Suddenly Phil Plait Echoes Billy Meier

As I recently posted, I hope it’s not too politically incorrect to point out that – in 2010 – when I tried to get astronomer Phil Plait to look at Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis, Phil suddenly removed himself from the conversation; after all what does a so-called “one-armed Swiss farmer” know about astronomy that Phil doesn’t? Now of course Phil is very outgoing about incoming objects.

Naturally, all of the skeptics piled on as well. But now that credible, and formerly skeptical, scientists like Dr. Weinstein have had the good sense and courage to endorse Meier’s prophetic accuracy, perhaps the information here will get wider consideration.

And perhaps the know-it-all skeptics and “experts” will consider that since the Earth actually isn’t flat, if it hits “over there” it still affects us “over here”. Extend that understanding just a bit more and one can see that the ever-spreading decay and destruction in our world is fundamentally the result of our ignorance of the laws of cause and effect. We overbreed, overcrowd, over-consume, over-pollute, etc. So maybe we’re about to experience a lot of things being…over, like peace, prosperity, sanity, reason, fellowship, abundance, etc. At least until we get over ourselves and begin to under…stand.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    “Science progresses one funeral at a time.” – Max Planck (Nobel Prize winning physicist who originated quantum theory)

    So as the doomed Phil Plait’s of this sorry planet slowly follow the dinosaurs into the fossil record, younger and better informed astrophysicists (who are REAL scientists, instead of duped useful idiots like Phil and his fellow traitors) will evolve into the vacant ecological niche.

    And there are already hopeful signs coming from the U.K. that this is now occurring, in spite, of course, of the customary deafening silence from the monolithic and utterly corrupted corporate media.

    Check out THIS “quite revolution” from the stuffy old ROYAL OBSERVATORY (!!) in Greenwich (and pay particular attention to the last part of the last sentence):


    ALIEN REVOLUTION – The Changing Perception of Extraterrestrial Life

    Dates: 1 March – 8 September 2013
    Times: 10.00-16.30 Fee:FREE
    Location: Royal Observatory Greenwich
    Audience: Family (over-5s); Adults; Young people
    Event type: Temporary exhibitions

    Are we alone in this Universe? If aliens exist, would they be friendly or hostile? Have they in fact already visited Earth?

    This March, the Royal Observatory Greenwich explores a subject that has been obsessing us for hundreds of years in Alien Revolution, an intimate look at the history of our relationship with extra-terrestrial life through science and culture.

    From the writings of 16th-century astronomer Copernicus to modern day scientists still searching for life amongst the stars, the exhibition takes a whistle-stop tour of our on-going fascination with alien life, including children’s favourite outer-space creature, E.T.; the intrepid Mars Curiosity rover on its solitary mission, and American couple Betty and Barney Hill who claimed to have been abducted by aliens in 1961.

    With scientific and fantastical images which capture the imagination, Alien Revolution explores our obsession with other worlds, from luminous paintings of whimsical bat-men and ethereal Moon maidens in the 19th century to the violent depiction of invading Martians in stories of hostile aliens by H.G. Wells, to the first appearances of mysterious and complex crop-circles in 1970s England.


    THAT would have to impact on Phil’s deep and dreamless sleep a little – assuming he ever even becomes AWARE of it! 🙂


  2. Michael,
    You must be commended for the patience you exhibit in your attempts to pull the heads from the sand….or where ever else they have them deposited. Thanks again for your work and efforts. Yours is a thankless job I am sad to say.

  3. are we to be discouraged by the new Pope Francis I? Definitely not, we are well aware of St Malachi’s and BEAM’s prediction of the fall of Catholicism with the election of this pope. If common humans can be aware of that, can mean that the Papacy was well aware of the prediction from both mentioned above. We all should know by now that the Catholic church is known for it’s coverups. So to avoid the fall of Catholicism by selecting a Pope by the name of Petreus/Peter, I think they are trying to avoid their own demise as was foretold long ago. Also is Francis I, truly the 267th pope or is he really 266th? I think I recall someone being counted twice for one papacy term.

    1. Hi gheezy.

      You wrote, “Also is Francis I, truly the 267th pope or is he really 266th? I think I recall someone being counted twice for one papacy term.”

      I think you might be thinking of Michael’s blog entry from last January,

      where I translated this, from Billy:

      “…Barack Obama eigentlich ja erst der 43. und nicht der 44. US-Präsident ist, denn einer, Grover Cleveland, wurde unter zwei verschiedenen Malen zum Präsidenten gewählt…”

      (Barack Obama is actually only the 43rd and not the 44th U.S. president because one Grover Cleveland was elected as president on two separate occasions)

      I don’t know how many Popes there were (and I don’t care) but I seem to recall that Ptaah said only a handful of them actually believed in “God”.

      And one of the “Holy Fathers” (Popes) was a woman.


  4. Michael, spot on once again, thank you. It seems that there really is no difference in the level of ignorance that separates the followers of these professional skeptics, from the skeptics themselves. So I guess it is refreshing to see one of the skeptics attempting to make a difference, I just don’t want to hold my breath until some of his followers take the same RIGHT turn, because the truth is (especially here is the USA) people will throw all kinds of stupid money to be a part of a story with a fairy tale ending, but they won’t take notice of the truth when it’s offered to them for free.

  5. After Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope, and was given the name Francis, I thought to myself, “is the vatican trying to evade the inevitable by giving the name Francis to the newly elected Pope?” Then I did a little research and found that even though he was born in Argentina, his father came to Argentina from northern Italy. So in that respect he is going back home so to speak, and this made me think about the prophecy again seemingly being fulfilled, regardless of the name given to this new Pope.

    1. Interestingly enough both my wife Amy and Robin (a FIGU forum moderator) pointed out that:

      “…he will be known as Petrus Maximus.” Not that his name will be Petrus Maximus. That may develop over time for various reasons.

      Again, time will tell.

      1. Don’t you mean Petrus Romanus? Rather than time, I would really appreciate it if Billy could tell. Could you ask him about this, please?

      2. I wanted to check it out what is says in German and much to my surprise I cannot find it! The Prophecies are from Contact 215 but the German is not there:

        Here it is in English:
        180. Pope John Paul II is the third from last in this position.
        181. After him, only one additional pontificate will follow.
        182. Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus.
        183. Under his religious rule, the end of the Catholic Church will come, a total collapse becoming inevitable

        So “A” Pontifex Maximus can mean different things considering the historical legacy attached to the word, literal meaning of the word, and the general usage of the word for ordinary language i.e. “bridging the gap” or “bridge building” as we would say with the English language colloquially.

        As it stated in English, it can be used in lots of ways whether it means a person literally being a “Pontifex Maximus”, elected to be a “Pontifex Maximus”, a similie, or some general comparison to being a “Pontifex Maximus”. It’s not all that clear in English.

        It can certainly be viewed as bridge building to Latin America to having an Argentine Pope literally across oceans and figuratively with the people of that Continent. It can be viewed as bridging the gap between the excess display from previous popes to the simple back to basics style of the new pope trying to be more connected with the people at large. It can be viewed as bridging faith in modern society by renewing the gospel message as he stated simply recently (maybe someone could hand him a copy of the Talmud Jmmanual to help him in this quest?).

        So if he is successful in all he does with his short age (he is old after all) it’s possible he may indeed be a “great” “bridge builder” to use it loosely. It is also possible he may be uncompromising in his stances with things as well with the third line saying “religious rule” implying lots of different meanings. Similarly, “Petrus Romanus” can also mean lots of things.

        I must say, even if it sounds like a stretch, he can also possibly and actually follow in the foot steps of Jmmanual/Jesus and do the job they claim to be doing. It’s possible that gap maybe bridged as well no matter how unlikely it may seem as everyone is on the same Journey in life!

        Only time will tell!

        1. if the Vatican was aware of their fate from either Meier or the St. Malachi prophecies, then it would be in their best interest to avoid naming the last one peter. I just find it funny that in the top 12 cardinals that were potential next popes, 2 of them were named peter. Based of St. Malachi’s prophecies, all popes were named exactly as he predicted, except for the “last” one. Name changes will not prevent the fall of the Catholic Church, they have tarnished themselves in recent history.

          1. An interesting thing to note in English that line in the Henoch prophecies does not clearly state directly that it is the Pontifex Maximus’ fault for the end of the Church. It just says “under his rule” and “inevitable” possibly due to the declining global situation where it could simply suggest too little too late for a turn around. He could literally be the last great bridge builder before the decline thanks in part to recent events in the past and the unrelenting decline of Earth Humanity over all. Note, it “could” because in English it is not really that specific.

            This is possibly another way to interpret the Prophecies to describe the much more important global situation with America in that the third world war does not literally have to happen directly by America but inevitably by indirectly forcing the hands of people to respond. Already on the news a one year ultimatum is flying out after a latest election that I will not elaborate on that appears to be rearing the inevitable ugly head out.

            It is possible this can be why the alleged Plejaren say to Billy that he is ever hopeful for a turn around. Per the Henoch Prophecies though again the German appears to be missing unfortunately:

            Since the Second World War, the thoughts, feelings and actions of the human being of Earth have changed much towards the positive and good, but all that achieved is not enough in my opinion, as the great transformation towards the better has not been achieved yet, neither by the mighty of this world nor all of mankind of Earth itself. In the years gone by, you have made many predictions and calculations of probability as well as mentioned prophetic facts concerning the economic, military and political situation on Earth, whereby I was requested to spread this information—which I indeed have done. Governments and newspapers, radio stations as well as TV stations and many private persons worldwide were informed by me. But the entire effort did not achieve anything, because up to now mankind has carried on in the old manner and has paid no attention whatsoever to prophecies, predictions and calculations of probability. And the same will most likely be the case in the future, when I receive permission from you in the coming time to spread the prophecies of Henoch for the third millennium. But, nevertheless, I feel that Henoch’s message for the future must be made known and distributed, because somehow it may bear fruit yet.

            154. You apparently never give up hope.
            155. Your optimism is honorable and deserves to be heard by human beings, but the way things have developed throughout this century there is not too much hope that human beings of Earth will — come to their senses — and heed your words.
            156. This will then be the case only when the prophecies prove to be true or, even worse, have already come to pass. ”


            This current global situation reminded me of something said in Contact report 136 if indeed we’re heading for the inevitable:

            Contact Report 136:

            230. Seine ersten grossen diesbezüglichen Handlungen werden schon zu Ende des Monats Januar 1981 und zu Beginn des Monats Februar 1981 bekanntwerden, nämlich dass er mörderischen Diktaturen und Regimen kleiner Staaten die Hand reicht und ihnen den Weg zur Versklavung, Unterdrückung und Ermordung deren Bevölkerung ebnet.
            231. Die Waffenhilfe, die er diesen Ländern zuspricht, werden sehr böswiegende Folgen zeitigen.
            232. Auch mit Russland wird sich der neue Präsident während dieser Zeit überwerfen und böse Worte sprechen, die die russische Regierung in Harnisch bringt.
            233. Doch damit wird der Unvernunft des amerikanischen Präsidenten noch nicht genug sein, weil diese Handlungen erst den Anfang seiner bösen Regierungszeit bedeuten, während der er vieles an Friedenshoffnungen vernichtet, die in mühevoller Arbeit seit dem Ende des zweiten Weltenbrandes aufgebaut wurden.
            234. So wird Reagan als nächsten Schreckensschlag für die irdische Menschheit die durch den vorangegangenen Präsidenten Carter abgesicherte Neutronenbombe ins Spiel bringen, weil er diese Schreckenswaffe in Europa stationieren lassen will.
            235. Dies hat zur Folge, dass Russland seine geheimen Aufrüstungen noch mehr vorantreibt und dann eine noch schrecklichere Waffe ins böse Spiel bringen wird.
            236. Nicht nur für die ganze Welt, sondern auch für die Bevölkerung der amerikanischen Staaten wird Reagan sehr viel Übel heraufbeschwören.
            237. Eines dieser Übel wird das sein, dass er die Sicherheit der Konsumenten der Landesgüter untergraben wird.
            238. Ein grosser Konsumenten-Sicherheits-Konzern wird von Reagan attakiert werden, wodurch die Sicherheit der Konsumenten in Amerika neuerlich zu leiden beginnt, was zur Folge haben wird, dass durch Unfälle die Todesraten wieder ansteigen werden, weil durch Reagans Machenschaften die Sicherheit der Konsumgüter in ihrem Aufbau usw. vernachlässigt wird.

            Billy: Du sagtest mir vor Jahren, dass Reagan der wirkliche Urheber des bisher grössten Weltwettrüstens sein wird.

            Semjase: 239. Sicher, er wird der Mann sein, der die grundlegenden Dinge in die Wege leitet, die dann letztendlich in ferner Zukunft eventuell zu einem dritten Weltenbrand führen können.”

        2. Thank you, Duke, I have the same problem. When I click on the Henoch Prophecies on the German site, there is only a blank page. Regarding your speculation: It’s only that, speculation. If I wanted to, I could come up with an explanation how my grandma or anyone else could be connected to the name Petrus Romanus. That is why I hope there will be some clarification by Billy or a member of FIGU about all this. Usually I’m very patient but in this case I feel there is something big underway pretty soon. So no time to waste.

  6. Hi there, Duke (& ors.)

    Here it is in the original German, hot off the scanner from page 266 of vol. 5:

    180. Papst Johannes Paul 11. ist der drittletzte seines Amtes.
    181. Nach ihm folgt nur noch ein weiteres Pontifikat.
    182. Danach kommt ein Pontifex Maximus, der Petrus Romanus genannt werden wird.
    183. Unter seiner religiösen Herrschaft wird das Ende der katholischen Kirche kommen; ein vollständiger Zu¬sammenbruch derselben wird unausweichlich.

    (And of course, then comes Armageddon, but that’s my word, not Quetzal’s.)

    I’m not sure why there’s no German with the copy you found, Duke, presumably from our friend, Benjamin Stevens. I’m even LESS certain why I’m still getting “account suspended” @ futureofmankind! I miss it! I cleaned out my cache. The Internet is mysterious. :-/

    Anyway, let me draw your attention to my more literal translation of sentence 182. “ … der Petrus Romanus genannt werden wird.” Would be closer as “ … who will be NAMED Petrus Romanus.”

    The German word, “genannt” (“named”) is the past tense of the German verb, “nennen”, which, in English, is the verb, to “name”, but we sloppy English speakers – or worse yet, we “U.S. American speakers” tend to simply say, “and they call the wind Maria” as opposed to, “the wind is named Maria”.

    Bloody language barrier. I think it’s THE biggest problem! 🙁

    (C’mon folks! I just got about 178,000 hits from Googling “free German lessons”. What are you all waiting for? 95% of the Meier texts remain untranslated and the BEST of it is supposed to stay that way. My life would be a lot easier if you all read German. Be grateful that you’re approaching it from English and not, for instance, Japanese. Be VERY grateful we don’t all have to learn some extraterrestrial language!)

    One of the hassles with machine “translations”, particularly of the Meier texts, is that Billy’s complex work is not only often very cunningly worded, but people tend to hang off every single English word, and forget that Quetzal (in this case) never SAID, “Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as [or “named”] Petrus Romanus.” He said, “Danach kommt ein Pontifex Maximus, der Petrus Romanus genannt werden wird.”

    And if you translate Petrus Romanus (out of Latin), you get Peter [the] Roman.

    If you translate Maximus, you get:

    the greatest: maximus, summus, princeps, ulterior, ultimus, maxumus
    the largest: maximus, maxumus
    longest: maximus, maxumus
    oldest: maximus, maximus natu, maxumus, maxumus natu
    eldest: maxumus natu, maximus natu, maximus, maxumus, antiquissimus
    maximum: maximus, maxumus
    supreme: summus, supremus, primus, maximus, maxumus
    principal: praecipuus, principalis, potissimus, maximus, summus, maxumus
    main: primoris, primor, princeps, maximus, summus, maxumus
    most: plurimus, plerusque, plures, maxumus, maximus, plerus
    highest: summus, supremus, maximus, maxumus

    Anyway, I read somewhere that that huge expanse of magma, mentioned in (I think) the contact conversations, is going to reduce the entire area of Italy, where Rome “the most evil place on the planet” is now situated, into a vast sea of molten lava.

    No comment necessary.

    This thread seems to have wandered far away from Phil Plait. If only everybody would.



    1. The copy is the one I linked via the nets. Though I wish I’d hit F5 before spending considerable time posting not too long ago. =P

      Thank you for the German translation.

      1. No worries, Duke. I was going to mention that (of course) “Pontifex Maximus” is just an occupational title, like “Prime Minister” or “Head Dog-catcher”.

        Joe Ratzinger – who left the sinking ship – is now called the “Pontifex Emeritus”, in the same way that a retired professor is a “Professor Emeritus”. “Pontifex” is related to “ponti” (Italian = “bridge”), presumably because the Pope represents the bridge between the frightened flock, swarming like vermin down here on Planet Suicide, and their imaginary playmates up in “heaven” (read: “the Giza Pyramid”) who give their orders directly to their canine Popes.


        1. Perhaps if we were all less focused on the Name of a Pope.

          His name may mean something, it may not. We can either

          A) Choose to worry about it, and get nothing done.

          B) Decide its a bad thing, pop the popcorn, and wait for the world to end (that alone would end the world, popping the popcorn and nobody going to work).

          C) Hope that its a sign of hope, and get on with what we were doing. I’ve hopefully found a way out of my own mess, and if I can help anyone through anything, after I’m on my own two feet, I will do my best to.

  7. I LOLed when I opened the May 2013 Astronomy mag with an article by Phil Plait debunking UFOs. His first explanation is they are all airplanes and his second explanation is that they are Chinese latterns. Weirdly all my life I’ve never seen anyone and know of no one who uses Chinese latterns but somehow that practise is really big where he comes from, lol. The article also has a wedding cake ufo picture over Passaic, New Jersey in 1952. That makes me wonder if he’s getting impulses. His article is all about timelines but doesn’t mention anything about a timeline during the Arizona sighting and he explained it away by the military dropping flares, because that’s what they told him so obviously he takes a lot of information on faith. Faith that his government wouldn’t lie to him. He explains the Australia spiral as having been the Dragon, but we had already determined the Dragon was not above Australia when the spiral was sighted. Nice try Philly Manilly but you suck.

    1. Correction: it was the editor who explained ufos away by them being airplanes and Phil Plait said it was ducks because he saw a flock once while watching the Discovery space capsule taking off. I wonder if Phil knows the difference between ducks and geese?

  8. “An interesting thing to note in English that line in the Henoch prophecies does not clearly state directly that it is the Pontifex Maximus’ fault for the end of the Church. It just says “under his rule” and “inevitable” possibly due to the declining global situation where it could simply suggest too little too late for a turn around.”

    Consider a natural disaster like Vesuvius only on a much larger scale. Maybe Monte Albano volcano? Keep an eye out for volcanic activity in Italy.

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