This section will be for questions and (hopefully) answers to a wide range of topics pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case and its relevance to the world we live in.

Questions on topics such as these and many others are welcome:

To be clear, I certainly won’t be the only one offering answers to the questions, as I know that there are many people who may be more knowledgeable about certain topics and information than I am. So obviously no one should hold back if they have an answer to a question posted here. Of course we’ll all do our best to check the accuracy of the answers as well and see how this approach goes.

Of course there already may be existing answers in the FIGU forum where Billy Meier answers questions almost every month.

420 comments on “The Billy Meier UFO Case: Questions & Answers

  • G’Day, I need a bit of help, please. What can one say to someone who believes that there are as many truths as there are humans. By this I mean, what do you say to someone who says something along the lines of the following: “BUT that’s your truth, that might not be his, her or their truth?” I can not for the life of me think with this and I risk going insane as a result!
    I tried, “Reality is the truth!”, but I don’t think most are able to fathom this.

    • Hey, Andrew. Just noticed your question now. Not sure if this will help but here is a copy of my attempt at a discussion with Derek Bartholomaus who boldly claims

      “Learn the truth…” on his website(

      Essentially, I attempt to get the other person to define what “truth” means to them and take it from there. Truth turns out to be a very complicated matter to pin down since everyone chooses very specific facts to utilize as well as ignore to arrive at what they refer to as the truth. Facts are critical to determining truth. But what constitutes “fact” is what sometimes makes it tricky. This is my take on it anyway.

        • Careful though. As I pointed out to Barto, dictionary definitions of “truth” will only have you spinning in circles:

          “We can both see from this circular maze that defining this term, ‘truth’ is much more complex than simply quoting the dictionary definition. If you do a simple search for ‘truth’, Wikipedia has a long entry describing numerous theories which attempt to remove bias, prejudice and preconception from the process of arriving at the truth. My questions essentially attempt to establish YOUR specific process for arriving at your truth and what you have done to remove bias, prejudice and preconception from the process of arriving at this truth.”

          Establishing fact is paramount. This is why scientific analysis is critical to any discussion of the Meier case and precisely why people like Bartholomaus avoid it. Incidentally, we’ve recently learned that even scientists such as Stanton Friedman will avoid discussing scientific analysis when their personal version of “truth” is threatened.

          • I was thinking that the only definition for truth is reality. So I will start with fact and reality and there won’t be any room for “personal versions” when I’m through. :->

          • Personally, I try to avoid using the terms “truth” and “reality” as they are easily misinterpreted, twisted and distorted during conversation. I prefer the term “fact” which also helps me to stick to only established and indisputable facts during a discussion.

          • I will just start with the good old: “What is the definition of definition?”
            Some people need to be told they’re stupid, otherwise they’ll never know. :->

  • You see, it’s just that I risk getting punched in the face, or worse, because I like to keep things simple and not complex. I thought some more and came up with this: “What is 1 +1?”, to which they would reply 2, to which I would say, “NO it’s not, it’s 653.962, and that’s my truth and if you don’t like it … oh hold on, no it’s 96 now, and that’s my truth and if you don’t like it…” DUCK AND RUN!!!

    • OK, after a good nights sleep, I can see how that could make another think that I AM ALREADY INSANE!!! So I came up with this: “You had better not do anything to stop ISIS or pedophiles, as what they do is THEIR TRUTH!”
      Like I said, I can not for the life of me, think with this. There must be something right with me!

      • OK, this reply apparently doesn’t work. “You’ve got it all wrong, mate!”
        This after I mentioned that I am moving house into a house full of non-theists because of the loud mouth; know-it-all; epitome of a christian in the granny flat next to the house and our run-in due to her and one of her friends lack of responsibility and vanity.
        Cause: I had the temerity to speak the truth.
        Effect: My speech hit an impenetrable weak consciousness.
        Cause: Andrew is on the true path NOW to being a true human.
        Effect: Andrew does not feign affection for those that he does not, in reality, hold such feelings for; and is NOW attracting his own kind.

  • Heiro Chihiro
    Can ye please tll my which planet the sadr was formed in which regardds
    Kindest welcome
    Matt B

  • :->
    I was a wondering if anyone else has had the dreams where you get in an elevator and it can only go up a few levels, so you have to get out at the top of this elevator and you have to run around trying to find the other elevator that will take you up to higher levels?
    I interpret this as the run around that religions, politics, etc. have given us, taking us away from our consciousness evolution.

    run around
    3. deceitful or evasive treatment of a person (esp in the phrase give or get the run-around)

  • I was a wondering if I could find agreement and disagreement with the following (which I can’t link to as I can’t find the relevant contact reports, so I am only going on memory):
    It has, I think, been said that 9/11 happened just as the authorities have said it happened… AND that terrorists flew planes into the WTC Towers.
    I think that the authorities are the likes of Dr. Judy Wood and that one could be said to fly a drone, and that the amerikan powers that be, such as the neocons, could be seen as terrorists.

  • Have you re-read this recently?

    Contact Report 32
    Monday, September 8 1975, 2:16 p.m.

    It’s quite a shame, but I wouldn’t want to push it. I thank you for at least being able to offer me this opportunity. But now I have something else: So far through you, Semjase, the Earth religions have always been spoken of only in negative form. At least, that’s the impression that the uninitiated on your explanations receives. I already know for a long time, though, that this impression is deceptive, and that with the negative a very specific form of religion is addressed. This however is not clear from the explanations up to this point, from which the uninitiated must certainly have come to the conclusion that religion itself should be shoved to the dirt. This impression is wrong, I know, but so far nothing has been done from your side to rectify this wrong impression. How do you stand regarding this?

    268. This question if fully justified as well, and I will answer it in detail with pleasure.
    269. As with all things, everything requires a certain amount of preparation.
    270. Nothing can be undertaken and fulfilled without adequate preparation.
    281. Of such unwillful actions however are only capable those life forms who have not yet recognized the mental consistency in their routine.
    282. That means in other words, that such thinking life forms lie still on very minimal values of consciousness-related forms, and still possess no control over their thinking forms and thinking power.
    283. As a result, they are also able to act unwillfully – that is, without consideration -, without the corresponding previous mental work.
    284. They simply have not learned how to really think yet.
    285. If it were so with the Creation as well, then nothing would exist, because through illogic everything would be destroyed in this form, before it is even created.
    286. A positive willful act or procedure means in opposition to an unwillful one, real life.
    313. What has been transmitted so far, represents in reality only the preliminary work, through which the Earth humans must be prepared for the core of truth.
    314. So this is an introduction and a preparation, so as to be able to conceive and apprehend the following advices and explanations.
    318. Religions in the sense that they exist on Earth, are actually unique in the span of the Universe known to us, and we don’t find anything similar anywhere else.
    319. As deadly threats, the false religions rule over the Earth humans and therefore the whole planet, and for thousands of years have let your world atrophy in consciousness-related terms.
    334. Religion can’t exist without relegeon, just as relegeon can’t exist without religion.
    335. Both factors must intertwine and complement each other.

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