The Bells Are Ringing for You and Your “God”

Pavlov had nothing on the Church fathers for programming the masses

I think that very few people have ever – consciously – realized the subtle, Pavlovian effects of church bells ringing, such as the triggering of unconscious associations and memories that are evoked by this age-old conditioning. Who stops to ponder all of the connections to some imaginary, fearful deity that is not only supposedly judging your life but also reminding you of its (imaginary) existence with such…clocklike precision and predictable regularity?

Yes, I know how well this may be received by those who feel so comforted by the commanding, annoying clanging. But do we really need some invasive public “reminder” of just what time it is?

Perhaps we actually do – if that reminder served to alert us to how asleep we are to the ceaseless unfolding of long foretold and forewarned events…as the time fulfills.




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Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer

From the Meier material:

“On February 3, 1953, Meier heard Sfath’s voice once more and transmitted to him many matters and a huge amount of knowledge before saying goodbye. His voice sounded very old and tired. Then, his voice became silent forever. Only a few hours after Sfath’s voice became silent, a new voice came into Meier’s head. This new voice was young, fresh, and full of force, quite unlike Sfath, namely very smooth and harmonic. This new voice explained that she was a woman called Asket (pronounced Ahs-ket) and that she would now be his new companion. Meier was finally able to meet Asket in person on February 3, 1956. She showed him inside of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and they spent 2 days together while she explained many things to him. Then, 2 days later, they met again for 7 days of time travels. In the following years, Meier learned many things and obtained phenomenal perceptions.

True truth-tellers and prophets only offer words of liberty and knowledge, of love and wisdom in absolute logic. Wrong truth-tellers and prophets only bring heresies and illogic which must be continuously developed over time while actual truth-tellers and prophets offer lessons of truth, being eternally the same and never altered. Meier was told that within twenty years, he would write a great lesson of truth, being transmitted to him from a very high spiritual entity. It will come from the same level as where also the carpenter’s son Jmmanuel, whom is erroneously known as Jesus Christ, received his knowledge. It will become the final lesson of the New Time; a lesson of truth, knowledge, the clearing up of love, and a lesson of the Age of Aquarius. It will be a lesson of absolute truth about many other things and for all coming times. If new forms of life come and want to change it, then they are only of deceptive character and evil lies.

Asket explained that it is the obligation of each higher developed form of life to assist under developed forms with help in responsible measure to influence its evolution. This obligation is for all forms of life in all universes because it is in creational law. So, when they come from another universe, this duty requires them, at a certain time, to officially make contact. After many years have passed, Asket said that she would contact Meier again when she has returned to her universe. They have recognized many matters in our universe in need of change and especially on Earth, which are very dangerous. Mankind has entered an age of knowledge and development that is badly disturbed, especially by religions that influence enslavement, humiliation, and exploitation of humanity.

The limitless greed for power is evident in all earthly religions and represents the most dangerous threat for the eventual goal of a world government. All earthly governments are subjected to religious influences that endeavor to unite them under a single world government. These wicked efforts have always resulted in wars and the death of innumerous human lives. Mankind has developed deadly weapons of destruction and will soon venture out into space in manned rocket ships. Earth humans will walk on the moon and speak words of peace and love. But they are only words of deception for the unconquerable greediness for a world government. Humanity has evolved to a high level, but only technologically and in pure materialistic regards. Spiritual evolution has been wickedly prejudiced and forced aside in favor of the worldly and material concerns. That has resulted in many kinds of degeneration and fanaticism. The most evil factors of earthly religions are in the cursing and denial of all reality and truth.

Nowhere else do such religions of delusion exist in the universe as they rage on Earth. They become a danger as they slowly and deadly begin to spread. Not only have earthly human beings pushed their world and the whole solar system dangerously close to destruction, but also space traveling races have excited three of their home worlds with earthly religious delusions, requiring them to be brought under control again by outside forces. Expeditions were sent to Earth to explore the facts concerning religion. All of their nations were educated in the earthy Christian religion and after thousands of years of living in peace and harmony with all forms of life and themselves, their world changed into the very picture of life on Earth. Soon, they murdered each other until they degenerated into an evil worldwide war.

Eventually, transgressions against the other two worlds ensued and caused one of them to be destroyed. At last, other space-traveling races interfered and ended the deadly dissension which was already being carried into the universe. All religious material was destroyed, Christianity was strictly forbidden, and the old form of living came back again. All visits to earth were prohibited and a regulation was established that, if anything should go wrong with a ship on the Earth, the whole crew had to eliminate itself along with the ship. A great spaceship had malfunctioned over Russia and was unable to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. As a consequence, the ship and 4,300 extraterrestrial beings turned to dust in an explosion and damaged the landscape, causing an extensive crater.

Many other dangerous events have also occurred. Humanity is now able to destroy his world with atomic explosions and cause very dangerous consequences for the whole solar system. Thousands of years ago, a similar catastrophe occurred when another inhabited planet in this solar system became destroyed by the unreasonableness of the humans living there. The planet blew up into thousands of pieces that have come to be known as the asteroid belt. The name of the planet was Malon and the explosion forced Mars into a closer orbit to the Sun. A further such event must be prevented and it is the duty of higher forms of life to prevent it. An atomic destruction of the earth could damage the whole solar system and expel very dangerous missiles out into space. This could result in the destruction of other solar systems and could lead to a cosmic catastrophe. Even adjoining universes could be damaged because this solar system has giant planets with extremely large gravitational fields. With the destruction of earth, the whole time and space structure could become distorted and whole universes could fall into a deadly destruction.”

Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer

To anyone reading this.

One of the statements that Asket said above that I find to be very interesting is,”Nowhere else do such religions of delusion exist in the universe as they rage on Earth.”

Why do you think that is? I have my opinion, which I will state later. I would like to hear yours.

Thank you.

Nathanael Mallow

Mankind of Earth was artificially held back.

He was essentially a slave race to the overlords aka “gods” that would through there force of arms, religious, political, and technological intrigue keep energy of belief pulsating into the minds of men.

Also to compound these matters every 3600 year the destroyer comet would pass through the Sol system. Spreading havoc and acting often times on Earth as a reset button. Through these factors mankind was a slave through and through. There are other intricacies to this process but these are, in my opinion, the main ones.

Once the slave mind was firmly established, every system that man created was a reflection of his thinking. The systems would always require a top down dependency, servitude, a lack of self responsibility, inequality, un-harmony, fear, schizoids, etc.

When man was convinced to accept belief instead of knowledge and it’s pursuit his being became a stomping ground for religions.

Belief is also part of the human evolutionary process. This also played, either by design or luck, to the will of the overlords and the acceptance of it as a day to day ideology.


Nathanael Mallow

It also occurred to me that the genetic manipulation that happened to man of earth heightened his aggression and lowered his tolerance and patience.

Tolerance is key to growth without it man can be kept in a cyclical self afflicted dumped down state. Where important lessons taught by nature and other humans often are a result of patience and tolerance. Mankind of earth had a hard time learning anything that would result in true freedom.

The women of earth by there nature embodied patience and tolerance because their energy is that of the negative. Below is an excerpt that talks a little bit about balance and energy.

Here is an excerpt from contact report 216:
283. The cosmic electromagnetic life energy is constructed in the same forces of positive and negative, as this is uniformly the case in all creational creations of every kind.
283. And exactly this means that neither on Earth nor on any other worlds or stars or anywhere else in the Universe could or can something arise or exist that doesn’t hold both forces of positive and negative in itself or which isn’t animated by the active energy or passive energy.
284. Without the opposite forces of positive and negative, which complement each other, always being given simultaneously, nothing can become existent and nothing can exist.
285. But this means that even with the passive energy, both forces are present, so both positive as well as negative.
286. At the same time, the negative represents the passive, the feminine, receptive, dormant and old, while the positive represents the active, light and warmth as well as the masculine, generative, and the new, as this has been defined since ages ago.
287. That’s how the cosmic electromagnetic life energy is to be seen, therefore, divided into two factors, into two forces, respectively positive and negative energies, which form a unit in themselves as well as in their union.
288. Now, if these energies get out of balance, then there results either an energy shortage, an energy surplus, or an energy obstruction, i.e. an energy blockade.
289. And as already mentioned, and it must be said again, both forms of energy always only exist together and are inseparably linked with one another, so the feminine and the masculine and, thus, the positives and negatives are always simultaneously present, and indeed, in every movable as well as immovable life form.

You can find it in it’s entirety here:

With a structure that is imbalanced with too much positive then you have the effects that we have today and over indulgence in instant gratification, a matriarchal domination, objectivity of human life, etc. Also take in to account that since the construction of the Sohar meditation center(not sure if the name Sohar is correct) in Switzerland you have had a constant freeing the planet of belief energy.

Which I am very thankful for.

So I hope I haven’t rambled on too much here. To recap:
Genetic manipulation caused a loss of the virtue of tolerance within man.
Tolerance is essential for growth.



I don’t have much of a personal response but can reference the material for further thought and review.
TJ 15:43-52 43But he put before them another parable and said, “The consciousness-related world is like a man who planted good seeds in his field. 44But while he slept, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the good seeds and went away. 45As the plantings grew and bore fruit, the weeds also appeared. 46Then the servants came to the sower and said, ‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where have the weeds come from?’ 47He spoke to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ Then the servants said, ‘Do you want us to go out and pull up the weeds?’ 48He replied, ‘No, lest you uproot the good fruit when you pull up the weeds. 49Let both grow together until the harvest, and near harvest time I will tell the reapers: First gather the weeds and bind them in bundles, that they may be burned and the ashes strewn over the field so that the soil will be nourished; but gather the good fruit and stack it for me in my barn.’ 50For behold,” said Jmmanuel, “both grow side by side, the weeds and the good fruit. 51The weeds hinder the good fruit from growing, yet later the weeds will become compost and nourish the ground. 52Were it not for the weeds being made into nourishment for the soil, the good fruit could not grow, since it needs nourishment.”

Also to add further the following.
TJ 17:15-25 15But he answered and spoke, “All plants that do not live according to the laws of Creation, will dry up and rot. 16Leave them be, they are blind leaders of the blind; but when a blind man leads another blind man, both will fall into the pit. 17But let us go away, so that the henchmen remain without booty.” 18Then Petrus answered him saying, “Please interpret your speech about the plants and the blind men for us.” 19But Jmmanuel reprimanded his disciples and said, “Are you, too, still without wisdom and therefore also ignorant and doubting in recognition, comprehension and understanding? 20You have been with me for a long time now, but you still lack the ability to think and recognize the truth. 21Truly, I say to you, you yourselves will do much towards falsifying my teachings in the future. 22In your knowledge you barely exceed the other people. 23Haven’t you realized yet that all the parables and speeches have a consciousness-related meaning and are therefore about the consciousness-related life of human beings? 24O, you of little knowledge, does your understanding still not extend beyond the stupidity of the people? 25Beware, lest you see me in a false light and accuse me of an origin from which I could not have descended.”

Michael Freesmeier- Truth Seeker asks,

I have read all of Sitchens books. Some of what he has written has been in line with Meiers accounts, some has not. But the events I have always wondered about were the genetic manipulations he describes that were performed on humans by other travelers, to lower their life spans, and make them more vulnerable to the influences of religion. This was supposidly done to elevate these E.T. humans to a self created God level on Earth. Did this actually happen and if so, is this the answer to your question?

Nathanael Mallow

This is a contact report that discusses you question in depth.