Who Is Jennifer?

Before I tell you more about the question itself…let me answer it.

Jennifer is either someone working for an intelligence agency against the Billy Meier case…or a future hope for the generations to come. Obviously, in the online world of anonymity, screen names and false identities, it can be difficult to verify someone’s real identity. And in the case of someone who is possibly a minor, discretion is advised on the part of all parties.

Ironclad, Still 

Whoever she is, Jennifer’s challenges to the Billy Meier case online just resulted in further confirmation of Meier’s truthfulness and accuracy. They also resulted in a surgical dissembling of the sophistry laden, phony “research” published by IIG that supposedly “proved” that Meier had retrodicted and/or published incorrect information about Jupiter, its rings and its moon, Io.

Instead Meier’s information is now shown to be one of the most stunning and ironclad pieces of evidence of his prophetic accuracy. To clarify that term here, by prophetic accuracy I mean the preemptive publication of specific, accurate information well before “official discovery”.

The Real Fraud

Now the real fraud here, in my opinion, is the unethical pseudo-scientist, Stuart Robbins, someone I had hoped would be able to handle the bright and often harsh light of truth. But he couldn’t, he wouldn’t…he didn’t.

Whoever Jennifer is, she has inadvertently further revealed Meier to be authentic and Robbins to be an insipid fraud. If Jennifer is indeed a German teenager, I would highly recommend that she spread her information about the Meier case as widely – and quickly  – as possible, the latter for her own safety.


Lest you think that the very idea of any interest in Meier, and those who support him, by intelligence agencies is some paranoid flight of fancy, please read the two articles by Ray Young, who I hadn’t heard of before reading them.

And Jennifer, did you know that Robbins removed my posts, the ones answering your questions about the American moon-landing hoax? I saved them for you – and all other interested parties – right here so that you’ll see just what kind of manipulative, fearful and cowardly people populate the internet, posing as “scientists”.

They are not the friends of the truth.

Your Apology is Anticipated

So, from here on Jennifer is invited to ask, question or challenge me on anything about the Meier case…on my blog. She is also encouraged to follow through on her idea of contacting FIGU in Switzerland and communicating with them in German. I of course suggest that FIGU absolutely confirm her identity and, if she’s indeed a young woman, keep it confidential.

However, whoever Jennifer is, she owes Meier and me a huge apology for her insolent accusations.


P.S. And Stuart, go ahead and remove anything else you want, I can always post the captured images for all to see.

P.P.S. For those who would like to be overwhelmed with even more evidence, see the UFO photos of a number of other witnesses – including a Swiss skeptic – plus more, in-depth evidence rarely publicly examined before, please go here.




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Preferred Anonymous

Well, quick comment on this.

Call me lazy, the fact of the matter is I am someone who has many things to think about/attend to. The fact that I check up on this matter means I deem what Meier has to say potentially important, it seems likely to me what he says is true, but I’ve not been able myself yet to verify to my liking what he has to say.

What would benefit everyone all around, I think, would be a better organization of the material at hand, i.e. making it downright easy (google search isn’t always that easy) to immediately verify anything and everything meier has to say, via link/photograph, record of copyright with date, etc.. Something like a cross between a white-paper and a wiki? Of course its one thing to ask for these things, its another to make them work…suggest making the body of information/etc. a open-source project of types, where everything is diff’ed, catalogued, open for public improvement (with moderator approval of course), etc.

Just trying to help, I do feel overwhelmed by the volume of stuff I must check through, though as you say to Zach, perhaps we’re all just too lazy.

sergio leone

i never thought i would say this after 3or4 years of looking into billy but this stuff is just getting stupid i thought that billys friends where clever and inteligent but it seems not.they want to give a woman the pill to slow down the human race and take it back to 500 million well it wont work.first you need to get rid of bad people within the goverment and the wepons that are here ships subs planes and so on.if you want to help the race then do that be stop thinking of stupid things like given a woman a pill.when the monertery system goes then the race will kill it self of anyway back to 500 million.
they as in billys friends have stuck there nose in the door now they need to go all the way through and do thinks to help
not all the time but if they can go back and fourth in time they can do things to help. now you know why i wnted to go to see billy or talk to them but no and i know why as they are not as clever as we have been lead to believe . they can pick you up and bring you back 5seconds latter and you have been away for a week talking but if they dont get some others involved in this to it wont work .and if they talking to others then who high up or normal people.if hey can go back and forward why not get the lotto number for a guy and have him pay billy 3 million then he can give his stuff away for free. wrong yes i bet you are saying.but so is giving a woman a pill to slow the race down back to 500 million. semjase i hope is well ..question why in the name of immanual. didnt her father go back in time to help her. they took billy back to take shots of dinosaurs.well i can go on for hours so thx wish you all the best .sergio out


Why can’t l find any reference anywhere in the Meier material regarding the Urantia book, am l missing this ?


I dont know that Michael, but it is extremely detailed and volumous to the extreme and l would like to know who created it..


Dont say extreme twice it makes yoo look stupid..


Also something else l cannot find is a reference to something l read in the contact notes to 2025 and how something like “anyone who did not learn to live differently would be ruthlessly left behind”.. l have googled my tail off and found nothing can someone assist..meeeooow !??