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The First of the Real FREE* Offers

Tools for Survival…and Real FREE* Gifts

Hi Everyone,

I’m taking this opportunity to use my blog to announce some new projects for 2014 and to offer a few health related items that are packed with value for you.

NEW Billy Meier Films, Book for 2014

You read that right.

In 2014, we will be releasing two new films about the Billy Meier contacts and the spiritual teaching. Both films are full-length and highly informative. In addition, we will have a new book by Billy Meier, first in ebook form and then later in a printed version.

There will be updated details on all three new projects after the first of the year…so stay tuned! 

In the News

If you’ve followed my blog this year you know that I’ve continued to post corroborations of Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific and environmental information. As almost everyone knows by now, the real magnitude of the Fukushima (read: Nukushima) disaster has been largely hidden from us and is only now just beginning to be publicly revealed…though Meier published the truth about it more than 2 1/2 years ago. And as long as 10 years ago, I included Meier’s warnings about atomic energy, nuclear power plants, etc., in The Meier Contacts, which is also about the best overall introduction to the Meier case. It’s becoming a collector’s item with prophetic information that occurred after it was released.

The First of the Real FREE* Offers

There may still be some of you who haven’t yet seen as the time fulfills, with the 22-minute segment showing over 50 specific examples of Meier’s, prophetically accurate scientific information. In this day and age of the “UFO industry”, where people try to sell you all sorts ofbogus claims about so-called “alien abductions”, “six-inch aliens”, and other assorted nonsense this film clearly establishes that Meier is the only scientifically proven UFO contactee. So order the film and we’ll send you another, feature length, professionally produced free, $25 DVD* (If you order the Meier Contacts you’ll also get a free, $25 DVDwith it.)

Tools for Survival…and Real FREE* Gifts

I haven’t spoken much about all of the various tools, methods, etc., regarding survival that are being promoted during these times, as there is plenty of information available online. The best of the information still is contained in the spiritual teaching because of the benefits to our consciousness overall. This means that how and what we think determines a lot about every area of our lives. To become fearful and overly concerned with “survival”, as it’s being relentlessly promoted these days, is not what I’m interested in participating in.

However, I do want to emphasize a few things that may be of very practical value to you and your family…and, in each case, I’ve personally used them for some time: 


The first one is Modifilan, the seaweed supplement developed by the Russians to deal with the dangerous effects of radiation from the Chernobyl disaster. It was discovered that the product also helps to remove heavy metals from the body and provides other various health benefits.

I recently contacted the company to make sure that the product was being made from seaweed that wasn’t grown in the contaminated areas of the Pacific Ocean. They gave me this statement:

“After the Fukushima events, because of the contamination issue, no raw Laminaria has been harvested, or procured, from the NW Pacific.

Modifilan is made in the US and the raw material, these days, is harvested in Patagonia – one 
of the very few places where larger Laminaria species are still found in the wild habitat.

All of the raw supply is tested, before it is released, at the point of entry by the USDA and is
subject to quarantine by FDA.”

This is also a cold processed product, so the natural ingredients haven’t been degraded or altered through heat in processing.

If you think that you may benefit from Modifilan, I am offering free shipping on all US orders of any size – including case and half-case orders – and I’ll also include a free, $25 DVD* on the Meier case while supplies last. Please allow a reasonable amount of time to get the product to you, as the demand will be high. (Send me an email for the exact price and so I can give you both free shipping and the free DVD with your order. I’ll also let you know the shipping costs for international orders.) 


It’s been pointed out that there’s a great deal of irresponsibility (to say nothing of greed) connected to the subject of…bottled water. We probably haven’t given much thought to it but the bottled water industry is also responsible for taking water from distant locations on earth, in many cases, where it should be available for the people that live there, the land, the growing of food, etc.

One of the best, and most economical, ways to personally remedy this situation is to…purify your own water. To that end, I suggest the use of this water filtration system (which I’ve used for 30 years). This page spells out the various discounts available to you. And I’ll also send you a free, $25 DVD* on the Meier case once you confirm your purchase.

So, in addition to getting savings on both the Modifilan and the water system, I’ll also send you afree, $25 DVD* on the Meier case. 

Qi Gong

As many of you may know, I’ve enjoyed practicing T’ai Chi and Qi Gong (Chi Gong) for over 40 years, mainly of course because of the various health benefits for strength, flexibility, the immune system, relaxation, stress release, etc. I put out my own Sit & Get Fit program for doing regenerative movements, while seated, for people overcoming illnesses, accidents, age-related difficulties, etc. And, at 70, I still do this exercise regularly.

So I’m especially glad to recommend a standing Qi Gong program to you by a man named Lee Holden. In fact, I like his program so much that I use it when I want to take a break from work, at various times of the time, and follow along with his instruction. Lee explains the benefits of each of the movements and exercises in a very clean, clear way.

In fact, he has an offer where you can try out a few freeonline lessons and see if his program is right for you. Give it a try, even if you’re well versed with Qi Gong, etc. If you like it, he makes it easy to afford his program and get increased benefits from many additional lessons. 


The new films about, and the new book from, Billy Meier, these will be professionally produced, coming out in early 2014 and will be jam packed with new, important information.

Hopefully what you’ll see that in addition to continuing to provide new information and products directly connected to the Billy Meier case, I want to encourage you to obtain some tools for not only survival but good health and stress relief, which often go hand in hand.

In each case either I am either going to send you something free with your purchase, or you’ll get some free instruction with Lee Holden’s program.


I very much appreciate any donations to help me keep my efforts going and flowing of course.

All the best,


*Please remember to include the word FREE with your orders!

10 comments on “Two New Billy Meier Films for 2014

  • I remember reading in TJ, that Jmmanuel mentioned something about fasting. I can’t recall clearly what it was but in 2009, I was hospitalized for a week, not eating as much as I normally did. This lead to me eating 1 meal a day usually at night, but not due to religious reasons. People question me, how can I not eat, or told me that is unhealthy. But we live a a world where there starvation and obesity problems. I can honestly say there have not been any adverse health effects and I have maintained my normal weight since then. Question is, did i misinterpret the TJ about fasting? I just don’t feel that hungry throughout the course of my work day and eat fine when.

  • Wonderful news, I know that your dedication to your labor only enhances what Herr Meier has said. Thank you to both of you !

  • My best to you in anticipation of your two new films about this most amazing man who lives in Switzerland… I think if folks really want to change the world… it’s not about UFO’s… or Energy systems… or Money or Health… but it is really about learning from an extremely advanced civilized group whom come from a base of knowledge which is literally light years beyond what we feel is the forefront of science in our world, encompassing both the body AND the spirit (which does not die) yet lives within us all… very, very well done film last year… hope these new ones are of equal value and I know the quality of your presentations pertaining to this vast, interesting information… in a concise way easy for a lay person to understand… Get the films for your family to understand just how far out your are!

  • My best to you in anticipation of your TWO NEW Billy Meier films about this most amazing man who lives in Switzerland… I think if folks really want to change the world… it’s not about UFO’s… or Energy systems… or Money or Health… but it is really about learning from an extremely advanced civilized group whom come from a base of knowledge. The knowledge given to us is so important yet folks will travel the world in search of lights in the sky rather than learn about information and systems which are literally light years beyond what we feel is the forefront of earthbound science in our world, encompassing both the body AND the spirit (which does not die) yet lives within us all… very, very well done film last year… I know these new ones will be of equal value and I know the quality of your presentations pertaining to this vast, interesting source of information… expertly presented in a concise way easy for a lay person to understand… will be compiled with many new facts about this case. I would recommend that folks if it is possible ?… preorder these films not only to help Michael and his family with his process of providing us with quality films about this extraordinary case… but also for letting your own family know and understand just how far out you are…! In this way you can help others to find the purpose for their life, how relationships work between friends, family and other countries… How to make a grass roots effort into an outstanding goal of world peace the likes of which would make Margaret Mead who said: “Never doubt that you can move mountains with only a small group of people working together… but indeed they are the only ones who do” These videos give us the tools to understand our place in the Universe and how to cope with what we previously did not fully understand… Michael, I respect you very much as a knowledgeable and intelligent man and for all your quality work in producing this astounding and interesting information… My best to you and thank you for the free goodies that come with this special offer!

  • Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your efforts to not only make films but do your very best to be as unbiased as possible and try to be neutral enough to the audience whereby they can make decisions for themselves without feeling coaxed or sided to do things in an uncomfortable manner. Your wealth of experience in how you do your interviews shows the gravitas of the material that the general UFO audience never appears to ever get to as Others in the UFO field that do similiar things go about in such outmoded consumeristic melange nothing tangible is ever achieved that the audience could ultimately grasp. It shows your experience in the material as well as the blossoming of the work you’ve dealth with for so long of a time period. I wish you luck in your endeavors.

  • I have done past Life Regressions for 40 years. Have been in communication with not extra-terrestrials or angel entities ,but different, Same as Yuri Geller Andrija Puhrich were in communication with 1978.I deliberately made contact with Meiers entity, Semjase (1980)and was in contact with them for many years. Had a break for 10 years but tried successfully to re-contact Semjase. Semjase asked “Is that John”. Obviously remembered me from years before.Soon will be doing more contacts. I did UFO reports for 14 years.I have been able to communicate with UFO crews of UFOs I have done reports on.Big Supporter of Meiers. Have 40 years of fascinating transcripts predictions,coincidences, illustrations etc.Thank You, John Kernot.

    • Hi John,

      Weeeeeeeeell, since you’re new to the blog I should tell you that I usually allow ONE post containing unsubstantiated claims regarding contact with extraterrestrials, etc. Since you doubled up here, I’ll allow two.

      BUT…I won’t post any more comments that contain such claims unless you can first substantiate them with hard evidence, such as Meier has presented (and that really is the standard to meet for such claims).

      Also, I’m sure many people here would be quick to point out that no one, as in…NO ONE on Earth but Meier is, was, will be, and/or is capable of being in contact with Semjase,the Plejaren, etc.

      So I just ask that you participate as much as you wish pertaining to the various topics at hand.


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