The Truth Leaks Through…along with the Radiation

Today this important warning is circulating, much as the seawater circulates and carries things along in its currents.

There is little to say that can make anyone feel better; nothing to say that can change what has happened – and much of what will happen – all because of human ignorance, greed and denial. Nonetheless, we are reminded what the Plejaren told Billy Meier, just days after the Fukushima disaster:

“Ptaah: Your assumption is right, that the so-called super worst-possible-case-scenario has already occurred, being that, very dangerous and extensive radiation is being emitted from reactor 3, in which the dangerous plutonium is exposed, and which not only spreads over wide regions, rather also spreads out into the sea and seriously contaminates the sea as well as fish and the other sea creatures, which has manifold deadly consequences…”

And while the contamination of the seas is a given, please also note what both Meier and the Plejaren said – over two years ago – about the wind borne particles reaching around the world.

As Meier clearly and correctly stated in as the time fulfills, the actual, entirely pollution-free solution to the majority of our energy needs is already easily accessible and virtually inexhaustible.


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Dear Michael Horn,

So true. Perhaps the Japanese will learn the valuable lessons to be extracted from the Fukushima catastrophe and reasonable minds there will take the initiative to begin exploring the Geothermal alternative sources of energy suggested by the Plejaren people. Perhaps in time Japan may become the global leader specializing in Geothermal energy production and exportation as a contributing part of its economy.


To all

Jacqueline Purtell

Billy and geothermal energy . Well here is a Tesla idea that parallels that of Billy and the Plejren ,

” The problem of increasing human energy ”

Allen Anderson

Thanks again Jacqueline, great link, a few years back I read a book called “The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla”, in that book the patent design for Tesla’s Deep Geothermal Energy Generator was explained along with many other ideas. It also touched on his relationship with Guglielmo Marconi. Quite a fun read.

Jacqueline Purtell

Did Syria use chemical weapons on the rebels , or is there a false flag operation in progress . Not by Syria but by the rebels and/or the Moslem brotherhood .
Be careful America .

Allen Anderson

Thank you again Michael for raising the bar of awareness for those of us that care and are willing to DO something.

I can’t help but think of the paralells between government and government agencies and the MUFON, wannabe celebrity investigators. The similarities of uselessness abound, for just like the fact that all the swindlers, and charlatains are simply pushing their snake oil for nothing but personal gain and profit, for if they would all accept the truth for what it is and recognize that Billy is the bringer of the truth to the decieved for millenia masses, they and their ilk would truly be rendered useless and for some a hinderance. The FDA, EPA, etc. have a product that is similar to the folks at MUFON, they have needs to line their pockets and feed their supersized ego’s, and the lies and lack of functionality they ARE responsible for, if recognized by the citizens, they too would be recognized for the useless burden on the people that they are. We here in the USA pay huge monetary funds in the form of taxes that in turn line the pockets of people that do little if anything but detract from a good and functional society. It’s all the same, valuable renumerations paid to people with no real worthy impact on correct lives and living, just a leach on the skin of humanity, and a cancerous growth looking to spread its effect.


Is he doing something?

Michael criticizes us for only using social media, but I don’t know what he’s doing himself.

I’d certainly like to do something more myself, but as I’m not an NE, and I don’t have right the access to the right people, I can’t do much directly about this myself. I’m working on stuff, but its not going to ready for at least 10-20 years, if I’m at all successful.

But yes, thanks to Michael for keeping us in the loop anyways.

Jacqueline Purtell

Gee-wizz , all this talk by America about stiff reaction to Syrian use of chemical weapons sounds like the huff and puff of the local bully .

Sure , no-one in their right mind would want weapons of mass-destruction to be used on anybody ; but for heavens sake don’t put the idea into the minds of idiots to exploit the situation !

Or is that the real intention of the bully in the first place !


Even if the U.N. was able to determine which country manufactured the Sarin, intellectual property laws will not allow them to disclose their findings. To determine which country it came from was never the U.N.’s mandate in the first place. How useless is the U.N.?
But I really loved that photo op of Sen. John McCain posing with the Syrian rebels.


Interesting to note that if the U.S. was able to present the evidence of a Sarin signature to the public, if would have to have been manufactured by one of their own chemical industries.

Jacqueline Purtell

Engineering the excuse , eh !

Jacqueline Purtell

The excuse to blow the tripe out of someone .