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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival


Rich “Goofy” Giordano

Filming Children “Through a Peep Hole” – Is Kal Korff a Pedophile?

Are Rich Giordano, Steven Cambian & Melissa Martell complicit in enabling a possible pedophile? Kal Korff: Pedophile? In behavior often identified with pedophiles, Kal Korff admits on this video to secretly filming and interrogating young children - "through a peep hole" - without permission - during one of his trips to Switzerland. While he’s already proudly...


The Billy Meier UFO Contacts


787th Contact: Stupidity Kills, Not Wearing a Mask Is Stupid

Around ⅘ of dead from Corona epidemic are not unvaccinated persons, but persons who...

How “No-Maskers” Helped Bring Bio-chip Enslavement a Step Closer

Ironically, the deep-in-denial, all-about-me crowd, with their "Don't take away my freedoms!" - an...

To Humankind or Current Residents

Episode 14 of The Future of Humankind, which in itself isn't looking exactly promising NEW VIDEO! As...

Antidotes to Insanity

The antidote to this insanity lies in being informed, prepared and capable of acting...

Don’t Be Fooled It IS the New NAZISM

Incompetent, failed leaders resort to same tactics Hitler used against public, resulting in ever-increasing casualties...