Cause and Effect?

If the information and illustration is accurate here, is it too simplistic to suggest that a little bit of…cause and effect is on display?

Specifically, since the U.S. was the country that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing terrible immediate damage, death and destruction, as well as immeasurable long term, worldwide damage, genetic mutations, etc.,*…could we be seeing the “favor being returned” in the form of the radiation from Fukushima?

Just asking, of course.


*As Billy Meier foretold in number 56., from 1958, and of course more recently regarding the still unrevealed magnitude of the Fukushima disaster.

Please also sign and forward this petition against the death penalty and torture. It’s in German but you can translate it here.


25 Replies to “Cause and Effect?”

  1. I would hope nobody would argue against cause and effect. If you toss a ball in the air, the ball comes down. This is enough proof that it’s in play.

    So what do you think is going to happen with Nagasaki? Hurry, make apologies immediately. Its a bit like putting a safety trampoline in the bottom of an acting stage.

    Billy is right, America just expects the issue to just float.

  2. Ok signed it, I’d like to know if it doesn’t go through so I can sign it. I’m probably one of the few against it, because I consider it cruel and unusual.

  3. Thanks for the replies, I didnt say that cause and effect definitely doesnt exist, i’m just not convinced yet and I am just trying to work it out. Its just that i’m trying to reconcile what Billy had to say about everyone being born with a clean slate, no karma, no burdens from previous lives, which would mean that the effect would have to happen in the current life that the cause originated from?
    Or am I reading it to literally?
    Thank you all.

    1. Your the not the only one who has questions about it. Though I also think there is a danger is accepting anything literally. (You can see the Baptists and Evangelicals as an example.)

  4. Hi Damian,

    You said,”I’m sorry, but I just dont believe in cause and effect…”, so nice backtrack. My advice – don’t be a skeptic, that’s unintelligent and a mental block, instead keep an open mind, read, study and learn. Learn to answer your own questions.

    Good luck.

    1. What backtrack are you talking about? By not believing in anything and having to think for yourself I am doing the exact opposite of having a closed mind, not just accepting Billys teaching and woofing it down, like the religious.
      Obviously cause and effect can be observed from the most simple things like someone mentioned earlier, throwing a ball into the air, eating too much food and getting fat etc.What i’m talking about is the more complex ethical actions from what i’ve seen in my own life, negative people getting away with murder, theft,corruption,bullying etc, then dying peacfully in thier sleep at a ripe old surrounded by wealth and loving family.Do I have to give examples to you? Surely not, you being a professional astrologist and all (as opposed to the shonky amateur astrologists that are out there).
      Peace be with you.

      1. Hi Damian,

        First, the law of cause and effect is not just Billy’s teaching, many wise men and women have taught it throughout the Ages. And no one is asking you to accept anything religiously.

        Second, in my career, and I have had 1000’s of clients, I’ve never seen anyone “get away”, with wrong doings. There’s always a payback/effect of some kind or another, whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical.

        Third, I’m glad to hear that you have an open mind, that’s great.

  5. Fair enough Tony, after giving it more thought, i’m probably only looking at it superficially, and am probably just in a negative mood today.
    One last thing though-you do know what Billy and the Ps have said about earth astrology, dont you?

  6. Hi Damian,

    I don’t practice “earth astrology”. I practice a form that is astronomically correct and based on 30 years of research and full time practice. It is a form of astrology that I have developed, unlike any other on earth. It is similar to Vedic and Sidereal Astrology, but I have corrected those two types. It is very accurate and a great tool for understanding all of life.

    Thank you.

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