Sun Surprises Scientists, Sophists and Skeptics

Okay, here’s how the game works. What game, you may ask? The game to keep you…stupid.

Let’s start with the latest news about what are being called “strange doings” on none other than our life sustaining sun. “Researchers are puzzled,” according to the article.

So, naturally, we can refer to information published by Billy Meier, from his 533rd contact, almost two years ago. Certainly not all of the information in that conversation is new, or previously unknown to scientists.  But do notice that Meier seemed to have spelled things out well enough that one would wonder just why we’re told that, “There is no scientist alive who has seen a solar cycle as weak as this one,” in the new report.

In his discussion with Ptaah, Meier said, “The cycle may under certain circumstances even entirely fail to appear. The conspiracy theories regarding the sun, so too the fear and catastrophe scenarios of an up to now unsuspected and enormous activity of the sun in the year 2012 or sometime around this year, could actually turn out to be the opposite.”

What does this have with the game to keep you stupid? The game of the sophists and skeptics is such that not only will they look to criticize any details of Meier’s information, which of course is fair game to a point (and I will give an example of the more than great lengths to which they will go in a moment) but they both miss things of enormous importance and also regard them with much derision. I refer to the regard for both common sense and the concept of means, motive and opportunity that has often been popularized in TV detective shows…but is nonetheless the stuff of serious consideration, especially when Meier himself is so casually accused of outright dishonesty by the various skeptics and naysayers.

So ponder this, when did…you first know about the information that’s apparently “puzzling” the scientists? And not only why didn’t you know, if I am guessing correctly, and why weren’t you publishing information about it almost two years ago, but why was this man, Billy Meier doing so? Really, why? And, of course in so many, many instances…how did Meier gain the foreknowledge of the events and discoveries?

Now the skeptics try to deal with these very real-world questions by basically dismissing them. After all, real “scientists” (such as they presume themselves to be) want just want the hard facts, peer review and all that….right? In their tidy, cynical little worlds, there are no contributing circumstances, extensive paper trails, no previous copyrights, etc., to deal with. A perfect example of course is the hatchet job, on not only the facts but also on all reason,done by the noted pseudoscientist, Stuart Robbins, and his skeptical henchman regarding Meier’s Jupiter information.

Read it for yourself – if you want a perfect example of just how keeping people stupid works. Note the extreme contortions that Robbins and a fellow skeptic went to try to disallow, dismiss and discredit Meier’s use of the word “ring”…despite the fact that it’s used no less than 45 times by a scientist in this paper. Of course Robbins also censored my own post pointing this out.

Earlier, when Robbins had floated another desperate, half-baked explanation for UFO sightings and films, he made certain to prevent people from seeing just how easily Meier’s broad daylight UFO film clip, from 1976, demolished that pathetic attempt to…keep people stupid.

If keeping people stupid wasn’t actually institutionalized, if it wasn’t the standard operating principle of so many levels of our society – and if it wasn’t so demonstrably successful (think about this too) – there’d be no point in carrying on about it.  Perhaps you’ll see the point in this article, perhaps not. But if you actually take the time and trouble to dig into the voluminous evidence that shows that one man on Earth is, as astrophysicist David Froning put it, “being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists”, maybe you’ll decide for yourself just who those scientists must be and also take a firm stand against each and every relentless, cynical attempt to sell you…stupidity.




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  1. In the declining days of the Roman Empire progress came to a screeching halt, the status quo was maintained for a time. All of the great thinkers of the past died out or silenced and all that was left was the masters of rhetoric, there was little or no original work, they all feared the growing power of the early Catholic church which now had the power of the state backing it. What passes for originality, was, in reality, sophisticated mumbling to impress the ignorant and placate the Church. All these people did was recycle the approved work of their predecessors. Eventually this led to the dark ages, looks to me like history is repeating it self. Most of these so called critics of Mr. Meier know where their paychecks come from, besides it is far safer to march in step with their peers and avoid a lot of ridicule. THANKFULLY THEIR ARE OTHERS,that will have the courage to risk their careers for truth. To these men and women I say thank you.

    1. While I understand this is in response to the Scientists that will deservedly have more strongly worded things that what is above and should take note of how its worded and fate they will have with the Sword of Damocles above them; the “Roman Empire” itself was not exactly saintly in their duty I must point out whatever state religion it prescribed to (not necessarily Christian). The Meier material is clear on what it exactly (and specifically) blames directly ALL religions for and both the conscious and unconscious aspects of it. Historically speaking, it was also NOT IN ROME where the original Christian teachings came about as can be found in the Meier material (if anyone needed Billy to say that, he did point out the obvious).

      The Dunkleberries unfortunately are literally stupid (i.e. struck senseless) as everything is trumped by the Bafath as they have Be-felh (yes, a pun in that) Earth Humanity to do so unconsciously. It’s easy for the ex-intra-terrestrial to play more than one side and have the table instead of a hand and has been done so since before the days of Henn according to the Meier material. You can see it with the way folks are literally disowning Jmmanuel’s teachings in such black and white statements when those teachings ARE in Christianity even in a non original form as described from the Meier material. So, folks, if you’re problem is religion in general, take a moment to figure out why exactly before coming off as dumping the whole baby with the bath water as Dyson would say. Your biggest asset IS the teachings and it IS in the religions of today and you CAN influence folks to a certain extent. After all, who care’s about the Dunkleberries when YOU have more to work with than they ever could never-dream-about (NDA).

  2. This is quite a telling portion of the article: “They can’t tell if the lull is temporary or the onset of a decades-long decline, which might ease global warming a bit by altering the sun’s brightness or the wavelengths of its light.” It sounds like it’s being suggested, that global warming is partially caused by the sun.

    To note, that’s not to suggest that overpopulation isn’t partially involved. But it would suggest however, that even if we were to cut down the overpopulation down to a more manageable size, there would still be significant problems regarding the sun and it’s effects. Meier may very well have “predicted” this solar activity, but the point is still the same.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Some people are having trouble posting here, which is due to something with the blog, not anyone’s comments, or mysterious other forces. I have to hit “Approve” a couple of times. At some point maybe I can get this straightened out with the help of some knowledgeable type who understands this stuff.

    So, here’s Dyson’s latest attempt (with screen grabs that probably won’t show up):

    (see attached screen grabs proof)

    I know this is horribly long, but it’s horribly important too.

    Can you please publish this for me? Thanks.

    Michael, you’ve just publicly opened a monstrous Pandora’s-box/can-of-worms!

    One of my MOST important “science-related” translations seems to have been lost within the FIGU forum archives, from back in the days when that was the only place I could publish them, before my Meier translations were banned even there shortly thereafter for being “too long”.

    With your indulgence, Michael, here’s the pertinent excerpt – very slightly corrected – related to the iconoclastic topic which languishes in that no-man’s land between, on one hand, the ignorant/arrogant “scientists” whose dogma requires them to believe that it’s all to be eschewed as bulls–t, and, on the other hand, normal people who’s dumbed-down educational level precludes any adequate understanding of the abstruse physics, which is also rejected by most (but not all) of the narrow-minded 20th Century specialists/dogmatists whose overriding priority it the safety of their university tenures. (Money and ego.)

    Please read the explanations from Tom Bearden, Ph.D., nuclear engineer, retired Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army), CEO of CTEC, Inc., Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Study.

    It’s about the inconceivably dangerous anthropogenic surprises on the Sun. The keyword is “chromosphere”. REAL scientists please take note!


    Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 – 04:39 pm:

    Dear all,

    I’m sorry it took so long to get this very important, long-foreshadowed translation published. We’ve been busy.

    It’s a glowing tribute to the unique quality and quantity of FIGU’s impeccable iconoclastic data, that historic scientific translations, like the below, have to sometimes play second fiddle to some of the spiritually-orientated words-to-live-by type translations which we are also eager to make available from the immense database provided by our prophet and his extraterrestrial co-workers.

    I’m sure our below translation will ring true (pun intended) for stymied dendrochronologists, but, as Max Plank sagaciously remarked, “Progress in science is measured in funerals”, so don’t wait for the history books to be corrected any time soon.

    Many of Earth’s high-tech dating methods rely on delicate comparative measurements of solar (and cosmic) radiation-influenced isotopic characteristics in subject materials.

    English is a notoriously imprecise language. Billy’s use of the word “Geosphäre”, in the below dialog, led me on a merry chase through the English dictionaries, and I eventually tracked down the English equivalent of the word (Geosphere) in an old dictionary in our state library. It simply said “lithosphere”. But our giant Wahrig German dictionary states that the Lithosphäre is not all there is to the Geosphäre, which includes the biosphere, and a fair whack of the atmosphere too, evidently: “the surface of the Earth, including the land, water, air, plants and animals.” This one may be insignificant, but it’s been my experience with the Meier material that it is in this region of hair-splitting that a lot of sensitive information is conveyed. ” … the Earth human, in his insanity, has evoked atomic and chemical processes in all spheres …”

    What is significant is Billy’s use of the word “Chromosphäre” (English: chromosphere), which, according to our currently available German and English dictionaries, unambiguously refers to the gaseous layer surrounding a star and/or the outermost gaseous layer of our sun, located beyond its photosphere. Before you jump to the risible conclusion that Billy and Quetzal (who chose to make it public in this contact report that it would be checked for errors) are scientific ignoramuses, I think it would be wise to read up on the mind-boggling capability of scalar weaponry in relation to alarming mechanisms which can excite perilous solar activity, and recall that our prophet has uniquely wise/loving, circuitous ways of providing us with (selectively filtered) dangerous, politically sensitive information. We don’t read about the Plejaren in the papers either.

    Just below our translation is a very brief excerpt from Dr Tom Bearden’s seminal book, Fer de Lance, ( excerpted from pages 209-210, and I think it sheds light on what Billy is telling us about the chromosphere.

    It could hardly be more important.

    But, as Dr. Bearden writes, “Sadly, the entire Western world did not even know what the Russians were talking about.”

    Peace in wisdom,



    Authorised unofficial translation, September 17th, 2008 by Dyson Devine & Vivienne Legg

    Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 5

    Einhundertzweiundachtzigster Kontakt

    Donnerstag, 3. Februar 1983, 22.31 Uhr

    Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 5

    182nd Contact Thursday, February 3rd, 1989 10:31PM

    Pages 35-37


    Gut, jetzt habe ich aber nochmals eine Frage, die für mich und auch für andere wichtig ist: Es handelt sich dabei darum, dass mir von euch erklärt wurde, dass sich Veränderungen in der atomaren Struktur von einigem Bestehenden auf der Erde ergeben habe, und zwar durch die Schuld der Erdenmenschen.


    Good. But now I have yet another question, which is important to me and also to other people. It deals with that which was explained to me by you, being that, on Earth, alterations have come about in the atomic structure of some constituents, and indeed through the fault of the Earth humans.

    Wenn ich mich dabei richtig erinnere, dann wurde mir gesagt, dass alles bis zu rund 2000 Jahre älter oder jünger sein könne, als es mit den besten Methoden analysiert werden könne.

    If I remember correctly about that, it was said to me then, that everything can be up to about 2,000 years older or younger than can be analysed using the best methods.


    436. Es hat di…


    436. It has th..


    Entschuldige bitte, doch ich möchte alles selbst wiederholen, weil ich auch feststellen möchte, ob mein Gedächtnis noch richtig funktioniert: Die genaue Zahl der fehlbaren Jahre soll sich sich bis auf rund 2000 belaufen, so also jeweils diese Anzahl Jahre zu einem Resultat hinzugerechnet oder abgezählt werden müsse.


    Excuse me please, but I want to retell everything myself, because I also want to establish whether my memory still functions correctly. The precise erroneous number of years should amount to about 2,000, so, therefore, in each case this number of years must be added to or subtracted from a result.


    437. Das ist von Richtigkeit, doch die diesbezüglichen Ausführungen würden zu weit führen, wenn wir sie nun abermals durchsprechen würden.


    437. That is of correctness, yet the details relating to this would lead too far, were we to now once again discuss them thoroughly.


    Gut, dann werde ich im Verlaufe der nächsten Zeit einen Artikel für die Wassermannzeit schreiben, der sich mit diesem Thema ausführlich beschäftigt und den ich dann sozusagen als Anhang diesem Kontaktbericht beifüge, wenn dir das genehm ist?


    Good. Then in the course of time, in the near future, I will write an article for the Aquarian Age, that thoroughly engages this theme, and which I can then attach as an addendum, so to speak, to this contact report, if that is acceptable to you.


    438. Damit bin ich einverstanden, doch solltest du den Artikel erst dann dem Kontaktbericht beifügen, wenn du ihn mir zur Einsichtnahme vorgelegt hast, so Fehler vermieden werden können.


    438. I am in agreement with that, yet you should only attach the article to the contact report once you have provided it to me for inspection, so mistakes can be avoided.


    Natürlich, damit bin ich einverstanden.


    Naturally, I am in agreement with that.

    Erklärung laut vorgegangenem Gespräch

    Explanation in Accord with the Preceding Conversation

    Die hier wiedergegebenen Angaben der Aufführungsliste stimmen in den Jahreszahlen in keiner Weise überein mit den Angaben von Jahreszahlen die durch irdische Wissenschaftler gemacht werden.

    The number of years in the data – given here again – in the cited list, in no way tallies with the numbers of years in the data which have been produced by terrestrial scientists.

    Die Differenz zwischen den Angaben der Plejadier und den Erdenwissenschaftlern beträgt rund 2000 Jahre, wofür die Plejadier jedoch eine plausible Erklärung abzugeben haben, die allerdings den Erdenwissenschaftlern nicht schmeckt, die mit modernsten Geräten und Analysemethoden Altersbestimmungen aller möglichen und unmöglichen Dinge vornehmen.

    The difference between the Plejarens’ data and that of the Earth scientists amounts to about 2,000 years, for which the Plejaren have, however, provided a plausible explanation, which will certainly be distasteful to the Earth scientists, who carry out all possible and impossible things with the most modern instruments and dating analysis methods.

    Es wird durch die Plejadier erklärt, dass die irdischen Geräte und Apparaturen der Altersbestimmung und auch die rein chemischen Altersbestimmungsprozesse sehr wohl ausgefeilt und weitgehend genau seien, so durch die Wissenschaftler gute und teils sogar annähernd genaue Altersbestimmungsresultate erstellt werden könnten, dass jedoch bei Altersbestimmungsvorgängen bei gewissen Materialien, und die ein Alter von 1438 Jahren v.Chr. überschreiten, Fehlresultate auftreten, die eine Fehldifferenz bis zu 1942 Jahren ergeben können.

    It has been explained by the Plejaren that the terrestrial dating instruments and apparatus, and also the purely chemical dating processes, are very well polished and are largely precise, so, good and, in part, even nearly precise dating results can be established by the scientists, but that, however, erroneous results appear with dating processes with certain materials which have an age dating back to before 1,438 B.C., whereby a margin of error of up to 1,942 years can result.

    Und dies erfolge in der Form, wird durch die Plejadier erklärt, dass da ein Material, das älter ist als 1438 Jahre v.Chr., eine atomare Zerstrahlung erlitten habe, wodurch 1942 Jahre im Zerfallsprozess einfach fehlen.

    And this occurs in the form – as was explained by the Plejaren – that, a material which originates before 1,438 years B.C. has suffered an atomic radiation, whereby 1,942 years of the decaying process are simply missing.

    Dies, so wird erklärt, beeinträchtige die genaue Messung des Halbzeitwertverfalls bestimmter Materialien um bis zu 1942 Jahre, wodurch sich ergebe, dass alles was da z.B. gemessen und analysiert wird mit einem Alter von 1450 Jahren v.Chr., wahrheitlich um bis zu 1942 Jahre älter sein kann, so in diesem Falle also 3392 Jahre v. Chr., denn 1450 v. Chr. und 1942 ergeben 3392 v. Chr.

    This, as it has been explained, impairs the precise measurement of the decay of the half-life of certain materials by up to 1,942 years, whereby the result is that everything which is, for example, measured and analysed as originating 1,450 years B.C., can actually be up to 1,942 years older, so in this case, therefore, originating 3,392 years B.C., because 1,450 B.C. and 1,942 results in 3,392 B.C.

    Hierzu wird weiter gesagt von den Plejdiern, dass diese krasse Veränderung in gewissen Materialien der Erde dadurch zustande gekommen sei, weil der Mensch der Erde durch seinen Wahnsinn atomare und chemische Prozesse in allen Sphären (wie z.B. Geosphäre, Atmosphäre, Chromosphäre, Stratospähre usw.) hervorgerufen habe, die bestimmte Strahlungen erzeugten, die gewisse Materialien auf der Erde derart beeinflussten und wandelten, dass Störungen im Atomhaushalt und im Molekularhaushalt auftraten und Änderungen hervorriefen bei verschiedenen Materialien von grösserem Alter als 1438 Jahren v. Chr.

    Concerning this, it has been further said by the Plejaren that this stark alteration in certain materials of the Earth has come about because the Earth human, in his insanity, has evoked atomic and chemical processes in all spheres (as for example, the lithosphere/biosphere, atmosphere, chromosphere, stratosphere, and so forth) which engender certain radiations which influence and alter certain materials on the Earth in such a way that disturbances in the atomic balance and molecular balance appeared and provoked alterations in various materials with origins dating back to before 1,438 years B.C.

    So wie erklärt wird, sollen ganze Halbwertstrukturen ausradiert worden sein, so eine genaue Analyse nur noch möglich sei, wenn die fehlende Zeit der Halbwertstrukturen von 1942 jeweils zum erlangten Resultat hinzu- oder abgerechnet werde, wenn die erlangte Altersbestimmung über 1438 Jahre v.Chr. betrage.

    So, as it was explained, entire half-life structures have been eradicated, so a precise analysis is only still possible if the half-life structures’ missing time of 1,942 is added to, or subtracted from, the obtained result in each case, if the obtained dating amounts to an origin earlier than 1,438 years B.C.

    Daraus und hierdurch wird z.B. auch die Differenz erklärlich, die da in Erscheinung tritt zwischen den Angaben der Plejadier und den Erdenwissenschaftlern, so z.B. im Falle der Santorin-Katastrophe und der Moseszeit, die von den Erdenwissenschaftlern mit ca. 1500 v. Chr. angegeben wird, während die Plejadier die Zeit von 3453 v. Chr. nennen.

    Hence, and because of this, for example, also the difference that appears between the Plejaren data and the Earth scientists’ is explainable, thus, for example, in the case of the Santorini catastrophe and the time of Moses, which is stated by the Earth scientists as being circa 1,500 B.C., while the Plejaren give the time 3,453 B.C.

    Die Angaben der Plejadier für die Moseszeit und die Santorin-Katastrophe bis hin zum Jahre 1511 v.Chr. ergeben eine Differenz von 1942 Jahren, so also die Differenz zu den Annahmen der irdischen wissenschaftler, die da in etwa für die Zeit 1500 v.Chr. die Geschehen um Santorin und Moses annehmen.

    The Plejaren data for the time of Moses and the Santorini catastrophe, up to the year 1,511 B.C., indicates a difference of 1,492 years, so therefore the difference to the terrestrial scientists’ assumptions that the history of Santorini and Moses took place around the time of 1,500 B.C.

    Eine Annahme, die verständlich ist, wenn man bedenkt, dass sie die fehlenden 1942 Jahre der Wandlung und Veränderung bestimmter irdischen Materie nicht in ihre Rechnungen miteinbeziehen, weil ihnen die notwendige Kenntnis dieser Tatsache fehlt.

    An assumption, which is understandable, if one thinks that they do not include the missing 1,942 years – of the change and alteration of certain terrestrial matter – in their calculations because they lack the necessary knowledge of these facts.

    Durch die Aussagen und KlarsteIlung der Plejadier wird also klar, dass durch die Unvernunft und den Wahnsinn der Erdenmenschen bereits auch bestimmte Teile der irdischen Materie bis in den Planetenkern eine nichtwiedergutzumachende Wandlung und Veränderung erlitten hat, wodurch eine genaue Altersbestimmung verschiedener Materie um 1942 Jahre differieren kann nach oben und zu einem höheren Wert, wenn diese Materie älter ist als 1438 Jahre v. Chr.

    Through the Plejarens’ statements and clarifications it is also clear that, through the Earth humans’ lack of reason and his insanity, already certain parts of terrestrial material, right to the core of the planet, have suffered an irreparable change and alteration, whereby a precise dating of various materials can differ by 1,942 years or more and have a greater age, if this material dates back to before 1,438 years B.C.

    An und für sich spielt dies keine grosse Rolle, wenn noch mit Altern von Jahrmillionen und Jahrmilliarden gerechnet wird, doch es spielt diese Tatsache dann eine gewichtige Rolle, wenn z.B. geschichtliche Altersnachweise geschaffen werden sollen, weil da jedesmal bis zu 1942 Jahre fehlend sind, wenn die zu analysierende Materie älter ist als 1438 Jahre v.Chr.

    In and of itself, this plays no great role, if ages of millions or billions of years are being calculated, but these facts play an important role, if, for example authentication of historical dates is to be produced, because, in every case, up to 1,942 years are missing if the material for analysis dates back to before 1,438 years B.C.

    Dadurch entsteht in der gesamten Geschichtsforschung der frühen Menschheitsgeschichte ein völlig anderes Bild, und allein anhand der weiteren Zeiträume werden plötzlich viele bisher ungelöste Rätsel erklärbar.

    Through that, a completely different picture emerges in the entire historical research of the early history of humanity, and suddenly many previously unsolved puzzles would be explainable just with reference to the additional passages of time.

    Das Fazit daraus sollte sein, dass sich der Erdenmensch weniger seinem Grössenwahn widmet und darin schwelgt, sondern dass er sich mehr mit der Wahrheit und mit seinem überbordenden Wahnsinn beschäftigt, so er diesen abbaut und die tatsächliche Wahrheit akzeptiert und befolgt.

    The conclusion from this should be that the Earth human dedicates himself less to his megalomania, and indulges less in it, and instead occupies himself more with the truth and with his overflowing insanity so he dismantles this and accepts and follows the actual truth.

    Dies nämlich würde dazu führen, dass er richtig zu leben beginnt und seine in Gier, Hass und Macht- sowie Profitsucht ankernden Ambitionen ablegt und ein schöpfungsgefälliges Leben führt.

    That would namely lead to him beginning to live correctly and laying aside his ambitions which are anchored in greed, hate and power, as well as in addiction to profit, and leading a life favourable to Creation.

    Denn wahrlich, der Mensch der Erde ist nicht die einzige Menschenform im Universum, und im Verhältnis zum Bestehenden ist er geringer als ein Floh im unendlichen Raum.

    For, truly, the Earth human is not the only form of human in the universe and, relative to all that exists, he is less than a flea in infinite space.

    Lasse er sich also belehren durch jene, die da aus den weiten des Weltenraumes zur Erde kommen, die dem Erdenmenschen die Wahrheit bringen und bemüht sind, dem Menschen des blauen Planeten die Gesetze und Gebote der Schöpfung zu bringen, und damit die Wahrheit, die Weisheit, das Wissen und die wahrheitliche Liebe.


    Let him therefore be taught by those who come to Earth from the depths of outer space, who bring the truth to the Earth humans and endevour to bring Creation’s laws and commandments to the human of the blue planet, and thereby truth, wisdom, knowledge and true love.



    Fer de Lance by Dr. Thomas E. Bearden 1986/2002 (

    (excerpt from pages 209&210)


    Any large collection of nuclei – such as a star or a planet – is a strong absorber and radiator of scalar wave radiation.

    The Sun is a particularly strong source of scalar radiation. This radiation penetrates the Earth deeply, interacting more and more with the deeper layers which, under greater mechanical stress, are more nonlinear. Most of the heat in the molten core of the Earth comes from the dephasing of a portion of this absorbed scalar radiation from the Sun, liberating ordinary EM (ElectroMagnetic) energy as heat.

    The Earth also re-radiates scalar wave radiation back to the Sun. The Sun and Earth are thus coupled into a “scalar” system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Each body in the couplet possesses both a feed-forward and a feedback loop. The Earth also radiates scalar wave radiation to the Moon, and the Moon reradiates scalar radiation back to the Earth. The Earth and Moon also are coupled into a “scalar” system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Again, each body in the couplet possesses both a feed-forward and a feedback loop.

    The Sun and Moon are correspondingly coupled into a scalar system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium, each with both a feed-forward and a feedback loop.

    The Earth, Sun, and Moon thus form a triad-coupled system of special importance to the stability of our existence here on Earth, and the stability of our biosphere

    And so on with all the other planets in the solar system, and combinations thereof.

    The solar system is thus a very sensitive scalar-coupled system, with strong subsystems within it.


    Actually this scalar coupling of the solar system provides a major check on unrestricted use of the large Soviet strategic scalar EM weapon systems. If significant scalar effects are produced on earth in a “pulse” mode, pulsed disturbance of the earth-sun and earth-moon systems results. Here a danger exists that one or more natural resonances of the coupled system may be excited. If the feedback stimulation of the Sun is not insignificant, for example, large sunspot activity may result sometime thereafter, say in a day or two. If too much or too sharp stimulation occurs on earth, the coupled resonant response from the sun could be disastrous. Indeed, a solar response could be stimulated so that the Sun would violently belch and destroy our biosphere, among other effects. The simplest doomsday stimulation would be for a violent expulsion of Solar EM energy and particles to occur. If this were due to resonance, the expulsion of Solar EM energy and particles would continue during some decay time. In that case, fiery destruction of the earth, strongly indicative of Biblical prophecy, would result. Particularly sensitive are the resonances of the sun-earth, sun-moon, and earth-moon systems.

    Note the abnormal influence of the moon on tides – tides of both the tectonic plates and the oceans. One cannot help but point out that, if the earth-moon resonant system were overstimulated, one might expect violent earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude, and tremendous tidal waves hundreds of feet in height. (The potential connection to legends of earth-destroying floods, evidences of extreme water levels in mountains, and legends of ancient cataclysmic destruction of supposedly advanced technological oceanic cultures is obvious.)

    Accordingly, use of huge scalar EM weapons is a double-edged sword. Unless carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user as well as the victim, and even accidentally cause the destruction of the earth itself. It is not accidental that in 1960 Khrushchev stated that his new fantastic weapon could – if unrestrainedly used – destroy all life on earth.

    This appalling backlash potential is apparently what prompted Brezhnev in 1975 to make so strong an effort to get agreement to outlaw the development of “new weapons of mass destruction” more frightful than the mind of man had even dreamed of. Gromyko even introduced such a draft agreement into the proceedings of the United Nations. The first article of the draft agreement indicated that the nature of the weapons referred to would be negotiated. Sadly, the entire Western world did not even know what the Russians were talking about.

    1. Ah, Dyson left me an opening though not sure if it was intentional or not.

      See folks, it’s tidbits like this if anyone has an inkling of the TIMEFRAME you end up finding other neat stuff in the Meier Material and we’re not ONLY talking about the suggested effects of age warping. Per Dyson’s post:
      An und für sich spielt dies keine grosse Rolle, wenn noch mit Altern von Jahrmillionen und Jahrmilliarden gerechnet wird, doch es spielt diese Tatsache dann eine gewichtige Rolle, wenn z.B. geschichtliche Altersnachweise geschaffen werden sollen, weil da jedesmal bis zu 1942 Jahre fehlend sind, wenn die zu analysierende Materie älter ist als 1438 Jahre v.Chr.

      In and of itself, this plays no great role, if ages of millions or billions of years are being calculated, but these facts play an important role, if, for example authentication of historical dates is to be produced, because, in every case, up to 1,942 years are missing if the material for analysis dates back to before 1,438 years B.C.

      My comments is that it is not for nothing Billy chose to elaborate on the dates around both Moses and the Santorini Volcano. This should give the astute Meier material reader another avenue to go down as it happens to coincide to the twilight of earlier Earth Humanity civilizations from a previous Earth Humanity that was every bit as different back then as you could imagine being while being somewhat similar at the same time.

      The true disappearance of what is termed the “Bronze Age Collapse” and the emergence of the timeline we are familiar with happens to coincide (or selectively chosen by Billy as he his after all making the point, the Plejarans are listening) with another extremely detailed and important bulletin during this time frame that elaborates it where the Dyson snippet seems to make distinct references to the period in question.

      In there you can see a by-gone age where the descendants of the Atlantean (Troy, Crete) and their connection and influence to the Turks and Greeks, Kashmir, etc.

      Also, it remarks about early and TRUE Origin of Christianity (which may be a surprise to some folks that it is not obviously originating from Rome contrary to one may feel EVERY-thing should be blamed on the “Roman Catholic Church”) should point you folks further back:
      Then came the Jewish prophet Jmmanuel’s (Jesus’) Galilean disciples, who preached Christianity.
      Dann kamen die galiläischen Jünger des jüdischen Propheten Jmmanuel (Jesus), die das Christentum predigten.

      The Greeks promptly fell away from their belief in their half-gods and turned towards the new teaching.
      Prompt fielen die Griechen von ihrem Halbgott-Glauben ab und wandten sich der neuen Lehre zu.

      In later times the Greek Orthodox faith was constructed from that and essentially represents the true origin of the entire current Christianity in Europe: a religious false teaching, which indeed finds no equal in the civilised world.
      Zu späteren Zeiten wurde dann daraus der griechisch-orthodoxe Glaube herausgebildet, der eigentlich den wahren Ursprung des gesamten heutigen Christentums in Europa darstellt: Eine religiöse Irrlehre, wie sie in der zivilisierten Welt wohl nicht ihresgleichen findet.

      Remember folks, there is a stark removal of almost all of the then current Civilzations with an almost clean slate that baffles folks today and baffled the ancestors back then as well. The “Sea Peoples” appear to have ended Civilization Once before where Egypt survived only because of a Sea Battle where Egypt at the time was not really considered a Naval Power. It should leave no doubt anyone astute enough to see history how it can and could repeat itself when Civilization back then for all their problems could not have imagined the path they were heading towards.

      Here is a documentary on the Sea Peoples:

      After this you start to get the majority of the prophets named from the Meier Material. Here is a neat table of dates:

      Prophet Born Died
      Henoch 3rd February, 9308 B.C. 1st January, 8942 B.C.

      | #Eight Thousand Fifty One Years of Lead Time or 9th Century BC
      | # around the time
      | # of King Ahab – Duke’s Note
      Elia (Elja) 5th February, 891 B.C 4th June, 780 B.C.
      Jesaia (Jesaja) 7th February, 772 B.C. 5th May, 690 B.C.
      Jeremia (Jeremja) 9th February, 662 B.C. 3rd September, 580 B.C.
      Jmmanuel 3rd February, 002 A.D. 9th May, 111 A.D.
      Mohammed 19th of February, 571 A.D. 8th June, 632 A.D.
      Eduard Albert Meier 3rd of February, 1937 A.D.

    2. Here’s some more very important information for not only our ignorant terrestrial scientists about our increasingly unstable (“dying”) Sun, the role of mysterious “dark matter” in its behaviour, the odd nature of its sunspot cycles recently, and the potential immanent doom they pose to Earth humanity.

      Ptaah: “To be said straight away is that the terrestrial scientists err to a large degree in regard to the Sun’s lifespan, because it is a dying star …”

      “The Sun lives and hurls its monstrous energies out into its area of the system, even if it is a dying star which presently drifts in a phase of lesser activity. If the new, high phase of activity comes, which is to be expected immediately and in the next year, then it can be monstrously big and can cause very much damage in regard to nature and the human electronic technological advances. Basically, violent plasma eruptions should have already been occurring for a long time, yet since the activity has, so to speak, dropped to a minimum, greater outbreaks have not occurred up to this point, but, with the new activity which is ahead, they can now be very enormous. The fact is that, currently, for that reason, in the Sun’s interior, enormous changes are taking place, which also show in the form of external effects.”

      Solar activity is starting to become threatening.

      Further reading:


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