Can You…SEE what You’re Looking At? (Part 3)

This is a very brief blog that links to Rhal Zahi’s latest, brilliant analysis of the WCUFO.

Anyone who really can see what they’re looking at most certainly will now know that all claims about models, hoaxing, etc., are beyond preposterous and forever refuted. This third video analysis of Billy Meier’s famous Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) reveals amazing details, differently colored crystals and lenses that authenticate and confirm its extraterrestrial origins.

Zahi’s work shows that we are, without a doubt, being communicated to by extremely intelligent, understanding and enormously patient extraterrestrial beings, who understand the fragility of our compromised minds and psyches, so that a “time bomb” approach was implemented that would take three decades to “explode” its educational and evolutive treasures upon us, when the time was right.

And with the help of a curious, dedicated, professional who’s an expert in his field, that time is clearly now.

Please share freely with those who won’t be blinded by the light.


Please also see the new trailer for And Did They Listen?

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Awesome trailer! You are definitely a movie maker. I loved how the DVD had some of the Introduction of the Spirit Teaching in the special features section. Perhaps in future films you could have more special features. I would like to see a Meier photographs feature. Spirit symbols, and interpretation commentary would be incredible.

Also I was thinking it would be cool for TheyFly to re-release the old Billy Meier movies, like “Contact,” “The Meier Chronicles,” and “Beamship the Movie Footage,” and the “Metal” Analysis on DVD. As far as I know these have never been officially released on digital media. You can see these films online, and only VHS tapes.


For those who do not know, these movies are now freely available on official FIGU Youtube channel…

Dyson Devine

VERY nice trailer! Can hardly wait to watch the DVD! (Pressed for time.)

Don’t forget Rhal Zahi’s even latester brilliant analysis of the “Pendulum UFO” a.k.a. “UFO Circling Tree”.

When your narrator says, “They thought of themselves as the only intelligent human beings” you show the Pope.

In September 2000, the Roman Catholic Church decided that they’d now be happy to make little green converts if they can. They’ve gotta get ’em from SOMEWHERE!


P.S. When I wrote you privately, “It may be several days before I can free myself from this most recent legal initiative. I won’t be reading the blog.”
I didn’t mean that I wouldn’t read it AT all, just that I couldn’t read it ALL. And it will be instructive to see how it’s led in my absence.

Also, I HAVE qualified (SOMEWHERE!) as such my deliberately provocative deduction about the Reticulans/Greys.

Again, Michael, best of luck with the video!



Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer

Hi Michael,

Great trailer. How many “And Did They Listen” DVDs have you sold?

Dyson Devine


Important translation cock-up on my part finally discovered by Kkarumudi Mahesh “Eagle-Eyes” Chowdary and corrected on the published version by famous futurist, James Moore.

Any inconvenience is regretted.


Mark Campbell

People (in general) really don’t want to be woken up or interrupted in their “Happy Days” . It’s always the 1950’s to them , nothing’s wrong , nothing out of place until …surprise . of course what I’m saying is nothing new . I could have coughed .