Certainty. On a…certain level, don’t we all love it? Certainty and the sense of security it can bring seem to be quite important to human beings. Even certainty about bad, negative, unpleasant things seems to take some of the anxiety away in some cases.

Personally speaking, I’ve been fascinated with esoteric and divination systems that seemed to offer some certainty, such as the I Ching, personality typing systems like Briggs-Myers, the Enneagram and astrology, etc. It’s paradoxical though that the only certainty about security I’ve known most of my life is in living with a lack of the kind most people strive to attain, i.e. a career or job wherein they are, at least for a time, guaranteed steady income, etc.

As can be seen, I’ve lived my life creating and recreating myself many times. As one door closed, usually unexpectedly, I learned to quickly go about finding, or building, another one. This was often quite challenging, especially when I found myself to be the single father of my then 10-month old daughter…and without having been trained in any particularly useful, marketable skills to rely on in order to support us. In a sense, I found that my security was really in having no security…but in coming to be secure enough in myself to know that I could create whatever I needed. Maybe another time I’ll go into the details of my particular adventure.

For the better part of almost seven months, we’ve had the topic of astrology being discussed, most recently as it pertains to the earthquakes that have intensified around the world. The main contributor and proponent of the validity of astrology in predicting specific information about earthquakes has been Tony Vasquez.  Tony’s also stated that he’s corrected the inaccurate terrestrial astrology systems so that his system would, if I understand it correctly, be considered the true and accurate astrology that the Plejaren have referred to. As can be seen from the specific astrology thread, things have been very contentious at times. I’ve been criticized for even having such a topic on my blog.

But I felt that the conversation should be held and that there may be an underlying reason for having it that wasn’t yet clear to me. It recently occurred to me that the reason could indeed be in relationship to the earthquakes. Tony’s recent warnings regarding a coming mega-quake in L.A., and his specific warning today about one coming to San Francisco, not only put his credibility on the line but raise other issues. It probably hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that Tony has appeared to not only be quite confident in his predictions but standoffish and even arrogant in addressing not only criticisms but respectful questions and challenges pertaining to his accuracy, credentials, etc.

I’ve occasionally mentioned that, in my experience, Tony has been both accurate and…inaccurate. Because the subject of mega-quakes is quite in the news, as well as being discussed by various other astrologers, scientists, etc., we are reminded that Billy Meier predicted all of this beginning back in 1951. Now that it is upon us, it can increase our desire for certainty and security, to know when this or that next big event is going to happen. But human beings are funny creatures. We also tend to rationalize, deny, negotiate with ourselves, etc., in order to avoid or negate being self-responsible. We’ve seen many examples of people who refused to leave their homes, in the face of news warnings about hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc. – even when the foretold events were upon them. Some survived, some lost their homes and even their lives.

Those of us who’ve studied and followed Billy Meier’s information most probably no longer have any doubts as to his incomparable and impeccable prophetic accuracy. So we’ve also wanted and asked for even more specifics, like exactly when this or that event is going to occur. In a way we’re trying to make things more…convenient for ourselves. But Meier has avoided being any more specific and has only reiterated what he’s said before, i.e. that certain places are extremely vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc., and that self-responsible people are sufficiently advised.

But that convenience thing still dictates many people’s lives and so even beginning to create alternative directions in life, locations for places to live and work, etc., are pushed to the back burner because of it. So I want to put a few things forward here in order to be very clear myself. First, by hosting the conversation about the earthquakes, prophecies, astrological predictions, etc., I am not in any way trying to tell people what they should do, nor to criticize them if they don’t see things the way I, or anyone else here, does. I refer back to the earlier part of the blog where I spoke about my paradoxical concern with systems that appeal to one’s search for certainty and security and my only being able to find it in myself, whatever the external conditions.

So, ultimately and literally, we’re all in the same boat…and on the same planet. How and what we decide to do, and upon what we base our decisions, are strictly personal matters of self-responsibility.

To also return to Tony’s astrological predictions about the certainty of earthquakes of specific magnitudes in specific time periods, I already said that he’s gotten certain things right…and that he’s gotten other things wrong. To balance the equation, therefore, I am listing a number of predictions* that Tony sent me in emails beginning last year that may not have occurred, or perhaps did occur partially. I should add that there were things that he appeared to foresee accurately, which I think he’s included in his own list on the blogs. I’ll let people evaluate these for themselves and of course let them ask Tony for more specifics if they wish.

Before listing the information I just want to put things in this perspective. We have meteorologists and weathermen/women who predict various conditions and the weather. Sometimes we base our decisions on what to wear, to carry an umbrella, etc., on what they say. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong. And sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have an umbrella, snow shovel, sunscreen, etc., handy just in case.

It still all comes down to self-responsibility.


*The following global predictions were from Tony Vasquez during August 2013 – January 2014:

Missiles being launched from planes and from missile launch pads. Large explosions in desert area’s. Very large bombs with great power and intensity. In the middle east in late 2013 into 2014.   I see one bomb explosion that wipes out an entire city. This city already has heavy damage. This blast looks to be nuclear.

There becomes a religious war and attacks involving others around the globe. The United States, Canada, along with Germany, all join together with the United States forces leading the way to help bring down a religious political leader – Iran?

A massive earthquake will take place in the ocean causing a rise of islands and the rise of Atlantis which I do believe will take place over the next ten of years.

In 2013 I do see a major seaquake that does take place in the middle of the ocean that will cause major destruction and in turn cause a tsunami that will hit a coastline that has never been hit before and has never expected to be hit before – US east coast?

A new war breaks out in countries that are least expected to cause war – Europe?

It seems like North Korea and its leaders are going to cause many issues to install fear into its own people and surrounding people which will bring complete failure to the country of North Korea and the fall of their current leaders

An assassination attempt will be successful on one of the leaders of North Korea.

There will be three different assassinations and assassination attempts on major leaders and political figures.

Camp/Fort Stanley will be attacked in S.Korea by N. Korea. Huge war, 1000’s die.

New discoveries come out of Egypt. That include an underground city that lies beneath the pyramids of Egypt. One that is covered by sand and large sand dunes in the desert unveils a large discovery of Ancient Egypt, something very sacred and powerful that has been sitting under the sand for thousands of years.

The Deaths of Nelson Mandela and George Bush Sr.

There will be another high school shooting soon – 14 dead, shot in a gym, 17 more in another building, 31 total dead.

I think they will attack Syria this week.

Mars is in Cancer. Many wars have started under this position. We’ll see, but my prediction is the attack will happen, and Israel and Iran will get involved, which could be very unfortunate.

I still predict an attack while Mars is in Cancer – 4 more weeks.

Looks like that school shooting/bombing will take place in Texas – still no time frame, but soon.

I’m hearing ” major earthquake in N. California in Dec. 2013.”  CNN reports catastrophic damage.





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