This section will be for questions and (hopefully) answers to a wide range of topics pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case and its relevance to the world we live in.

Questions on topics such as these and many others are welcome:

To be clear, I certainly won’t be the only one offering answers to the questions, as I know that there are many people who may be more knowledgeable about certain topics and information than I am. So obviously no one should hold back if they have an answer to a question posted here. Of course we’ll all do our best to check the accuracy of the answers as well and see how this approach goes.

Of course there already may be existing answers in the FIGU forum where Billy Meier answers questions almost every month.

372 comments on “The Billy Meier UFO Case: Questions & Answers

  • Billy has been writing a series on spiritual teachings of which the funds go directly to him. CF has made it clear on the future of mankind site that these will never be on the internet, They are not listed on any of the FIGU shops. As the current times speed by, how many are there, how much is required to get the first to the last since they must be studied in order.Some maybe very few want very much to help and protect knowledge that should never be erased again. To many times the meek have heaped books on the funeral fires cheering the death of real knowledge.that the victorious ordained as bad.

  • Is it just me or does it seem that some of my fellow’s feel put out by doing what will ensure the answer of: everything I could possibly do, to the question of: what did you do to ensure your and the reason you exist’s eternity? I define the reason as: Natural Responsible Love.
    Feels natural to me.

      • Semjase:
        58. 2. Rational life
        1) Primary development of reason.
        2) Effective realization of reason and its use.
        3) Primary recognition and acknowledgment of higher influences.
        4) Belief in higher influences without having knowledge.
        5) Belief in higher powers, delusional faith, fear of evil, veneration of good, etc. Germinating time for religions, etc.

        *Present stage of the average Earth human being:
        *6) Primary recognition of the real reality. Stage of knowledge-related development. *Research, first spiritual insights and their use: “spiritual healing,” telepathy, etc.

        7) Primary development of knowledge and wisdom.

  • Is anyone else seeing the need of being able to get to another planet in a time shifted dimension where habitable planets are plentiful.
    Exciting times ahead.

  • My rambling rant. OK, I’ll dial it back a dray, if I may

    If we do have to start again, a back to earlier times if you will
    We will need safety, security and survival
    So we’ll need shelter, sustenance and screening

    A thing that can’t stop is health
    Medicine of mostly preventative; and enhancement and cure

    Hence we come to food; fuel, nutrition and health
    Fauna and Flora and Firma
    Surrender to an altruistic attraction

    And we, venture into the worlds of Eduction and Environment.
    Knowledge and Wisdom would rule
    Naturally, Nature patiently awaits to be nature

    All within us, we
    Cause what we thought
    If you want to look at it, that way

    We need, to know how to think and how to feel and how to act
    I know I have to educate me, and more

    Maybe, in others acts we act and they in ours
    Our acts in our nature and within nature, affects effects

    Murder and Money, maintain their Marauding
    Mothers may yet mount a, Mutiny

    And then there’s the space travel to come in long lives…….

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