Nobody is coming to save us.

This is, as they say, both the bad news and the good news.

Now that some people are awakening to the unpleasant realities unfolding and occurring all around us, there’s a desperate new twist to the old, failed religious cosmology that promises help “coming from above”. This new idea, that some extraterrestrials are coming to save us from our own, greedily, self-created mess, is pure escapism. It’s the same kind of utterly delusional fantasy as the ideas of “Ascension” (which is also warmed over Christianity with a New Age twist) and that “the Earth is moving into a higher dimension in 2012”.

All of this garbage stems from humanity’s millennia long immersion in mind enslaving religions that feature imaginary saviors and gods, Sky Daddies as a friend refers to them, who were in fact only more advanced (but far from perfect) human beings themselves. And all of it, New Age or old, puts the responsibility for our lives, and what we make of them, outside of ourselves, on some other, presumably superior, or even omnipotent beings. The fact that all evidence shows – and has always shown – this to be complete crap hasn’t made much of a dent in the consciousness of the large segment of humanity that is hopelessly addicted to such illusions. A bit of personal and societal breakdown and chaos is not unlikely.

This would be a good time to study consciousness-related teaching, what we also refer to as the spiritual teaching, the original Creational teaching, provided to us by Billy Meier and the Plejaren. The key here is that this is a teaching, not any form of belief system. No one will punish or reward you for your efforts, except yourself. There are no rituals, superstitions, prayers, sacrifices to be performed, etc. What is offered is a clear, rational way to know oneself, to understand the immutable laws of cause and effect, and to learn how to think, feel and act accordingly. There’s even an instructional video to introduce, and guide you through, one method to consciously experience your thoughts, beliefs, fears and inner processes, etc., and regain conscious control over them.

And that really is good news.

Because the more self-responsible, self-aware human beings that are consciously observing, monitoring and creating balanced, neutral-positive thoughts, feelings and actions, the better the quality of our personal and collective lives will, in time, become. It’s taken a long time, and lots of ignorance, greed and denial, to get into this deep hole. It will take a long time to get out and to learn the lessons…so that we never do this to ourselves again.

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