Welcome to the Insect Hotel

The vital interconnection with all life includes a myriad of insect life

No, the title of this article isn’t meant to be a greeting to the survivors of a possible next world war, i.e. the cockroaches, etc. But it does deal with preventing possible extinctions, as discussed in this article.

The Ones We Need

We need serious reminders of the vital interconnection with all life on the planet and that includes a myriad of insect life, which we often choose to ignore or feel…inconvenienced by. However, life on earth, and human survival, is dependent on many creatures of Creation that we know, and care, little about. [...]  READ MORE

Icing the Skeptics

New skeptical attack again helps prove authenticity of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information

For several months there have been allegations form certain people that Billy Meier falsified his information regarding the 5,100 year-old Iceman, as well as other things like the connection between the ozone damage and chemical and atomic radiation causes.

I’ve repeatedly not only rejected those attacks them but also stood firm in my determinations that Meier never backdated any information. Time and again I’ve challenged the accusers to explain the logic, the means, motive and opportunity by which Meier supposedly accomplished this alleged hoax. I’ve pointed out his known and proven good character, absolutely devoid of any proven dishonesty, lying, hoaxing, etc. I’ve also pointed out that someone whose physical evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs has now been independently authenticated several times, wouldn’t need to create a problematic body of allegedly false information. [...]  READ MORE