As Billy Meier Warned ISIS Danger Not Over

How some “UFO experts” have contributed to the unchecked spread of terrorism

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Despite rosy pronouncements from hype-happy Donald Trump, it appears that ISIS is anything but “defeated”. There are also warnings for the holidays in the US, etc.

As usual, this comes as no surprise to those who’ve read the…real news for some time now, including this.

What’s the UFO Connection?

Now, considering that Billy Meier’s warnings about radical Islamist terrorism date back to 1958, note that all the liars and profiteering parasites mentioned in this recent blog – who indeed have long known about the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts – are as complicit as the government, media, etc., in suppressing these very warnings and  many more.  [...]  READ MORE

US Navy Ruins UFO Con

Peddlers of UFO disinformation will be scrambling to remain relevant

We’ve been saying it for a very long time: Most UFOs are secret military craft.

Now, the US Navy is trying to get ahead of the whole UFO controversy by “revealing” information from 2016.

The problem is that various alternative craft, terrestrial versions of extraterrestrial UFOs, have been in development…since the 1920s, almost 100 years ago.*

This is also a big problem for the phony UFO industry, its so-called experts, investigators, contactees, experiencers, abductees, etc. It makes fools out of MUFON, TTSA, Tom DeLonge, Steven Greer, and other profiteers who’ve willingly suppressed the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 77 years, solely for their own profit. [...]  READ MORE

Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves

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Billy Meier was first given the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate, worldwide environmental warnings began decades earlier. Now, as the time fulfills, the accompanying, deteriorating geopolitical situation, and equally ubiquitous moral and ethical degeneration can also no longer be denied.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Forget about UFOs

I recently gave a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in Sedona, AZ. And, after establishing the singular authenticity of these still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, I encouraged, in fact almost pleaded with, the audience to basically…forget about UFOs. [...]  READ MORE

The UFO Truth

Disinformation organization accidentally confirms authenticity of Billy Meier UFO case

One of the premiere disinformation-distraction entities in the mess that is the UFOCI (UFO Community and Industry), OpenMinds, actually, published a monumentally important interview with Jim Diletosso, a member of the original team investigating the Billy Meier UFO contacts, which essentially (and accidentally) confirms the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts. There’s a lot more to say about it but first… [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live!

Is TTSA a Smokescreen for Fake ET Attack?

The new, live, hour-long show revolving around the Billy Meier UFO contacts debuts Tuesday, October 17. You can tune in and participate.

In addition to covering all facets of, and answering viewer’s questions about, the singularly authentic Meier case, including the UFO evidence, voluminous prophetically accurate, scientific and world event related information, we’ll be looking into many relevant stories in the news.

MUFON on Steroids?

One recently announced story that’s already provoking controversy and suspicion is the launch of TTSA, fronted by former band, er, front man Tom DeLonge. We’ll examine what’s been presented by and about the participants, in what purports to be some wonderful boon to humanity’s understanding of, and participation in the discovery of, the truth about UFOs, also referred to as UAP, and other matters. [...]  READ MORE