The Future San Francisco Earthquake

Below you’ll find four pages from Message from the Pleaides, Volume 4. This is Wendelle Stevens’ description of the viewing of 11 photographs, taken by Billy Meier , showing the future San Francisco earthquake.

In addition to the mind-boggling notion that Meier saw and photographed this event during a time travel trip with Semjase, please also note that Stevens mysteriously misidentifies the Transamerica building, twice referring to it as the World Trade Center.

While there is a World Trade Center building in San Francisco, the building he is actually describing is definitely the Transamerica building.

NOTE: There are no existing photos to see as the Plejaren took them back after Meier showed them to the investigators and other witnesses.




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  1. i think if we look at something which is a GOOD ENOUGH to trigger this earthquake can reveal the approximate year of happening.
    for ex: a big strong comet flyby whose gravitation can trigger and other such events which may give a good approximation

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