San Francisco Earthquake a Step Closer?

Accelerated technological development confronts arrested intellectual development

Sometimes we have to wonder just what it will take for people to grasp the presence of the behemoth in the room.

As is the case all too often, numerous specific, long foretold events from the various prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier occur and unfold smack dab in front of us. And equally predictably, one usually has to wait nary a moment before the logically challenged hurl their familiar, “How do we know he really said that then and didn’t backdate it?” [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier: More Constant than the Speed of Light

Pseudo-scientist, Stuart Robbins, proved wrong  – yet again – as scientists corroborate more of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information

Scientists announced that the speed of light isn’t always constant, confirming once again what UFO contactee Billy Meier said waaaaaay back in 1979:


27. Now, I am actually interested in your questions and calculations.

28. Present them to us.


Happy to do so, my son. Thus, my first question: Is the speed of light constant of presently 299,792.5 kilometers per second, which is calculated by our earthly scientists, correct? [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Case: No Reasonable Doubt

In my recent article I explained why I think that Billy Meier’s prophetic information about the Ebola epidemic, in the Henoch Prophecies, is evidence of the authenticity of those prophecies and one of several pieces of evidence which, independently and collectively authenticate the entirety of the case.

While there are skeptics who don’t agree it seems to me that they demonstrate the inability to think comprehensively, realistically, logically and deductively. It’s common for them to overtly or implicitly accuse Meier of backdating or retrodicting his information. They cite the lack of some original, verifiable texts as sufficient evidence in itself to dismiss the claims that the texts were indeed published when Meier said that they were. [...]  READ MORE

Stunned Skeptics Suddenly Silent as WCUFO Proved…Real

Controversial UFO authenticated; corroboration of Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings continue to increase

With the publication of the new photographic analysis of the Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) photos taken by Billy Meier, by Rhal Zahi, a professor with expertise in the use of state-of-the-art technology, image processing, web animation and computer modeling,  a stunned silence is the only response that can be detected from the ranks of the top professional skeptics worldwide.

An additional supporting visual aid, in the form of a short but easily understood video, nicely augments the published documentation. (A more comprehensive video can be found here.) [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part 6)

Very little has to be said about this automotive development and its indication of the direction that technology is taking, as well as how it shows the kind of cars described by Wendelle Stevens when he viewed the photographs of the…coming San Francisco earthquake.

The reason that no more needs to be said is that even after this mega-disaster – and others – occur, people will still be in denial of Billy Meier’s prophetic accuracy, even though they’ll be able to verify that he predicted the specific events long in advance. [...]  READ MORE

Debunkers Debunked, Again

Once again the ever resourceful Mahigitam has shown that the so-called “fake” UFO film by Billy Meier, where the UFO disappears in one frame of film and then reappears also in one frame, is not faked at all.

Mahigitam’s conclusions corroborate what examination by Nippon TV revealed, as Wendelle Stevens reported, and show the attempts by disgruntled skeptics to be exercises in both denial and futility.

‘Dear Jennifer (Part 2)

Dear Jennifer,

Now that I’ve returned I’ll address the points you raised more thoroughly.

Well the point about the prediction regarding the planetoids is that it’s in that book. Of course should it not be, then there would be  a point to deal with.

Now, regarding your being a skeptic. Well, you made skeptical comments, on a skeptical website, regarding Billy Meier and his information. So I would say that it’s a fair assessment and, unless you are very different than Stuart, you would be comfortable with that label, no? Of course if you prefer to say that you differ with Stuart because you would firmly declare yourself to be, or are aspiring to be, a scientist, then please say so and I will refer to you that way. Naturally, I would then request that you retract your skeptical comments and, as you shall hopefully understand, your unfair defamatory ones about me. [...]  READ MORE