Syrian Returnee Confirms IS Infiltration in Europe

Gives first hand corroboration that Billy Meier’s warning about IS presence is real and underestimated


Americans as well as Europeans and others need to read this new article and finally fully grasp that the agenda of many thousands of psychopathic killers is to infiltrate and wreak havoc in as many countries as they can. Those who support open borders and illegal immigration are playing a dangerous game with not only their own lives but the lives of their fellow citizens. It’s long past the time to “suggest” that the countries, especially in the Middle East, which hold the same basic religious and cultural views open their borders, doors, homes and hearts to the refuges coming from neighboring lands. [...]  READ MORE

How MUFON Helped the Spread of ISIS

Fear of going out of business trumps preventing the spread of ISIS, the fulfillment of Meier’s other prophecies and even the possible danger to their own lives

I recently spoke with someone in the MUFON organization who is actually concerned with the real world, unlike many people who involve themselves with “researching” UFOs. In fact, she was extremely concerned about the spread of ISIS, or the IS. Her fears are not unfounded of course but she was unaware of how MUFON’s suppression of the Billy Meier UFO case helped the spread of ISIS. [...]  READ MORE

Go Forth and Multiply to Divide and Conquer

Once again the specific, prophetic warnings from Billy Meier unfold before our very eyes

A so-called top imam espouses interbreeding as part of the agenda to exploit asylum seekers as a means for radical Islam to conquer European and other countries.

The frighteningly short attention spans possessed by people these days compels us to point out that Billy Meier had long ago specifically warned of what is now unfolding before our very eyes.

From 1958:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world. [...]  READ MORE

Former US Treasury Official Confirms Billy Meier’s Prophetic Information

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Co-Founder of Reaganomics, rips US economic and foreign policies

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts sounded like he was reading from Billy Meier’s information, such as the Henoch Prophecies – and from what Meier stated on May 27, 2015 – when he condemned American military and economic policies and their unrelenting push to war:

193. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time [sic]. [...]  READ MORE

Signs of the Coming Sectarian Dictatorships

Defiance of existing constitutions and laws by the religious right presage fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies

Pat Buchanan often has interesting, if not fully logical commentaries. In this one, he stupidly equates the moral legitimacy of the civil rights movement, which was based on ending discrimination against an entire race of people, with the rights of people to disobey the laws of the land and discriminate against others, based on their religious beliefs.

Buchanan, who’s a right-wing Christian, also thinks it’s religiously justified to discriminate against other people because of what they willingly do with each other, because the beliefs of Christians, based on what an imaginary god, savior, etc., supposedly commands, entitles them to do so. [...]  READ MORE

Prophecies or…Predictions?


Russia warns Denmark its warships could become nuclear targets*

For those of us who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to reason with, the only question  now is how to prevent the prophecies from becoming predictions.

As most regular readers now know, in 1981 Billy Meier first published his warnings regarding Russian military movements (“red storm flood” “Bolshevism”) against Scandinavia*, the US, Canada, etc. In fact, because the Prophetien document is owned now even by avowed skeptics and attackers of the Meier case, it’s even easier to prove Meier’s foreknowledge of these events than it may be in regard to the 1987 Henoch Prophecies. We started to discuss the situation on this blog in 2011[...]  READ MORE

Hey Stupid, Do You Get It Now?

Truth be told, the mass of human beings on planet Earth are an insufferably arrogant, suicidally stupid lot who are worse than the proverbial frogs in a pot of water. These human frogs don’t wait for an outside hand to turn up the heat, they reach outside the pot and crank the fire up on themselves…while they jerk themselves around with their precious “Smart” phones and other techno toys.

Case in  point, the latest Russian military movements that again lift a page from the Henoch Prophecies (1987), which Putin has apparently decided to follow to a tee since running circles around all of the so-called “world leaders” is so ridiculously easy for him anyway. So here it is, Arkhangelsk*, just in case it’s too subtle for the “why-didn’t-somebody-warn-us” crowd: [...]  READ MORE