Researchers Confirm Billy Meier’s Information on Dangers of Online Reading

A recent article, regarding the dangers and damages to reading comprehension and thinking from online reading, confirms what Billy Meier was told by Ptaah, two years ago, as can be found here and here.

Ptaah also speaks of “a general deterioration of the ratio, the memory, as well as the psyche and the body”, as well as other losses critical to living “a good and upright mode of life, etc.”, pertaining to ebooks and online reading, which are not yet fully recognized or understood.

An observant person can attest to the fact that many human beings are now completely incapable of conducting an actual, thoughtful, face-to-face conversation. The degeneration of critical thinking is also revealed in the tendency of skeptics to eschew actual investigation and research, in favor of solely searching for and skimming through any negative material, regarding the Billy Meier UFO contacts.


(Ooooops. Ironically, Michael Horn was also one of the first creators of digital online books in 1995, which was promoted for several years through a company originally called eBooks and subsequently NetBooks. Search terms: Netbooks Kanakaris Michael Horn.)

15 Replies to “Researchers Confirm Billy Meier’s Information on Dangers of Online Reading”

  1. I still refuse to have a real conversion with anyone that I can not be in the same room with. I do not own a cell phone and did not have a land line as a child. Hard to learn about someone if they can wear a mask, as a author of books can do. BEAM makes no mention of seeing massive libraries on the human transports he has been in space. Maybe a massive CME must be in our future, then books would be a big deal for the return of knowledge.

  2. Just read your blog on overpopulation and I Could not agree more,now just how are we going to convince the people of Earth that a birth-stop and a birth-check is safer and less dangerous than those goverments and its cooperate cabales would have you think injecting humans with toxit disease will stop overpopulation,thatis #1. #2. Remember the old idea of living in moderation, never too much and never too little or never in ether one extreme or the other such as vegan diets or it`s opposites

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