First the Russians went ahead and moved troops, now it’s the Canadians, doesn’t it sound kinda like…familiar?

Isn’t it interesting when we can see history unfold before our very eyes? Isn’t it even more fascinating when we can see Meier’s prophecies and predictions slowly coming true, even though humanity as a whole is too lazy, dumb and interested to notice?

I mean having a front row seat for the unfolding of something like, oh I don’t know, World War III for example, wouldn’t that be really nifty, especially for those who live their virtual lives online, where everything is just a video game anyway?

Let’s take a look at this tidy little paragraph from the Henoch Prophecies from…1987:

“America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict. The source of this conflict will substantiate the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada. This conflict will result in mass killings of human beings as well as devastating destruction, annihilation.”

Well, he got that right about America and Russia having all those horrible weapons and maybe even lots of other countries could get dragged along and convinced to play too. But what’s this about the Russians attacking Alaska and peaceful old Canada?

Isn’t that the most unlikely thing that could ever happen, attacking…Canada?

I don’t think the thing about Alaska would pertain to Sarah Palin, cause she can see Russia from her house. Could the problem be that the Russians want to put an end to that pesky HAARP installation? But Canada, again why on earth would they ever even thinking of attacking them? Unless it’s somehow, very remotely, kinda possibly connected to something that’s going on…right now.

Say, didn’t Meier also say something about the Russians moving into some silly sounding place, having to do with Archangels or something?

Hey, that sure would be cool to see the prophecies come true, right? Wow, the Ruskies, the Canucks and the good old U.S. of A., all battling it out and blowing things up!

At least then we’d know that Billy Meier was really on to something. Heck, maybe then he’ll give us some new prophecies and predictions and we can sit on what’s left of our radioactive butts and wait until they come true, or until we stop glowing, whichever comes first, dude.

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