I Don’t Want to Know

Or oh no, not more bad news

I’m sorry to have to remind us all so early in the new year that, in addition to the unpleasant reality about Fukushima, the unreported consequences of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster also didn’t just…disappear. As Billy Meier was told, in the 495th Contact, on August 11, 2008, the consequences of the disaster are, and will be, more far reaching than admitted or imagined.

While the alternative news sources are often guilty of sensationalizing stories in the tradition of supermarket tabloids, there is often more substance to them (and reality is looking pretty tabloid these days anyway). A case in point may be this story on the oil disaster in which we see a photo of what are called “poisonous tar balls” and what Meier referred to as “oil agglomerations”.

So, yet one more time, that which we’ve been warned about has come to pass, unpleasant, inconvenient and…frightening as it may be. But the point of bringing the Meier material to your attention for many, many years now, hasn’t been to frighten. It’s been to awaken, to startle if necessary, so that each individual who comes upon it may, just may, become more aware of what we allow to go on in the world and most importantly how it affects not only “them” but…us.

Make no mistake about it, while the deniers and profiteers want business to continue as usual, the fact is, because of the BP and Fukushima disasters (and a few other things) the world as we’ve known it…will never  be the same.

And this awakening, this awareness that we speak about directs us to learn how life really works. How our thinking­, whether done consciously or unconsciously, is absolutely creating our world via the immutable law of cause and effect. We are directed, or if you prefer invited, to learn how we create our individual lives by intention or default, according to our thoughts, feelings and actions, the only errors being ours should we not like our resulting creations. If we don’t like it/them, then we must…learn to think clearly, to first see things exactly as they are. This is the first, active step in Neutral-Positive Thinking.

At this point in time that may be easier said than done for many people, as Meier pointed out would be the case, in 1958 (see: 127.)

We will hear many people ask, “Why didn’t someone warn us?” To which we answer, “Meier’s been trying…for decades.” And we should also say that it’s hard to warn people who…know it all, don’t care, are so busy entertaining themselves, etc.

We will hear many sincere people ask how to fix things now. Of course there is no quick fix to any of these serious problems. The recommendations above about learning how to think and master the might of one’s thoughts may not appeal to the instant gratification crowd. That also just may be why the various prophets, before and including Meier, have said that from this point on it will take us, collectively, hundreds of years to…get our heads on straight.

But, as that saying from the 1960s goes, we’re here, it’s now and there’s no better time to start.

As for the good news, it’s up to us to start consciously creating and most importantly living it…now.

P.S. Now do you understand why this isn’t so much about UFOs and extraterrestrials and far more about…our future survival?

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  1. “But, as that saying from the 1960s goes, we’re here, it’s now and there’s no better time to start.”

    There are many sincere human beings who have “started.” They have started by recycling, by not consuming or eating so much, by not having children, by walking instead of driving, by turning the cooling and heating down, by not supporting religion, by trying to see the ONE.

    “P.S. Now do you understand why this isn’t so much about UFOs and extraterrestrials and far more about…our future survival?” No Michael I don’t. I don’t need Billy Meier to tell me that we are destroying our planet and environment. As you say, the alternative media is doing a better job than the mainstream. And anybody with any sense of common sense can see for themselves that they need to be self responsible. I’m sorry but I am tired of hearing how Billy is the only voice. He is not. Certainly, Meier may be more accurate and less sensational than other sources, but regardless we get the idea with our without him. We get enough of an idea to start trying to improve our lives and the planet around us. Certainly I appreciate all of Meier’s information. But I want UFOs and ETs too, goddammit!!!

    1. I think the Plejaren have already laid the groundwork for them not being very useful to us any longer, at least in this area.

      The only way a prophecy is useful is if people sit up and listen, BEFORE, the occurrence happens. A good name for this blog is “Its too late, you shoulda listened”.

      We have different problems to fix now. You can still have ETs and UFOs, but you can’t have them if you’re a fried crisp, now, can you?

      ET gives you a mission, you get some ET after mission. Comprendez?

      1. They are useful to me because I love flying saucers and silver jump suits from outer space. AND I am trying to be environmentally responsible TOO. As long as I’m gonna end up “crispy,” I should at least be able to watch some cool flying discs and laser gun footage before I end up toast. This is my passion and Figu is NOT gonna take it away from me because they treat every human on the earth like 3-year olds who can not pay attention to what is important. Comprende, amiga?

  2. Yes Anthony we get your point. But its all the “other” Relevant information Billy has for us that is the case here , and quite frankly , without his knowledge and also collectively from Ptaah Quetzal Asket Semjase , FIGU etc etc about the laws of creation … would you know any of this without them? Have you studied the information?The point being .. is, without this knowledge or acceptance of , lets say for example ,”The Spirit Teachings” would you have known all of that information ?, would say 6 billion people? This is just part of what we should be accomplishing
    Kindest regards , Wayne

  3. Lets say That you are really keen on learning to master the blues harmonica , you want to play it like a professional come hell or high water. Now lets say that i am the teacher and i teach you how to play blues as a start with proficiency .4 notes. It may sound like playing the blues very very well. then you say , yeah yeah i can play now , i get it from here .
    There are still 32 notes for you to learn and then there is improvisation of the whole 36 notes , sustain tremolo vibrato etc etc etc , sure you could learn by yourself the rest , but it would take you over 30 years by yourself , if at all ,and it would take you about 20 years , if you listen and play along to “other blues masters, or 5 years if tutored correctly by a master of the instrument . All that said , we are really “not” masters of anything , just more advanced knowledge.
    and if you take the time to “practice” I have over 60 harmonica’s and use them all! and i give lessons FREE

  4. It seems painfully obvious to me, that here in America at least, we persist in the defense of the in-defensible at every turn. Probably due to our arrogance, and false identity as a superior group of people that we have been conditioned to “believe” ourselves to be, due mostly by the failure to recognize the right people to put into positions of authority and leadership. We seem to have a real problem with understanding truth, and separating the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak. We constantly fail to recognize that we have a problem, and most people know that the first step in correcting a problem is admitting that one exists in the first place. We have adopted a wait and see attitude, because the problems we have created are far too inconvenient to address, or even recognize that they exist. Our lack of use of logic and reason seem to have destroyed our willingness to be proactive, and as a result have become strictly reactive to everything, and this to me is a gigantic red flag. Everyone seems to be hypnotized by the desire to be recognized and nobody cares to be correct and direct.

  5. I could say something very similar, but I think I will just paste what Ptaah said in Contact Report 232:

    24. The Western and so-called free countries also carry very much guilt for inciting the hate and negative propaganda against the Eastern countries and also the southern countries in Africa and America, also unfortunately in leading murderous underground wars.

    24. Sehr viel Schuld daran tragen auch die westlichen und sogenannten freien Staaten, die Hass und Antipropaganda gegen die Oststaaten und auch die Südstaaten in Afrika und Amerika schüren, so leider auch in mörderischer Untergrundkriegsführung.

    25. The greatest screamers and damage bringers are thereby the Americans as well as the Germans, next to various others and principally Western countries, that take it that they must make themselves the directors/rulers and rebukers/remonstrators of the Eastern countries, next to which certain Western powers in an underground manner in the Eastern lands defame and derail their governments with infamy, (and) through intrigues they stir up the people against their governments and sow disharmony in any form they are able to.

    25. Die grössten Schreier und Schadenbringenden sind dabei die Amerikaner sowie die Deutschen, nebst verschiedenen anderen und hauptsächlich westlichen Staaten, die annehmen, dass sie den Oststaaten Vorschriften und Vorhaltungen machen müssten, nebst dem, dass gewisse westliche Mächte untergründig in den Ostländern infam deren Regierungen verunglimpfen und unterwandern, durch Intriganten das Volk gegen ihre Regierungen aufhetzen und Unfrieden in jeder ihnen nur möglichen Form säen.

    26. So everything would unfortunately change again, and one day again evil and bloody wars will thereby come about.

    26. So wird sich alles leider wieder wandeln, und eines Tages werden wieder böse und blutvergiessende Kriege daraus entstehen.
    27. Especially America is in this regard active in very many evil forms, as this already has been since old times. 27. Insbesondere Amerika ist in dieser Hinsicht in sehr vielen übler Formen tätig, wie dies schon seit alters her der Fall ist.

    28. These people, with few exceptions of reasonable and actually truth seeking people, have, to this day, never learned to seek and to find truthful knowledge and true truth and true love and true honest peace. 28. Dieses Volk, mit wenigen Ausnahmen von vernünftigen und tatsächlich wahrheitssuchenden Menschen, hat es bis heute noch immer nicht gelernt, wahrliches Wissen und wahrliche Wahrheit, wahrliche Liebe und wahrlichen, ehrlichen Frieden zu suchen und zu finden.

    29. Very many people in America are only directed in their inner place towards profit and power, and indeed at any price. It’s all the same if human life, friendships or animals and nature would be destroyed.”

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