Welcoming the Dreamers

They determine their own path, goals, and even the methods by which to attain them

Before we jump to any conclusions, before we get riled up with assumptions about what this means, let me explain. The dreamers we are speaking about here are not relegated to any one political, racial, or ethnic group, life situation, age, or class, etc.

We are speaking about the real dreamers, the idea people, human beings who dare to dream, to imagine and to forge their lives according to their own creative impulses and inner values. They are not controlled by, nor live their lives according to the whims, wishes and manipulations of, others. They determine their own path, goals, and even the methods by which to attain them. [...]  READ MORE

Are We Asleep to Danger?

How we can awaken and create the world we truly prefer

While the title of this article is perhaps a bit misleading – and perhaps not – the danger is real, despite the dewy-eyed deniers of such unpleasant and inconvenient truths.

From Billy Meier’s 1958 Warning to All the Governments of Europe:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world. [...]  READ MORE

Thriving Together

Here’s a bit of very good news. We just got some great support for “And Did They Listen?” from Foster Gamble, whose film “Thrive” has been hugely successful…with over 23 million views!

It’s extremely heartening that Foster’s willing to come forward and mention the many people he knows who have also long been intrigued by the Billy Meier UFO case.

Certainly, all of the millions of idealistic people who are already interested in consciousness, spirituality and environmental responsibility, would be enriched by becoming aware of Billy Meier, the Plejaren mission, the spiritual teaching and how we can really help ourselves to assure our own future survival. [...]  READ MORE

The WCUFO and where It Can Take Us

See the 74-page Report on the Amazing, New High Resolution WCUFO Photos Here! 

Test the WCUFO Photo Yourself!

The photo immediately below is one of 63 photos that Billy Meier took of the WCUFO, using a 35mm film camera, in 1981:

WCUFO on the ground 1
WCUFO on the ground 1

This photo is a detail of a section of the craft as shown in Rhal Zahi’s video here:

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi's video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pjcbF1oK8Q.
Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here.

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here.

This object was not made by anyone on Earth and no one has yet been able to duplicate it…in over 33 years. (For more  of the newly analyzed  photos of the WCUFO please click here and here . And this video report reveals more information about the nighttime WCUFO photo.) [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part 3)

It was at the time when the ancient prophecies began to fulfill themselves, when the upheavals started, and the people had lost themselves in all that was unreal.

It was at the time when neither reason nor clarity were possessed or valued by very many. As the long foretold, unstoppable wave of destruction rolled in on the distant horizon, still barely perceptible to the masses that had succumbed to the equally ceaseless, but seemingly benign, hypnotic influences and distractions that had decimated their consciousness no less thoroughly than the toll that the manifest fruits of their ignorance would soon take on their outer world, all the greater was their indulgent belief in ancient cult fairy tales and imaginary saviors that would rescue them from themselves. [...]  READ MORE

To Be like an Extraterrestrial

There’s an awful lot of babbling, fantasizing and projecting about what extraterrestrials are like. Regarding the ridiculous, deliberate disinformation about “evil aliens”, “Grays” and “alien abductions“, people have all sorts of idealized, imaginary ideas about how actual, far more advanced, extraterrestrial human beings would think and act.

Due to the deluded, religiously influenced New Agers (and many members of the so-called UFO community) in addition to the negative stereotypes we have images and illustrations of shimmering, perfect “space brothers (and sisters)” who are sparkly, all-knowing, etherial creatures with benevolent smiles beaming all sorts of “love and light” at us. They pop up on many websites pertaining to UFOs, ETs, the New Age, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Nobody Is Coming to Save Us

Nobody is coming to save us.

This is, as they say, both the bad news and the good news.

Now that some people are awakening to the unpleasant realities unfolding and occurring all around us, there’s a desperate new twist to the old, failed religious cosmology that promises help “coming from above”. This new idea, that some extraterrestrials are coming to save us from our own, greedily, self-created mess, is pure escapism. It’s the same kind of utterly delusional fantasy as the ideas of “Ascension” (which is also warmed over Christianity with a New Age twist) and that “the Earth is moving into a higher dimension in 2012”. [...]  READ MORE