What Arrogance Hath Wrought

Disappearing trees, disappearing skeptics and their disdain for the truth

The recent clumsy attempt by a skeptic to try to duplicate Billy Meier’s “Pendulum UFO” film predictably resulted in some people voicing comments about the “missing tree”. Of course, thinking they’d discovered a smoking gun, the skeptics jumped all over the tree issue in Meier’s film.

Nine years ago, I wrote one of my first articles pointing out the importance of considering means, motive and opportunity (MMO) in examining the evidence in the Billy Meier UFO contacts. I also pointed to Meier’s earliest photographs in India. I even mentioned the copyrighted information that established his prophetic accuracy. [...]  READ MORE

A Quantitative Assessment of Evidence in Three Cases, Part Two

Distant light in sky may be planet-like object; Swiss man’s photos of UFOs more certain

First, despite the somewhat highfalutin title, this article isn’t going to be filled with attempts at scientificese, or fancy jargon, only the facts as we know them.

Now let’s identify the the cases under discussion.

Quantitative Evidence

Click graph to enlarge.

As a number of people surmised, R stands for Roswell (it could also stand for Rendlesham) as both of them are UFO cases in the strictly anecdotal category, which didn’t stop Stanton Friedman from selling books on Roswell while pretending it met any real scientific criteria. [...]  READ MORE

George Noory Will Host Billy Meier Info on C2C Website

Prophetic accuracy about France and Islam prompts Noory’s precedent setting invitation to spread Meier information

The clear connection between Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings about radical Islamic attacks on France, dating back to 1958, and the recent attacks in Paris prompted C2C host George Noory to extend an unprecedented invitation to have Meier’s information posted on the C2C site.

Michael Horn read excerpts from the prophecies pertaining to what would also ultimately develop regarding “the fanatics and warriors of Islam” rising up against the countries of Europe and retaining their power for a long time. Horn emphasized that a real call to action is necessary now so that people can also better understand how cause and effect works and how to begin to take their personal power back from outside forces. [...]  READ MORE

Frying the Friendly Skies

The real conspiracy is hidden in plane sight

Billy Meier’s information on the so-called chemtrails has been criticized by many conspiratorially minded people as being either a deliberate attempt to…cloud the issue, or simply as obviously incorrect and uninformed. Meier and the Plejaren never state scientific theories but only facts that have consistently proved to be unerringly accurate.

So the information forwarded to me by Chris Lock is welcomed for its informative and credible content. Maybe now attention to the real dangers and causes of our atmospheric and climate problems will surpass interest in the escapist nonsense that captures the attention of the gullible, time after time. [...]  READ MORE

Former NASA Engineer Presents Billy Meier UFO Case to MUFON

Aerospace expert Matthew Wieczkiewicz focused on inexplicable anomalies in Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos

On Friday evening, October 16, former NASA engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz presented a two-hour examination into several UFO photographs taken by Billy Meier. These included photos taken in in 1975, 1979 and 1980.

While many people are familiar with the classic disk shaped UFOs that Meier photographed from as far back as 1964 – with all of the largely unrecognized, stunning implications of that evidence – Matthew focused particular attention on the highly controversial WCUFO and Energy Ship photos and the independent analyses done by Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock, which authenticated them as large, unknown objects and not models, or special effects of any kind. [...]  READ MORE

Prophecies or…Predictions?


Russia warns Denmark its warships could become nuclear targets*

For those of us who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to reason with, the only question  now is how to prevent the prophecies from becoming predictions.

As most regular readers now know, in 1981 Billy Meier first published his warnings regarding Russian military movements (“red storm flood” “Bolshevism”) against Scandinavia*, the US, Canada, etc. In fact, because the Prophetien document is owned now even by avowed skeptics and attackers of the Meier case, it’s even easier to prove Meier’s foreknowledge of these events than it may be in regard to the 1987 Henoch Prophecies. We started to discuss the situation on this blog in 2011[...]  READ MORE

NASA’s “New” Mars Report Published by Billy Meier DECADES Ago

Will all of the scientific “experts” please put their egos on a crash diet and acknowledge these still ongoing contacts with an advanced, space-traveling human race?

A new report by NASA concludes that Mars once had “more water than the Arctic Ocean.” As we reported eight years ago, Billy Meier already knew, almost 40 years ago, about the vast amounts of water once present on Mars. In fact, he was given even more detailed information by Quetzal, in 1986, which could further explain much about the actual distribution of the water. [...]  READ MORE