Answering unasked questions about racism, deportation and political obstructionists I’m surprised that, in response to the previous blog, the question wasn’t raised about what to do about people who came to this country illegally, 10, 20 and more years ago, who now live here and have built their lives, homes, families, etc. It should be… Read More

Concerned people have to take measures against the coming war before it is too late Since 1958, Billy Meier has warned of the European Union (EU) as a dictatorship, which would be involved with the USA in bio-chipping everyone on the planet. (Some people simply can’t wait to be enslaved so they rush to the head… Read More

After the re-election of President Obama, there’s been a sudden resurgence of a disease, previously thought to have been largely eradicated in America, with even more virulence than even the CCMED (Center for Control of Moral and Ethical Diseases) had imagined. Yes, racism is back with a naked vengeance, or perhaps it was just festering largely noticed.… Read More