NASA Corrects Apophis Information, Size Is almost exactly what Billy Meier Foretold

Despite their overestimation of their own divine infallibility, scientists have now corrected their erroneous estimate of the size of asteroid Apophis, upgrading it from 270 meters to 325 meters…bringing it closer to what UFO contactee and prophet Billy Meier verifiably published in 2008. (Meier and the Plejaren referred to Apophis, beginning in 1981 as the Red Meteor, and said it was “about 350 meters”.)

The news has skeptics, sophists and cynics busily preparing their denial-based comments. The Russians and Chinese, however, apparently already took the hint from Meier’s information, since the celestial visitor will otherwise – with certainty – do its gatecrashing in their overall neighborhoods in 2036.




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  1. This all unfolded in recent times, where 4 1/2 years ago Ptaah estimated the size of Apophis/the Red Meteor at 350 meters, even as earth scientists estimated only 270 +/-. Now that earth scientists have moved substantially closer to the size passed on through Billy Meier, the skeptics assert that 325 meters is within the +/- margin for error, and that Meier did not specify length, diameter, width, etc., therefore there was no error in the earlier earth scientist size estimate and that no credit is due for Ptaahs accurate and no confirmed statement of size.

    In one fell swoop the skeptic psuedo-scientists, led by none other than Stuart Robbins and his anonymous lackey, who calls herself “Nereid”, have managed to continue to play ostrich and keep their heads, their logic, their intellect and what’s left of their rationality, firmly planted where the sun don’t shine.

    Good work Michael.

  2. Some skeptics can actually use common sense, and not necessarily doubt everything about Meier. Apophis of course being one of those.^^ Now that other professional skeptic on the other hand, yes he’ll doubt just about anything. I told a friend of mine, he’s sort of running his own little cult group.:p

  3. Don Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at JPL said, “The impact odds as they stand now are less than one in a million, which makes us comfortable saying we can effectively rule out an Earth impact in 2036” (

    It might make you comfortable Mr Yeomans, but, I am uncomfortable with you staking our lives on such brief observations. Other standard calculations made by NASA, like the basic size of Apophis, have been proven to be wrong & so it might be prudent to observe the Yarkovsky effect on Apophis a little longer before getting into our slippers with a hot cocoa. Shoddy work by NASA at best but I guess they feel they can leave it to the Chinese or Russians to do a thorough job if they’re wrong. Let’s hope that Ptaah’s prediction does not hit home before NASA’s incompetence does or before the Chinese & Russians realise that NASA have done a hatchet job again.

  4. Like just about anyone, or any agency that is a part of the USA government, arrogance and high handedness rules the day.The folks at Never A Straight Answer (NASA) have decided that as far as they are concerned, there is no chance that Asteroid Apophis is going to impact the planet Earth, neither in 2029 nor 2036. Once again the facts get in the way of their ego and desire for profit, and it will once again, be the citizens that will have to bear the burden of destruction and loss of life. had any of these so called educated ones truly had the desire to do the right thing for the greater good, their ego may not be an issue.

  5. Can someone please enlighten me on whether the plejaren said that apophis would definitely hit us in 2029 or 2036? You have to be careful and not take everything the plajeren and Billy say as gospel, as they are a bit tricky when it comes to what they say. Just think of contact report 476 where billy says that ” 2012 will bring a whole series of quite special events”. Now, unless something happened that we don’t know about I think 2012 was pretty much a normal year for planet earth, what with the wars, killings, rich getting richer etc etc. I think nasa are saying that 2068 could be a potential impact date so maybe by mentioning 2036 the plejaren were giving us some extra time to do something about it.

    1. One could always take it as more of a range sort of thing, thats what I do. Sort of a. An it remains possible that we will be hit by Apophis in between 2029 or 2036, with a median year of the middle of 2032. So great pains should be taken to prevent it before 2029. The specific year does not matter, the point being effort should be made regardless me thinks.

      1. By the way, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not pretending to speak for them, I’m just giving the confusion the benefit of the doubt.

    2. Ask yourself why Damian, that NASA has been unable to predict an exact date for any given asteroid but has been able to set the date for Apophis to hit the earth on April 13, 2029. You need to check out their latest information, instead of the years of drivel about a low chance of it hitting. They’ve been reading the Meier material and checking out Russian information because they too have followed the Meier material and that’s what it says in the contact notes. But since you’re just looking for a quick answer, I think we’ll make you find the contact note yourself which states the date. Happy reading!

    3. I’d like to chime in about this a bit.

      I believe that this is date (2029) is so much nonsense; if anything its a general range when events are supposed to occur. While I am convinced so far of Meier’s prophetic accuracy with regards to details etc, I don’t believe he has dates spot on, or even entirely correctly translated.

      Further it is definitely worth noting that this 2029 date coincides with a date commonly associated with the Singularity, an event where the first AI’s “smarter than humans” will be built (Kurzweil). Although it may be debatable who influenced whom, it is to my thinking a sort of gloom-and-doom diagnosis we have given ourselves, that we are destined to somehow go up in so much metaphorical smoke.

      I don’t mean to say that there is no merit to this date, only that perhaps it has been hyped by many, many people.

  6. Why most earth people don’t trust Billy M- ???>>>
    It is stupid to keep saying that we are alone.
    Time is nothing in the human evolution. True will come out one day !

  7. Guys its not my place to tell you when, but Billies prophecies tell you everything you need to know. I can say one thing, it’s not any of the dates listed here that would be impossible due to the fact that the start was 2001.
    Everything is written, levels of evolution and understanding of these prophecies allows the people with knowledge to decipher them.
    Go back over everything till you understand…….

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