Anne Coulter to Work at Damaged Japanese Nuclear Reactor

Anne Coulter, the outspoken conservative author and media figure, has apparently decided to put her money where her mouth is. Appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show, Ms. Coulter decried the portrayal of radioactivity, such as is being detected at the damaged nuclear plants in Japan, as being unhealthy for human beings. In fact, Ms. Coulter said that there’s more evidence that it’s actually beneficial.

Later, Ms. Coulter surprised her critics by saying, “All these whiney liberals do is complain about things melting. First it’s the glaciers, now it’s the nuclear plants. I’m so tired of listening to government gripers and Democrats in diapers. Unlike these wimps, I’m going to Japan to not only tour but to work at a damaged nuclear plant. I don’t wear white for anything but weddings so don’t expect to see me cowering in some sissy suit, unfashionably covered from head to toe. It’s going to be Coulter couture all the way.

“I’ll also insist that my coffee is made with water from the area and my mainstay meals will include creamed spinach, made with the so-called ‘contaminated’ milk and spinach from the area.”


6 Replies to “Anne Coulter to Work at Damaged Japanese Nuclear Reactor”

  1. Michael, I tried to watch that video but several seconds in I decided life was too short to give her time to spew her venom. She is best left ignored. I’m hope, in her own best interest (of course), that she goes through with her empty threat to go over there; and she get so horribly & painfully ill, that therefore she has a life changing revelation, for the true truth.

  2. Dear everyone,

    Sometimes I can’t help myself so please pardon my taking some satirical liberties with Ms. Coulter. While we may wish that she would indeed put her money where her mouth is…don’t hold your breath.

  3. Bravo! 🙂

    Sometimes people make statements that are just so outlandishly off the wall… the only way to address them is with satire. And Anne seems to be on an endless quest to be provocative. Next, she’ll probably claim that no one ACTUALLY gets hurt during air strikes. In fact, a missile to the head every once in a while is good for you!

  4. Bye, Miss Ann.
    Foolish words from a foolish fame seeker.
    As the oceans die, the earth moans in pain, and more than half the world is
    And yet, this is what is important for her?
    If I had her “fame”, I would try to use it to heal others, not
    spread lies.
    as the OMCanons say “a bad book is like a good thief.”

  5. geez, people still think politics are relevant. I’m sure Anne isn’t going to be doing exactly as she states and will be provided better food and maybe some protection from radiation. It’s people with thoughts like her that prevent the planet from becoming united and the sad part is that most humans think the same.

  6. The other thing I would like to add about her comments on the glaciers is this: How can use technology on a daily basis to make life easier but when technology is used to prove that the glaciers are indeed melting people seem to ignore? Just by looking at satellite images from 5-10 years ago will definitely prove that there are no longer ice caps in places that they should be. This is pretty typical for the conservatives in the United States to deny claims as these.

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