This section will be for questions and (hopefully) answers to a wide range of topics pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case and its relevance to the world we live in.

Questions on topics such as these and many others are welcome:

To be clear, I certainly won’t be the only one offering answers to the questions, as I know that there are many people who may be more knowledgeable about certain topics and information than I am. So obviously no one should hold back if they have an answer to a question posted here. Of course we’ll all do our best to check the accuracy of the answers as well and see how this approach goes.

Of course there already may be existing answers in the FIGU forum where Billy Meier answers questions almost every month.

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229 comments on “The Billy Meier UFO Case: Questions & Answers

  • Martyn Stubbs NASA ufos are very compelling as to give one the only inevitable conclusion that the Plejaren and Federation members were hard at work being photo models to just about every NASA EU Russian Japanese and Chinese space missions.
    There is no other explanation that I could come up with as the 4 foreigners to earth seems to be elusive.

  • Why was Muras, Karytide and Atlant helpless against thwarting the GIs?
    Were they bound by cosmic Creational natural laws so much so that they couldn’t use any violence?

  • Other than the Plejaren and Billy’s overt warning in contact conversation form to Dyson and Vivienne, were they also responsible for giving protection to them via neutral telenotic impulse towards those who meant harm to take other forms of action which they otherwise would not have taken or did the Plejaren shape the situations and circumstances around certain individuals who further shaped the circumstances and situations around the very people who was going to do harm but was prevented by rigged chance happenings such as getting sick or having the diarrhea from the night out with the very people the Plejaren sent impulses to who happen to take them to an eatery that by fortuitous circumstances had used expired ingrediants for the very dish that these people happen to order.
    Stretching a very long bow here but you get my meaning.

  • Other than for obvious and proverbial reasons do people really know deep down why they oppose religion in its intricate details?
    Has any supporters of Billy done a thorough research on religious texts and teachings to come to their conclusions other than Dr Deadorff?

  • Matt , I had a conversation with a forum member last night about the topic of the religion component and how we felt unique in that we had not been gripped by religion and how that allowed us to enter the Meier materials with an open mind . In addition , we identified that we were also inquisitive in nature and always had been searching for answers amidst much illusion on this planet . It was a very pleasant realization of how rare we are as humans that embrace the Meier material as sceptics and while absorbing the massive amounts of information we were able to see the intilllect and importance of what we felt very fortunate to have finally found . I personally was offorded the opportunity by my parents to be allowed to make my own decisions . They assumed the role as responsible parents to expose my sister and I to as much as possible and allowed us to make our own decisions and respected us for it . I was essentially a philosophy student with a curiosity in religions of the world and cultures . I also was a science student , aside from being a student of this great life we are afforded . So in my path I told of how I had two decades into the study , appreciation and respect of all cultures and found it to be very rewarding and allowing to connect even more so with the world both from the standpoint of human nature and nature itself . I love being outdoors and the direct polar opposite is New York City . I find love in the hands of nature and conversely I find an almost electrical charge so ambient its indescribable when in New York City . NYC , when walking out of grand central station you are immediately immursed into and electric ambiance that is flooded with pollution . I say pollution , because the vast amount of light , human inhabitance in a hyper density ,electro magnetic , microwave , frequency and chaos , although humanly organized . Its pure overload . Being on the edge of say Crater Lake in the West Coast is the converse . Its very startling . So I clearly see the religious implication regarding the cheating of man to behold the truth . All of the prophets tried to deliver the information to show man how to live , and in each event it was altered and misconstrued to provide an avenue to mold and control the religious believers . I can say that the commonalities provide the path to world peace because even these men like Mohammed and Immanuel were worshiped , it could have worked if they left the teachings intact . Its the deviation that was evil . Its that evil that creates the weakness in the psyche that enthralls billions in the state of being unable to be self responsible or accountable in this world . It created walls and superiority complexes within the different teachings that were separated by many years in time yet were the same incarnation trying yet again to see if it can be so . So if the world could possibly see the actual similarities within us all and clarify the actual crimes of human manipulation by altering the teachings we could very well find a global world peace . A global world peace with all the religions being relevant yet realizing worship is not the path or the belief that ones religion is better than the next . The word religion needs to be extracted and the corrections need to be made via the awareness of the true teachings of their human brothers that came to bring them the light . That is the key to the co existence , however the competitiveness and the false superiority of the worship and idolization create the angst and rise the genetically manipulated gene that enables the need to defend the inability to co exist due to the level of the platform the idols were put upon . Mohammed would love and accept all . Immanuel would love and accept all , however the two human brothers and sisters are at a great tension of a ploy of control to create might is right . Meaning my belief is the only belief and I am right . So this is a large component why the Plejaran are so frustrated with the information and efforts falling of deaf ears and in light of this monstrous outcome we see conflict and wars and crusade . Fighting to convince others religions do , convert or be overt . It harbours great animosity and the landscape for conflict due to non compliance . Love was the core of the teachings . And the more you study the more you find the great stories and legends are primarily true . The truth becomes more interesting when these assuming impossible events did happen .However the factual discovery is so rewarding to experience because time and time again the message in communicating the events became misconstrued. Miscommunication may very well be the most tragic component of mankind .

  • “Love one’s neighbor.”

    Can someone elaborate what that means by BEAM? Since Billy mentioned it in the FIGU SB (and I’m pretty sure elsewhere as well that I just cannot recall), I would have used one of my turns to Questions-to-Billy if only to remind myself and if I didn’t have so many other questions pending. I’m equally “curious” of when it should not be practiced.

    • I think it’s a good question and is maybe preceded by asking, “What is love?” Meier speaks a lot about what love is and isn’t. With more clarity about what love is it may be easier to understand what “Love one’s neighbor” means.

      • Just saw this Billy quote by Paul Wr on FB. It seems appropriate to place a copy here:

        “The more respectfully the love of Creation in all life is perceived and is felt (empfunden), the stronger it also becomes in the person. Then suddenly love is no longer such an insincere and longingly hoped for experience, but the real spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling (Empfindung) of one’s own mental effort.”


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