Billy Meier UFOs, Oklahoma and Rock & Roll

A whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on and lots more to come

Thanks to Bill Wilson, I discovered a recent article by Andrew W. Griffin pertaining to Billy Meier. He posted a new one here, after our recent conversation. There’s also an earlier article about Meier and Semjase and rock music in Griffin’s Oklahoma based, Red Dirt Report.

A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On

Oklahoma of course is now experiencing earthquake threats comparable to California, which one again simply corroborate what Meier was told, and published, in 1976[...]  READ MORE

What’s a Typewriter?

…or Let’s Go back to…Jupiter!   

I don’t type particularly well, or very fast and chances are everyone knows what I mean when I say type. But does everyone also know where this word, type, comes from? Really, no joke intended.

Of course it comes from the word typewriter, a now essentially antique machine, which was the forerunner of the word processor/computer, etc. and which, amazingly enough to me, may actually be unknown to vast numbers of people. Such is technological progress. [...]  READ MORE