Another Confirmation of Billy Meier’s Prophetic Scientific Accuracy

A recent, NASA funded scientific study shows – for the first time – that space travel is harmful to the…brain.

Of course, NASA’s information is – once again – superseded by Billy Meier’s very specific information on space related brain injuries, which he first published in 1981…31 years before NASA.

While the NASA study refers to “cognitive problems” andneurodegeneration”, Billy Meier’s information, reproduced below for your convenience (thanks to Mahigitam for finding this information!) are the sentences that specifically refer to the brain damage (emphasis added): [...]  READ MORE

Two Examples of the Problem of Trying to Talk about…UFOs

UFOs have long been considered a fringe topic and attempts to present credible information have been largely marginalized by associating them with all the cranks and crackpots who fill the pages of tabloids. While most of the marginalization, disinformation, etc., has often come from governmental, media and/or intelligence groups, the greatest enemies of the truth – and by that I mean the Billy Meier case and its invaluable information – are mainly from two other sources.

Among the main opponents to the dissemination of the truth are those in the scientific community who often publicly proclaim their sincere interest in seeing evidence of extraterrestrial life, should it exist, but who behave quite differently when confronted with what they ask for. (I don’t include the professional skeptics as major obstacles since they are effectively just another religious group that has declared that their version of reality needn’t be troubled by scientifically verified evidence that contradicts it.) [...]  READ MORE

Extraterrestrials Say Romney a Classic ‘Psychopath’

In a rare and very specific commentary on the Republican candidate for the U.S presidency, Mitt Romney, Ptaah, the leader of the human extraterrestrial Plejaren race, described Romney as a classic psychopath, providing a detailed list of the characteristics for determining psychopathic individuals.

The Plejaren don’t insert themselves into our politics and Meier and the FIGU group are non-political. As you will see, the comments by Ptaah were in response to a question posed to Billy Meier by a U.S. citizen. [...]  READ MORE

Trailer & Reviews! as the time fulfills

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“This is a most important and well done documentary, my hope is that it is seen and felt by millions of humans who are ready for this truth and begin to awaken those who are not.

Really, just saying it is a ‘documentary’ falls short of it’s impact, scope and importance, as it is certainly so much more. This body of work bears witness to a turning point for humanity on earth.

It is as if ‘Billy’ is having a private and intimate conversation with the viewer and the intermingled conversations with others makes it complete. [...]  READ MORE

as the time fulfills – the New Film!

as the time fulfills

The brand new film on the Billy Meier UFO contacts is now available!

Now learn more about this ordinary man on an extraordinary mission. With more than 70 years of proven contacts with extraterrestrials, and volumes of the most prophetically accurate information in human history, there is no reasonable doubt left about Meier’s authenticity.

The only question is if we will heed the warnings…as the time fulfills.

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The Clock Is Ticking and the Alarm Went off…Again

For those who may care about such matters as today’s news:

“Vladimir Zhirinovsky has labeled calls by US senators demanding Barack Obama directly support the Syrian opposition ‘absolutely unacceptable,’ saying his party would demand a Russian response.”

…continues to corroborate Meier’s prophetic information and confirm his status as the prophet of the new time:

“31. On the one hand, the prophecy of the Vatican-Israel alliance has become a reality, which actually speaks as a bad omen for the beginning of the Third World War, and on the other hand, the extremist Zhirinovsky really is an unusually nasty warmonger and tyrant, through whom not only a forced Third World War is to be expected, but who is actually working towards it in this respect.” – Contact Note Report 248 [...]  READ MORE