work table.
materialized in front of your face and fell on the work table, that frightened me. 11. What is that then, and how does something arise in this way?

Billy Unfortunately, I don’t know that either, so I can’t explain it either.
…Since this materialization of February 4, 2018, nothing comparable has happened until today. It seems quite as if the manifestations in this regard have been discontinued because they could not produce a deeper impression in the form of a profound fright and/or an intended change of behavior, neither with Billy nor with the core group members who were witnesses of such occurrences, nor with Ptaah or Florena.

The collected objects that materialized in front of Billy’s face on various dates and fell on his desk, some of which had witnesses present.

Meanwhile, however, foreign-language inserts in Billy’s computer continued fresh and cheerful. Thus, on October 26, 2017, a line of writing in Arabic appeared again in a new book manuscript of Billy’s, about which he told Ptaah the following: “But look here, this was maneuvered into my computer again a few days ago, and specifically on October 26, 2017, 00.19 h, when I was writing my new book ‘Self-Determination’. The consequence of this insertion into my text – it was six pages that I had worked out as a sequel – was that all the writing disappeared from my computer without a trace, consequently I have to write and code the whole thing again.” This time, the text submitted read as follows:

“Finally, however, they will have to understand and learn …. and be aware that the degenerates will spread peace and inner freedom on the Earth, and they will have to be able to do everything, that this old direction of the world no longer belongs to them. October 26, 2017, 00.19 h; In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful”.

Three days later, on October 29, 2017, when Billy called up the 692nd contact report in the evening, while he was writing down the report, the following text suddenly appeared again in Arabic characters on his screen: “Faith is billionfold energy and power of God, but non-belief is in … sevenfold damnation and punishment, and any resistance is blasphemy, leads to banishment, ostracism and condemnation, and Jahannam (Arabic: Ǧahannam. Term for ‘hell’ in Islam) will be the place of retribution.”

Then, on June 1, 2018, the following happened,
what Billy told on July 29, 2018 at the 709th contact at the urging of Ptaah and Quetzal:

Billy … The whole thing happened on June 1, down in Tablat, but there is a short backstory to it, which starts with the fact that for years an older man has been walking several times during the week with two small ponies from Grosswil to Wila and back. He always leads the small pony on his left side and the bigger one on his right side. Since this always pleases me when Eva and I pass by on the way to our shopping tour, I decided to donate something to the man’s feed for the ponies, always remembering to approach him from the left side, just to the left of his little ponies, because I had already learned from Sfath and also in agriculture to always approach animals of all kinds from the left side. On June 1, the opportunity for my plan arose, consequently Eva stopped the car about 30 meters in front of the man with the ponies and I got out, which I still realized, but then had a ‘blackout’. When I could think clearly again, I was lying about three meters beside the road in the meadow and had enormous pain in the right shoulder and in the upper arm. As it then turned out, I had, completely against my knowledge, will and my usual behavior of always approaching living beings on the left side, walked head-on towards the man with the two ponies, who had tied the two animals together and led them left and right by his hands. The consequence was that the ponies tore themselves loose from the hands of the man and ran into the meadow, dragging me along of course and flinging me away, because they were tied together. The pain was really tremendous, so Eva drove me without hesitation to the Kantonsspital Winterthur, where I was told during the first examination that the arm was dislocated and therefore had to be put back in place. So I knew what to expect, because I had already undergone such a procedure once before at the age of 20, when I also dislocated my right arm as a result of a fall down a flight of stairs. Then, however, an X-ray was taken of my shoulder and upper arm in Winterthur Hospital, which showed that not only the arm was dislocated, but also the axillary ball was shattered and the upper arm bone was broken underneath it, whereupon I was given a cuff to stabilize the upper arm and the dislocated axillary joint. Afterwards, I was recommended by the head physician to have an operation to install a new upper arm joint or a new joint ball and a new joint socket made of titanium, i.e. a shoulder joint or a ball and socket joint with a joint socket on the shoulder blade and a joint ball on the upper arm. Naturally, the articular cartilage covers both the glenoid cavity and the ball and thus enables optimal gliding of the joint surfaces. Later, when it came to explaining the procedure to me, the assistant surgeon explained the exact circumstances and the risks of the operation, explaining that there was only 30% certainty that everything would go well. And according to his explanation, the risk was really great, because on the one hand I would not have had to lie down for this operation, but would have had to be operated on in a semi-sitting position, and consequently the transport of blood from the heart to the brain would have been much more difficult than if I had just been able to lie down. So the assistant surgeon clearly said that with the 30 percent certainty of success – on the one hand as a result of the circumstances of the operation, and on the other hand with regard to my aortic heart valve operation in 2015 – I would have had to lie down. After all, if not enough blood was pumped to the brain, 30 to 60 seconds would be enough for an exitus to occur. He also gave me some of this in writing, regarding the further risks if the operation would succeed. So it says here in this protocol that firstly there would be a risk of coma and secondly a risk of cardiovascular collapse, whereby I could probably have taken the black box and the screws to it right away and then screwed it shut. An arm amputation was listed as the third risk, while in the fourth place something was explained that I have forgotten and that I cannot decipher here on this clarification protocol. But what was written here in this protocol, I can read out briefly:

Diagnosis: displaced fracture of the humerus on the left in several parts with poor bone quality and probably circulatory disturbances of the head fragment, pre-damaged rotational cuff.

The fact that this prognosis refers to ‘left’, i.e. the left arm, whereas in reality it is the right arm, can be overlooked. And what is called a ‘fracture of the humerus on the left in several parts’ means that the joint ball is effectively shattered and the humerus directly under it is fractured throughout.

Without surgery: dysfunction, chronic pain, deformity, impaired blood supply to the individual fragments, head necrosis.

This is the prognosis if surgery is not performed. I searched the internet for the meaning of head necrosis and found the following and now I know that there is also femoral head necrosis, but in my case it means humeral head necrosis:

  1. humeral head necrosis or humeral head necrosis means the death of the bone from the humeral head – often for unknown reasons and to varying degrees. As a result, the bone of the humeral head becomes soft and less load-bearing in the loading zone. This causes the surface and the cartilage on the surface of the humeral head to deform – to varying degrees. In this way the joint breaks down.
  2. the pain in the upper arm slowly increases over weeks and months. It is felt in the shoulder or in the upper arm and torments the affected person even at night. Over time, the pain-causing gentle posture can lead to restricted shoulder movement and even shoulder stiffness. A cracking and/or rubbing sensation may exceptionally occur. In most cases, however, the disease is already more advanced.
  3. If left untreated, the course of humeral head necrosis or humeral head necrosis leads to destruction and deformation of the humeral head. Due to the circulatory disturbance, the bone softens and is no longer strong enough to bear weight. The bone deforms and the humeral head becomes unrounded. This eventually leads to wear and tear in the shoulder head joint – with corresponding rubbing, pain, inability to use and restricted movement.
  4. If left untreated, humeral head necrosis causes the bone to continue to soften as a result of the impaired blood supply to the humeral head. This means it becomes less load-bearing and its surface sags. It deforms. Consequently, the shoulder joint no longer runs smoothly, and there is abrasion of the cartilage/bone in the shoulder. As a result, the pain in the shoulder usually worsens over time and with increasing humeral head necrosis. X-ray or CT/core MRI can show the increasing de-rounding of the humeral head and narrowing of the glenohumeral joint space. Subsequently, the shoulder joint becomes more and more stiff and the destruction and pain in the shoulder becomes so obvious that an/the installation of an artificial shoulder joint (shoulder prosthesis) becomes necessary.

So this is predicted according to this educational protocol for the case without surgery and without the insertion of an artificial joint ball and a new joint socket made of titanium, but with regard to surgery the following is stated here:

With surgery: various procedures possible (reconstruction, anatomical partial prosthesis, inverse prosthesis). The goal is to achieve the best possible function and freedom from pain with preservation of independence.

Treatment alternatives:
No surgery: chronic pain and shoulder stiffness likely.
Partial prosthesis: Poorer function is to be expected
Reconstruction: Not recommended due to fracture pattern (restricted blood supply, avital bone portions)


  1. enter the humeral head, open the rotational interval, and set down the long biceps tendon
  2. removal of the head fragments, the bony attachments of the musculature are sutured
  3. adjustment of the glenoid and preparation for the glenoid component
  4. attaching these components with screws (cementless) in the correct orientation
  5. preparing the upper arm shaft (medullary cavity)
  6. cementing in the stem component
  7. reduction of the prosthesis and refixation of the prepared tubercle, relining with own bone
  8. fixation of the long biceps tendon, if necessary
  9. possibly redon drainage, layered wound closure
  10. dry dressing and abduction cushion

Possible general complications:
1. hematoma with necessary reoperation is rare
2. infection locally – usually joint involvement – follow-up surgery necessary 3. wound healing disorder, thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

Possible operation-specific complications:
1. nerve damage or irritation by surgical access, here especially the axillary nerve (explanation Internet excerpt: The axillary nerve is a nerve of the brachial plexus. In humans, it has its roots in the spinal cord between the 5th and 7th cervical segments (C5-C6), in
domestic animals in C6-C8)
2. rarely injury of blood vessels or nerves leading into the arm
3. long-term possible restriction of movement in the shoulder joint, loosening of the prosthesis, Prosthesis dislocation
4. bone fracture during surgery or later (periprosthetic fracture), acromion fracture
5. in isolated cases, there is excessive bone resorption with severe inflammatory manifestations and pain and pain (complex regional pain syndrome).

Specific risk factors of the patient EAM:
1. coma,
2. cardiovascular failure (CC),
3. amputation,
4. …??? (cannot be read/deciphered).

Special comments:
A functional loss of the shoulder remains frequent

So that is the description of the specialist explanations for the surgery regarding my accidental injury, whereby the surgery was scheduled for Monday, June 19, 2018, at 11:30 hrs. However, later, when the assistant surgeon explained to me the risks of the operation in relation to my case, I was struck by strange thoughts and feelings that made me decide not to have the operation. And that’s the end of it, because since then I’ve been trying to get my arm back under control by doing all kinds of movement exercises myself, with good results, because as you can see, I can already move my arm well.

68. I am very surprised at your mobility with your arm, because what you are able to do is not really possible after only two months after the accident, and besides, every movement should cause you great pain.

Billy You’ve seen that I’ve been doing movement exercises every time I’ve visited you recently, and I’ve always had a lot of pain, but I think that I can only use my arm again and make it work if I tolerate the pain and don’t slack off on the movement exercises. So I just don’t pay attention to them and just let them go crazy, even if it’s hard sometimes, but the main thing is that the arm becomes able to move again, and it doesn’t matter if the pain sometimes almost makes my brain explode.

66. What you have read out of the protocol corresponds to a barbaric bungling, but not to medical knowledge and skills.

Billy You forget that I live here on earth and the medical knowledge of the earthlings is still tremendously far behind what is common with you Plejaren.

67. that is of course so, but nevertheless it is barabaric and bumbling, and in addition I wonder how you can get along with it.

69. he makes his own medicine by being mentally correct and also by doing everything necessary according to his own possibilities.
70. of course I know that, but nevertheless it always amazes me how Eduard copes with such events that affect him and also copes with great pain, as it must really be very disabling in the case of the serious injury.

Billy You should not start talking shop about this, and besides, everything you wanted to know has probably been said and explained. So enough should be enough with what has been said and explained, and also with the fact that I don’t need to be told how many more months the pain will last and I need to diligently keep doing range of motion exercises to get the arm back in order.

71. Of course, but how you can move and use your arm again already two months after the accident without professional medical intervention and help, that is still more than just extremely amazing to me.

Obviously, there was now an attempt to directly harm Billy in the form of putting him in a situation where he could not work anymore, if the background resp. the goal was not even that he should lose his life. In any case, even today, a little more than 11 months later, he still has great problems writing on the computer, even if he minimizes them and simply grits his teeth and perseveres. The fact that violent and painful spasms repeatedly enter his hand and arm when he sometimes makes even small involuntary movements is something he rarely talks about, and he also hardly mentions the fact that he can no longer sleep on his right side because of severe pain in his arm and shoulder. Hardly anyone can appreciate how many sleepless nights the pain caused by his injury still causes him. More and more it looks as if unknown forces want to make his work impossible after having failed to make him impossible due to undiscovered mistakes in his writings and the contact reports and to convict him of lying and charlatanry or to make him out to be crazy and insane. Since so far all attempts to prevent the emergence of the truth and to attack Billy in such a way that he gives up his work unnerved and annoyed, because he simply fights off the disturbing forces trying to attack him personally, the interferences in his work became worse and worse, and the threats that appear on his screen from time to time did not stop either.
The most recent of them appeared on his screen at 13:41 h on April 11, 2019. It is written in Albanian (as I was able to find out using the Google translation tool), comes from a Teresa and reads as follows: “Unë jam Teresa, e shenjtë, dhe ju jeni blasfemues, ju do të lrioden dhe vdesin për të”; according to the Google translations, there are two variants for this, either in the literal, unchanged translation: “I am Teresa, holy, and you are the blasphemer, you are the one who dies and dies for you.”, or in another variant adapted from the Google tool, “I am Teresa and I sanctify, and you are blasphemous, you will go and die.” An acquaintance of Billy’s, himself Albanian and with an Albanian mother tongue, then translated the phrase
into German as follows: “I am Teresa, and holy, and you are a blasphemer, and you will be punished and die.”

Worst of all so far are the new interferences with Sfath’s predictions of June 14, 1947, which Ptaah culled for Billy from his father Sfath’s annals and provided to Billy at the 717th contact of April 4, 2019. Fortunately, Ptaah has been personally checking the contact reports since the beginning of 2019, since the cross-reading with Billy, Ptaah and me, Bernadette, had to be discontinued because I was away from the Center several times for several weeks for health reasons. Thus, during his control work, he stumbled upon the fact that in the said predictions not only whole passages were falsified, but also that many pages were missing, which Billy, however, had retrieved and written down. Sometimes whole sections or pages disappeared right before Billy’s eyes never to be seen again, although everything he writes is saved very closely several times. Since the missing texts had also disappeared from the memories, Billy had no choice but to retrieve everything again. As usual, he gave me the newly retrieved text – which was now a full nine pages longer – for pre-correction, and I noticed that three sections were reproduced differently elsewhere in the predictions. In addition I found a section in the newly taken in, with which with me already after the first words all alarm bells rang. It was immediately clear for me that something had been manipulated here (the falsified passage is reproduced here in bold, while the original prediction is kept in italics):

The impetuous striving for profit without toil and labor will thus be on the one hand what leads man to crime, on the other hand also leads him to disregard human life and he murders and destroys it without hesitation if an adversary stands in his way. Any profound reverence for life has already been on the wane for centuries and will be lost more and more, although it should be the fundamental basis of a genuine culture worthy of human beings and values. In the place of reverence, the majority of mankind will experience a crisis of authority, through which a nefarious egoistic self-centeredness and lack of orientation towards life will appear, as well as a profound poisoning of relationships with regard to man to man, thus undermining any true community.

It seems to us that we should think about these things today more than ever, especially in the field of education of the younger generation. It is not enough to complain about the diminution of the adolescents, but more than ever we must again look for higher values and also teach these values to the youth. Not only the church, but also the school is called upon in this time of materialistic satiety to play a spiritual and ethical leadership role of which it is perhaps not always sufficiently aware. The growth of serious crime in an era enjoying unheard-of material prosperity is a warning signal calling all leaders to introspection.

Many wars, terror, destruction and annihilation will mark the future, with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of people murdered, while all the laws of nature will be forced out of their order through the fault of the tremendously increasing overpopulation. Very much will be destroyed and irrecoverably annihilated on the planet and in nature. Also the atmosphere and the climate will be affected by it in such a way that the whole nature will rise and will bring ominous catastrophic effects. Storms like in the early days of the earth, will multiply by the fault of the people and will bring ever more violent hailstorms, storms and rain floods as well as tremendous floods, as also the planetary sun protection layer (note Billy: ozone layer) will be damaged very dangerously and will release skin ulcers (note Billy: skin cancer) with the people. Also the eternal freeze (note Billy: permafrost) will dissolve and release dangerous frozen toxic gases (note Billy: methane), as well as the mountains will fall down and avalanches will be triggered.

However, the doctored passage (reproduced in bold above) read as follows:
<In place of reverence – so the future will bring worse than it has for some time and is today – people will no longer think of honor and dignity, but more than ever that these values are superfluous and worthless>.

For illustration I add here also a short paragraph from the predictions of Sfath of June 14, 1947, which makes the falsifications and changes resp. the deletions in the text clear, whereby the changed places are also marked in bold and the correct text is shown in italics:
“It will also be in the future that many believers in religions and sects will officially give up their religion or sect, but on the one hand only, for the sake of the murderous terrorist army, their new delusion or for the sake of adventure. But on the other hand, in spite of the adopted new faith, they will keep their old delusional faith and remain compliantly addicted to its dogmas and beliefs and willingly preserve them. Therefore, they will continue to disregard the natural-creative laws, not obey them and thus prefer darkness to light and not turn to the real and its truth. From this will come the feeling that death is better than life, which is why they will do completely erroneously in the same way as many of the earth humanity, who will no longer look at the security of life, but will prefer dying, whether by direct suicide or by the indirect suicide in connection with acts of war or terrorism.”

A little further back in the text I then also found an obviously incomplete sentence in which the conclusion of more than two lines was missing, which I of course immediately informed Billy of, after which he brought the relevant passages in again. Of course, after 72 years he could no longer fully remember the contents of Sfath’s predictions, which is why, when he retrieved the predictions that Ptaah had provided for him, he naturally did not notice that some pages were still missing. But then Ptaah noticed this, who immediately checked the prediction retrieved for the second time again and noticed that at the end of the predictions again some pages were missing, to which he of course drew Billy’s attention, who of course immediately tried to retrieve the still missing pages – but it remained so, because what Billy wanted to retrieve was simply blocked, so that he could not get a single letter in. Fortunately, however, he was able to reach the Plejaren, whereupon Ptaah in turn turned to the Sonaer, who then actually succeeded in bypassing the blockade and enabling Billy to retrieve the missing pages after all, albeit at a greatly reduced speed.

In addition to these perfidious machinations at Billy’s, mysterious events had also been occurring on my computer for some time, be it that corrections disappeared or that files Billy stored for me on the server were either changed or no longer present. Also corrections disappeared or were changed. Little by little, strange events occurred not only with me, but also with other core group members, such as Piero, who downloaded a time signal for the month of July onto his data stick from Billy, and then loaded the text both in the print shop and onto his own computer, because he always sends the time signal to the KG members by e-mail before it is published on our website. For the print shop, he had also printed out the Zeitzeichen and filed it as a receipt in the print shop’s inbox. When it came time to print the copies of the Zeitzeichen, the data from the printer’s computer disappeared, as did the printout that Piero had stored in the inbox. Then, when Piero went to prepare the PDF for mailing, he discovered that the data was not on his computer and had also disappeared from the data stick, although he is no longer sure whether he had actually downloaded the data to his Mac. But even if that wasn’t the case, there’s no denying that the data disappeared from both the printer’s computer and the data stick, just as the printout virtually vanished into thin air.

Piero was also one of the first core group members to witness the strange occurrences very early on. In 1989 we decided to install a sun blind over the seating area in front of the main entrance, because we wanted to have a shady seating area available in the summer. As usual in the core group, we collected for the amount that the sun blind would cost. Piero, who at that time was about to join the core group or had just joined (he was admitted to the KG on July 1, 1989), put together with one of his friends, Sepp Hirtel, and the two of them donated 800 francs, which Piero gave to Billy in an envelope at the end of June or the beginning of July in notes of 100. Piero had carefully counted the amount beforehand and was absolutely certain that there were 800 francs in the envelope. Billy accepted the envelope with thanks and immediately took it to his office, where he counted the money again himself before putting it in the safe. However, Billy was then missing Fr. 100.-, which led to approximately the following dialogue, which Piero described to me from memory: Billy: “There were only 700.- francs in the envelope.” Piero: “No, Billy, it’s 800.- francs.” Billy, after disappearing into the office again and counting the money a second time: “It’s only 700.- francs, Piero.” Piero: “No, Billy, it really is 800.- francs. I counted the amount myself when I put it in the envelope. There were 8 hundred notes.” Billy goes to the office again and counts the amount again, “Well, I really only have 700.- francs in the envelope, and I looked extra to make sure there weren’t two notes stuck together, did you maybe make a mistake in counting?” Piero: “No, Billy, definitely not, it’s really 800.- francs.” Billy goes back to the office and counts the amount one more time – and now it’s really correct. Which led to great relief on everyone’s part, but also to a big question mark. What could have happened? That Billy had counted inaccurately or that he wanted to cheat Piero is absolutely out of the question. ruled out. It can also be ruled out that Piero wanted to cheat Billy. Since the mystery could not be solved for the moment, we simply left the incident in the room, and that also because everything was fine in the end. Gradually, however, such and similar, but also quite different mysterious incidents occurred more and more often, whose explanation was still a long time in coming, although Billy and some core group members soon had a suspicion, which, however, could not be proven and seemed almost unbelievable to us, which is why we kept quiet about it.

Patric Chenaux had been doing his monthly budget together with Billy for years, and strange things happened to him too, about which he has the following to report:

Billy and I did my budget in Billy’s office about 4 years ago, in 2015. At the end of 2018, as we do every month at the end of the month, Billy and I sat in his small but neat office to do my budget. Since we had been extremely conscientious about counting out the money notes, piling them up, doing the math, and laying them side by side on the table in front of us, we couldn’t understand why suddenly there was just one 500-franc note missing, which were still around at the time and were bigger than all the other money notes. So we counted all the notes 4 more times, also conscientiously making sure that no two notes were stuck on top of each other. – But we always came to the same unsatisfactory result, namely that a 500 franc note was missing! But when we counted the money for the 5th time, all 500.-franc-notes were there again, and it stayed that way, which did not change when we counted the money again twice. That I or Billy could have taken a money note from the table was just as absolutely impossible, as also that one could have fallen on the ground.

Pius Keller also had strange and puzzling experiences in 2018, when he did his monthly budget together with Billy, about which he tells the following:
Because Billy (BEAM) had to change large banknotes from me, he fetched 50.- franc banknotes from the cash cabinet, which he needed to change the large banknotes and which he had stapled together in bundles of 10 bills of Fr. 50.- each with paper clips. He placed several of these bundles of money on the small fold-out table where we always did my monthly budget.  Of course, for the sake of order and conscientiousness, we counted the individual 50.- franc notes together and placed them on top of each other again in bundles of 10 and thus to Fr. 500.-. Together we arrived at the correct amount already at the first counting. So already at the beginning we counted the money – because Billy wants it that way and it is his duty to do everything exactly. The total amount of the bundles of 50 notes and thus each individual note of 50 Swiss francs was exactly right. And as Billy always wants, he insisted, as usual, on counting all the money that was lying open on the table in front of us – one could have miscounted after all – twice more. So we did it as he wanted, and of course everything was in order and the total amount of money was correct. But then the second check followed and – we don’t know how, because now one of these stacks of 10 x 50 franc bills had simply disappeared without a trace, before our eyes, so to speak, without us being able to notice it.
So, as is Billy’s thoroughness, we first counted the entire amount very precisely to be on the safe side, and everything was also in perfect order, and so it was with the second check. But then it happened, because as if out of the blue and completely inexplicably, a bundle of money of Fr. 500.-, i.e. a bundle of 10 50.- notes, was now suddenly missing. So we carefully searched the table, the floor and all around the office, although it was clear to us that we would not find the missing bundle of money.
Conclusion of the whole thing: Billy went wordlessly to the cash box, came back with a new bundle of money and simply replaced the missing or the Fr. 500.- out of his own pocket without comment, so that I could pay my monthly bills after all. And this was a gesture which I found admirable and which touched me very much.
Ulrich Nangue, who is often rung out of bed by Billy at night when mysterious things happen in Billy’s computer, also knows strange things to tell: About mid-June 2018, I witnessed strange happenings in Billy’s office, especially in his computer. This is just an attempt to state what happened as it happened, without any interpretation of my own:

He told me about another equally mysterious occurrence, similar to Patric’s, and also when he had also done the monthly budget together with Billy, where in the same mysterious way 500.- francs also disappeared, but this time as a 50.- note money pile. Unlike this money of mine, which remained without trace and never reappeared, however, in Patric’s case, the missing 500.note was suddenly back in the money pile on the table on the 5th recount.

Over the course of the past year, I have been called to Billy’s house time and time again because something had gone wrong with his computer. One of the most common problems Billy keeps having is that very often he can’t access his own files because he supposedly doesn’t have permission to do so, which is something I haven’t seen in my whole life as a computer scientist. Normally the user has no rights to access the directories of other users, but to have no rights to the own files in the own directory contradicts the rights assignment system in computer science. And this happens often and mostly just when Billy is writing something important.

Another event, which I can’t date anymore, was very strange: On the screen in the text editor a strange text was displayed, and Billy said it suddenly appeared in the middle of the article while he was writing. The text in question, or the page in question, could not be printed. When the document was sent to the printer, only a blank sheet came out. There was a text on the screen, but it could not be printed. I had never experienced anything like this before.

Another event: One day Billy called me because he had a problem, his whole own folder had been deleted. When I came to the office, Atlantis had already created a new folder from the backup, but the traces were still visible, namely that from a point in time about 6 hours earlier, Billy’s own folder was no longer visible and had actually disappeared without a trace. Billy’s own disappeared folder could not be found in the Recycle Bin or anywhere else. Even by unintentional deletion, the folder should still have been found in the trash, but it was not. Finally Daniel and Piero were able to fix the problem and restore the folders.

A proof of my own: Up to now I could blame the events on possible computer errors and operating errors, so these possibilities were still open. That is, the events could have been easily explained with misuse and improper operation, until the time when something happened that left me speechless: so far, I had trusted what Billy said, but I still had no evidence that it was as he said. One day Billy called me into the office because his folder suddenly had a different name, which he himself had not written. When I checked the backup history, I saw that the folder had indeed been renamed from one moment to the next. After looking at it, I closed the backup window with Cancel, and the ‘icon’ of the personal folder on the desktop was suddenly somewhere else without me having clicked on anything. Normally ‘icons’ don’t move by themselves unless they are clicked on or moved through the ‘View’ menu. I had done neither, but the ‘icon’ had moved while I had been looking at the backup. During this time, no one else had touched the computer but me. This allowed me to conclude that there were forces at work here that were always adjusting something in Billy’s computer.

Witnessing an equally strange incident on February 23, 2019 was our newest core group member, Michael Voigtländer, who experienced the following, which he recorded in a short article published in the 715th Contact Report, preceded by Billy saying the following to Ptaah:

“You and also some KG-members have experienced and experienced yourself what happens with me in the workroom at strange things and occurrences, as it was now just so, when I let Michael read in the computer two pages from the last conversation report. It was just something that Zafenatpaneach had explained and that was not exactly friendly to religion and delusion, which is why it was made to disappear again, as it has become usual since the independently activated sectarian vibrations and their impulses always maliciously delete everything that is directed against the religious delusion of the earthlings, consequently I have to write everything again or twice or even three times.”

Short report on an incident in Billy’s office
A few days ago I was sitting in Billy’s office late in the evening and we were talking about the possible nature of that energy which triggers extremely strange incidents in his office and at the computer. In this context, Billy was kind enough to open a contact report in his computer and asked me to read Zafenatpaneach’s explanation regarding this energy. It was a lengthy response, so Billy offered me a chair and I sat down next to him and read the two-page response in his computer. Billy highlighted the text in blue so I could read it better, since I had to read with his glasses because I forgot mine and therefore didn’t have them with me.

The answer was so long that Billy had to scroll the text up (in new German: weiterscrollen) with the mouse two or three times. The last time he pushed the text up, I could still see the end of the answer on the last half page, and there were only a few sentences left to read. Billy let go of the mouse and pulled his hand back, but no sooner had he leaned back in his chair again and his hand already about 30 centimeters away from the mouse while I was looking at the monitor, the entire two-page text suddenly disappeared before my eyes in the computer within a split second and for no apparent reason.

Stunned, I looked at the monitor and waited a moment, expecting the text to appear again, but it did not. After a few seconds I drew Billy’s attention to the fact that he turned back to the computer and searched for the text, but it was gone altogether and could not be found. Not only was the highlighted text completely gone, but the entire file was gone! Billy had only let go of the mouse, not pressed any key, and withdrawn his hand, nothing more. To my observation and attention, Billy had done nothing that could explain a disappearance of the file. The computer had not crashed, but continued to run and was fully functional. So that I could read the end of Zafenatpaneach’s reply after all, Billy opened the remaining backup copy, which then disappeared without a trace after I left the office.

Another perfidious incident occurred at the beginning of this year, when I was busy in the hospital preparing the pictures of the old FIGU photo albums that I have been keeping since 1979 and that my son Natan is gradually scanning for me, in order to make them into photo books that take up less space and whose pictures also fade less. When I reworked the pictures from June 1988, which means that I try to restore the pictures to their unbleached state, to remove rough scratches and dirt, and to sharpen the pictures again (by scanning them from the paper pictures, they lose noticeable sharpness), I found something on a picture of the access road in the direction of the coach house, which I had completely overlooked when pasting the pictures into the album, namely obviously three well recognizable beam ships, above and to the left of the flag pole, while to the right of the flag pole there were two blurred spots, which I thought were dirt. Dumbfounded, I called Billy and told him I would send him the image data on a data stick because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then just one day later I found another four different photos from May and June 1989 that also showed ships, although some of them were very small. Only on one picture, which shows Eva from behind while haying, a ship was to be seen again very clearly in front of a white cloud. Consequently, I loaded all five pictures onto the stick and gave it to Natan when he visited me a day later. During the next telephone conversation with Billy he confirmed that in his opinion ships were indeed to be seen on all five pictures, however, he wanted to show the pictures to Ptaah at the next contact, in order to receive a last security. Indeed, Ptaah confirmed then at the next private contact with Billy that I had succeeded in the years 1988 and 1989 in taking some pictures on which Pleiari ships were to be seen – and what surprised me then most was the uniform statement of Billy and Ptaah that it was a matter of materializing ships with the two alleged dirt spots on the right of the flagpole. Less surprising for me was that I had not noticed the ships at that time when I put on the albums, because at that time I was usually under great pressure and therefore did not take the leisure to look at the photos in more detail, which is why I naturally overlooked the ships. Consequently, after the confirmation by Billy and Ptaah, I was filled with joy, but this joy was unexpectedly taken away from me.
A few weeks later, after my return to the center, I asked Natan to take the pictures out of the albums again and to scan them a second time in higher resolution, so that the ships could be seen more clearly in an enlarged section, because Billy wanted to publish them. But now came the nasty surprise! When Natan scanned the images again at double resolution, the new scans showed no ships at all in the most important images! In disbelief, I asked him to bring me the pages from the albums so that I could look at them with the magnifying glass. And on the pictures there was – nothing! There was not a shadow or a hint of the photographed ships in the photos! Of course, we immediately showed Billy the new scans and also the pictures from the albums where the ships were now missing – and he didn’t even react surprised, but only said that such a thing was quite possible and fit to the other mysterious incidents in the center.

Natan and I still can’t explain what really happened. That he had dirt on the glass pane of the device during the first scan, which looked like five ships grouped around the flagpole in the center, can be ruled out, because I should have found the same dirt on the following scans, the more so as I had already explicitly looked for it at the beginning. So only one conclusion remains – in the months between the first and the second scan, the original images in the albums must have been manipulated. HOW, that remains mysterious, however, it is absolutely possible and also probable after everything what we have already experienced so far. The purpose of the manipulation is likewise clear, because if Billy would publish the pictures, which confirm his own photographs and statements only, because they were made by a person, who maintains no contacts to extraterrestrials and also never claimed that, and the ships on the original pictures are no longer provable, then it can concern only a fraud, which would make also the photographs of Billy untrustworthy.

Basically it goes thus obviously generally around to damage Billy, to expose him as untrustworthy and to take the power from his words, so that the people already from the outset do not come on the idea that also only the smallest iota of that, which he experiences and says and predicts, is taken in any way seriously and is reconsidered, from which then could result that very slowly a waking up and rethinking could take place with the people. If it is already not possible to unnerve him by the attacks and various manipulations which come from all sides and to force him to the task of his mission because he simply does not react to it and remains consistently on his way and he is obviously also too strong to make him ‘harmless’ by physical damages by means of accidents or murder attacks, then at least no attempt should be omitted to make him untrustworthy and ridiculous and to torpedo his work.

The only question is, who has such power. and such possibilities to mess with and challenge the forces Billy works with and has at his disposal? Billy and the Plejaren, as well as various core group members, have suspected or suspected for years that these must be nothing more than religious sectarian forces. However, while we have long assumed that certain individuals were being directed by the forces, the Sonans, who have been working closely with the Plejars on this matter for many years, have only recently been able to prove that in all cases it is the religious-sectarian forces themselves, which are apparently so overpowering on our Earth that they can manifest themselves independently and cause the most diverse phenomena. What we consider improbable and bad imagination in horror movies, in fact applies in every respect to the phenomena and incidents occurring in connection with Billy and his work.

What they are actually about, and what is the meaning and purpose of all the mysterious and frightening, if not frightening incidents, Yanarara, Zafenatpaneach and Billy have discussed in detail in the 714th contact of January 1, 2019, which is why I quote here finally the relevant contact report excerpt:

Yanarara Then I now have the following to explain: By the always further growing and more extensive becoming mankind the mass of the believers who are addicted to a religious and sectarian to be called faith mania expands. With it, however, the religious believers increase the disastrous energetic oscillations which have already spread long ago world-wide and have formed an immensely energetic-powerful energy screen around the planet. From this screen, independently formed and constantly intensifying impulses vibrate out in many times intensified measure, which also act independently and infect the entire earth population in different modes of action in an unhealthy way and bring to the outbreak the degenerations glowing in the inner character being. In a perfidious way by these impulses in the first place earth-wide all religious believers of all faiths are hit and in them by the oscillation impulses their faith delusion is strengthened and accumulated. Consequently the believers become more and more entangled in their confused faith and more and more inaccessible for the real reality and the natural truth. From it the indisputable and doubtless truth results that the faith delusion of every religious faith of every faith direction – also other non-religious faith-conditioned devotions, like philosophies, ideologies and world views etc. – is the cause for all since ancient times with the earth peoples appearing and conceivably degenerated offences.

Every belief of every form corresponds to an uncontrollable delusion, which is based first in a conceit, which arises both from external misunderstood influences and suggestive persuasions etc., as well as by a sensory illusion, conceit, illusion, lie, a deception or self-deception, a dazzle, a sham, misdirection, pretence, cunning, evasion or feint, by a will-o’-the-wisp, a mystification, a bluff, hocus-pocus or by deception. And this also proves that any belief of any kind has been the cause of all human degenerations since ancient times, and indeed of all the abominable, shameful, as well as horrible and gruesome violence of all kinds that has taken place. And this applies to quarrels and hatred, vindictiveness, jealousy and depravity, retaliatory rage, killing and murdering of all forms, torture, thievery, fraud and other all degenerated horrors, up to catastrophic and indescribable, every life, every morality, honor and dignity despising and unbearable, degenerated wars of all kinds. This began with food wars, insult wars, feud wars, family wars, race wars, religion and faith wars, gender wars, nobility wars, civil wars and people wars up to world wars. In addition, our researches up to the most distant past have undoubtedly shown as a result that as a fundamental origin of every single degenerated event and occurrence over all times of all centuries and millennia only the religious-faith-conditioned oscillations and impulses crystallized out, which were to be found therefore as the first and last cause.

Through every religious delusion, as also through other forms of belief, the oscillatory impulses of the hidden, degenerated impulses, glowing in the inner character being, are strengthened, which are present without distinction in all people in the form of degenerations of all kinds with regard to malice, hatred, lies, deceit, revenge, violence, jealousy, killing and murder, terror and war, destruction, annihilation and extermination and other dangerously smoldering impulses. In a further way, all the inner smoldering violent and degenerated impulses are hidden by the delusional religious belief in such a way that they are not recognizable and not visible outwardly as malignant defects, while they are, however, constantly preserved as negative malignant inner impulses. In the most dangerous way everything results when these degenerated and malignant inner impulses come to the outbreak and in every imaginable violent way uncontrollably affect the outside and bring disaster.

The outbreak of the malignities and violence smoldering in the inner impulses of the believers occurs when they can no longer maintain the external hiding of their degenerated inner impulses due to their delusional faith. If this happens, then the vicious inner impulses of the believers break through uncontrollably to the outside and lead to violence. And for this to happen, very little is required, such as the believers being harmed in some way, such as by words, an insult, racial disagreement, by quarreling, lying or cheating, stealing, slandering, jealousy, assault, disbelief, etc., but even a simple disagreement or an unintentional touch on the body can be the cause.

By the outbreak and release of the malicious and by the faith veiled dangerous inner impulses the believers are driven to malicious acts of violence, which extend to killings and acts of murder, as well as to hatred of every kind, such as racial hatred, hatred of foreigners, hatred of truth, hatred of justice and to jealousy etc.. Furthermore, envy, deceit, fraud, acts of war, terrorism and various criminal, inhuman acts and deeds as well as all kinds of vices and addictions etc. arise.

The hatred expands especially in today’s time again, and very violently in relation to the racial hatred, which drives up again again, whereby in particular already for quite some time a newly flared up hatred of the again fast spreading anti-Semitism expands, which is steadily increasing its focus on Israel and the believers in the Jews and has an emotionalizing effect on very many unstable believers in Christians, which is also happening in a malicious way through the energetic vibrational impulses of all God-depraved people, whose faith is also having a malicious effect in this respect and is conjuring up new mischief. This new racial hatred drives especially many believers of the Christian faith in Europe and the USA, as well as fanatical Islamists and otherwise moderate believers in Islam to anti-Semitism, which finally leads to an anti-Zionism, which aims at annihilating and destroying on the one hand Israel and on the other hand also the Jewish population as well as extensively the Jewish religion and thus the whole Judaism and its believers. And if this is not counteracted by reason and rationality, then this hatred, which has been smoldering for some time, especially in France and also again in Germany, will continue to expand unrestrainedly.
What I have to explain now, however, must remain under lock and key with you: … … …
Zafenatpaneach With it everything should be clarified and said in this relationship, while I have to say however still the following in relation to your computer work, with which damage is done to you again and again. As after our long lasting and 17 years lasting researches and clarifications now clearly is certain, it concerns with all, in your work room in appearance appeared strange occurrences around sectarian-energetic oscillation impulses of the whole earthly mankind which lives in the delusion of a religious faith. And these sectarian faith vibrations – as already Yanarara has spoken about it – go out from all believers of all denominations and faith directions, are already accumulated and infested since ancient times and influence continuously the entire earthly population to all conceivable and in extremely malicious way degenerated acts of violence, as Yanarara has explained. This also refers to what has resulted and is resulting with regard to all the malignant disturbances and damages that have occurred in your computer work and have extensively impaired, distorted and disordered your work in various ways, which will continue to be so to some extent. This because you are obviously to be prevented from uncovering the untruths of the religions and the religious-sectarian delusion, which is why the vibrational impulses that have become independent and act independently also increasingly influence and increase the earth-human sectarian faith.

Your energetically powerful consciousness is the cause of all strange happenings and occurrences in your working space, as well as of the extremely unpleasant disturbance and damage influences as well as work disturbances, which arise in your computer device. However, the cause is not based on the fact that the energy and power of your consciousness would cause the disturbances and damages, because its energy and power is far above any normal, and exactly this is the reason why the strange occurrences regarding materializations of foreign objects and things up to great values arise in your work space. Also, the above any norm energies and forces of your consciousness are the cause of the disturbances and damaging influences in your computer regarding your work, which is not seldom destroyed and annihilated to you, consequently you have to do the same work several times. But when I explain that everything of this kind finds its cause in the energies and forces of your supernormal consciousness, then this does not mean that you would initiate and bring to fruition the whole of the unpleasantnesses through your consciousness itself, because there can be no question of that. The energies and forces triggering all disturbances and damages as well as the strange materialization processes are based, according to our, together with the Sonans carried out, almost two decades of extremely exact clarifications, researches and analyses in the sectarian vibrations created by the earth humanity and their self-acting impulses. And by these by religious delusion since ancient times originated and as a result of the further growing mankind, as well as by the further growth of the believers of all denominations originating from it, all earthly peoples were influenced by the sectarian belief-conditioned oscillation impulses since ancient times – and are influenced until today and still in far future. And these oscillatory impulses result from every religious belief of every believer of every denomination, and every religious, sectarian belief always and in every case corresponds to an uncontrollable delusion of imagination, which sends out rectified oscillations. These then connect and integrate themselves into the mass of the existing similar vibrations of all people who are addicted to a delusion of faith, accumulate and are radiated back again enormously strengthened on the whole mass of the earth humanity addicted to faith, whereby further and still more mischief is spread. And this happens – as since time immemorial – by hatred, malice and violence are stirred up more and more degenerating and endless mischief of various kinds continues to spread over the earth’s population and the earth, whereby wars, destructions and annihilation are inevitable, as also as the last consequence exterminations of peoples and groups of peoples.

The fact is that these vibrations and their impulses are in such a way that the ugly, evil and violent inner impulses, which are covered by the delusion of religious faith and thus not outwardly recognizable, nevertheless cling in the human being inwardly and stir up and ignite subterraneously. These then come to the outbreak and degenerate, whereby malicious-violent mischief arises, if any circumstances such as anxiety, fear, illusory love, disadvantages, threats, cowardice, need, hatred, jealousy, hunger or suffering, as well as misery, lack, vice, addiction, disease, sorrow, pain, self-protection or depression etc. the power of the imagination of the delusion blur in such a way that the hiding of the malicious and violent inner impulses is no longer possible, but these break through to the outside in the most evil degenerations as malignities and violence.

Now the fact is, as I have already explained, that your supernormal consciousness – as well as the logic of your thoughts – is the reason for all the occurrences of materializations of various things in your working space, as well as the disturbances and the damages that occur to your works in and with the computer. The energy and power of your consciousness is indeed the cause of all these phenomena, but not in such a way that they would be triggered by your consciousness, because this is in no way the case, because the fact is that you strengthen the energies and powers of your consciousness by your energies and powers, which you create in a logical way by your thoughts and feelings, and thereby make it unassailable and repellent against the belief-sectarian based vibrational impulses acting on it. In addition, however, it results – and this is the reason why I say that your consciousness is the origin of the whole – that through your energies and forces, which you create and thus strengthen your consciousness, this has created and works against such an energetically strong rejection block against external vibration and impulse influences, that it cannot possibly be attacked by such energies and forces as these are given from the sectarian delusion of earth humanity. But since now your consciousness can neither be influenced nor brought under control by these vibrations and impulses, because it repels and rejects resp. lets swing back all attacks, they have an effect on your nearest or closer environment. In this regard, of course, your work space is the nearest environment, which is then affected by the belief-delusion-founding energies and forces thrown back through your consciousness, which emanate from the earthly sectarian belief-delusion-affected human mass and can manifest themselves in a materializing manner as well as in a disturbing, falsifying and damaging manner with regard to your computer and your computer work.
These faith delusion-conditioned oscillation impulses have already made themselves self-activating independently in old time – like an artificial intelligence – and work since then on the one hand self-activating in the way, as they influence the whole religious-believing earth population about their faith and seduce to hide the malicious and violent inner impulses about their faith, however, to keep these inwardly further, to strengthen and to let come to the outbreak degenerating at every possible opportunity. Self-acting, these sectarian-belief-conditioned oscillations and impulses have a much further effect, in that they disturbingly and harmfully attack every human consciousness and influence in a compelling manner to religious delusions and thus lead to the delusion of faith. These oscillating impulses also have a self-acting effect in that religiously addicted believers, as well as otherwise only weakly or hardly faith-deluded people, mobilize their inner malicious and violent inclinations and impulses to harmen, disturb and harm fellow men in a malicious and violent way, whereby as such degenerations also killing and murdering can be the final consequences.

If a penetration into the consciousness is impossible, then the whole transforms itself self-acting in such a way that the corresponding energies and forces of the oscillation impulses affect the near or closer environment and cause disturbances as well as damages etc., whereby especially the electronics is susceptible to it, as this refers to your computer, which is why you will have to endure a lot in this respect in the future. Unfortunately, this will take time, because even if we try very hard to further fathom the dangerous delusional energies and forces, in order to then become master of them, it can still take several decades until we will know how to control them. We needed alone until today nearly two decades of intensive efforts, in order to track down these delusion-conditioned oscillations, impulses and their energies and forces at all, because they were absolutely unknown to us and therefore completely strange, as also their extraordinary, alarming, unheard-of and threatening effects in some relations. Therefore, we have to think about this matter in its entirety, and work our way into it and investigate it thoroughly, which will take years or decades.

As for us Plejaren and the Sonaer all the mentioned facts, thus also the energies and forces, were unknown, which result from the religious resp. sectarian delusion of faith of the earth mankind, which we ourselves were able to recognize now only after nearly two decades, but now we must also still fathom and investigate them, so we had to recognize also by our investigations that these religious-sectarian-delusion of faith-conditioned energies, forces, oscillations and impulses are absolutely unknown also to all earthly sciences. With no single science and therefore also with no single earth man exists in this respect an idea, consequently not even the slightest trace of an inkling is present.

Billy Man, today it seems that only long monologues must be led. But thanks, my friend, because your remarks, as also those of you, Yanarara, lay again all kinds of things clear. You have said, however, that the belief-delusional energies and forces of the delusional earthlings swing back from my consciousness resp. are thrown back, in order to work then in my environment. In addition I think that one can explain the whole thing for the better understanding as a parable perhaps in such a way that the functioning resp. exercising, accomplishing or working of the energies and forces in my working space and with the computer comes about by the fact that my consciousness simply pushes away the sectarian oscillation impulses accruing to it and forces them to the counter oscillation, as it happens e.g. also with two magnets when both poles of the same direction are put together. If this is done, then the poles of the same direction reject each other and push each other away. This, while however with my consciousness rather a factor must be assumed which acts like a powerful repelling and pushing away shield against the sectarian vibrations and their impulses which are flung away and then cause manifestations in the environment. Whereby, however, as a parable for the understanding I rather want to refer to the magnets.

Although the Plejaren or Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach, together with their collaborators, have now found ways to secure data transmission to Billy, mysterious changes still occur in Billy’s contact reports and other texts, although far less frequently than before. However, the Plejaren team’s data transfer has also been slowed down tremendously, meaning that Billy can now retrieve contact reports only three to four times slower than before. Furthermore, everything is secured in such a way that the original data Billy retrieves cannot be interfered with, ‘only’ the data in his computer. Although everything seems to be getting a bit better now, it is apparently far from over with the ‘Zuleidewerkerei’, because recently not only falsifications appear in his contact reports, like the last one of June 10, 2019,

See the following falsified version from June 10, 2019 and Billy Meier’s corrected version (neither as yet translated):

Version corrected again by Billy but recently also suddenly and completely spontaneously and surprisingly web pages or videos with pornographic content appear on his screen, some of which he can only delete again by simply stalling the computer. When these new ‘jokes’ occurred, various core group members were present in Billy’s office and could see with their own eyes not only the appearance of the unwanted pages, but also their contents, as well as Billy’s often futile efforts to delete the pages without stalling his computer.
The latest ‘event’ so far was a whopping 7 (seven) pages of stupidly primitive and absolutely ridiculous religious-sectarian abuse that suddenly appeared on Billy’s screen on June 26 while retrieving the 721st Contact Report. He partially skimmed the pages, and when their level-less content became clear to him, he simply deleted them, because one of the characteristics of such insertions is that they cannot be captured with a screen shot, nor can they be printed. Screenshots like printed pages are then simply blank. The only thing that can be made as proof are pictures of the ‘appearances on the screen’ with a photo camera, as I took them of the ‘Love Droplet of God’ in December 2016.
If the whole thing would not be so exceedingly tedious and nerve-racking, one could perhaps even get something funny out of it, because the whole thing is not taken personally by Billy and consequently does not really affect him, except that it is extremely tedious for him that he often has to do his work two or three times, which he does, however, with stoic tenacity and in each case only acknowledges the incidents with a juicy scolding and washes it down with a coffee. Definitely, though, he doesn’t let such childishly ridiculous ‘antics’ rattle him or keep him from his task, even though that’s clearly the purpose of all the maneuvering. Billy recently said to me that it’s all about who’s stronger now – and there’s absolutely no question about that for me, and I’m sure for anyone who knows Billy well. Ultimately, the whole theater simply shows the quality of the sectarian religious forces, which are so penetratingly stupid and primitive-laughable that it is absolutely incomprehensible to a person with a normally developed mind and a reasonably intact intelligence. Not only Billy, but all the core group and passive members affected by these stories do not think for a second about giving up or letting these ridiculous and stinking stupid childish whining get them off track or off task. In any case, the fact is that these forces precisely mirror the bottomless stupidity and abysmal primitiveness of all delusional believers and sectarians – and that’s what makes them so incomprehensible and possibly frightening to unenlightened people.
July 12, 2019

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Stephen Lane

And, I forgot to add, it further explains why the Plejaren (or any highly developed extraterrestrials) do not want to come into worldwide contact with us, to ‘be amoung us,’ as they could also suffer such attacking energies in a materialistic form.

Shiva Balu

According to Indian texts, our dwelling place has a lot to do with our well being The structure (building, house) is a very important factor and earth energies underneath and around this structure affect a person positively or negatively. Usually this kind of hauntings and strange occurrences happen when there is an excavated region in the south west part( also entire south and West part of the house and compound) such as cellars , sump , ponds ,wells, septic tanks etc) Also it would promote accidents and financial loss The most important fact is it would induce a lot of fear and anxiety. Such structures need to be closed (not with a lid ) but with sand or soil so this place is tightly packed. This has been tried in many structures in India with remarkable results. Earth energies and how they affect human lives is a science but I don’t know how to explain this scientifically
It is also worth noting that Giza intelligence had an unusually long life of 4000 years and could perpetrate their evil agenda unhindered because the pyramid structure is the most effective shield
I am not saying that it is the only reason for strange happenings at the centre ,but the above mentioned structures surely contribute to fear ,anxiety.and mischief.
I feel sad Billy has to go through so many difficulties in bringing the truth

Paul Wrenn

The Giza Intelligences life span was degenerated down to around 100 years, and only some of the old long lived ones lived until 3000 years.


Antilogos in action, created by the thinking of us Earth monkeys 🙂

Tony Schwab

One solution for Billy´s computer problems could be if Plejarans would install some kind of anti-vibration shield (like those they are using on their beamships), around BEAM´s house, like, for instance, the Dome, which would bounce back all those negative impulses and vibrations… or… back to the typing machine….and make scans of typed pages…or someone with not so strong mental and consciousness powers could rewrite those typed pages in electronic shape, in computer, in safe distance form BEAM`s consciousness energies. Just a suggestion…

Ned Duke

Interesting CR but also bad news in a way. If we’re swamped with so much negativity then Earth Humanity is swimming in this well-spring of negativity. Correct me if I’m wrong but it doesn’t sound like this negativity can be rebalanced. It’s probably why several CRs ago Billy had suggested folks keep their inner peace since the external factors look less likely to be changed for the better.
In other words, the scale tipped over to the point we might have double negative or even triple negative effects. Much like a certain America hater and Mao exceeding (or if we’re swimming in negativity-language then ‘succeeding’) far beyond the expectation or limited intention/scope of their efforts.

This had been my worry where the prophecies could actually be changed … for the worse. I hope not since most of them sound bad enough already. This negativity can be found by examining politics and how it interferes with government day-to-day operation whose sole job is supposed to be unbiased neutral-positive governance and helping to create the conditions of a working society. Of course, we know the world over that setting laws based on politics results in political slavery where if you word things a certain way you could legally abandon folks to their fate. This abandonment manifests itself into things like Enron where you can give your life to working at a company only to be abandoned by it at the end.

Fair-weathered corporations are not isolated but common as the government tacitly allows this type of legal abandonment of its own citizens. The problem arises when you needs folks to do certain things in order to create positive outcomes but are met with negative returns by a disinterested populace. The citizenry isn’t rich and don’t have an army of corporate lawyers to call upon but solely and independently are at the mercy, whim, or discretion of this force whose usefulness looks less likely to result in satisfactory results in the long run. A force where doing simple things like visiting the doctor poses a risk of financial ruin isn’t what I call a positive outcome.

A disowned and poverty circling populace a country does not make. Nor can a country defend itself from aggressors. Surprise, surprise, the prophecies seem to suggest, at least for the US, that America haters will succeed beyond measure leaving the country defenseless and its population at the mercy of ‘fire’ (quite possibly of the nuclear kind and potentially a successful decap-strike without a return/response). It’s a little bit more direct with … France.

If we need another example of exceeding/succeeding beyond measure, it’s my understanding that the amount of cancer deaths increased after Chernobyl throughout Europe although this is usually attributed to other things. Of course, folks would rather look at the flies than the dung heap in front of them.

Another example of a country-wide ponzi scheme that looks positive on the surface but results in negativity several decades later:

Terry Carch

Well Ned there is an old saying that does money talks.


Air-gap the storage drives/discs; a step used over the years – to avoid such shenanigans and net-disrupters.

I’ve had numerous files gone missing – from Meier data and original-files from years ago. I started then – to ‘air-gap’ those. When downloading, check the file content, THEN- more the data to a different drive – with ability to disconnect it from on-line streams.


Also – another method – use the ancient Socrates ‘Laws of Intelligent Thought’ and reason through these ‘interruptions’ caused from outside influences. Edit the words you read – with the studies from your own(Proofreading helps , also)

Even with years of editorial experience – I still find these types of errors creep into the typing. Lol


Annoying for Billy and everyone at the SSSC, but do you think FIGU will allow me to follow Billy around with a collection plate (just kidding).

I’m sure the Plejaren will get to the bottom of this, but I imagine these negative fluidal energies can’t simply be studied openly, which is why a long time is mentioned before they have any results and as these energies will be like highly contagious and deadly viruses, to avoid like the plague in the normal course of their work.

Having spent a good deal of time in the company of religious people, it is really they who are scared and frightened, of themselves. Otherwise, they’d have no need for imagined protections from any made up entity and would stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

A good exercise I use to keep a check on my fears is to walk around my place or other places in complete darkness and note my thinking and feeling, and I’ve had some pretty hair-raising experiences myself in the past that would warrant that, but now feel in complete control of those emotions after doing this for many years. Yes, I’m strange.

Melissa Osaki

The first thing many people do is teach their kids to believe in fairies, super-heroes, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, etc. etc. Kids are deluded at a very early age.

I remember being ticked off when I found out that there was no such thing as the tooth fairy. I was insulted by the dishonesty.

Every belief of every form corresponds to an uncontrollable delusion, which is based first in a conceit, which arises both from external misunderstood influences and suggestive persuasions etc., as well as by a sensory illusion, conceit, illusion, lie, a deception or self-deception, a dazzle, a sham, misdirection, pretence, cunning, evasion or feint, by a will-o’-the-wisp, a mystification, a bluff, hocus-pocus or by deception. And this also proves that any belief of any kind has been the cause of all human degenerations since ancient times, and indeed of all the abominable, shameful, as well as horrible and gruesome violence of all kinds that has taken place. And this applies to quarrels and hatred, vindictiveness, jealousy and depravity, retaliatory rage, killing and murdering of all forms, torture, thievery, fraud and other all degenerated horrors, up to catastrophic and indescribable, every life, every morality, honor and dignity despising and unbearable, degenerated wars of all kinds.

Terry Carch

Hi Melissa I just added Yanara`s paragraph onto all the notes in my notebook so I cn live by all these beauttful words. Thankyou. Salome


So much better an explanation than mine: “based first in a conceit”. That is exactly right after thinking more about this.

Does this “AI God” account for all manner of associated experiences of Earth human beings, with all the crazy ‘Sons of God’, Madhi’s and Gurus who’ve appeared over the millennia, perhaps too all the famous men in history who, once tasting power, are somehow invigorated by this delusion culmination and so go completely nuts, like Hitler and all those men who started Empires, etc., that they somehow drew some power from this or were influenced by it in their actions? So many questions.

Could the Bafath have learned this secret having been on Earth longer, didn’t figure out how to control it and so gave up on humans and decided to use religious delusion to control people, but maybe whereby they too were either influenced by all these accumulated delusional thoughts or saw them as an ultimate threat to their control and hence their actions? What if this has a good side in that this AI God acted a self-defense for ordinary Earth people from the influences of the Bafath. Billy did say that there are two sides to everything. My head spins thinking of all the possibilities.

Whatever is going here, it is like the culmination point of a very ancient period of history and I’m sure we will see all types of strange things before this is resolved, which may even represent Creation resolving these things too (?), the God delusion, etc., and whilst we are entering this new Piscean age. Either way, it will no doubt be interesting.


Correction: entering the age of Aquarius.