Don’t Mean to Be HAARPing on This But…

There’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about things like HAARP but this scientist may indeed be on to something. Leaving aside things like time travel, he points to some of the same highly damaging effects that Billy Meier warned about, quite specifically some 14 years ago.

There is already such  wealth of corroborated scientific information that Meier verifiably published well in advance – sometimes even decades – of “official discovery”. Feel free to search this blog as well as for more information.

GOOD NEWS! Guido Moosbrugger’s wonderful book, And Still They Fly!, which is now an out of print collector’s item, is now available as an eBook and in downloadable format. (At $27, the eBook version is less than 1/10th the price of the available print copies, while downloading it saves you an additional $14!)


6 Replies to “Don’t Mean to Be HAARPing on This But…”

  1. Hi Michael , gee what a subject , eh . I wonder if you and the readership have come across a smelly little bit of information regarding certain member / members of a well known media family that are having to answer some difficult questions lately about staff operations .

    It’s reported in a site , I think known as ” Tom Bearden replies to Colin Andrews on HAARP in Australia ” ; there is a mention of the Australian Government having given a Murdock family member AU$10 million to do further research on HAARP here in Australia . Oh dear !

    Every day I see in the sky around the Victorian Town of Bendigo the signatures which I feel some , if not all are of an active HAARP transmitter . Further out at Castlemain you can see cross hatching cloud formations by two transmitters ; this seems to potentially be what Bearden refers to as scalar interferometry , the basis of HAARP .

    It seems like a lot of countries are establishing these installations and as usual my guess is that they are not to be for benefit of human kind at large .

  2. An addition to HAARP in Australia ; Bearden says that one use of such technology could be to encode a signal into the carrier frequency to control human brain functions .
    HEY , HEY , does that mean we wont need to by news papers anymore ; the media merchants just download anything into our collective noggins any time they please .

  3. Its kind of odd though, I mean idiots are still denying saying that HAARP isnt an Earthquake weapon is crazy talk. Talk about pure unwillingness to be informed.

  4. People deny the teachings of Billy and the Plejaren , human induced climate change , human life throughout the universe , time travel forward and backward , an excessive materialistic value system exists on this planet and HAARP is not another weapon in the armoury of the stupid . Yes Sarah , HAARP is just as you say , an earthquake machine or rather it can be used as such . It can be used for good things and bad things and what is the first thing that most people here do when they discover some thing ; they evaluate it for weapons potential , of course we can bet that if it is tossed out of the weapons lab. as of no use it will head off for corporate development as a money-spinner .
    Hey HAARP could be used for climate change , the beneficial kind as in gentle warming and cooling of middle?? atmospherics to bring welcome rains to dry areas or tempering raging summer heat . I’m sorry to say but it’s in the hands of bloody idiots .

  5. I wonder , didn’t the Plejaren say that they control their climates on their planets . Well maybe the technology they use to do that has some similarity with HAARP , albeit somewhat more advanced ?

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